So, I'm writing fanfiction again. Not entirely sure where I'm going with this. Please review, each one brings me one step closer to continuing the story; it takes willpower to write (which I lack), and I feed on the attention. And, no, the chapters won't always be this short.

Title: Masquerade
Fandom: Twilight
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairing: Alice/Bella

Synopsis: Alice and Bella are students. They attend the same college, and are flatmates. Alice harbours a secret crush for Bella, and one night, under the influence of perhaps just too much alcohol, makes a move. Bella, though tipsy too, seems to reciprocate, but then disappears the following morning. Alice fears she has scared her away, but could it be anything more sinister?


Alice woke alone in bed. She raised herself up on her elbows and looked about, still groggy. "Bella?"

Silence filled her ears, the stillness in their small apartment unsettling. Bella was gone.

Alice slipped from under silk sheets and found herself naked. Maybe I had a little more to drink last night that I thought, she thought, and put on her dressing gown.

She looked about for a note and found none, and began to panic. Questions filled her head. Where has Bella gone? Why? Did I scare her away? Did I push her too far? But that kiss..., Alice thought, and sighed, her heart fluttering. Last night, though under the copious influence of alcohol, Alice reluctantly ceded, the attraction had seemed mutual.

She found her phone and dialed Bella's mobile. It went straight to voicemail, so she tried her home number. Alice gave up after the tenth ring. At least she hasn't gone home. The idea brightened Alice's mood only momentarily as she went to the kitchen. Or maybe she just isn't answering her phone... could things really be that bad? She took a carton of juice from the fridge and noticed they had no milk. Maybe she just went down to the store? After all, Bella always ate cereal for breakfast. Alice hoped the answer was quite so mundane, yet knew she was clutching at straws.

She chugged her glass of orange juice and decided to go see. Alice dressed quickly in a T-shirt and jeans, pausing at the dresser to pull a brush through her pitch black hair. Naturally spiky, it still looked fashionably dishevelled. She grabbed her set of keys from the top, noticing Bella's phone was still there, turned off. This leant weight to the just-popped-out-would-be-back-soon idea, Alice decided, thankful.

She was halfway to the local store by the time she realised it was still chilly out, and that she should have worn a jacket. Grateful it was only a two minute walk, she persisted on, soon turning the bend at the end of the street to see...

Two police cars and an ambulance, lights still flashing but sirens off, bathing the shopfront in blue then red, parked up across the way. Alice rushed to the officer that stood outside, talking into his radio. As she crossed the street she noticed, to her horror, that the shop window was shattered by what looked to be multiple gunshots.

"What happened!" she cried, panting, out of breath, interrupting the officer's report. He held up a hand, finished, and then turned to her.

"I'm going to have to ask you to move along, Ma'am."

"I think- I think my-" What was Bella to her now? " flatmate," Alice decided upon, the officer noticing her pause, "may be inside!"

"Are you able to provide a description of this individual?"

"My age, a little taller, long auburn hair, very-" Alice stopped herself from gushing needless information. The officer didn't need to know she had it bad.

"Yes, the shopkeeper described a similar individual as being-"

"Where is she!" exclaimed Alice, pushing past the officer, surprising him.

"You better talk to the shopkeeper. He's sitting in the ambulance, recovering," he replied. "Don't go in the shop; it's a crime scene, and mind all the broken glass." The young woman was clearly harmless.

Alice nodded, smiling back at him, grateful.

The shopkeeper was sitting, as promised, on the floor of the ambulance, his legs dangling over the edge. Two officers flanked him, just finished taking a statement.

Alice rushed over "Have you seen my flatmate? Same age, auburn hair?"

The man looked at her for a moment and nodded. He was clearly still in shock. "Yes..."

"What happened, please tell me!"

"I- I was serving your friend, she was buying some milk, and a man entered the shop wearing a black ski mask, and pulled a gun on us. He shouted for me to get cash from the till..."

"Please, go on."

"I started to pull all the notes from the till, and the girl tried talking him down, calming him, but a man, young, blond haired, came into the shop and surprised him, and he shot the girl-"

"He shot her!" Alice exclaimed, horrified. "Where is she? Has she been taken to hospital?" She looked to the officers that had taken the man's statement.

"We don't know where she is. We've got units searching the area."

"What? How can you not know?"

The shopkeeper continued, seemingly unaware of the exchange that had taken place.

"The man... he moved... so fast... knocked the gun from the man's hand, hit him- sent him... flying, into a shelf, toppling it. Then he ran to the girl, told her she was going to be fine, that he was a doctor. I was just recovering, about to thank him when he picked her up and ran from the shop."

"Bella has been abducted... by the man who got her shot!" Alice screeched at the officers.

"Please, Ma'am, we've got people searching. It only happened half an hour ago, so we're hopeful we'll find her."

"You better, or- I'll- I'll..." Alice didn't know what she'd do.