A/N: You will need a bit of background on this scene. First, there are a group of interns on the enterprise. Thomas (which is her last name) is Spock's intern, T or Theresa is McCoy's intern, Kquew (which is her last name) is Scotti's intern, and Genevieve is a science intern in geology/paleontology. Before this scene, Kirk had been captured (like that's new) and Thomas had gone to help him getting shot in the process. All the interns are extremely close friends. If I left any other background info out, let me know.

Genevieve had been in the lab when it happened. She had been studying a tuatara subspecies recently found when Kquew had come bursting in saying rather loudly and almost too quickly that Tommy had been hurt. By the look on her face it was bad. Genevieve immediately dropped what she was doing and the two girls took off down the hall to sick bay.

It had been quite some time since she had seen Kquew look so terrified. It made Genevieve very uncomfortable. In fact her hands were shaking; her whole body was shaking from sudden adrenaline that was pumping through her system. It was a miracle she could keep up with her distraught friend at all so badly was she shaking. When they arrived at sick bay they found the doors locked and many of the patients walking away after being given the okay.

Kquew began asking everyone she was able to convince to tell her what was going on with Tommy. Genevieve was about to start interrogating people too but then she saw Captain Kirk. He was walking away himself muttering incoherent words. Then he turned a corner and was gone. Genevieve nearly went after him but decided against it. He had just been through quite the ordeal and probably needed a little alone time.

The two friends gleaned very little information from the other patients. Tommy had been shot in the stomach while protecting Kirk. She was in surgery as they spoke. The only other information they had was that there was major tissue damage and that Tommy was in intensive care. This news certainly did no good for the nerves that were already frayed.

After a half an hour, Kquew got up and left when it became obvious that the doors wouldn't open. Frankly, Genevieve was surprised she had even come that close to sick bay to begin with. It was a mark of how serious the situation was and how much Kquew cared about Tommy. Genevieve sighed and glanced back at the doors before standing and leaving herself.

When she got to her quarters, Grognorth came to greet her as usual. She absentmindedly rubbed his head before plopping down on the small green couch she had stolen from one of the ships lounges. She pulled her legs up to her chest in an effort to stop from crying. She wasn't one to cry. Having two older brothers made you strong that way. This was different though. Never had anyone she truly cared about been this close to death.

Grognorth jumped onto the couch clumsily. He nuzzled her softly knowing something was wrong and wanting to help. Genevieve began petting him unthinkingly. Her eyes were glazed over by unshed tears. A lump had begun to form in her throat but still she didn't allow herself to cry. An ache in her chest she had never felt before throbbed as she prevented the tears from breaking free. Her breathing became labored and Grognorth began to whimper wanting to make his "mother" feel better.

Her door opened but she barely registered it. She assumed Kquew had looking for her again, not wanting to be alone while their friend was in intensive care. She heard soft footsteps approach her, felt a hand on her shoulder but did not look up. She felt rather than heard Grognorth growl beside her. It wasn't Kquew.


Slowly she lifted her head. It was Chekov. He was looking at her with concern, a look she was not accustomed to that look on his face. Grognorth continued to growl but neither one paid him any attention.

"I was just allowed to get off. When I heard about Tommy I wanted to leave right away and see if she was okay but…Gen, I'm so sorry. I hope she gets better. It would be a shame to lose someone like her."

"She's not going to die," snapped Genevieve. "Tommy wouldn't do that to us. She'll pull through. You know as well as I do that McCoy would never let her die. He'd pitch himself into a black hole before he let that happen."

"Gen, I was there when Theresa gave the report to Spock. If she can stay stable by morning she should be-"

"STOP!" Genevieve shouted jumping up from her seat. Chekov backed off and Grognorth whimpered his tail and head drooping. "She's going to be fine! She's stronger than some faser wound! She still has time! She can't…"

Suddenly the dam broke. Genevieve collapsed. Chekov caught her before she hit the floor, easing her the rest of the way down. She sobbed into his shoulder, all her pent up emotion spilling over the edge. Chekov was unsure what to do. He had never seen her this vulnerable before. She had always seemed so strong to him. In that moment he felt she was truly human for once. He rubbed her hair trying to sooth her, trying to take some of the pain away.

Until now, Chekov had never realized how close Genevieve and Thomas were. Sitting here on Gen's floor holding her as if to keep her from crumbling to pieces he saw the friendship he had missed while the two young women tormented him. He hadn't had a friend like that in so long that he had nearly forgotten the feeling. The raw emotion in Genevieve's sobs told him that the two girls, for Genevieve seemed like a small child curled into his chest at the moment, were indeed closer than he could have imagined. Were the other interns this close to each other too?

Chekov's feet began to tinkle and grow numb. Thinking the couch would be more comfortable; he eased Genevieve into his arms and picked her up. He set her on the couch where she continued to cry for some time. Grognorth padded over and jumped on Chekov's lap. He flinched thinking the little monster would try to bite him but the dinosaur ignored him. Instead, the tiny prehistoric reptile placed his head on Genevieve's lap, stretching his body across Chekov and began to purr.

He had never heard such a sound before. Surprisingly, the purring was very calming. Genevieve's sobs began to subside as Grognorth purred louder and louder. It wasn't until much later that he realized Genevieve had fallen asleep. The poor girl had exhausted herself. The pent up emotion, the heart wrenching sobs, it had all been too much.

Chekov smiled slightly. She looked so peaceful when she slept. Though her brow was still slightly furrowed, he could have sworn she looked much happier. He hoped she was having a good dream. She needed that. He brushed aside a lock of her vibrant red hair to better see her face. Tear tracks stained her freckled cheek and she had red rings around the edge of her eye where the salt water had dried out and chapped her skin.

Grognorth watched him carefully. Chekov felt the dinosaur's eyes on him and he tore his eyes from the girl he was slowly coming to realize he loved. He knew Grognorth was attached to Genevieve but he had never seen such affection from the lizard before. Grognorth blinked his yellow eyes and cocked his head. Chekov smiled slightly.

"You know, Genevieve is really lucky to have such a caring dinosaur for a pet," he whispered. Grognorth cocked his head the other way. "Maybe you're not so bad…for a demon dragon,"

Losing interest, Grognorth put his head back on Genevieve's lap and closed his eyes. Chekov wanted to sleep too but he was afraid to move his left arm in case he woke the girl sleeping on it. She was too fragile right now to be woken up. Sleep was the only distraction she had now.

The door opened and Chekov looked up. It was Theresa. She looked exhausted. She seemed surprised to see him there. She tentatively walked in. Upon seeing her friend asleep she turned to leave.

"Wait, how is Thomas doing?" Chekov asked quickly. Theresa turned around.

"She's stabilized…for now," she replied wearily. "There's not much more that can be done. Nurse Chapel and Doctor McCoy are still in there with her. It will probably be some time before either of them leave."

Chekov nodded. He had known as much. Then he looked Theresa in the eye.

"Are you going to be okay?" he asked. Theresa looked ready to cry but she nodded.

"If I know Tommy, her iron will is going to keep her with us. I'll be much better when she's conscious and talking again though," Theresa glanced at Genevieve.

"Is she going to be okay?" she asked. Chekov followed her gaze.

"I think so, she's just too used to bottling up her emotions that it took its toll on her. She should be fine when she wakes up…I hope," he replied.

"Well, let her know I stopped by and that Tommy seems to be recovering. I'll stop by tomorrow before I go back to sick bay." Chekov nodded and Theresa left. Apparently, they were all extremely close and this whole ordeal was taking its toll on everyone. Genevieve stirred and snuggled closer to him but didn't wake. Grognorth had started purring again and Chekov could feel himself growing drowsy. As he slipped into sleep he could have sworn that the purring was the cause. Then he was gone in a dreamless sleep.