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"You kids have the advantage over the old goat. He has no clue about Azkaban's real history. all he knows is that it wasn't always a prison. He's spent years trying to find out anything else. And even that brilliant brain of his has come up short."

"I've got the feeling he can read minds as well." Said Harry. "From the times he's spoken to me, like he knows exactly what I'm about to say."

"That's illegal." Growled Godric. "Using Legilimency on a child. If i wasn't already dead-"

"We need to get Harry up to speed." Sirius stated quickly, before the founder of Gryffindor could begin cursing out the current Headmaster.

"On what?" Harry asked..

"Occulemency." Explained Ginny. "Sirius taught me alot while we were imprisoned. It's where an Occlumens protects their mind from magical attacks."

Sirius continued. "Legilimency is the act of interpreting one's thoughts. Basically it's Mind-Reading. We need to ensure that you can protect yourself at all times against Dumbledore who is a self proclaimed "Master" at both skills. But in reality, he is only at an Apprentice level of skill."

Harry agreed without another thought. He trusted these three with his life. They were the last ones he could trust now.

"Let's get started then."


The Lady of Azkaban

Chapter Fourteen



As they walked along a sea of black sand, Harry's mind was near the breaking point. at the last few weeks. Realized that his headmaster was a fame hungry, self proclaimed Lord of Light who forbid anyone to ever dare to be of higher status than himself. He somehow managed to break into the magical world's top security prison (really?) with just a broomstick and a portrait.

It was on the craggy shores of Azkaban Prison that he learned the truth, that a deranged psycho who decided that it was his destiny to exterminate seven eighths of the world's population and lead the smoldering ruins into a glorious golden age with himself as King of everything, just because had been bullied as a schoolboy. And since a couple of meaningless words were uttered, he had the sudden notion that a mere baby would be his demise.

Well...who really could have seen all that coming in just the span of a few weeks into summer vacation?

It really makes you think, doesn't it?

Harry for the first time studied their little group. It was the first time he had gotten a good look at all of them without minor interruptions. Dementors, insanse headmasters, and the like. And now that he thought about it, he realized that they were by far the strangest rag-tag team of escapees the world had ever heard of.

Their little group consisted of:

A thirteen year old celebrity, a mouse murdering godfather, four old, batty school teachers stuck in a 2" by 4" slab of canvas, a medieval knight who had lived thousands of years ago, perished and was reborn from a raging inferno, and the darkest being the world would ever know. The cruelest, most deranged convict ever to walk the face of this earth, the unhinged, daughter of Hades himself...

...a twelve year old school girl.

Well...no one's perfect.

After venturing through the forest for a time, the group agreed to set up camp near the bay. The dense forest provided a bountiful harvest of fruits and a nearby lake provided the group with clean water. For Sirius it had been his first drop of natural, non-colored fluids in all of his thirteen yearvacation within the prison.

Utalizing the resources surrounding them, Sirius and Lance were able to transfigure a couple trees into working huts for protection against the elements.

Currently, our favorite convicts were sitting around a large table in Lance's hut, crowded around a map the ex-dementor had drawn up. The doodle depicted what looked like a squiggly crescent moon, with various sized ovals jutting off the tips, comparable to a Greek Omega.

He was busy explaining how the kingdom had functioned in the past so that they could decide how to modernize and rebuild the ruined land.

"The castle itself held a throne room, a massive library with over two million texts, the armory, great hall, ballroom, study, and much, much more."

"These two islands in the south-west were previously watch towers for the kingdom barriers." He explained, tapping the end of the island chain. "They also were the pinnacles that held the backup barricades and wards together. We also had dragons and many assortments of magical creatures that protected the kingdom."

"We'd probably want to add one or two more towers to the east as well. " Sirius thought out loud. "If there was an attack launched from Norway or Denmark, we'd be spreading forces too thin."

The rest agreed with the man's thinking, whilst Lance sketched another tower to the east.

"Now then, I think that covers military for now. We currently are sited at what used to be the west district of the town center. The town was centered around the lake, stretching in the four directions of the compass and acted as the hub for the islands to sell their wares. The surrounding islands were smaller suburbs."

"So each isle served a different function for the kingdom?" Harry asked.

"Yes." Lance agreed. "The sliver of land here was used for fishing jetties. We domesticated farm animals but fishing was a main source of food due to the vast species that tend to live in the reefs due west of us. We ensured that the ecosystem was not disturbed by limiting the amount of food eaten and the few citizens that did go hungry were helped by the government."

Godric whistled dramatically."A government that benefits the people and not themselves. That's rare."

They all chuckled and Lance continued describing each function the islands provided for the kingdom. One island was utilized for

A large island to the east held a great deal of the minerals Lance had described before, Calilbs Iron, Magnus Gold, and Necro Opal. A number of blacksmiths and craftsmen had lived there prior to the fall of Azkaban. When Ginny questioned about the pollution that would result, Lance eased her worries by informing her of a process Azkaban's workshops had once utilized to produce its products with zero percent toxins added to the environment.

Apparently the Ministry of Magical Britain had refused to pay the extra thirty galleons required annually to proceed with such an "outrageous" concept.

It was just another act of stupidity to add to the pile.


Very rarely in life did Serverus Snape ever smile. The select few who have glimpsed such an event would say that it appeared even more sinister than the trademark snarl he wore every single day of his teaching career.

Serverus Snape smiled as his obsidian eyes gazed lovingly down upon the coiling ribbons of smoke emitting from the beauty of the simmering cauldron.

Potter was walking right to his own demise.

It served him right. The ignorant, arrogant, lazy fool. Acting up all the time, challenging his, Serverus Snape's, supreme rule within his own classroom. The brat always was assuming he was deserving of everything that the world owed him on a silver platter. Just like his father.

Swiftly, the Potions Master paced over to his desk, readying a petite crystal vial.

Severus Snape grinned.

"Finally, the Potter Line will end."

Bony fingers clasped around the bottle as it bathed his dungeon in a sickly pink light. Serverus grinned, anticipating the fantastical day that in which all Potters were six feet under.

Snape, in the midst of his dream come true, did not happen to see the lone drakon scale he had left laying around.

The vial cracked as the Potions Master crashed onto the dungeon floor, spilling its contents onto his now soiled robes.

"POTTER!" He bellowed.

Strangely, three and a half seconds later, the House of Gryffindor's hourglass malfunctioned. A tsunami of opal thundered its way out from the top. The massive wave of darkness quickly rose higher and higher within the glass column until the structure could no longer stand against the sudden shift in pressure.

Thousands upon thousands of shards, glass and opal, poured out the broken shell. The Great Hall of Hogwarts was becoming crushed underneath the buckling weight of shattered jewels.

Within three minutes, the entire Great Hall was drowned in a sea of jewels.

Despite being hundreds of miles away from the castle, Harry James Potter had still managed to not only shatter at least forty two school records all relating to the loss of house points and/or detention. He had also been the cause for the destruction of several thousand year old relics throughout the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It was a new school record.


Many days had passed now and Harry found himself shell-shocked. Lance the friendly ex-dementor had just finished explaining to him about the formation of Magical Great Britain, stating, "Know thy enemy's past and one may demolish their future." Sirius and Ginny helped by describing about the Ancient and Noble families.

"There were original seven houses that formed Magical Great Britain. Potter, Black, Bones, Abbot, Longbottom, Greengrass, and Peverall." Sirius explained. "Each contributed an equal share of responsibility in its creation. The seven families would oversee the government and ensure that it would not grow corrupt."

"Nice job on that." Ginny muttered.

Sirius sighed. "Yes...sadly that was back around when Hogwarts was only a few hundred years old. The Blood Purist movement was still quite young and semi-feeble at the time. The Seven tried their best to halt pureblood aiding laws but as time passed, the purists grew bolder. They began assassinating members of the Seven houses, hoping to earn a place by right of conquest. Luckily our ancestors had foreseen such an event and ensured that only those approved by magic itself along with all six of the remaining members would be able to take a seat. As you can guess, none of the Pure blood supporters ever managed to claim the seats."

Harry had been speechless. "So the assassins went on and continued killing us off-"

"until there was no one left." Sirius finished. "Luckily throughout history there have rarely ever been logical witches and wizards so our houses still contain members. The Seven contain few members today. "Peverall is all but wiped out. Only two descendants unknowingly carry their blood. The Abbot and Bones families have a single heir left."

"Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot." Ginny stated.

Harry tried to place those names. He wasn't completely sure, but he thought that they were in Hufflepuff. His mind delved deeper as he hardly remembered ever seeing them in class, In fact, he could not recall many classes with the Badger House in general. The same with Ravenclaw. It almost always seemed to be Slytherins that were paired up with Gryffindor.

He wondered if that was another one of Dumble's manipulations, to pit the Snakes and Lions against each other at every possible corner, with the teacher ignoring, or in Snape's case, encouraging, such frenzied behavior.

Both Hannah and Susan had always been polite on the rare occasion he spoke with someone outside of his own house. He could distinctly remember earlier in the year a discussion in which the girls agreed that he could never have opened the Chamber.

He would have to remember to look it up in the old text Sirius had given him, stating solemnly that it held the true history of the magical world, not the crap and bull that perverted the Hogwarts library along with nearly every other text in magical Great Britain.

His thoughts were disturbed when Sirius continued.

"Longbottom has only two able bodied members. Your friend Neville and his Grandmother. Even though I was disowned by my family, I'm the last entitled heir. Should I die, the title would automatically transfer to my cousin Narcissa's son, Draco."

"No! That can't happen!" Harry shouted. Sirius grinned and Harry noticed a little smirk etched onto Ginny.

"Of course not Harry. Let's just say heads will roll when my Will Reading occurs..." He chuckled. Harry decided to get back to that later.

"And I'm the last of the Seven." He stated. Sirius nodded.

"Yes Harry. Since your are the last member of your family, by law you may try and claim the Potter seat upon your thirteenth birthday."

It took Harry a few minutes to let that one sink in.


Many weeks had passed and the vacation to Azkaban was coming to a close. Harry had known that this day was to come. But he couldn't believe just how quickly time passes when you're busy resurrecting a Kingdom.

He stood on the water's edge, looking at the infamous tower protruding from the waves.

How had this all happened? Just a year ago he was beside himself overly zealous about returning the Hogwarts to learn about transfiguring Newts into pinecones and the like. Today, he stood on the what would soon escalate into all-out war.

The Ministry would not give up Azkaban. Doing such an incredulous act would demolish their omnipotent image and all that other pureblood crap.

Fudge, Malfoy, Dumbledore, Voldemort, all of them would be at each other's throats, killing, controlling, manipulating anything and everything they could to gain more power.

Azkaban would soon become a beacon, and all of them would be drawn like moths to a flame. They could never resist such temptation as sitting upon the throne of Azkaban.

Harry was a bonus should anyone actually manage to take Azkaban. He stood to inherit not only the Potter wealth, but two of the Founders. It was no wonder so many had already tried to control him. Then there was the hidden fact that he apparently was heir to the other two founders... it was the ultimate cash prize for any magical being.

Harry recalled to an old legend of the past. A siege upon an impenetrable city. This time, Azkaban would be playing the role of Troy. He could only hope that history would not repeat itself once again.

Troy had been completely destroyed.

It was then that he noticed his name being called and a hand waving in front of his face.

"Come again?" He asked, turning only to find Ginny and the others standing beside him.

Ginny looked concerned. "Are you ok? We've been trying to get you to respond for a couple minutes now."

Harry sighed. "Just looking forward to yet another year of Dummydore's control."

"Harry, you wont be alone this time." Said Sirius.

Lance nodded. "He's right. In fact, I wanted to give this to you before we must depart." He handed Harry an old tome. The cover had no title upon it and he found the pages to be blank."

Harry looked apprehensively at it.

"Don't worry. This book is nothing like Tom's Diary. It's a communication book and has a twin. My lady will carry the second book. With these you will be able to write to us at any time. I've already enchanted them so that only those approved by you two may be permitted to read the text. Otherwise, to anyone else it will look as if you were making notes for Defense Class."

"Brilliant." Harry exclaimed. The sun then began to sink beneath the waves.

"It's time for us to part ways." Lance stated solemnly.

"Don't worry, we'll keep him out of trouble." Helga proclaimed from the portrait sticking out of Harry's bag.

"Is that even possible? Fate has only one mission and that's to make his like chaos." Godric chuckled, only to be lightly slapped by his wife.

"Prat." She muttered.

Harry stared at Ginny for a while before running into her arms.

"Don't worry Harry. We'll be fine." She said softly, slipping her hand into his.

Harry felt a chill wash across his neck and he was sure it wasn't coming from the ocean mist. He glanced back at the tower, its black stones cloaked by the coming darkness. He couldn't shake the feeling that things were about to get a lot worse. But there was no way he was ever going to risk losing Ginny again.

"We'll be fine." He repeated, trying himself to believe it.

Ginny kissed him on the check.

"I...see you later..."

Lance walked up to him and tapped the book with a lone finger. The old text glowed a soft blue, signifying its temporary status as a portkey.


The last image Harry remembered was Ginny's chocolate brown eyes before he fell into the black darkness


Dumbledore was finding his days ever the more stressful. Ever since that idiotic girl tried to derail his perfect master plan, nothing ever seemed to be going right.

Where had she gone wrong? It was perfect. She was supposed to look up to him as a loving grandfather, willing to do anything for him. She had, at least at first, played her part right. But then she actually began becoming friends with the boy, filling his head with ideas of independence and freedom. What ignorant nonsense.

He, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore knew what was best for everyone.

He had originally planned for her to seduce Harry with love and loyalty potions during 5th year. He had figured Tom would probably have managed to come back in some sort of demented form by then.

Of course the dark lord had failed previously multiple times already. Was it really that difficult for a Dark Lord to kill a one year old boy? Then he went and screwed up getting the Stone when Dumbledore had practically handed it to him. All Quirrell needed to do was reach into the mirror and he would have had the sacred bloody rock. Well at least a piece of it, charmed to make Tom Dumbledore's slave. But no, Voldemort had to go and screw everything up, resulting in the stone getting destroyed in Harry's magical backlash.

And this year...ugh...he couldn't even bother on this year. Open a door, release a snake, kill the mudbloods. How freaking hard was that?

Albus could only hope his plans for this year wouldn't be defiled.


Harry continued to read chapter after chapter of the book Lance had given to him, his mind being blown as each word flew by.

To put it curtly, modern day wizard textbooks were crap.

Bathilda Bagshot, a "famous" historian in Magical Britain, wrote several historical texts depicting magical Great Britain in all of its glory. What numerous witches and wizards failed to realize was the fact that the celebrated historain had managed to receive Trolls on all of her History Ordinary Wizarding Level Examinations, also known as OWLS.

Bagshot was already well into her late nineties when she had begun "recording" history for her books. Three months prior St. Mungos had diagnosed her mind to be addled and warped with demented irrationality.

The book, A History of Magic, recalled more than sixty nine wars between wizards and goblins within the last two centuries. Apparently, ninety nine percent of all those battles were won by wizard kind

.Also according to the celebrated historian, the Goblin nations were uneducated, blood lusting barbarians that would murder any witch or wizard for sport.

Similar themes were apparent with other magical creatures and...well...anything that wasn't quite one hundred percent magically human.

So it was only natural that the Ministry of Magic would place such a book on its approved list.

Harry shook his head in exasperation and flipped to page nine hundred twelve, Chapter Thirty Eight: For the Greater Good.


Snape was pissed.

No. Actually scratch that one. He was beyond livid, filled with an unfathomable rage at the cause of such epic egotistical proportions. And it was all because of one, lazy, arrogant, stupid brat that felt like he deserved everything in the world.

Harry. Fucking. Potter.

Serverus had been the one always there for little Lily Evans. The blissfully ignorant muggleborn.

He had been the one to introduce her to magic. He had been the one to comfort her whenever her sister went off on a rampage about her freakiness. He had been the one to help her find the platform and the train to Hogwarts. He had been the one who protected her from that perverted slag James Potter. He had been the one to protect her from bullies and prats who wanted to kill her for being a mudblood. He had been the one who had tried to salvage their friendship after that idiot James Potter demolished it.

And after all he had done for her, after all those years he had sacrificed, how did she repay him?

That bitch went off and married Potter.

Potter would pay for his insolence. Oh yes. Potter would pay.

Serverus Snape would have his rightfully deserved revenge.


It had been six and a half hours since Harry had arrived back at the Dursley's, his ever loving family according to Dumbles.

As he stared at the last few words of Chapter Thirty Eight, Harry found his mind near the breaking point.

Dumbledore's manipulations knew no bounds.

For over a century his lies and manipulations had been taking root, seizing control of as much political power as possible. Even back when he was a teenager Albus was deep into coercing his shit to the masses.

To put it into simplified terms...

A man had a dream.

The start of world war.

This man had a dream. A dream of a perfect world. A world free from Tyranny, Oppression, or Persecution. A perfect world in which children would never be orphaned, left alone to die in the cold cruel world. Nations across the globe would not engage in warfare, in an endless struggle for power. No man would be greater than another. No one would be rejected, due to their birth, or their race, or their beliefs. Everyone would at last equal. Freedom would reign supreme.

His government would care for the children, all of them. They would be taught their proper place in society. No nation would be at war with another, for there would only be one world. His. No man would be greater than another, and none would be rejected, for there would be only one kind. The flawed would be removed, leaving only perfection. Equality would at last be achieved.

There was a man who had a dream of making this a reality.

His name?


Grindelwald murdered millions. Muggle or magical, it did not matter. If they did not match his view of perfection, then they deserved to die.

Every last man, woman, and child who fought against perfection was slaughtered. They were flawed and therefore were not perfect. Only Perfection would yield perfection. Flaws would only reign in flaws.

Millions slaughtered. The world at war with itself. Humans lost their humanity.

Albus had been childhood freaking friends with Gellert. He had seen the truth that lied within his friend's heart. He saw Gellert's true intentions of ridding the muggle scum.

And Dumbledore agreed wholeheartedly.

Harry's animosity was halted when a package crept into the corner of his eye. Well, violently bashed against the wall was more like it.

If he had to guess, he figured Hagrid's gift was probably the horridly wrapped, growling, pink ribbon adorned box.

Harry kept a close eye on the growling package and found an old, splintered baseball bat Dudley had destroyed years ago when he learned the sport involved highly demanding tasks such as moving and/or thinking.

Very carefully, he prodded the box, sliding the ribbons and bows off, when suddenly what looked like a textbook with fangs burst out. The thing thrashed around, severing the pink d├ęcor and ripping the bat to pieces in its daggered teeth before proceeding to bite more of Dudley's broken memorabilia.

Harry frantically looked around and somehow luckily found an old roll of duck tape lying under the dresser.


Three minutes later, a heavily breathing Harry collapsed on the bed. That bloody book had managed to shred apart many of Dudley's old, broken, childhood memorabilia.. Dudley's old sweater had actually saved Harry's life due to the book becoming lost in a article of clothing made to fit a babe whale. After wrapping the sweater in 3 feet of tape, Harry had learned that apparently even demon texts could not best the power of muggle home improvement products.

He then cast several stunning charms upon the beast as well just for good measure.

Harry glared at the shuddering heap of cloth and duck tape before tearing Hagrid's letter open.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday!

Think you might find this useful for next year.

Wont say no more here. Tell you when I see you.

Hope the muggles are treating you right.

All the best,


Harry stared at the parchment in total disbelief.

"What the hell is he thinking?"

Hagrid thought that a psychotic demon book that sank its fangs into anything that moved would help him? Harry was looking forward to the coming year less and less. Apprehensively, he reached for the next package no doubt full of "magical happiness."

Hermione's package included a sleek black case etched with the words "Broomstick Servicing Kit."

Hmm...she actually got me something I'm interested in. For once it isn't a bloody sacred history book. Course its got Dumbledore's usual loyalty charms and the like.

Dear Harry,

How are you?

I'm on Holiday in Frace at the moment and I didn't know how I was going to send this to you- what if they'd opened it at customs? -but then Hedwig turned up! I think she wanted to make sure you got something for your birthday for a change. I bought your presents by owl-order; there was an advertisement in the Daily Prophet (I've been getting it delivered; it's good to keep up with what's going on in the wizarding world). Did you see that picture of Ron and his Family a week ago? I bet he's learning loads-

Upon reading that last line Harry couldn't help but laugh. Ron...willingly studying?

-I'm really jealous- the ancient Egyptian wizards were fascinating. There's some interesting local history of witchcraft here, too. I've rewritten my whole History of Magic essay to include some of the things I've found out. I hope it's not too long, it's two rolls of parchment more than Professor Binns asked for. Ron says he's going to be in London in the last week of the holidays. Can you make it? Will your aunt and uncle let you come? I really hope you can. If not, I'll see you on the Hogwarts Express on September first!

Love from,


Harry rolled his eyes. Typical. Just typical. Hermione knows everything and everyone else besides authority figures know nothing. What else could he say? It was what she believed to be the truth after all.

He picked up the School Letters next, which felt a tad heavier than usual.

Dear Mr. Potter,

Please note that the new school year will begin on September the first. The Hogwarts Express will leave from Kings Cross Station, Platform Nine and Three Quarters, at eleven o'clock. Third Years are permitted to visit the village of Hogsmeade on certain weekends. Please give the enclosed permission form to your parent or guardian to sign.

A list of books for next year is enclosed.

Yours sincerely,

Professor M. McGonagal

Deputy Headmistress,

Harry thought about that one. Hogsmeade was the small wizarding village nearby the School. Supposedly it contained a number of shops that sold tons of wizarding goods and wares. One year ago, Harry would have thought the village to be a paradise. A whole town where he could spend his days exploring all the amazing shops, discovering thousands of handy little trinkets, and hang out with his friends, all away from the chaos that was known as school.

But now...

Harry didn't see the point.

Even if he could manage to convince Uncle Vernon to sign that slip of parchment, which Harry highly doubted, there were more important matters of concern.

The world was consumed with petty differences. Both magical and muggle. Both sides were a part of mankind. Two columns of mankind. Harry recalled words spoken by an American President.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Harry knew it was only a matter of time before the house collapsed.

Already, Ginny, Sirius, and Lance were busy reconstructing a devastated Azkaban. Even with magic, reconstruction would take time. Harry was not going to go wasting valuable time. He'd leave that to the rest of the world.

His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed three dusty letters sitting upon his bed. Glancing at them, he decided to leave Dumble's letter for last.

'Let's see what Dumbles latest schemes are.' Harry thought when he saw the familiar loopy handwriting of his oh so highly esteemed Headmaster.

After removing the loyalty and compulsion charms he found to be charmed into the parchment, Harry tore open the letter and read in disgust.

"Dear Harry,

It ha come to my attention that you earlier today you had left your relative's house. It is imperative that you stay inside Number Four with your aunt and uncle. The blood wards must be fully recharged each summer in order to protect you and your family. I am only looking out for your wellbeing. I must insist that you do not disobey my instructions again. Sadly I cannot allow you to leave your family until after your birthday due to the Blood Wards. I shall be sending an envoy to collect you soon after so that you may spend the rest of the holidays with the Weasleys. I know that you will need true friends to help you overcome the past year's ordeals.

Warm regards,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Harry glared at the letter.

"He's only looking out for my wellbeing is he? Stealing my family's money is good for me is it? The oh so powerful blood wards that protect me from keep Voldemort, who could simply just phase through the wall and possess me. And couldn't a Death Eater just send in a house elf to do away with me since Dobby got in so easily? They don't seem to protect me from the Dursleys either, my "loving" family. First letter was addressed Cupboard under the Stairs...didn't that raise some alarm bells or something?"

He rolled his eyes at the Headmaster's stupidity.

"And he thinks I would have had a Happy Birthday here? Vernon gave me two broken legs for my 8th birthday! Hell, Azkaban was a better place to spend happy occasions than this joint! No more. I've had enough. Dumbledore wants a weapon? He'll get a weapon. And those damn twinkling eyes of his will be the first target!"

Harry wandlessly incinerated the letter and moved onto the remaining package.

Ron's letter had been soaked in food stains as per usual.

Dear Harry,

It's amazing here in Egypt. Bill's taken us around all the tombs and you wouldn't believe the curses those old Egyptian wizards put on them. Mum wouldn't let Fred and George mess with the mutant skeletons in the last one, of Muggles who'd broken in and grown extra heads and stuff. I couldn't believe it when Dad won the Daily Prophet Draw. Seven Hundred Galleons! Most of it's gone on this trip, but they're going to buy me a new wand for next year.

"Wait...they finally secure some money...and they blow it all on a stupid vacation?" Harry stated ludicrously. What the hell?

We'll be back about a week before term starts and we'll be going up to London to get my wand and our new books. Any chance of meeting you there?

Don't let the Muggles get you down!

Try and come to London,


P.S. Percy's Head Boy. He got the letter last week

Harry glanced down at the Photograph. Sure enough, Percival had been selected as this year's Head Boy. He smugly showed the acclaimed badge off to the cameraman, as well as readers of the Daily Prophet. His moment was ruined however, when a splash of sand blasted into his face, causing him to drop said badge into the dunes. The repeating charm placed upon the newspaper caused him to carelessly drop the almighty badge again...and again...and again...

The rest of the family was as just as Harry expected. Ron stood grinning stupidly into the camera. Fred and George...Forge and Gred...the twins were attempting to booby trap a muggle camera they nicked off a tourist. Molly was busy scolding everyone to look proper, they were purebloods after all, and Arthur was letting her be.

Bill and Charlie were the most normal looking, standing confidently, but humbly, looking a bit embarrassed by their family's antics.

"Gee, it's so hard to wonder why Bill and Charlie moved to foreign countries.' Harry rolled his eyes.]

And Scabbers of course was dozing off on Ron's shoulder as usual, his tail hanging limp as usual, nine toes clutching...

Nine toes...

Harry bolted across the room for the diary. He knocked Ron's gift to the floor and glass broke, but that didn't matter.

Harry's pen zipped across the paper.

Ginny! Ginny! Pick up! Answer me!

Harry? Whats wrong?

Ginny...I found Peter!


And that concludes this segment of The LAdy of Azkaban. Harry knows just where Peter is and now Azkaban is truly on the rise once again. But Harry still has fears about what the darkness of the future may hold for Ginny and his friends. Only time will tell if Azkaban will stand proud and mighty once more. Once again, I am super sorry for the huge delays in all of my stories. And I hope that you will forgive me. Until my next update. Goodbye

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