Okay this is my story with my OC Kiara. She is a new student in Cross Academy, much to her dismay, but she plans to make a name for herself here. She's no screaming girly fan girl. She's a tough tomboy looking for adventure. From being out after curfew, befriending nobles, pissing of purebloods, and maybe even stealing a certain guardians heart against his will. Though through all this, it might just get Kiara mixed up in one of the craziest plot's in history.

So I am major Zero fan all the way, I totally hate Kaname's guts in fact. But That doesn't mean he's getting total hateage in this. IT wont be that bad for you Kaname fans...but anywhoo... so you will figure out whom else I like and dont like.

I will try to keep things in-character as possible. I have seen the entire series season one and two and am on chapter 67 online so I know everything that happens. Not sure how many things will follow the main plot but it will still be there.

so yes dislaimer time. I don't own any VK character/plot/etc only my own OC Kiara and any other random bob I through in there. If I did..things sure as hell would be different :3

"Moving? I am not moving! I have a life here! I will never like where we are going no matter what! One day you are going to regret having even thought about moving!"

Kiara remembered yelling that at her parents when she found out they were planning on moving a couple of months ago. Now, here she was in a new area, a new place, something weird to her. A new home, a new room, a new bed that she was sleeping in. A new school as well.

A loud beeping noise filled the early morning silence. Kiara opened on green eye half way, glancing at the alarm clock, before reaching her arm out to slam her fist on it, silencing it. The irritated teenager rolled over in bed with a sigh and drifted back to sleep.

"Kiara! Wake up!" A yell came from down the stairs. After there was no response, the yell came again, this time at the door. "Oh for heaven's sake girl, wake up, you're running late. You should have been to school an hour ago!"

Kiara picked her head up, blinking tiredly at her mother. "Must you be so loud so freaking early in the morning?" She shuffled out of bed and stared at her mother. "I'm awake now." She said it like her mother was dumb, or something.

"I can see that. Get dressed and grab your bags." Her mother ordered before disappearing from the room. Kiara grumbled something unintelligent, but did as she was told, as slowly as possible.

"It's about damn time. You're really late now." Her mother cursed as she helped her daughter load her things into the car.

"Why does it matter what time I get there?" Kiara asked, hopping into the front seat. Her mother got in the driver's side and headed off without ever really answering her daughter. "Why do I have to live at this place? Who lives at school?"

She could hear her mother sigh. "I've explained this a dozen times to you. It's a very nice academy, and it was a wonder you got accepted, okay? I'm very proud to have my daughter attend, so the least you could do is be happy about it."

Kiara rolled her eyes. "I'll never be happy about it." They rode the rest of the way in silence. Finally they stopped outside the school's large gates and both got out. "This is my new school?" Kiara raised an eyebrow staring up at the imposing gates.

"I told you it was nice." Her mother retorted and they grabbed her bags. They found their way across the grounds.

"Why is it so quiet here?" Kiara looked around her.

"Probably because everyone is out preparing for classes. School starts tomorrow. You should've been here earlier you know, so you had more time to settle, but you being you…" Kiara tuned out her mother's rambling about her, looking over the grounds of the school. They entered the main part of the school building and found the office.

Both mother and daughter walked in. Behind the desk was a man, Kiara assumed the Chairman, and in front of the desk was a girl with short brown hair, who paused and looked at them as they came in. "Koriko Kiara! Welcome welcome! Welcome to Cross Academy!" The man behind the glass greeted excitedly. Kiara took a step back with a blink. Hyper-energetic much?

"We have a new student, Chairman?" The girl asked staring at Kiara.

"Yes yes Yuuki! This is Kiara!" He smiled so brightly. "Ooooh. How about Yuuki be a good daughter and show Kiara around while her mother and I talk about the technical stuff." He said waving a hand in the air.

"Sure." Yuuki looked at him a moment before walking over to Kiara. "I'll show you around Kiara-chan. Then we go to your new room, okay." She smiled kindly.

Kiara only nodded her head and followed the girl out, eager to escape. She hadn't a clue in the world how she was going to handle this place if everyone was that happy go lucky all the time. She followed Yuuki around as she was shown all of the campus; the school buildings, the dorms, etc. One of the last places Yuuki took Kiara to was the stables.

"This school has stables?" Kiara cried as they walked in.

Yuuki nodded. "Yup. It's part of your physical education class."

Kiara's eyes went wide. "If every school had horses for PE I'd never complain about that class again!" She looked around her at the horses. "Maybe I will like this place after all."

Suddenly a white horse beside her started neighing loudly at snorting, glaring little dark eyes in her direction. "What's with that horse?" She turned to look at Yuuki.

"Calm down Lily. She just doesn't like people." The voice made Kiara jump at least a foot. That voice definitely did not belong to Yuuki. She turned her head to look at the horse, half expecting the horse to have been the one to have spoke, but of course not, animals don't talk. Instead there was a boy standing there, stroking the horse and calming it down.

Kiara was about to ask when the hell did he get there when Yuuki beat her to it. "Zero! How long have you been there. Were you sleeping in Lily's stall again?"

"Yes." He replied bluntly. "Didn't feel good."

Yuuki shook her head. "Already then." The response was almost sad. She turned and headed back to the door. "Get well." She said walking out. Kiara followed her but stopped to look back at the boy named Zero. He had this funny expression on his face and Kiara wondered why, but pushed it aside. Wasn't my business, she thought.

Next Yuuki led her to the girls section of the Sun Dorms. "This is your room. Your roommate probably isn't in right now." She said opening the door. Kiara was surprised it was unlocked. The room wasn't that big, had two beds, two desks, a bathroom, a closet, some shelves to put things, and that was pretty much it. One side of the room was overly decorated with random posters and pictures of some crazy looking girls. Kiara assumed that was her roommates. On the other side, it was just bare, waiting to be decorated. All of Kiara's things were there and lying across the bed was a school uniform.

"I'll let you settle in. Your roommate should show up soon." Yuuki said before departing. Kiara looked at all her things and began to unpack. She shoved all her clothes sloppily away, not caring too much about them. She lined a shelf with books and other little knick-knacks and put her favorite drawings on the wall by her bed. She even put a little stuffed horse on her bed that she liked to sleep with. Kiara then decided to try on the uniform, so she slipped into the bathroom to put it on.

While she was changing, Kiara heard the door open and then a loud squeal. "My new roommate is here!" The high pitched voice cried. Kiara blinked and finished adjusting the uniform before opening the door. "Wow! You look sooo cute in that!" Screeched a short girl with dark brown hair in a rounded bob, and brown eyes. "Oh! Where are my manners? My name is Samoya Aiya." She held out her thin hand.

Kiara took the girls hand and shook it. "Koriko Kiara." Kiara said in a bit of a surprised tone. She's definitely preppy, I don't know how I will handle this. Guess I'm going to have to try, Kiara thought.

"Kiara. Cute name, as cute as you." Aiya smiled brightly. Kiara nodded slowly. "I know you just got here, but you've got to come with me somewhere!" Aiya seemed to almost be bouncing. Note to self, don't ever giver her caffeine.

Aiya ended up literally dragging poor Kiara behind her out of the dorms and across campus. Kiara realized they were heading towards the Moon Dorms. "Why are we going here?" Kiara asked as it came into view.

"The Moon Dorms hold the Night Class." Kiara knew this much already. "They are all so beautiful!" Aiya was really starry-eyed as she said this. "You just have to see them Kiara." The two girls stopped outside of the large gates. "None of them are out. They rarely are, except when they go to classes, so whenever we can see them it's just amazing!" Aiya sounded like a little kid with an very nice coupon in a toy store like it was the greatest thing ever.

Kiara gave a half shrug, looking at the gates. "Why not just go in then?"

Aiya laughed. "We're not allowed in."

"Then what are we going…"

"We're going to climb over the wall." Kiara's eyes went wide. "But we have to be careful not to get caught by the prefects. The one is really scary sometimes." Aiya whispered, her eyes shifting over the area around them secretively.

Kiara sighed. "I'm getting into trouble my first day here." Then she smiled a real big smile. "Sounds exactly like my cup of tea."

Aiya's eyes lightened up. "So, you'll do it?" Kiara nodded.

"Alright let's do this!" The two girls went over to the very high wall.

"How are we going to do this?" Kiara looked up. There were no cracks, or crevices, or holes or anything they could use to help.

"How about climb that tree?" Kiara followed to where Aiya was pointing at tree a few feet down. "We'll climb up to that thick branch and I can boost you the rest of the way up, and then when you get to the top help me up."

Kiara nodded and they walked over to the tree. The both climbed up easily and perched on the thick branch the easily had enough space to feel comfortable to not fall.

Aiya kneeled down and Kiara scrambled on her shoulders. The girl stood up straight and edged to the wall. "Can you reach the top?"

"Yea!" Kiara called to her and pulled herself awkwardly to the top of the wall. Thanks to her equestrian background she was strong and could hoist herself up easily.

"Okay, reach down for me now." Aiya said once her roommate had settled at the top of the wall.

"Okay." Kiara called down but before she could reach down a voice came from below.

"What are you doing Samoya-san?" The voice sounded familiar to Kiara but before she could register it, she had somehow clumsily slipped backwards and was falling down the other side of the wall. She landed on the ground with a loud thud.

When Kiara opened her eyes everything around her was spinning. She closed her eyes again and held her head with a groan. After a few minutes she opened her eyes again. She could see clearly again, just the blue sky. Then a face was in front her. A blonde boy, with big green eyes stared with a worried expression on his face at her.

"Are you okay?" He asked her.

"Y…yea." Kiara managed to spit out and tried to sit up, but the dizzy feeling came back so she just laid down again.

The worried looking boy stood up straight and looked away from her. "I don't think she can stand." He said to someone who couldn't be seen from where Kiara was laying. Kiara closed her eyes again.

"Get Kiryuu then," Another voice, another male voice, answered. Kiara heard footsteps retreat from her side and she figured the blonde boy had left. Great, just leave me here, huh? Kiara thought. She opened her eyes, and tried to sit up again.

"Don't sit up you idiot. You'll all pass out again." Kiara turned and saw the silver hair boy from the stables from earlier, followed by the blonde again.

If Kiara's head wasn't spinning she probably would've shot something back, but she didn't care right now. The silver hair one, what was his name…oh right Zero, anyways Zero came to Kiara and easily lifted her from the ground.

"Hey whoa what are you doing?" Kiara squirmed in his grasp.

She saw him roll his eyes. "Taking you back to your dorm dummy."

"Excuse me? What makes you think you can just talk to me that way?"

"Well you are pretty dumb, climbing onto the wall of place you shouldn't be going in the first place then clumsily falling off of it." Kiara noticed he never looked at when he was talking, just where he was going.

Kiara didn't say anything else to that. Of course it was dumb, but hey, it was still fun. "What's so wrong with visiting the Moon Dorms?"

"Why must you visit them? You're not in the Night Class." He retorted.

"Well what if I have a friend in there?" Kiara shot back.

"You're new here. You don't have any friends." Kiara's eyes went wide and she punched him in the shoulder.

"Ow! That actually hurt." He scowled at her.

"What do you mean that actually hurt? You think because I'm a girl I can't throw a punch?" Kiara cried angrily.

Zero continued to glare at her. "If I knew you wouldn't pass out, I'd drop you right now."

"Yea…well I wish you would." Kiara grumbled, looking away. But he didn't, he just kept on walking till they reached the moon dorms.

Kiara had expected him to take her all the way to her room and even set her on her bed, but apparently he was too mad at her to do so. Aiya was waiting for at the front of the girls dorms where Zero put her down. Kiara wobbled a bit but Aiya caught her from toppling over. "Thanks Zero…" Aiya said quietly. Zero muttered something unheard before walking away.

Aiya led Kiara back to their dorm room and to her bed. "Sorry for getting you hurt on your first day." Aiya said softly, sitting on her bed across from Kiara.

"No sweat. What's that guy's problem? He's so freaking crabby." Kiara shot a glare at the door as if Zero was standing there.

"He's always been that way, to everyone. Don't take it personally." Aiya waved her hand as if pushing it aside. "So you were in the Moon Dorms! Tell me all about it!" There was the normal Aiya again.

"I wasn't in them, just outside of it, on the ground and in pain." Kiara shrugged.

"Who did you see? Anyone? Please….stop making me suffer and spill!" Aiya whined like a little kid and Kiara laughed while rolling her eyes.

"I only saw one person. This blonde kid with green eyes."

"That's Ichijo Takuma!" Aiya cried happily. "You met him? That's sooo cool!" Aiya squealed and Kiara winced.

"There was someone else, another guy, but I never saw him." Kiara shrugged again.

"I bet that was Kaname. OMG! You met Kuran Kaname! He was concerned about you falling weren't he? Oh you are the luckiest girl in the world Kiara!" Aiya rambled on.

Kiara shook her head laughing. "What did you eat for breakfast girl? I didn't meet him. I didn't even see him. I don't know who it was. What's so great about this Kaname person?" Kiara questioned.

Aiya gasped. "Oh he's the most amazing of them all. He's so handsome, and sweet, and kind, and…"

"How do you know all this? Have you ever met him?" Kiara raised an eyebrow.

"No…" Aiya said a bit more quietly than she had been talking.

"Then how do you know he's sweet and kind. He could be a really mean or evil person for all you know."

"Oh now that's just ridiculous Kiara. Wait till you see him." Aiya shrugged. "But he only has interest in Yuuki it seems. I don't see why. She's so…ordinary."

"That's not nice." Kiara laughed at Aiya's expression.

"I know…she's my friend. I'm just jealous I guess. Me and every other girl in the Day Class." Aiya sighed.

Kiara blinked. "Only the Day Class? What do the Nigh Class think?"

"Who knows? They're all on the same standards that he is."

"Hm…" Kiara yawned. "I'm still pretty dizzy and tired. I'm going to rest right now." Kiara said curling up on her bed, and before long had dozed off.

"So I heard you had a little accident yesterday." Yuuki said the next morning as her, Kiara, and Aiya walked to class on the first day of school.

Kiara grimaced, and she knew her face was probably read. "Um…yea…not my best move yet to start off here."

Yuuki nodded. "Yes. Let's not do this again." Kiara agreed and they entered their classroom and took seats by each other. Kiara couldn't really focus though. She had agreed with Yuuki should wouldn't pull anymore stupid stunts like that again. Zero told her she had no reason to go the Moon Dorms, not that she shouldn't. What if she had a reason? Kiara had no clue why she even cared, maybe it was just to piss Zero off, or maybe she was drawn to this Night Class like everyone else?

Kiara shook her head. No way in hell was she going to be pulled in by these strange people and become a desperate squealing fan girl. But she didn't mind the idea of getting to know some of them.