I sat on the god forsaken boat and closed my eyes. I had a headache from the engine and the rocking made me queasy. Something brushed my hand. I jumped, eyes flying open. It was just a piece of sacking but it made my heart race. Pritkin had turned around to glance at me, bored looking, and turned away again, staring out of the window. I wondered what he was looking at but decided not to risk standing up right now. Billy sat next to me and I could feel the chill as he rested his head on my shoulder. I was already shivering from the draughts, they made me think that perhaps the boat wasn't as well built as the guy had suggested. Françoise came down form the deck and locked eyes with me. I smiled, but her face was grave. 'You look like the death' she muttered along with a spell, I didn't recognise it but an orb of heat surrounded me. Pritkin turned, looked at it speculatively and frowned at me. I shrugged, but was secretly glad for Françoise's spell. He walked over and examined the translucent orb hovering above my knees. He sat next to me, just as Billy had and lent his head against the side of the hull. 'You could have said if you were cold.' He sounded disapproving.

'Yeah, well, I'm fine.' I muttered, not wanting to sound like a child. Françoise grunted and said 'if you are so fine then you will not want this'

'No, I'll keep it… so I don't get cold later.' I wasn't supposed to sound so eager but I was starting to go numb on my fingers. I swear I saw Pritkin's cheeks lift out of the corner of my eye. I decided to ignore whatever the two of them said and went back to closing my eyes. I heard Françoise walk back upstairs and wondered what was so interesting for her up there. I sat there imagining the scene, or at least what a good scene would be, namely the boat pulling into the dock and a nice solid car waiting there for me to drive it to the centre of the city.

'Are you alright?' Pritkin's voice cut through my imagined city. I opened one eye and saw him looking at me, strangely he looked as if he was interested in my answer. I shrugged and closed my eye again but he was persistent. 'If you don't answer I assume that it's a no and we will be getting off the boat at the first stop.'

'Then I'm going to die.' I was quite looking forward to getting off the boat now, but my dreams were shattered yet again.

'Stop it. We have to travel by boat, the Circle can track when you shift so this is the only way'

'What, travelling in a fishing boat that is probably older than you!'

'There's no way its older than me but yes, they will probably be monitoring airports and large boats around the country.' He snapped and I went back to ignoring him, not interested in why we were here. We were out of trouble for a moment, so that's all that was important. We had evaded the circle again.