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Now for chapter one



It was all I can see, it seems I've been floating for sometime now, floating in nothing yet in something.

I died, it was that simple. I died by a simple mistake that no one had seen. I died at the age of twenty. I had died by lung cancer, I was a smoker you see. I've been smoking for more then five years, I think I was between the ages of 12 and 13 when I started, I don't remember. It seems my memory is slowly faded, is this the afterlife? To have your memories and burdens lifted?

Its funny really, I wasn't really anything special, I had no talent in anything. I wasn't smart(I told myself this). I was just some regular guy, with a regular life.

There were times where friends, (well I wouldn't really call them friends, more like acquaintances at best) would tell me I was smart, but I was quick to deny all that they had said. Perhaps it was my low self-esteem that made me deny it. Or perhaps it was something else.

All my life, I thought I was lost, I felt that I didn't really belong anywhere. I spent most of my life searching, searching for something. I didn't even know what it was. Perhaps it was the answers for my questions that I've been searching for. Maybe its someth-

Wait what's that? Is that a light at the end there? Whoa whoa whoa!

The light flashed and I had to close my eyes shut.

"Gabriel" a soft feminine voice spoke in front of me, I still had my eyes shut " you can open your eyes now" the voice spoke again.

When I opened my eyes, a female clothed in a white robe stood in front of me. The most beautiful woman you could see was standing there. "Huh?" was all I can manage to say.

The lady giggled at me.

But then something came over me, I started coughing. I put my right hand on my mouth while I put my left on my chest. I fell on my left knee, but the lady caught me before I can fall down.

"Easy Gabriel..." she spoke, almost like a mother soothing her sick child.

When I removed my right had from my mouth, there was blood on my hand.

"I'm sorry" I apologized after wiping my hand on my shirt. Oh well, hope that can come off.

Standing straight again I took in my surroundings, it was all white, as far as the eye can see. As I looked behind the woman, there was a huge tree. Brown bark and green leaves. There was a swing that hung by the branch. I didn't see that tree there.

"Gabriel" the lady interrupted me while I was still studying the tree.

"ah yes, sorry again" it seems my habit of apologizing is still with me, that's good.

"Umm who are you? And uhh where the hell am I?" well that was a good way of putting things. I just had to make myself look like an idiot, oh well not much I can do. Running my hand though my long dark brown hair- wait my hair yes! I still have my long hair. Making me look like an idiot even more, giving a victory dance.

The lady giggled again."You were always funny"

I stopped my little victory dance, straightening myself again. I looked at her still waiting for my answers.

"Ah yes your answers" she sighed at me, Waving her hand at the area, making me look "this is what most would call limbo, this is where YOU wanted to come. With or without God's permission."

I nodded, least she got that right.

"As for me, I am a messenger of God" She answered my questions "One of many angels sent to guide the souls to the afterlife."

I nodded, at least I got my answers, well time to spend the days of my afterlife in limbo. Just like I wanted.

"But you" she said, looking at me "you were always an enigma, you were supposed to be much more than you are now. Married at the age of 19, married to your childhood sweet heart. Died at the age of 48. you weren't supposed to die yet. You were supposed to live a happy life, life with five children, and your wife. But something changed, something we didn't foresee." She paused, staring at my eyes, letting me digest the information.

So I was supposed to be married at the age of 19... to my childhood sweet heart. But I haven't seen her for years now. How was I supposed to know that she would've been my wife.

The lady continued, already knowing what I was going to ask. "At the age of 15, the day you got hit by that truck, you weren't supposed to get hit. That was the day you were suppose to meet her again. The day where you would be united with her."

That day, the day I got hit. It was painful memory. I was walking to go visit my cousin that day. It was pretty dark that day, ahead of me there was a vehicle with it head lights high. While behind me there was another. The driver got blinded and lost control, that's when the driver hit me. I don't remember much. All I could see was flashes of people running out of their houses and people getting out their vehicles to aid me.

"But how do you know I was supposed to meet her that day?" I questioned. This was confusing enough as it is.

"That day she was walking in your direction, opposite of where you were heading. She was at least a couple of blocks away." she answered. So that's how I was suppose to meet her. But the police and paramedic's cut off any people for interfering.

"I see..." I nodded, I started rubbing my templates. I'm starting to feel a headache coming. "There's not much we do about it now can we, I'm dead that's all there is to it." I whispered to her.

"Ahh, but there is " that look, she looks amused by something. "Come, walk with me" she turned around and headed to the tree.

I nodded and following behind her.

As we reached the tree, she sat on the swing. "push me"

I went behind her and did what I was told. This continued for sometime, until she spoke again.

"God has deemed you worthy enough for a second chance"

What? What the hell, I wanted to spend my life in this limbo, isn't that enough.

"B-but why?" I was shocked. I wasn't really expecting this, normally when you died, you would spend your afterlife in heaven or hell or in limbo.

"Like I said, you are an Enigma" she's really sounding amused right now. "times we tried to understand you. Times we sent you chances to have your life with her. But for some reason, something else happened. Something changed it. Like that time where you went to the library, that was another thing that changed." damn she's starting to rub it in my face.

I stopped pushing her, this was getting way too annoying. She got up and gestured for me to follow her.

As I did, the area flashed and turned to a- a village. We were floating, above a village. A village I recognize.

"Konoha?..." I whispered. Now I was really shocked, my eyes were wide.

"Yes, Konohagakure, Village hidden in the leaves." she smirked, I'm starting to hate her.

But what were we doing here? I thought this place wasn't real, I thought this was fake. A place made up by someone.

But something smelled different, it reeked of blood. Even I could smell it. I guess this must have been after the Kyuubi no Yoko attacked the village.

Then the area flashed again.

We appeared in a room. This room. It looks like- wait is that. I looked ahead and saw a blonde baby sleeping.

"N-Naruto?" I nearly yelled out. You have got to be fucking kidding me!

"Yes, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko" damn she's smirking again, and its starting to get creepy.

"But what are we doing here. I thought this wasn't real..." I whispered. I couldn't really believe it, I laughed a bit, believe it

"Oh this is real, like any other worlds or dimensions if you'd prefer, this is just one of many worlds that there is." damn her, I'm starting to hate her even more

"So this is one of many, that has changed?" she nodded. Maybe that's why my acquaintances said I was smart, I could deduce something pretty fast. "something here that has made the balance shift? Something really different?" she nodded again. Damn I hate being right. Hmm... something that has changed, from what I know of that anime Naruto. It was an anime from Japan, but I forgot who made it. Its been a long time since I watched it.

Damn again, I need a smoke. Can you smoke in the afterlife? I laughed a bit, making the lady tilt her in confusion. I gotta stop changing my thoughts.

"Whats the thing that has changed?" I questioned.

She nodded and spoke.

"Well from what we seen here, Naruto here has a twin sister, his mother took her else where. Leaving young Naruto here to deal with being a Jinchuuriki."

I see... so that's what changed. I'm going to hate myself for this

"But what does that have to do with me?"

She got a look in her eyes that spoke mischief, plus with the way that she was smiling at me "You, Gabriel, are going to help young Naruto here live."

"Live?" I whispered "but from what I remember, Naruto gets accepted by the village."

"Yes, I know, but this world is different from what you knew. Here he will die at a young age of four by an assassin sent by his mother. Letting loose the kyuubi in return"

His mother?... what was her name again? Uzumaki Kushina- yes that was her name. But to be killed by a assassin sent by his own mother. My anger was creeping up on me. Then the coughing came back. Making me fall on my knees.

"You have to take it easy... you soul was getting used to the cancer you had and it stuck." she soothed me again. Rubbing my back. Damn... I'm starting to feel like that Hayate guy

At least we were still souls because I think Naruto would've woken up by my coughing.

After my coughing fit, I stood back up. Looking at the lady I nodded for her to continue on what she was saying. But all she did was raise her hand, point her two fingers and touch my forehead.

Flashes? No its the future... whose future? Naruto? He looks to be four years old. I recognized the cloak the assassin is wearing... the Akatsuki...

I fell down panting. Damn... my anger is coming back. To send one of them. Its just wrong.

"Now you see why?" she sounded sad. "you are to bring balance into this world, to make young Naruto be what he was meant to be. And that's to be Hokage." I was still on floor panting away.

"But what can I do? I'm just a regular guy, no powers... nothing" I mumbled, why couldn't they find some else to do this. I don't have powers. Or anything worth mentioning. I stood back up and pain come forth from my stomach.

I looked down, and I was surprised to see the lady's hand through my stomach. My eyes widened, looking back up

"Oh, but that's where your wrong" she said in a amused voice. Her hand still in my stomach. It was like she hand her hand in the deepest part of my soul. A few seconds passed and then she pulled out something.

I looked down again to see if there was a hole. But I couldn't see any. I stared back at the lady

she was holding- is that a katana? What the hell...

"You know that female voice you kept hearing? The one that spoke to you when you were about to fall asleep?" she questioned me, unsheathing the katana, she gave a few practice swings

I nodded, I couldn't forget that voice, it was the most beautiful voice I could hear.

But looking at the sword, it had a brown handle with no guard. The sheath was brown was well. The blade of the katana, looked magnificent. The blade looked to be made of the strongest steel.

From the way she was swinging, she looked like she was testing it.

"Ah yes, this katana is beautiful, is it not?" she questioned as she swung with perfect ease.

I nodded, I could see that. The elasticity seemed perfect, I wonder if the same could be said with the endurance and resistance of the katana.

"Here, catch" she re-sheathed the katana and tossed it to me.

As I caught it. I unsheathed it

"I am not an it!" a female voice yelled in my head, startling me. Making me almost drop the katana

I looked around to see if anyone beside me and the lady were here. But I couldn't see anyone.

What the hell... The scene changed to limbo. When did we come back here?

The lady giggled again.

"Damn, when did we come back here? " I almost yelled out. I must have been coughing a long time for me not to notice this.

"Right when you started your coughing fit." she giggled again.

"So what's with the katana?" I questioned. I took some crappy swings. I never trained in the art of the sword. What do you expect, a perfect swing right off the bat?

For some reason, the katana felt right in my hand. Like it was made for me, I know what your thinking. A guy not trained in this kind of thing, wouldn't know what he was talking about. Its like when you find something that your good at. Its that kind of feeling I had when I held the katana.

"Ever hear the saying 'a sword was thought to be the "soul" of its master' well that is true, well somewhat true anyway" she answered. Can you hate a person anymore that you have to?

"It is somewhat true Gabriel" the female voice spoke again. I'm starting to feel weird out by this. A talking katana. Its like something out of that anime bleach. Would I get shikai and bankai too, damn I got to stop being sarcastic.

"Sadly" the female voice spoke again in my head. "No, and your right you have got to stop being sarcastic, its annoying." my eye twitched a bit

Damn she's reading my mind, well she is a part of me. Damn that so wrong.

"So what now?"

she nodded at me

"Well we got four years to prepare you" she smiled, as a another katana appeared out of nowhere.

"Oookkaayy" I started backing away slowly. The look in her eyes are starting to scare me.

"For the next two years, I'll be teaching you how to wield a sword, and in the two years after to access your chakra." The look she had didn't disappear one bit.

"Don't worry" My partner spoke. Yeah partner sounds good. "Its not like she's going to kill you, your dead" That was reassuring, but she still scares me.

"DODGE!" she roared as she dashed at me. I barely dodged a swing that would have beheaded me.

For the next two years it went on like this. She would yell dodge every time she tried to cut me down. It was funny really, it reminded me of that time I watched a parody of dragonball Z by teamfourstar, where Piccolo would yelled out "dodge" to Gohan as he trained him.

As for the other two years, it was hard. I couldn't access my chakra. I did what they instructed. It took me a year to finally access it. And for controlling it, now that was much harder. It seemed that my chakra was a bit wild. Much larger than a average chuunin they guessed. Well it was nothing compared to Naruto when he reached genin. But it was impressive none the less. We didn't bother learning jutsu's because I could always learn that when I got there. I took at new name was well. I called myself Taku. Just Taku, no last name. It was nice and short.

At least I learned a few tricks from my partner, now dubbed Kaze. I knew that it meant wind. But what I didn't understand was why wind? A few days later I learned why, if I concentrated chakra on the blade as I swung, a blade made out of wind would come out. It was a mid-range attack. I tested it on long range but it would disappear as it made it farther. Another trick was how to extend the blade. It was a neat trick, but I'm not good at that yet. I have to learn more about it, when I get the chance. I was pretty good at sensing as well, But the fours year are up.

"Well it seems your at least high genin to low chuunin in kenjutsu" Sora spoke to me, nodding as she did. I started calling her that because of her blue eyes "As for your chakra. Your chakra is now at least low Jounin level, You have genin control. Which isn't bad for someone who hasn't used chakra before. Make sure to keep using tree walking and water walking when you train more in Naruto's world." Sora nodded her head in approval at me. "Now all you need is some field experience and you would be set, but we ain't got time"

Something else happened, my body glowed as I stared at Sora in surprise. She's smirking again, Not a good thing. Everything went black for a few seconds, my vision came back to me.

What the hell. Did Sora get big or did I shrink? My katana seems a a little bigger as well.

"What did you do?" I said. I noticed something. My voice, its- its that of a child's. It looked like I was seven years old. I hope all that training didn't go away.

"Ahh! what the hell did you do to me?" I yelled out. Pointing an accusing finger at her. Damn I had to go through puberty again.

"Well..." she kinda trailed off. " For you to get accepted in Konoha. You need to be that of a child, no one would believe you if you were there to protect and guide Naruto. Just look at this as a new s life, a new start. Well time to get you some better clothes." she smiled.

Oh hell no! I tried making a dash for it in the other direction. I know when not to mess with girls when it concerns clothing. At least I tried, she got me before I could turn. It all happened all so fast

I was standing with some new thread, at least it was something good. I had a white bandana on, while my long brown hair was braided coming down my shoulders meeting my chest. The tank top seemed big. It was a white one and I wore a black thick hooded sweater over it. My pants seemed cool, it was black sweats, ones I used to like to wear. On my right leg, there was a kunai holster. Hmm I wonder how many I could fit in there, well I will found out later.

"There you go" she seemed satisfied. "The attack is going to happen around mid-night. You have to be in position by that time, at least hold him off for a couple minutes until the hokage gets there. Well this is good-bye and good luck, don't die too soon" she held out her hand. I took it and nodded

"The best I could do is transport you a little ways of Konoha."

Everything went black as I returned to the living.

(Third PoV)

Sora was standing there, staring at the spot where Taku disappeared

"Was it wise father? To send him there?" she whispered at her father. He was there, she knew.

"Was it wise? Yes it was" a voice boomed "He has the heart of a warrior. I have foreseen that he would bring forth balance in that world"

"But I saw another vision, where he would bring destruction and chaos" she yelled out, clearly anger in her voice

"I have seen it, but did you see his eyes in that vision?" Her father spoke again.

"His eyes?" she thought as she began to remember the vision she saw.

Taku stood on a cliff, looking over Konohagakure. Ten others were there beside him. Draped in the akatsuki cloaks. Taku still had the white bandana on but it was a slashed konoha's symbol on it. His katana was nowhere to be seen.

"Attack the village, we will get the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki" Taku spoke with a voice that was devoid of emotion

The other ten disappeared as Taku stood alone. Explosions were heard as women and children screamed. His eyes changed for a few minutes, eyes that held sadness in them. Then just as it appeared it disappeared, then he disappeared as well.

Then the vision shifted, she didn't know there was another part of this vision

Now they were standing in the center of Konoha itself but it was in ruins. Taku stood alone again, he was really in bad shape. Wounds that were still open. Both hands on his katana, but it was a different katana. His akatsuki cloak gone. His hair was a mess, it was not braided like it was before.

All of konoha shinobi's was there, konoha twelve was there, as were their sensei's. Naruto stepped forward, there wasn't hardly any wounds on him.

"Taku-niisan! Surrender now!" Naruto yelled out, on his right hand was Taku's katana. Sora didn't know why he had it. "This doesn't have to end this way! Please just surrender..." Naruto begged.

All of the other shinobi's nodded, hopping for him to surrender. Each person held different emotions. Ones of betrayal, and others sadness.

"You just don't get it, do you?..." Taku laughed out loud, falling to his knees, he started coughing up blood. "This was never about me..." he stopped coughing, using his katana as a crotch to get back up.

"Even from the beginning..." Taku whispered, but all of them caught it. "The day's I met each one of you, I made a plan to make sure to push you. To become stronger then you were. To push past your limits" he spoke with sadness. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

Every shinobi and kunoichi didn't get what he meant. Then realization hit them like a ton of bricks. He turned missing nin for them to chase, to become stronger to bring him back.

"Now that the balance of this world is achieved I can-" Taku disappeared and reappeared in front of Naruto, Taku swung his katana.

Naruto swung Taku's katana to defend himself but the last second Taku dropped his katana.

Naruto's and everyone's eyes widen as Naruto slashed Taku across the chest. All Taku did was smile all the while.

Everyone ran toward Taku as he fell down to the ground. That's where the vision ended

Sora had tears in her eyes as her father spoke again "Now do you see. He will bring peace to that world. Whether we interfere or not."

Sora nodded, Wiping away her tears

"Taku, as he calls himself now. Will drag that worlds hatred with him to hell. Now that I will allow him to go to hell. That future is set in motion already. You weren't supposed to train him. You were supposed to keep him there when you went there..." Sora's eyes widen as he said that. It was her fault...

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