First of all, this fan fic was based from a picture that I saw. I saw this sweet picture of Jin and Lili while searching for Tekken pictures and it immediately gave me an idea for a story. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but it turns out, that it needed to be divided into chapters since it is such a long story.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the story, even if you're not a fan of LilixJin.

This story is actually set 5 years later. Lili is 21 and Jin is 26. 5 years gap isn't so bad, so I learned to appreciate this couple, since they are so different yet so the same. Ex. Lili has no mom and Jin has no mom. They're father's are owner's of huge companies and if you study their skills closely, they look almost the same and move almost the same.

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It was new day. The sun was streaming through the window and hit Lili's hair making them glisten like gold early in the morning. Her innocent and angelic face glowed when the light touched it softly, making her grumble silently at the warmth.

She rolled over to her side and felt another presence beside her bed. Thinking that it was her teddy bear, she put her arms around it and cuddled it to her chest. Her teddy moved and did the same. Only this time, it caressed the fine strands of hair on her head. She could feel it breathing on top of her head and she could feel the warmth that it emits through its skin. Lili was shocked and puzzled at the same time. She carefully fluttered her eyes open and saw the person that she hated the most and wanted to kill.

"It's about time you wake up." He told her as his amber eyes stared into the very soul of her cerulean orbs.

Lili's eyes widened in shock. On impulse, he pushed her off the bed and sat up. "What are you doing in my room!" She screamed while pointing an accused finger at him. She caught a good glimpse of his bare chest and…Suddenly, she felt a sudden chill and it was as if the room got colder. She looked down on herself and found that she wasn't wearing anything. She screamed and pulled the covers up so that she could hide her naked figure. "Oh my god! What did you do to me!" She screeched.

"You were the one who barged in my room last night." Jin told her with a plain face. He stood up and grabbed his boxers on the floor.

Lili watched him eagerly as he pulled up his boxers. Her eyes roamed around the room and remembered the event that happened last night.

A 21 year old Lili had come to Jin Kazama to ask him to reform the contract with his father's oil company, since she was the one who destroyed it in the first place. It was supposed to be returned to Heihachi, but the old coot died in his own grandson's hands leaving him to run the company. Kazuya could have inherited the company, but Jin had to assassinate him first before he could assassinate him. So basically, Jin Kazama was the one running the Mishima Zaibatsu. Much to Lili's dismay of course, since her father pleaded her to reform a contract with the company when the war was over and Jin had the devil under-control.

Jin arrived joining her in the lobby and discussing contract details with her, he denied it and left her alone. But Lili wasn't the type to not get what she wants, so she looked for his room, barged right in and told him straight to his face that he eithers reform the contract with his father's company or he dies. They ended up fighting inside his room until it came to a point that the temperature heated up and Jin had Lili pinned to a wall. Instead of delivering the final blow, he ended up staring into her eyes making him kiss her passionately.

Lili closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She remembered pain, blood and screaming, but she really remembered the pleasure that followed after the pain. The memory was so crystal clear that it made her throat dry just thinking of it. It felt so nice, but she didn't want to admit that to him.

"I'll rethink it." Jin muttered after zipping his pants.

Lili looked up and stared at him and immediately knew what he was talking about. "Great." She exclaimed before leaving the bed and taking the covers with her. She picked up her clothes off the floor and put them on in a swift movement since she didn't want Jin to see more of her, even if he did the other night.

Jin just watched her as she buttoned her blouse and put her boots back on. He had to admit, she was damn sexy. She had curves in all the right places and her legs were so flawless and long. He admired her the minute they met each other at KOIFT, but got extremely disappointed when he found out she wanted to kill him on her second tournament. She was spoiled and childish, but she was good-natured and feisty.

"Let's not speak about this again." Lili muttered when she finally put on her last boot. Without hearing a reply, she walked towards his door and turned the knob. "Just contact me if you made the decision of reforming a contract with my father." And with that, she walked out the door and closed it tight behind her.

Jin stared at the door a few seconds, as if she was gonna enter it again. But since he knew that she was probably on the stairs by now, he turned to his bed and was about to go back to sleep when he saw blood stains on the sheets. "The perfect night to choose white sheets." He muttered losing the need to sleep again, but he did smile to himself knowing that he was her first time.

"You're finally home Miss Lili." Sebastian greeted when Lili stepped out of the limo.

"Yes. I'm just glad the chauffeur didn't leave when I didn't come out of the Kazama household." Lili said before taking the first step on the stairs that led to the mansions huge double doors.

"Darling!" Mr. Rochefort greeted on the doorway. His arms where open for a hug and an expression of relief was present on his face.

"Father!" Lili exclaimed before running gracefully up the stairs and into the open arms of his father.

"Why didn't you come home last night?" He asked her when they broke the hug.

"I had to wait for Mr. Kazama to arrive from a meeting. He didn't arrive until this morning though, so his maids got me acquainted in the guest room." She lied.

"I'm just glad you came home dear." His father told her. "What did he say by the way?"

"He'll think of it." Lili told him before entering the mansion gracefully.

"Splendid!" He exclaimed and turned to Sebastian. "Don't you think so too Sebastian?"

"Absolutely sire." Sebastian replied with a satisfied smile.

Lili on the other hand, wasn't as happy as her father and butler. She was devastated because of what happened with her and Jin and she was also disappointed that she had to lie to her father. She just wanted to forget everything and hoped that Jin would too.

When Lili got to her room, the phone on her bedside table rang. She went to it and picked it up. "Lili speaking."

"So how was the meeting with the devil last night?" Asuka's voice ringed on the other line.

Yes, Asuka called Lili. After the war and the death of the Devil Gene they had settled their differences and became friends. Best friends even. They were complete opposites, but it turns out they had one thing in common; they both hated Jin. This led to the decision of destroying him together. It didn't turn out too well since they found out that his intentions weren't that bad at all. Though they still hated him for his arrogance and pride, they found a new respect for him.

Lili approached the door and checked the halls if anyone were there. She closed the door and sat on her bed. "Asuka, I just lost my virginity to your cousin last night."

The other line was silent for a long time. Lili didn't dare break the silence since she knew Asuka was too shocked to speak. "What!" She shrieked when she finally recoiled from the shock. "Does your father know about this? Lili, of all the men in the world why him?"

"I don't know. Let's just forget about it okay?" Lili pleaded.

"Okay. Let's pretend it never happened." Asuka replied.

"Asuka, you, I and Jin are the only ones who know about this. And I hope it will stay that way."

"Hai." Asuka replied and hang up.

Lili sighed and stared at the ceiling. "Just forget it ever happened." She told herself before returning the phone back on her bed-side.

"So how's your father's enterprise?" Asuka asked Lili when they sat down on her bed.

They just finished a few rounds of sparring and decided to take a rest in her bedroom while they waited for lunch to be ready. Sparring sessions is one of the things that Lili looks forward to every end of the week. It was fun when she was doing it with Asuka, since she never really held back. Sometimes she'd even invite Xiaoyu and Alissa over to join them. She could invite the other girls that joined KOIFT, but most of them are very busy. Especially Julia, who was working on a lab.

"It's been doing great since Jin decided to reform the contract 2 weeks ago." Lili replied while taking off her gloves and setting it on top of the bed.

Asuka leaned on her arms for support and stared at the ceiling. "That's good news then." She told her.

Lili shrugged and was about to say something when she suddenly felt a sudden coil in her stomach. She felt sick and her breakfast was starting to go the wrong the way. Her silky pink sheets were about to be stained if she didn't dash to the bathroom in time.

Asuka followed suit and stood on the bathroom door as she watched Lili throw up on the toilet seat. It looked as if she was gonna vomit all of her intestines out.

"Are you okay?" She asked once Lili wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Must be food poisoning. I ate a lot this morning." She reasoned standing up.

"Are you sure about that? Doesn't you chef check the food that they are about to feed you?" She asked with a suspicious look.

"He must have forgotten to check it." Lili told her before flushing the toilet and going out of the bathroom. If she didn't mature enough these past years, she would have fired the chef that gave her food poisoning. But in all the years that she was fighting in KOIFT, she realized that it was ridiculous to fire people who probably didn't mean to do things that displeased her.

Asuka followed Lili and cocked an eyebrow. "Are you sure you're all right?" She asked again.

Lili snorted in a cute way that only she can accomplish. "Yes Asuka. I'm fine. Just a bit tired from all the sparring, that's all."

Asuka didn't believe it though. Something about Lili's movements, made her look off. She didn't move as graceful as she usually does and she was holding her bed post for support. "Lili, I think we should take you to a doctor…"

Lili shook her head no and felt really dizzy now. "No…w-we don't need a…"

"Lili!" Asuka ran to her friend who was already lying still on the floor. She picked her up and checked her vital signs. She was breathing evenly, that's good. But she needed to call for help. "Sebastian!" Asuka yelled frantically as she dashed out of Lili's room to find Sebastian.

They took Lili to the nearest hospital and asked the doctor to see if she was okay. They waited a bit as they ran a few tests on Lili.

When the doctor finally came out, they were shocked to hear the news that he was about to tell them.

"She's pregnant." He told them plainly.

"What!" Asuka shrieked.

"Your friend was just over-worked and she fainted from fatigue. She's fine though, so is the baby."

"Miss Lili is with child? " Sebastian muttered looking into the distance obviously shocked to hear the news. He didn't know whether he should be happy for the young miss, or be disappointed since she didn't tell him.

"Where is she?" Asuka asked.

"She's resting now, but she'll be fine." The doctor replied.

Asuka didn't waste any more time and headed directly to the room where they kept Lili.

She was lying there on the bed, looking so innocent. Right on cue, she fluttered her eyes open and was greeted by Asuka's fuming face. She tried to sit up, but still felt a bit dizzy.

"Don't worry Lili, I'll make sure he won't survive this." Asuka said the minute Lili was upright.

"Won't survive what?" Lili asked confused.

Asuka took a deep breath and broke the news to Lili. "You're pregnant with Jiin's baby. I mean who else would be the father of that child?"

Lili spaced out. She was pregnant. With the baby of the very person she wanted to kill. Questions started to stream on her head. How will she break the news to her father? Or worse, her father?

"If you want an abor– " Asuka started, but Lili cut her off.

"No." She told her.

"But– "

"But, no. I am not gonna kill my baby Asuka. I don't care if the father of this innocent child is the very person I wanted to kill in the first place. All I know is that, I am going to nourish and love him/her."

Asuka sighed. "Okay." She finally said. "But you do realize we have to tell the devil right?"

"Yes. I do." She replied calmly.

"You're with child miss?" Sebastian interrupted.

Lili looked up to meet her beloved butler's eyes. "Yes. Unfortunately, Jin Kazama is the father."

"You didn't wait for him till morning. Am I right?"

Lili sighed. "No. He was there when I came." She finally admitted.

"Goodness. We have to tell your father and Mr. Kazama now." Sebastian suggested.

"Me and Asuka will do it later."

"Best of luck miss." Sebastian told them.

"Great then." Mr. Rochefort exclaimed and shook Jin's hand. "Are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?"

"It's not necessary." He replied and gathered his things from the desk of Mr. Rochefort. "I'll be on my way."

"Nonsense. I insist Jin; you must join us for dinner." Mr. Rochefort offered once more.

Jin stared into his eyes and couldn't deny it, so he nodded his head.

He wanted to see Lili again and see how she was doing. That was the main reason why he agreed to discuss the upcoming projects on the Rochefort manor. But much to his disappointment when he found out that Lili had gone for a check-up. He'll try once more to try and see her during dinner with Mr. Rochefort.

"Splendid! I'll have Giovanni prepare his best dish." Mr. Rochefort then put his arms around Jin and walked out of his office together.

When they descended down the stairs, they saw Asuka and Sebastian guiding Lili inside the manor.

"I told you I'm fine." Lili reassured them.

"Hello dear. How was your trip to the doctor?"

Lili's eyes shot at Jin and gave him a look that almost resembled longing. But it suddenly turned into a sour look when she realized she was staring at him like that. The scowl that his cousin gave him made him feel even worse.

"I have news for you." Lili answered to her father's question.

"Tell us after during dinner dear." He suggested and descended down the stairs to head to the dining room.

"Perfect." Lili muttered and turned to Asuka. "Care to join us?"

"Of course." Asuka replied.

They both followed Jin and Lili's father on the dining room and took a seat on the wide table. Once the food was served, they all ate silently.

"So what was that new Lili?" Her father asked patting his mouth with a napkin.

Lili pushed her plate away and sighed. She turned to Asuka, then to his father then Jin. Her eyes lingered on him for a bit making him uneasy. He picked up his glass of water and drank the liquid. Lili narrowed her eyes at him before turning her attention back to his father. "I'm pregnant." She said plainly.

Jin choked on his water and was coughing uncontrollably. Asuka had to bite her lip to stop herself from laughing at his cousin.

"Oh. When did you find out?" Mr. Rochefort asked, not sounding the bit surprised.

Lili was shocked at the tone of his father. "You're not mad?"

"Mad? Heaven's no. You are 21 and the heir to Rochefort enterprises. I think you're stable enough for a child." He told her almost to enthusiastically. "So who's the father?" He ask leaning in with interest.

"You're business partner. The one who's joining us for dinner tonight and the one who just choked on his water a while ago." Lili said sarcastically.

Mr. Rochefort was silent for a bit. He stood up from his seat and placed a hand on Jin's shoulder. "Can we talk?"

Jin didn't utter a single word and stood up. He followed Mr. Rochefort out of the dining room and into the lobby.

"What do you think are they talking about?" Asuka aske din a low voice.

"I don't know." Lili answered truthfully. "I guess we can't do anything but wait."

Asuka looked around. "Here?"

Lili stood up. "No." She said. "Let's take the stairs in the kitchen. That way we won't disturb them when we walk by the lobby."

"Hai." Asuka replied before following Lili.

Lili had told Amelia to tell her father that she and Asuka will be in her room if he needed them. After that she proceeded to her room, tugging Asuka with her.

"So what's the name?" Asuka asked as she sat crossed-legged on Lili's bed.

"We don't even know if it's a boy or girl yet." Lili told her matter-of-factly while she brushed her golden strands.

Lili had thought of names the minute she found out she was pregnant. Of course she hoped it would be a girl, since she wanted to teach it ballet and fighting. So she only came up with female names like: Charisma, Lillian, Sherwood and Michaela

Asuka and Lili went silent for minute before they heard a knock on Lili's door. "It's open." Lili called out and her father stepped in with Jin following behind.

"Are you keeping the baby dear?" Mr. Rochefort asked.

"Yes. I'm old enough, so yes." Lili plainly replied.

"Then I'll help you raise it." Jin suggested.

"What? No. I can raise my child by myself." Lili defended.

"Might I remind you dear, it is also Jin's child. So he can raise it with you if he wants too." Mr. Rochefort said.

Lili narrowed her eyes at Jin. Based from what she saw, the Mishima's had this tendency to hate blood relatives, specifically their off-springs. The three generation of the Mishima's had tried to kill each other, but the third generation won eventually. Lili didn't want to take the risk, but Jin seemed different from his grandfather and father…so Lili nodded her head.

"Wonderful then! I'll Sebastian pack your things and transfer them to Jin's household." Mr. Rochefort exclaimed before closing the door to Lili's room.

"Wait! What!" Too late though the door was already closed.

Lili turned her head to Asuka. "Am I gonna live with him?"

Asuka just simply shrugged as an answer. "Sounds like it."

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