Miley was the type of girl that you wouldn't look twice at. She was a typical high school girl; thin but not too thin, pretty but not gorgeous and had a few friends but not many she could trust. And like every other high school girl; she had a huge crush on an older guy. Joe Jonas. He was best friends with the most popular guy in the school; James Franco. Both guys were drop dead sexy. And they knew it. That's why they dated girls like Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice. Perfect examples of a drop dead gorgeous girl; fake hair, fake tan and fake personality. They were the school sluts. Had slept with just about every guy in the whole school. Whores. And Demi currently had her eyes on Joe – one of the only boys who she hadn't bedded….yet. Miley had two friends; Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. Both girls were pretty much best friends with each other but they still treated Miley like one. Even though she felt like an outsider. Yes, this story may have story like a typical high school story – a lot of drama. But trust me, it's about to get a whole lot darker.

Miley's living in a children's care home. Her parents got caught abusing her when she was 7 and Miley was taken off them. Since then, she'd been in a total of 15 different foster homes. And each time they'd given Miley up for one reason; she was mentally fucked. Getting abused by you parents at a young ages sticks in your head for the rest of your life and in some cases fucks you up. She'd been seeing a psychiatrist since she was 11 and it hasn't helped one bit. And just as Miley was starting to become a little normal again, something fucked up happened. Really fucked up. The one person that she actually thought she could trust, the one true friend she thought she had, raped her. Kevin Zegers; he volunteered at the home and him and Miley had got on well. For three years, they were best friends. Even though he was 4 years older, it actually felt like she had someone to tell her secrets to. He was like the older brother she never had. But one night, when she was sitting in her room, doing to maths homework, he came in, drunk, and took away her virginity. Scared of what would happen in case she told anyone, Miley kept it a secret, thinking it wouldn't happen again. How wrong was she. He'd made a habit of it. Coming to her room everytime he was drunk and done it. When he was sober he didn't mention one thing about. Miley wondered if he even knew what he was doing. He acted as if everything was the same as ever.

She'd been brought into a life with everything to lose.

She was 17 and she never ever learnt to smile.

Her life was fucked.

Her school was fucked.

And she was fucked.