Ever Had EIGHT of Those Days...?
Eighth in the 'Ever had One of Those Days...?' series

Disclaimer: Do I really need this? Is there really any doubt that I do not own the X-Men? Because I son't. Marvel does. Not DC. Marvel. At least, I hope they own them...

Author's Note:
Holy carp, I can't believe I'm doing another one! I stopped writing these ages ago...then I suddenly decided to write more for no particular reason. This one WON'T be about Jean, however. One of the reasons I stopped writing was I couldn't think of anything to do to Jean...she has a bad day whever the other X-Men do, it seems. Anyways, instead, I'm going to do - well, just read and see! And no offense is meant to any fans out there...really! This is actually one of my favourite X-Men...


Kurt sighed as he teleported to the rec room. It was so BORING around the mansion when everybody else was on a mission. The broken TV wasn't helping, either. Neither was the fact that if he went outside he'd most likely get extremely dirty because last nights storm had turned everything to mud. Kurt decided to go outside anyways. Unfortunately, he didn't concentrate hard enough, and managed somehow to teleport himself to the middle of central park - two feet above someones head. He, of course, fell on the person. He quickly got to his feet and teleported back to the mansion. He could already see the headline tommorrow: 'Mysterious Blue Mutant Attacks Inoocent Bystanders'. Boy, Professor X wasn't going to like this...

Kurt was no longer in the mood to be outside, so he teleported back in and found a computer terminal. He poked around on it, looking for a game to play, and when he didn't find one, got onto the internet and downloaded one. When he tried to install it, however, he discovered that he needed a password to put anything on the hard drive, and when he cancelled, the computer informed him that Professor X would be notified that someone'd tried to install 'Doom'. Kurt quickly got away from the computer and teleported up to the roof, where he stayed until the Blackbird came back, scaring him out of his wits so thoroughly that he slipped and fell off the roof. He attempted to teleport to above his bed, but miscalculated and landed on his floor instead.

After he was sure he was fine, Kurt teleported down to the rec room, just in time to be scolded by Jean for teleporting so much around the rec room, leaving it smelling like sulfer. He sighed and walked out of the rec room then, and went to the kitchen, feeling hungry. When he got there, however, he heard Professor X talking with Scott about someone trying to install 'Doom' on their database, and quidkly decided he wan't hungry, after all. So he went up to his room - bumping into a grumpy Logan on the way. That was not a happy expeirience.

When he got up to his room, he had the grand pleasure of lounging around doing nothing and being absolutely bored until around six, when he decided that he wanted supper. When he got downstairs, however, he was met by several glarng faces and suddenly remembered that he was supposed to have had a Danger Room training session with Scott, Jean and Logan that afternoon. He slinked off without eating anything, and so ended up going to bed hungry, having had only a small breakfast that day.


Hmm...I think it ain't to great, but then, Author's usually don't think their stories are too good. If they do think they're good, they're actualy horrible. Anywho, I'm getting off topic. Tell me what you thunk of it, I appreciate any and all feedback. And what would you people think of a story several hundred years in the future where the bad guys have defeated all the superheroes...?

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