So this is my first fanfiction story, I wanted to start writing fanfiction for a while but never got to doing it so now I have finally decided to do it and I thought I'd start with my favourite show Home Improvement. I do not own any of the characters and what not in Home Improvement so I hope you enjoy the first chapter.

It was 11:00 when Brad woke up, the sun was peering into his room. Brad looked at his alarm clock and sighed, he had been trying to wake up earlier, even on weekends, so that he can focus more on his studies in the morning and not have to be so tired. Brad got up and pulled on the cleanest clothes he could find in his dirty pile of clothes.

Brad came downstairs to find Jill working away on a report for work, Tim was outside talking to Wilson, and Mark was watching T.V.

"Hey mom," Brad said.

"Hey sweetie, did you have a good sleep?" Jill asked.

"I guess," Brad nodded, thinking back to a quite pleasant dream of him and his new girlfriend.

"Good, good, so your dad and I have an event to go to this evening, will you watch Mark?"

"He's 14, why can't he look after himself?" Brad asked, hoping he could get out of this. A friend of his was having a party and it was one he was really looking forward to.

"I'm sorry, honey, but your father is getting honored for his work on "Tool Time," Jill explained.

"Really? Since when did they give out awards for the most destructive host of a tool show?" Brad and Jill laughed as he walked over to the sofa and sat down next to Mark.

"Hey kid, what's new?" Brad asked, even though he didn't really care.

"Nothing," Mark said in a sad tone. For the past few weeks, Mark had feared that his girlfriend was going to break up with him; he was also not getting along with many other people at school, so lately he had been hanging around the house a lot. Brad decided not to respond and they sat there, watching T.V.

That evening, after saying goodbye to Tim and Jill, Brad picked up the phone to order a pizza.

"I'm ordering a pizza, want anything?" Brad asked to Mark who was still watching T.V.

"I'll get whatever you order."

"Alright," Brad said with glee, he took the advantage to order all his favorites, not taking into account what Mark may want.

"Okay, so the pizza should be here in a half hour, what do you want to do?" Brad asked Mark after he hung up the phone but then the phone rang again.

"Hello?" Brad answered, "Mark it's for you." Mark stood up for what seemed to be the first time that day and he took the phone from Brad.

"Hello? Oh hey Grace! Uh, what's going on? W-what? B-but everything was going so well…oh, I guess that's only my opinion. Well, uh, I guess then I'll see you, okay, okay, maybe I'll see you, okay, goodbye." Mark hung up the phone; he stood there for a moment. Brad was standing on the other end of the counter.

"So, she just broke up with you, huh?" Brad said.

"Yeah," Mark said, looking down at the ground, avoiding eye contact with Brad.

"Well, it'll be all right, every guy gets dumped eventually, this was your first real relationship," Brad knew what he just said didn't sound too nice. Brad walked over to Mark and put his arm around him, leading him back over to the couch.

"But your relationships always work out so well, they always last a couple years, it's the same with Randy, my relationship only lasted two months, what am I doing wrong?" Mark said as tears started running down his eyes.

"You're not doing anything wrong; you're still quite young, you just got to be patient, the right girl will come," Brad explained. Mark was amazed at how nice his brother was being: "Maybe he does know what I'm going through," Mark thought.

"Wow, I've never seen you be so nice to me," Mark decided to say.

"Yeah well don't get used to it," Brad said, looking at the T.V.

A half hour later, the pizza arrived, Brad paid for it and came down to the sofa, a couple hours later, Tim and Jill came home. Jill walked silently into the kitchen and she saw Brad and Mark talking on the couch, but they were talking nicely. Jill walked back into the front entrance and whispered to Tim:

"Can you believe it? They're being nice to each other."

"Ooo, let's ground them, for a month at least," Tim whispered in a sarcastic voice.

"What I mean is I have never seen that side of Brad, you know, being nice to Mark," Jill whispered. Tim and Jill walked into the kitchen. "Hey guys, we're back," Jill said.

"Hey mom," Brad said as he got up off the couch and walked over to the kitchen. "I was just hanging out with Mark," Brad said, "His girlfriend dumped him," he whispered.

"Oh, really?" Tim said. "Hey buddy," Tim said to Mark, "You alright," Tim said as he walked over to the couch."

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Mark said.

"Anything, you'd like to talk about?"


"Well if you ever need anyone to talk to, just talk to anyone of us," Tim said, pointing to himself, Jill, and Brad.

"Yeah, I know," Mark said in his same dull voice he had all evening. Tim walked back over to Jill and Brad with a worried look on his face, he didn't like how Mark was always depressed and it had been so long since he had seen his son smile.

"Brad, thanks for comforting him, it's nice to know that in situations like this, you're willing to put your differences aside to help your brother," Tim whispered. Tim then walked upstairs and Jill and Brad stared at each other.

"Well, I think I'll be going to bed," Brad said.

"Okay, goodnight," Jill said. Jill looked away from Brad as he left the kitchen; she looked at Mark, wondering if she should say anything. Mark turned off the T.V. and got up from the couch, he went downstairs to the room that he temporarily shared with Brad, without saying a word.

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