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Lili stared outside the window of the car watching the tall buildings that they had passed. She was lonely this day, but it seems that the weather wasn't agreeing with her since it was bright and sunny. Perfect day to go for a walk or a swim at the beach. For all she cared this day should have storm clouds and a heavy drought, but she guessed it's not every day that the weather coordinates with her feelings.

They had been from the hospital bearing the heart breaking news of losing the baby. Xiaoyu had arrived to comfort her just the same and she really appreciated it since she wanted the comfort of everyone she knows at that time. She hadn't told her father yet though, since she knew he would be extremely disappointed to know that the baby is gone.

Jin had left them after a while reasoning that he needed to go someplace and make some arrangements. Lili wanted him to be there to share their grief of losing their child, but she understood him because he was such a busy man.

"Lili?" A hand shook her shoulder gently causing her to turn around and face the said person. "We're here." Xiaoyu said, opening the door for her.

Lili couldn't mutter anything else, but a single oh and stepped off the car to face the huge mansion in front of her.

"Are you sure you're gonna be okay?" Asuka asked placing a hand on Lili's shoulder.

Lili timidly nodded her head still shocked from the traumatic experience. "I guess I should pack up and leave now right?" She asked her with lonely eyes.

Hearing herself speak now, she actually thought she would love to leave his place. But she had imagined leaving it with the baby still in her womb. Not without it.

Xiaoyu and Asuka stared at Lili with sympathy feeling her grief for losing a child.

She felt like a black hole had sucked all her feelings leaving her numb and confused. She wanted to cry so badly, but the tears just won't flood down. Asuka had probably sensed it since she surprised her when she grabbed her hand to pull her into a hug. "It's okay Lili, everything would be fine."

With those words, Lili broke out and cried as hard as she could on Asuka's shoulder. "What should I say to my father?" She asked her voice a bit muffled.

She patted her back and tried to stand on tiptoes so that Lili won't have to bend down. "He'll understand. I'm sure of that." She reassured her.

Lili nodded her head and pushed away from Asuka. She wipped her tears with the back of her hand and said, "I have to go now Asuka, Xiaoyu." She face the two girls and gave a slight nod. "I'm gonna pack my things."

"Do you want me to help you?" Asuka offered, but Lili shook her head no.

"I'll be fine." She told her before turning around to enter the huge mansion.

"I hope she'll be fine…" Xiaoyu trailed off trying to find the right words. She was on the verge of tears as the 21 year old Monegasque really touched her heart.

"I hope so too Xiao…I hope so too…" Asuka replied understanding how she felt placing a hand on her back to guid her back inside the car.

The minute Lili entered the huge doors of the mansion a servant had ran up to her and asked, "How was your visit to the hospital miss?"

Lili looked down on the floor and shuffled her feet uncomfortably. She didn't know what to say to the mere servant in front of her. She wasn't in the mood to be snobby and mean so she just muttered something telling her that she was perfectly fine and headed to her room respectively.

She shut the door behind her and lay on the soft bed. She thought of what she should do now that the very reason for living with Jin was already gone.

Now that the baby was gone, she should just pack up and leave then right? She could book the next flight to Monaco and leave Japan to stay away from him for a while. Or better yet, never see him again. She knew that would be a bit impossible to do since his company was the top trader and partner with their enterprises. She couldn't escape from him and he especially knew that.

What if she moves someplace where her dad doesn't know about? She could live alone for a while even without her favorite butler. She's old enough right? Well, she is 21 years old and turning 22 so maybe she could handle herself.

But what country? It should be in Europe and it should be a place that she knows well.

Lili sat up right when a place popped in her head. "France!" She exclaimed.

Yes, France. It was perfect. People spoke French, so she didn't need to put so much effort in speaking a different language. Plus, she knew the place well and she could get a decent job there as a model. After all, the modelling agencies there had been trying to book her for a while, but she only wanted to model in Tokyo since it was the only place where KOIFT was held and the place where her father stayed the most since Mishima Zaibatsu was there.

She could rent or buy an apartment there, where she could live independently.

"Wonderful!" Lili chipped clapping her hands together completely forgetting about the baby.

She was about to leave the bed to pack her things when a knock came at her door. Her head shot towards that direction and the knob turned with "him" pushing it open.

"Are you okay now?" He asked her.

Lili froze there and stared at him. She didn't say anything, but she did nod her head. "Thank you for your concern."

Jin pushed the door open completely to let himself in. He approached Lili and surprised her when he took her hand and held it with his. She was about to ask on what his intentions were when he beat her to it and said, "I asked Nina to cancel all my meetings, appointments and business trips for this week so that we could take a vacation."

Lili's jaws drop. "What?" She asked absent-mindedly.

"I figured you needed one since all the happenings are causing you stress." He started. "That's why we're going to France."

Her eyes widened and she took her hand. "What?" She asked disbelievingly. Did he just say France? The country where she wanted to escape to? She cocked her eyebrows and stared at him with doubt. "You're kidding me right? Do you even know how to speak French?"

Last time she remembers, he couldn't understand a word she said when she started talking to him in her native tongue.

"I have you, right?" He reasoned saying the words confidently like she wouldn't go against it. Surprisingly she didn't. A part of her wanted to shout at him for making that cocky statement and a part of her wanted to fall into the arms of the sweet and caring Jin. 'Who are you and what have you done to the Jin Kazama that I once knew?' She thought as she walked towards him and pushed him out the door. "I'll think about it. But if it's not already obvious, I think I'll refuse." She told him getting ready to close the door but his hand stopped her.

"You're not gonna refuse here Lili. At some point you have to go somewhere to recollect and forget about the things that happened." He remarked.

"If possible I want to forget you." She muttered under her breath.

He didn't hear it clearly, but he wasn't the type to push a person to tell him what he wants to know. Well… he was, but he will not push the person if the information isn't that important.

"So what do you say? Just one-week." He tried again.

Lili bit her lower lip and considered the thought. "Fine." She gave in. "One week with you, but not in France. After that you leave me alone." She demanded and slammed the door shut without waiting for an answer.

Behind the shut door, Jin's lips curved into a small smile as thoughts started to run in his head. "One-week is all I need."

"Bonjour madamme." The person in the front desk greeted.

"Bonjour." Lili replied. "We made reservations under the name of Emilie de Rochefort." She said in her native tongue which Jin didn't understand a bit.

"Miss Lili. It's been a while yes? You've returned for your honey moon. Am I correct?" The person smiled and tilted her head to check Jin out.

Lili turned beat red and denied what she said. He didn't understand anything, but he thought it was something like being mistaken as a couple.

As she was talking to the person in the front desk she looked around analyzing the hotel they decided to stay in for the whole week. Lili had chosen it and told him that it was the finest hotel in Paris and she was a regular there so most of the employees knew her.

"Let's go." Lili interrupted his chain of thoughts.

"We have one room?" He asked as they walked towards the elevator leaving their things to the care of the bell boy. He wasn't so used to walking in a hotel with no guards. Not that he doesn't need any of them now since everything in his life had actually become peaceful and he didn't have to worry about getting killed at some point.

"Yes we do." She answered to his previous question. "But not one bed." She added and entered the elevator. "I ordered a suit that's like a condominium unit. It has a living area and a small dining area. It also has two rooms that have individual bathrooms and a balcony that looked over Paris." She explained.

"No kitchen?" He asked.

She laughed half-heartedly and turned her head to him (- just like how she turns her head in her intro). "Heavens no. If they added a kitchen, what was the purpose of room service bringing you your food then?"

The elevator door rang and Lili gracefully walked out of it. He stared at her back for a few seconds before walking out and following her. She was full-grown now and she evolved from the childish looking, Lolita inspired teenager to a full-time professional super model. But no matter how many years you add into her age, she was still graceful like a ballet dancer on a performance. Of course, she was a ballet dancer/gymnast turned street fighter.

"Here we are." She exclaimed pulling the doors open. When she walked inside she pointed to a door that was right across another door. "That would be your room and that would be mine."

Jin looked around and saw that the room was big. It had a living room and a dining room like Lili said. There were two doors across each other in a tiny hallway that leads to the balcony. Instead of unpacking inside his room he walked towards the balcony and looked outside only to be surprised by the beauty of Paris. He's been to France before, but he has never stopped to appreciate the sights. He was too much of a busy man for that, but right now he loves what he's seeing right now.

"You should see it during the night."

He turned around and saw Lili approaching her wearing a beautiful and flowing white dress. "The lights are magnificent and it's like a dream come true." She joined him in the balcony and sucked in the fresh air of Paris. "I've been here a lot of times already, but I never get tired of Paris no matter what."

Jin stared at her beautiful fade as the wind softly blew on the strands of her hair. "You live here?" He asked out of the blue.

"No." Lili answered.

"But you know their language." He reasoned remembering the time when Lili was talking to the clerk at the front-desk.

She chuckled and turned to him. "So does Canada."

He made a face and cocked an eyebrow. He was obviously confused and Lili could see that written all over his face.

"I'm from Monacco. A small country just outside the borders of France and Italy." She told him.

He didn't answer to her and just gave a slight nod. A moment of awkward silence engulfed them and both realized that they just had a normal conversation. A conversation where shouting, arguing, crying and persuasion wasn't involved. Just two people talking like they didn't try to kill each other a few years ago.

"You want to eat lunch at the hotel's restaurant, somewhere around here or you would you rather order room service?" She said breaking the silence.

"Where would you like to eat?" He asked her since he didn't have any idea on where to go.

Lili placed a finger on her chin and looked rather thoughtful. Her eyes lit up when an idea popped into her head and she flashed Jin the sweetest smile that she could conjure up. "I know the perfect place! It's a famous restaurant here and it serves the finest french cuisines."

So part one was actually going well. He was getting closer with her and they can strike up conversations without her slamming the door shut on his face. He can't wait for the rest of the week, but wait a second. This was a foreign land with foreign food. He heard stories of frying frog legs and serving raw snail. When he came here for a meeting once, the traders decided to hold it on a japanese restaurant so that he would feel right at home. With this girl, who was so eager to actually introduce him to foreign food, he doesn't know how long he can hold up. Even if he was the Jin Kazama.

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