Here we go, the long awaited arrival of my sequel to baby Bella is finally over. If you are a little confused with who is who, and has what power I made a little family web…

Bella Cullen-found in a car wreck, Rene had an affair with a vampire named Septimus, and hid it from Charlie. Bella has all powers possible.

Quinn Cullen-Bella's first child, He's the protective brother, and his power is to push thoughts into anyone's mind.

Meredith Cullen-Bella's second child, Meredith has a small crush on Colin, and her power is she can have absence of gravity.

Ariella Cullen-Bella's third child, Ariella had a small crush on Adam, Ariella's power is that she can see what someone is going to think next.

Colin Cullen-Colin was given to Rosalie, and Emmett by Tanya, Colin has the power of creating half vampire babies.

Adam Cullen-Colin created Adam for Alice, and Jasper, Adam has the power to tell if anyone is lying at any time.

Alright now here we go!

B's pov

"So when is the mutt going to leave?" Rose asked glaring at Jacob from the couch.

Jacob rolled his eyes.

"You know I'm not enjoying this either blondie." Jacob snipped as he hobbled over to us.

"Then leave." Rose hissed, and then went back to painting her nails.

"He just got attacked a day ago and you want him to leave." Esme said with a serious frown at Rose.

"Besides he is well enough to leave." Carlisle said.

"Are you sure you didn't see anything at all?" I asked with narrowed eyes at Jacob.

He sighed.

"I didn't see anything how many times do I have to say it." Jacob snapped.

Edward growled at him with fury burning in his eyes.

"You better watch yourself mutt." Edward warned with a cold glare.

I hugged myself to Edward in hopes it would keep him calm, but I was half hoping that he would flip out on Jacob.

Jacob has been more than annoying for the past 24 hours, and the smell was disgusting.

Jacob snorted.

"I'm really scared." Jacob said taking a seat on the floor by the door, and looked away from all of us.

Edward grumbled a little, but rested into me more as he went back to ignoring Jacob as well.

Alice ran over to me with a huge smile, Jasper right behind her with a smirk.

"Bella let's go shopping." Alice said with a hopeful smile.

I bit my lip at that.

"Alright, but after the kids wake up, ok?" I said with a laugh at Alice's joyful smile.

"Ok great, we haven't gone for so long Bella." Alice grinned, and took a seat beside me on the couch.

Jasper sat down in the floor in front of her, resting his back into her legs.

I watched as Emmett ran into the room with a big grin, and landed on the seat beside Rose, which launched her into the air, and with a slick move he grabbed her, and put her on his lap.

She growled at him playfully, but smiled as she rested into him.

"Not funny Emmett." She snickered.

"You liked it, don't lie Rosie." Emmett laughed as he kissed the top of her head.

I was about to say something to Edward when I heard tiny footsteps upstairs moving around, then giggling.

In seconds I watched as Meredith came running down the side of the wall, Quinn laughing as he tried to reach her, Ari following with her pink blanket around her, Adam walking next to her, and Colin running after Meredith.

Meredith giggled as she began running on the ceiling, and with a graceful leap she jumped into Edward's lap.

Edward chuckled, and kissed Meredith's head gently.

Quinn, and Ari jumped into my lap, and laughed as they both tagged Meredith.

"You're it." They said together.

Meredith laughed, and curled herself into Edward as Colin, and Adam came over.

"I'm gonna take a little break first." Meredith said with a grin.

"Ok, but hurray." Adam said excitedly, and walked over to Alice and Jasper. He quickly sat on Jasper's lap, and sighed.

Jasper chuckled as he stroked Adam's head.

Colin run over to Emmett, and jumped on him with a grin.

Emmett laughed as Colin got comfortable on Rose.

Rose smiled down at him, and kissed the top of his head.

"We're you guys playing tag?" She asked.

"Yep, and now it's Meredith's turn to be it." Colin said with a big smile.

Meredith grinned over at him, and was about to say something when a knock at the door made her pause.

We all looked at each other until Emmett got up and went to the door curiously, Colin following after him.

I heard Emmett gasp, and he quickly entered the room with a yellow blanket; a gorgeous baby sleeping inside it.

"It's a baby." I said looking shocked as he walked back over to us.

"Oh my god; who would leave their baby one some random person's doorstep?" Alice gasped in surprise.

"There's a note." Rose said as her hand went out to the blanket, and took a small note.

"Read it Rose." I said anxiously.

"It says, this baby goes to Isabella, and Edward Cullen, she needs a name, I understand you have everything this baby will need, thank you." Rose said shocked.

"What kind of note is that?" Emmett said with a frown.

Rose took the baby from Emmett, and carried her over to me with a reluctant smile, and handed her to me.

I held her closely, and looked her over.

She had russet-colored hair, but her face was very pale, like a vampires, she didn't smell like anything though. No blood, no werewolf stench, and you could hear her little heart beating, so she isn't a vampire.

What was she then?

"I think I'll name you Jasmine." I said with a small smile, and with that two big green eyes looked up at me.

Her eyes gave me chills, but other than that she was adorable, and I know she will make a great new addition to the family.

Jacob looked over to us, and fear crossed his eyes as he saw that baby.

Jasmine looked at him, and she frowned, but turned back to me and ignored him.

Edward smiled at her brightly.

"Hello little Jasmine." He said stroking her forehead with his finger.

Jasmine smiled at him, making a purring sound, and Edward and I laughed at that. She was so cute.

Jacob wobbled over to us staring at the baby as if it was about to attack him.

"That baby is bad news Bella, I can feel it." Jacob said with a glare at the baby.

Edward and I glared at him, along with the rest of the family.

"Shut up Jacob, and just go up to bed or something." I snapped at him, trying not to say anything to bad in front of the children.

Jacob grumbled, and slowly went limping away.

Meredith grinned at Jasmine with excitement.

"Hey Jasmine, want to play?" She asked looking excited.

Jasmine grinned at her, and made a squeal type sound.

"Be careful with her ok." I said handing Jasmine to Meredith.

Meredith nodded seriously, and smiled down at her new little sister, before her and the other kids walked out of the room.

Jasmine's pov

And let the fire catch and spread.