The few seconds Mark laid eyes on Grace and Ronnie making out seemed to last forever, Mark took a few steps out of the classroom. Since there were still a bunch of students in the hallways, Mark started walking as fast as he could away from the classroom, he had never skipped class, he didn't know where to go. He went to the boy's washroom and sat down on the toilet in one of the stalls. He just wanted to think about what to do, Ronnie knew he was going out with Grace, he never said he had feelings for her, but then again, why would he say anything about it?

"Mark Taylor, report to Mrs. O'Neill's Mathematics class immediately," a voice said over the intercom. If Mark wanted to sneak out, it would be even harder to do that now as the administration at the office knew he didn't show up to class, and they'd be on the lookout for him. Mark thought for a bit longer, he could go home, Brad had a spare last period on Monday's so he should be home by now. Mark then stood up and exited the washroom; he hurried to his locker where he tried to make as little noise as possible, taking out his backpack and his homework he'd need, after he was finished he snuck out the doors at the end of the hallway. It was sunny outside and it was about 63 degrees. Mark looked around for a bit, then decided to start running, it was about a twenty minute walk home, Mark was a fairly average runner, so it would take him between ten-fifteen minutes to get home at this pace. When Mark finally reached his house, he sat down to catch his breath as he hadn't stopped running the whole way home. He decided he didn't care about what Grace did in her spare time. The whole reason he wanted to go clothes shopping the other day was because he wanted to start the next school week off to a good start, like it was a new beginning. He found that he wouldn't care if it had been some other guy kissing her, but the fact it was his best friend, just made Mark mad.

Mark finally stood up and knocked on the door, a couple of minutes later Brad answered the door.

"What are you doing here? Don't you still have a half an hour of school left?" Brad asked.

"Yeah, it's just you'll never believed what happened," Mark said. Walking in to the house and putting his stuff on the kitchen table. Brad followed behind him. "So you know Ronnie, right?"

"Is he that creepy goth kid you're friends with?" Brad asked.

"Well he's not really goth anymore, but I saw him making out with Grace," Mark said.

"Your girlfriend," Brad said. Mark forgot how Brad had a hard time remembering names when it had anything to do with his social life.

"Yeah, anyways I saw the two of them making out in Math class," Mark said.

"Wow, nowadays you guys make out in class, what's our society turning into?" Brad joked.

"I'm serious Brad, I mean, Ronnie's my best friend, he knows how much I liked Grace before and while we were dating, I think what he's doing is inconsiderate and stupid," Mark said.

"Well, Mark…" Brad began saying.

"I mean, what kind of person does that? No one, exactly!" Mark said.

"Actually quite a few guys do…"

"He's doing this to get me mad, I just know it. Well I don't need him, I mean I only became friends with him last year because I needed a goth friend, but now neither of us are, so we don't need to be friends anymore," Mark said.

"Mark, at least he hadn't dated her while you two were dating," Brad said.

"We only broke up yesterday!" Mark said.

"I was just looking at the bright side," Brad said.

"There's no bright side in this, I'm going to have to get them back somehow" Mark said, he started to think of what he could do then, with a smile, he ran downstairs. Brad followed behind.

"Why are you smiling, what are you going to do?" Brad asked when he entered his and Mark's room.

"Just going to send Ronnie and Grace a heartwarming gift," Mark said.

"A heartwarming gift," Brad said, he didn't know why Mark would be sending a gift and he didn't know how he was going to send a gift over e-mail. Then Brad noticed what Mark was doing, he was looking at porn.

"Why are you looking at porn?" Brad asked as he walked up beside the computer, "Oh God! What the hell are those people doing?"

"I just searched creepy porn and clicked the first link I got; I'm going to send the link to Ronnie and Grace as a gift, Grace hates when guys look at porn so when she sees this on his computer she will freak out," Mark explained.

"But won't she notice that it's been sent from you?" Brad said.

"You take the fun out of everything, you know that? But wait, I know Ronnie's e-mail, I could simply put his e-mail address into the sending and the receiving box and then I won't have anything to do with it!" Mark said excitedly. Brad then realized that Mark never mentioned whether or not Ronnie and Grace saw him in class, he just mentioned seeing them, so anything Mark did to get even with them would just show as him being a jerk, but Brad didn't bother telling Mark. He went upstairs, Jill had just gotten home.

"Hey Brad, how was your day?" Jill asked.

"It was alright," Brad said.

"Any phone messages?" Jill asked as she reached for the phone. Brad hadn't checked the messages and now that he thought about it, the school probably called to see where Mark was, while he and Mark were downstairs.

"No, I don't think so," Brad lied.

"Wait, there's one message," Jill said to Brad. Brad waited, biting his lip, while Jill listened. Mark would think he told on him, then Mark would get mad at him, though to Brad's surprise, he didn't really want Mark to lose his trust in him. Jill's face slowly started to look stern; she hung up and looked at Brad.

"Did Mark come home early?" Jill said.

"No, I don't think so," Brad said.

"Really? Is he downstairs?" Jill asked. Brad thought about his answer for a few seconds.

"No, I don't think so," Brad said. Jill sighed and went downstairs, Brad decided that it would be best to go outside, Mark wouldn't think he told on him that way. Wilson was outside cooking on the barbeque, Brad guessed it was squirrel; Wilson cooked it at least once every week.

"Hey Wilson," Brad said.

"Hidey-ho Taylor-lad," Wilson said.

"Can I talk to you for a minute," Brad said.

"Of course," Wilson said.

"I've been put in a tough spot, see on Saturday, Mark's girlfriend broke up with him. Mark opened up to me after that and he seems to really trust me, but then he skipped the last class of the day today and the school called her, I had no choice but to tell mom that Mark has skipped school, but I don't want to tell on Mark, I actually find that I like having him trust me, and I just don't know what I should do," Brad explained.

"So you don't want to get in trouble with your parents but you want to keep that friendship you have with Mark," Wilson said.

"Exactly," Brad said. But before Wilson could say anything more, a car screeched out on the street, and a few seconds later Ronnie came walking through the bushes.

"That little son of a…" Ronnie whispered to himself.

"Hey! Ronnie! What do you want?" Brad interrupted.

"That idiot you call your brother sent me porn and Grace broke up with me," Ronnie said angrily.

"Grace and Mark broke up just two days ago, you had no business being a jerk and hurting your friend, and how did you know that e-mail was sent from him?" Brad asked.

"Please, you think Mark and I never searched that stuff up when we were all goth," Ronnie said. Brad looked at Ronnie, he thought that was disgusting. Ronnie then walked into the house and Brad went after him through the other door.

"What are you doing?" Ronnie asked. Ronnie and Brad looked at each other for a moment. Ronnie started running and Brad quickly jumped up and over the couch and pushed Ronnie to the ground. Tim entered through the garage door and Mark and Jill came up from downstairs.

"Brad!" Tim and Jill yelled at the same time. Brad let Ronnie go and they both got up. Ronnie pointed at Mark.

"You'll pay," Ronnie said to Mark and he left through the front door. Tim and Jill looked at Mark, and the three of them then looked at Brad.

"What was that about?" Tim asked.

"Ask Mark," Brad said and he went downstairs.

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