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Ever Had One of Those Days...?

"ARG!" yelled Rogue as she slammed the car door on her fingers. It didn't really hurt her, in fact, the door was worse off than her, but she knew that it meant explaining to Gambit why there was a dent in the drivers door of his new car, which she didn't look forward to. Now thoroughly angry, she stomped into the mansion, managing to knock over a chair in the kitchen on her way to the coffee maker. Growling, she picked it up, then finished stalking over to the coffee maker. She opened the cupboard, got out a cup and promptly dropped it on her foot and broke it (the cup). Swearing, she got out another cup after throwing out the first one. Finally, she sat down at the table with her cup of hot coffee.

Next thing she knew, Bobby tore through the kitchen with a wet Beast after him, and her coffee was spilled all over the front over her outfit. She gritted her teeth, yelled something unrepeatable after Bobby, knowing full well he couldn't hear her by now, and stomped upstairs to her room. After changing and having a shower - during which she couldn't get the water temperature right no matter what she did - she flew up to the roof to think.

About 3 hours later, around supper time, she went inside the mansion again, only to find that it was deserted. After looking around for awhile, she found the professor in his study.

"Professer, where is ev'rybudy?" she asked.

"Didn't you hear the alarm? Magneto broke out of jail and is tearing apart a small town in Minnesota." answered the Professor. She found out later that the alarm that led to the roof was broken, she'd been too preoccupied for Jean to call her and everyone was in to big a rush to go to tell her, assuming that she'd see the ship take off and head after it.

After letting out a few more swear words that would have made even Logan blush, she decided to head after the X-men and see if they needed any help.

She flew off to Minnesota and arrived just in time to see an unconsious, hand-cuffed Magneto loaded into the back of a plastic-lined police van. She set down next to the X-men and flew back with them in the jet they had used to get there, scowling so fiercly the whole way back that none of the X-men dared aproach her for fear of having their heads snapped off.

By the time they got home, it was to late to make supper, so they ordered pizza. As Rogue was walking into the kitchen with the pizza, she accidentally tripped on the door frame and her skin brushed up against Scott's, absorbing hs memories and power. By the time she remembered that her eyelids could stop Scotts eyebeams, the kitchen, and pizza, was destroyed.

The other X-men quickly took Scott to the MedLab and Jean went upstairs to get a pair of Scotts ruby-quartz sunglasses for Rogue. In the end, it took 3 1/2 hours for Scotts power and memories to fade out of Rogue and back into him, and, consiquently, she didn't get to sleep until past midnight and she never did get supper.

The End! (Finally!)