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Chapter 4: R A B

Harry was dumbstruck. He couldn't walk, he could barely breathe. There had been a time back in third year when he thought he saw his father from across the lake, but he hadn't been sure and it had turned out to be himself turned back in time. This was totally different; this was his mother standing at the entrance to her final resting place. Was it really her?

"Harry? Are you alright mate?" Ron asked.

Harry nodded and took one step forward, Ron and Hermione followed suit. Edging closer and closer the only sound he could hear was his own breath. Soon they were only a few metres away from her, staring her straight in the face; she looked so young, no older than Harry himself. The church bell started to chime, telling them that ten o'clock had arrived. Harry knew that his mother's ghost could not see him, even though he so wanted her to. Though, she couldn't be a ghost. She looked so solid, so real.

Suddenly Harry nearly yelled out in shock when he realised what his mother was wearing.

"Death Eater Robes!" He whispered violently in Hermione's ear.

He must have been heard because at that very moment she took off her Death Eater robes and placed them on the ground in front of her. She placed her wand on top of them.

"Harry Potter?" She called out, looking around. She raised one hand out in front of her and began to speak. "Harry, I hereby make an unbreakable vow to the fact that I will not pick up my wand or use another weapon to attack or even to defend myself against you; and to the fact that I am alone. Come out Harry, or both our lives are at risk."

Harry raised his wand and slowly stepped out of the cloak. She shrieked as she saw him appear.

"Who are you?" Harry asked; both his voice and his wand shaking.

Harry suddenly feeling slightly braver took a step forward.

"Rachelle Bleaker." She quivered. "I wrote the letter."

"I need more than a name!" Harry urged.

"Not here. I told you both our lives at stake here; we've got to be careful." Rachelle insisted.

"Where then?" Harry's annoyance clearly showed in his voice.

"Take my hand, I'll apparate you there"

Harry had trouble keeping his voice down when he argued that having an obvious Death Eater apparating him anywhere was a death wish. Rachelle simply and calmly took yet another unbreakable vow to the fact that she'd apparate Harry to safety. Satisfied by Rachelle calmness and control of the situation he agreed to go with her as long as Ron and Hermione could come along. At this point Ron and Hermione revealed themselves from behind the cloak. The three of them were linked to Rachelle and as she started to turn on the spot, Harry realised the true insanity of what was going on. Where on earth was Rachelle taking them?

They turned up outside a small ordinary muggle house which, by evidence of the salty air, was somewhere by the sea.

"Where are we?" Hermione asked.

"My home." Rachelle smiled. "On the coast of South Wales."

Reality dawned on Harry. Rachelle was a Death Eater, her parents were probably one of the highest in Voldemort's league, and this was their house. Harry grabbed hold of Ron and Hermione and voiced his concerns, ready to apparate away.

"It's alright!" Rachelle claimed. "Yes, my parents are Death Eaters, but they worked for Dumbledore. They're on your side; on OUR side."

Harry, Ron and Hermione hesitantly followed Rachelle into the house. There was nothing to suggest that a Death Eater had ever even set foot into the place. It looked like the home of an ordinary muggle family. Photo's of Rachelle and her parents seemed to litter the place, just as they would in an ordinary family home. The only thing that concerned Harry was the difference between the Rachelle in the photos and the Rachelle that stood before him. The girl in the photos had jet black hair just like her parents and somehow was barely recognisable from the Rachelle who looked just like Lily Potter. Her obviously natural dark auburn hair was her main similarity to Harry's mum; with black hair she looked like a true member of the Bleaker household.

Rachelle led the three of them upstairs into her bedroom.

"So, Harry." She began. "Ask any question you like."

Harry paced the bedroom for several moments wondering which of his burning questions to ask first. Finally he settled on "How come you look so much like my mother?"

Rachelle took a deep breath.

"The same reason why you look so much like Dad." She sighed. "I'm your sister Harry."

The whole room plummeted into silence.