"Hey, you're Gibbs, right?" Gibbs stopped in his tracks and found himself staring at the apparition before him. Black pigtails, dark lipstick, a spider web tattoo on her neck, black t-shirt, studded bracelets, red plaid skirt, and high heeled black combat boots stood there and waited for him to finish his scrutiny.

When he did, he remembered that she had asked him a question. "Yeah." He replied, a bit warily. "Who are you?" He asked, wondering just who was responsible for letting this person into NCIS headquarters.

She smiled at him and extended a hand. "Abigail Scuito." She introduced herself as he found himself shaking her hand. "You can call me Abby." Another bright smile that was somewhat at odds with the girl's appearance. "I'm your new forensics specialist." She added.

Gibbs placed the name now, and looked Miss Scuito over again, this time a bit apprehensively. She noticed, but far from being affronted, she merely laughed.

"So you're Gibbs." She said when he remained silent. She narrowed her eyes as if studying him intently. "You don't look all that scary, Mr. Bossman, if you don't mind me saying so."

Gibbs favored the strange woman in front of him with a look designed to shut even hardened agents up. Miss Scuito kept talking.

"I'll try to stay on your good side anyway." She decided. "I was told you were in the middle of a case and that it was best to stay clear because you'd been barking orders and snapping at people worse than usual all day, but I've already got my stuff moved in and I got bored, so I thought I'd see if you were here and then I could meet you."

Gibbs waited until she stopped talking. "Is that it?" He asked.

"No." Miss Scuito replied, and Gibbs resisted the urge to sigh. "I came to make sure you knew I was here and to see if you had anything that needed analyzing." She smiled again, and Gibbs found himself starting to wonder about this peculiar forensics specialist. "So do you?" She asked eagerly.

"Nope." Gibbs was surprised to see Miss Scuito deflate a bit, but she quickly pulled herself together and fixed Gibbs with a glare that was neither menacing nor intimidating.

"Fine. But you'd better have something for me next time." She declared. Then she broke out into yet another huge grin. "You know where to find me if you need anything." She told him brightly. "Nice to meet you, Gibbs."

With that, she turned and headed back towards the elevator, leaving Gibbs to wonder once more just who was responsible for letting that girl into NCIS headquarters.

He shook his head in what might almost have been amusement as he went to his desk and got back to work.

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