Hi. Sugar n spice here I noticed there wasn't a lot of Carrie/Oscar stories so decided to write one. I know I didn't update a lot on my other story 'falling dusk' but no one ever reviewed and I didn't have lot of ideas either. But I have lots of ideas for this one and probably will use some bits from the new series too. OK, so here I go... don't forget to REVIEW! Lol

'Ahh...' I yawned. I'm so tired. Note to self: Never stay up till 2am practising judo again, Ever. Especially when I've got school in the morning. I trudge up the steps into St. Hopes when I'm stopped by an even more tired looking (but still very cute) Oscar. 'Carrie something bad has happened, something really bad. ' My first thought initially was that someone had found out, That Frank wasn't just a school caretaker and rose and me weren't just school girls and Oscar wasn't just a very cute school boy (who I had a crush on), but That we were all spies working for M.I 9. I looked up at Oscar who was looking at me.

'Who's found out about us?' I say looking back down trying to control my voice, Oscar looked at me confused

'No one, that not the bad news' phew! 'It's frank. He's in hospital. He's had a heart attack' I froze. I looked up at Oscar again, only now do I see the worry in his eyes mixed in with pain and sadness. The sparkle has gone.

'Oh no...' is all I can say before the tears start to fall. I put my hands over my mouths to stop the whimper in my throat coming out my mouth. Oscar steps closer and puts his arms around me, as I start to sob.

'Shh Carrie it's ok, I'm here don't worry' Oscar says into my hair whilst rubbing my back. People stare as they walk past but i don't care. We must have been there for a while because the warning bell shook us from our daze

'Come on Caz we'll be late for class' he said using the nickname only he called me. I smiled weakly as he started to walk backwards towards our form room and said ' oh don't make this into a race, osc you know I'll win' he stared walking faster. 'Oscar?'

'Yes' he said turning round and walking back to me

'Can we go and visit him?' I said in a little voice,

'Of course we can' he reassured me, as he reached for my hand. I'd never noticed how good our hands fit together before. I smiled

'Come on then let's get to class before we get detention'

So? What do you think? Good? Bad? I know no very long but I will probably update around the middle of the week (or even maybe tomorrow) depends on how this week plans out . Don't forget to REVIEW!