Bella's POV

I was going to the volturi. Why you ask? Ed-he left me. Im not giving you a flashback it hurts to much. I sat down on the plane. Only 8 hours and I will be a vampire's slave. Gosh, That sounded bad. I was just praying that they changed me and took me in and that I never saw the Cullens again

~Time skip 8 hours~

I picked up my bags and left the airport. I saw a taxi and flaged him down. "Volturi castle please." I said. The driver nodded and beging driving. I sat back and dozed off just when the taxi stopped. Dang. I paid the guy and got out. I walked in and opend the doors. I saw Aro and what else I saw made me frown. "Cullens" I spat. Alice grinned. "Bella! I missed you I couldnt belived Edward wouldnt let me say goodbye! I know Esme and Carlisle have been missing you! I know Emmett misses you!" Alice said. "I didnt come here for a sob story Cullen. I tired of beening fradgle. Im here for a change. Aro I would like to join the volturi." I said calmly. Just then a black haird lip ring gangster type of Edward walked in. "Edwin why are you here wanting to make problems I guess." Edward had said. "Oh no dear twin I heard thru the grape vine your human was here. I came to check her out and check her out I am." Edwin said. "Im not his human. Nor will I ever be again." I said. I glared at the Cullens and Aro stood behind me. "Bella if you would like to be the new Vampire Princess. I would be happy to change you and call you my daughter." Aro had offerd. "I would Aro. Edwin care to join the volturi?" I asked. "now who am I to say no to a princess." Edwin said. I blushed. "Isabella Swan why are you joining them I asked you not to do anything stupid." Edward said. "You asked me alot of things Edward Anthony Mason Cullen but this is not your choosing. Aro I would like to be changed now." I orderd. Edwin smiled at his twin and put his arm over my shoulder. "Aro I would like to be called Isabella. Bella's dead." Emmett spoke up "Bella what are you getting yourself into?" I stood infount of him. Edwin stood behind me protectivly. "Emmett the only thing I got myself into as a human is I fell inlove with a stupid emo goth protective vampire. Im no longer that human. Im the new Isabella. The gangster vampire." With that I took Edwins hand and walked off leaving the Cullens opend mouthed behind.

~The changing room~

I got on the bed and Aro dropped a cover over me and Edwin stood beside me. "Isabella Im sorry for my stupid emo goth protective vampire brother." Edwin said. I smiled. So did Aro. "Ehh no biggy" I said "Isabella are you ready?" Aro asked and I nodded and closed my eyes as he bit on my neck.

Edward's POV

I should have known Edwin would show up sweep my Bella off her feet. I decided to ask Aro if we could stay here. Aro walked into the throne room with Edwin. "Why are you all still here? Dont you know the meaning of 'no'? Edwin spat. Im not letting Edward near Bella again. Edwin thought. "Aro can we stay here for a few?" I asked. Aro nodded and orderd Jane to show us our rooms. I will win Bella back.

Alice's POV

I cant belive Bella wouldnt talk to us!

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