Hello! This os one of the alternate endigs of "Sincerily, Freebie" (.net/s/6454749/1/Sincerely_Freebe) that's also the happy ending. I'm going to continue the story with this one after I finish "Locked in darkness". I have not written yet anything of this fic so any idea is bienvenue.

This is dedicated to Pholefan.

There's light out there:

This is the way I decided to name the third section of my notebook, because, sometimes, we wonder "What if...?"...sometimes, we want to know what would had happened if we had taken another option...sometimes...

Sometimes, life has differents plans, and deppend of us to choose...unfortunately or not, we do it blinded...it's something about luck, good or bad... fairytales exist for some of us, laugh, love, tickles, and a happily ever after have to be real...I mean, otherwise, how people invented or actually believe in them?...There's light out there.