"Do you remember it, Miss Edith?" Dru sat in a forward corner, where translucent not-glass met cold, metallic walls. She was struggling to stay awake. "Once it was pitchforks and torches, and that was proper. Traditional. Or sometimes, the Slayer with stakes or swords That was appropriate as well. Those guns that shoot lightening though." She shivered even though the room wasn't cold. "Not right at all."

She thought about how Spike, out of the hundreds of vampires threatened, had been the only one who'd gotten close enough to retaliate. "Won't be killed by mere humans," he'd shouted. They'd killed him with an unemotional efficiency, neither angered he'd attacked nor pleased they'd been able to stop him.

"My Spike was strong," Dru whispered, "there at the end, even if he didn't understand. They weren't killing us; they were herding us. But he was the smart one, out of all of us. Who'd have guessed. At least he died cleanly." She looked towards the back of her cell, where a plant was bathed in sunshine, not from the sun but from something artificial in the ceiling. There was one bud, slightly larger than a person. Dru had tried to attack it but the sunlight had driven her back. She'd curled up in the corner to be as far away from it as she could get.

"Besides," she whispered, "they aren't quite human, not anymore." Dru looked at the bud and tilted her head. Whispering to herself, she added, "I really thought I'd like myself better if I ever got to meet me." After a long while, she pointed towards it and asked her doll, "Do you hear me? I'm in there. I'm trying to learn me but I'm getting it wrong. I shan't be able to hear the stars singing and I won't care to dance in the moonlight, not when that new me is me. I'll need help to get myself right. When I step out of the blossoms, will you to whisper in my ear? Teach me to be me or I'll be lost forever."

At the back of the room, the sunlight dimmed. A hand reached out through the plant's leaves, pushing them back. Dru's eyes closed. As she fell against the wall, Miss Edith dropped to the floor. Another Drusilla stepped out of the plant. She was naked and sticky with the nutrients that had sustained her while she stole Dru's life.

She pushed a button on the back wall and the door opened. As Drusilla stepped into her new life, she didn't even notice either the doll or the ashes drifting over it.