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Chapter 1: You've Reached the Goddess Helpline

Megumi Morisato sat in her apartment alone in front of the TV, just flipping the channels and not really doing much, it was the semester break between college and more college and she was bored out of her mind. Thankful not to have to do anymore work for a while than she had to, but she was starting to grow a bit anxious, money was tight and she was worried she might've failed a course last semester, she dreaded having to explain the marks to her folks.

Nothing on, nothing on, she was starting to get peckish but wanted to watch her figure right now, nothing on, its kinda sad, the queen of Nekomi's racing circuit and here she was with nothing to do, no parties, no friends, no lovers to take up her time, she almost started to crave another aerodynamics prac exam. She'd dated three boys so far and all of them had dumped her, usually followed by licking her wounds by shacking up with her brother and forcing alcohol down her throat. It all seemed so pointless now; she wondered if there was something, anything that could be done to alleviate her boredom before her absent mind led to a bout of depression.

It'd been a long time since she had contact with her brother, he and Belldandy having tied the knot and have long since been spending quality time with each other, probably trying to make up for goddess knows how many years they'd been wasting time with their kindergarten level phobia of physical contact. Still it's been a while since they had any contact, perhaps it was time to give them a call, if only to have a nice meal for a change, or if not being able to get into contact with them, maybe just being able to talk to Urd and set up a little impromptu drinking contest would always be a fun way to kill time.

'Goddess I'm so bored!'

The goddess Urd, bronze skinned goddess of love was bored, sitting around and waiting next to a phone, all because of some pathetic attempt to give herself something to do. Normally assigned to be the system administrator of Yggdrasil, on suggestion from Peorth she took up a part time position as a wish granter now that Keiichi and Belldandy had finally tied the knot it was time to move on, her long term pet project and excuse for lazing around the mortal realm had vanished, now she was back to work like the good old days. Say what you will about them, at least when they were doing nothing stuff actually happened, now that they came together, it seemed their lives had become utterly boring, like the whole universe was made to throw obstacles in their path and now that they had reached the finish line, everything had suddenly come to an abrupt stop, it was somewhat depressing that after going on for so long and being such a big part of her life, the goddess now had to seek a different diversion to keep herself entertained.

Her role here in the goddess help line had been rather standard, run of the mill, rather unremarkable, she rarely got any assignments and when she did she was in such a determined mood to afford her clients 'premium service' that often resulted in her being mistaken for a high priced stripper, not that she minded so much, it became a rather easy way for her to relive her own conquests back in the day of her youth, she'd seduce her clients with the charms of a succubus, convince them to wish for 'the time of their lives', and carve a new notch into her bed post.

It was a method that seemed crass to most goddesses, except maybe Peorth when she wasn't being a self-righteous hypocritical bitch, but Urd had fun and was able to add these successful wishes under her belt without having to blow up the earth.

As if on cue, Urd's phone suddenly lit up with a ringing that snapped her out of her semi-coma-like state, picking up the receiver in a lightning quick manner, she gave her prepared speech as was procedure that had been drilled into her when she first arrived, officially to keep her from making mischief.

"Uh hi." The client was barely able to say before Urd began her spiel.

"Hello you've reached the goddess technical helpline, please wait a moment and we'll be with you in a moment."

Before she got a word in edgewise, Megumi just looked dumbfounded at her receiver as the hang up tone beamed through it, she didn't know what the hell that was about but she could recognize Urd's voice.

In an instant Megumi's room was filled with a bright pink light that seemed to emanate from behind her and in no time at all found herself being embraced by a pair of slender, bronze skinned arms that were follows by what appeared to be a pair of very large breasts pressing into her back.

"Congratulations you lucky girl you, you've just managed to reach the hotline of the goddess of love herself, tell me you're deepest, darkest wish and I'll make sure it'll come true."A sultry voice whispered in Megumi's ear. "What's your pleasure sweetheart; money, power, or perhaps you were just waiting for me to help make you cum."

Megumi broke out of the embrace and quickly leapt to the nearest she could find, quickly pressing her back against it and turning to see her would be intruder, she found herself face to face with her old friend Urd, who seemed to appear equally shocked to see her.

"Urd, what the hell, where did you come from, what was all that about?" Megumi blathered, trying hard to come to grips with what just happened.

"Me-Megumi, you made that call?" Urd exclaimed, clearly rather confused, and embarrassed herself.

She knelt there, clad in an awfully regal looking outfit, with an extremely low cut cleavage, that Megumi had never seen before, admittedly it wasn't out of character to see Urd in revealing clothing, then again Megumi immediately remembered she should be worrying more about the fact that she had her doors and windows locked and one of her closest friends, and technically sister in law, had just been soliciting her.

"What is this, how did you get in here, the front door's locked and this is a third story apartment, did you climb through a window?" Megumi asked, trying very hard to rationalize what was happening.

'Well this is just awkward, but a job's a job.' Urd thought, coming to grips with the fact that she was about to shatter years of lies and provide Megumi with a world altering truth that would cause her to re-evaluate every aspect of her and the universe as a whole.

"Well I guess you'd find out sooner or later, though not if I had a say in it, Megumi I'm a goddess, and so are Belldandy and Skuld." Urd said as casually as she could.

Megumi just sat there, with a blank look on her face, somewhere between shock, disbelief and 'does she seriously expect me to believe this crap.'

"The supernatural is real Megumi, ghosts, spirits, goddesses and demons are all real, I'm one of them, I'm the goddess of the past, and together with my sisters we're the norns, the goddesses of time. We came into your lives five years ago when Keiichi was found worthy of a wish like you are today, he wished for Belldandy to be his girlfriend, and with that he and by extension those around became something of a beacon for general weirdness." Urd explained.

'Alright, I see what's happening.' Megumi thought. 'She's pulling a prank; this is some kind of joke, I bet she probably got together with the neighbour lady and built a trap door or something into the wall.' Megumi was trying desperately to rationalize the situation, there's just no way any of this could be true, this had to be Urd pulling her leg, who knows what the punch line would be, knowing her it may involve public nudity and alcohol.

"And now the same system that chose Keiichi to be worthy of a wish has chosen you as well, so congrats I guess, this really is unprecedented you know, I don't think I've ever heard of two people from the same family, who are both alive at the same time, being granted wishes. I don't know what it is with you Morisatos, but clearly someone or something out there definitely loves you guys." Urd explained with a slight chuckle at the end, trying her best to soften the blow.

'Still waiting for the punchline.' Megumi thought rather sardonically.

"Look Megumi, I'm not going to pretend to know how you feel, you're a bright, intelligent young woman by any standard, you deserved better than this, I'm sorry for I've done to you, to have been lied to and have your memories altered for so long, if after this you no longer wish to call me friend I understand." Urd said rather sadly.

'Either she's a really good actress, or something's actually up here.' Megumi thought, somewhat flustered by Urd's display of emotions.

"Please, let me do this for you, I'll grant you the one wish your heart truly desires, and if you want nothing more to do with me, just say the word and its yours, after that if you don't want anything more to do with me, I'll grant that wish free of charge." Urd's eyes starting to mist up even though she spoke in a light hearted manner.

'What is this?' Megumi asked herself. 'I know Urd's a real joker, but I've never known her to go to this length with a joke, or anything really, but what she's saying is just too way out, what was it Keiichi wished for again?'

Megumi slowly got up, her face now wearing a cunning smirk; she slowly rose off the floor and stared confidently at the bronze skinned goddess.

"Alright, here's my wish, I want Urd here to be my girlfriend forever!" Megumi yelled as she struck a victorious pose.

Urd just stood there staring at her, dumbstruck and silent she needed a few seconds to comprehend what she just heard; she let out a sigh of relief, nothing had happened, the wish didn't make it through. And the very next second Urd's body was overtaken by a holy blue light, her forehead tattoo began to glow a bright light, her body floated off the ground, she raised her head to the heavens as a mighty pillar of blue light shot up into the air, reaching up into the heavens. As it subsided and Urd's feet returned to the ground, she opened her eyes and looked at Megumi with a mix of sadness and contempt.

"Your wish has been approved."

Megumi blinked, she blinked twice, and Urd just stared at her with a grim look on her face. Urd's gaze was stern and unyielding, she found it difficult to meet Urd's gaze, desperately wanting to slink away like a naughty kitten from an angry mistress, but she found herself frozen in place. This coupled with the impressive lightshow was enough to convince Megumi that Urd had been telling the truth.

Author's Notes: Please r/r, well I guess I'm back from the dead, for those of you wondering yes I have pretty much given up on my other stories, as I've lost the will to write them, now trying to work on my own original stuff that I've yet to have published, as well as just generally lost touch with the characters I wrote about back then, simply changing too much as a person from when I started those stories to keep going with them.

But here I am, back again, this time travelling into the realm of yuri writing which I have long been a fan of but only now feel like making some kind of contribution. Sorry if the whole chapter seems short and abrupt, but I really just wanted to get this out there and see how things will go for this story.

That said I just want to outline the overall course the story will take, for those of you who are fans of Belldandy and Keiichi don't read this, they'll be mentioned and maybe appear at some point, but they won't be central to the storyline, and will make rare appearances. The point of this story, other than of course being between Urd and Megumi who I personally think make a great yuri couple, is to explore the side characters in A!MG's cast like Mara, Peorth, Hild and of course these two who I felt had always been much more interesting than Belldandy or Keiichi but rarely got any screen time and, in recent times imo, have had their characters derailed.

So yeah, this is a story that is going to be about the side cast, if you're a fan of them, please enjoy.