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Chapter Four: Chef's Jailhouse Rock

Alicia wiped the dirt from her cheek. It was totally going to mess up her perfect rosy cheeks that she worked really hard to get every morning. Well her cheeks were going to be sacrificed for her sure to work plan. She just needed some idiots to walk over.

The redhead just threw her shovel over to side of the huge pit that she had just dug up. She pulled herself out of the hole and cleaned the knees of her prison outfit. Alicia couldn't help but smile at how well she made a perfect ditch.

She did feel bad about throwing Marvin under the bus like that, but she didn't want to be the first person out. That was like being the loser and there was no way Alicia Andrews was going to be that loser.

"Ahhh!" she could hear screams coming towards her. "I can't believe that he found us!"

"Crap!" Alicia hissed as she hadn't finished her ditch. "What do I do?"

The running was coming up faster and she didn't want to get caught so she ran behind one of the trees. She peeked over the side to see two heroes running towards the ditch.

"Woo, why is there a ditch in the middle of the woods?" Effy asked as she skidded to a stop, directly in front of it. "I bet you that this is just one of Chef's booby traps."

"Well we didn't fall for it." Gary grinned, as he looked around. "Who said that we weren't smart?"

"Someone said that?"

"Yeah." Gary nodded. "The villains say it all the time. But Ha! Look who's not in the hole!"

"Well that's all good and all, but where did Isla, Astrid and Adger go?"

"Astrid was just behind us."

Effy shook her head. "Astrid is out in those woods by herself. With wolves, bears, man-eating squirrels."

"Man-eating squirrels?" Alicia asked aloud, before holding her hand to her mouth.

"I give her two hours top before she gets eaten." Effy said, face in her palm; not noticing that it wasn't Gary that had asked that question. "It's a shame too, because she really wants to find that leprechaun."

"GUYS!" screamed a familiar voice as they looked at the direction of the voice. Running at full speed was Astrid, hands flaying in the air. She didn't seem to stop running, even after seeing her friends. So instead of stopping, she ran into Effy and Gary; all three of them toppling into the ditch.

Alicia gave a little happy dance, before walking over the hole.

"Astrid!" Effy yelled as she pushed Astrid arm out of her face. "Why did you keep running? Now we're stuck in this ditch!"

"I didn't know there was a ditch here!" Astrid yelled, as Gary's leg laid across her face.

"Man, the villains are never going to let this go." Gary muttered as he tried to sit up straight.

"Hi guys." Alicia's perky voice called down to them. "I can't believe that the ditch actually worked!"

"What do you mean?" Effy asked, looking up at the smiling red head.

"Well I sort of dug the hole." Alicia said, clapping her hands. "And it really sucked. Like I had to shovel and sometimes the dirt would come back in. It was like so hard."

"So this wasn't one of Chef's traps?" Gary asked, actually impressed.

"Nope. All mines and now I'm sorry but I'm going to have to scream really loud so that Chef can find you guys."

"Man this blows." Effy said, resting her head against the dirt wall.

Alicia smirked, before giving out a loud scream. She ran away but hide behind a tree to see Chef show up the ditch and take all three heroes away. Although Chef had a confused look on his face and kept asking "Where in the world did that ditch come from?".

Confession Cam

Alicia: "Did you see that!" Alicia clapped happily. "I dug that hole and I got them stuck. Ha! I knew that I could make it. But it was so hard, like I had to know how to use a shovel."

Gary: Gary shook his head. "We got caught because of Alicia. Do you know how hard to believe that is. I guess we under estimated her, although I did just have to save her from this confessional. Apparently she didn't know to push the door."

End of Confessional

"Um… why are you following me?" Avery asked, turning around to see Issac talking to himself. "You know that there's a lot more people on this island than just me."

"No can do." Issac said as he walked beside the brunette. "Anyways we're villains. We should stick together. Be all one with each other."

"That sounds gross." Avery rolled her eyes. "That and I don't want to be all friends with you. I want all of you eliminated so I can win a million dollars. "

"That was harsh, girl." Issac looked at her as if he was about to cry. His brown eyes welting as he started sniffling.

"Are you really about to cry?" Avery asked, looking a tinge remorseful.

"Nah, I'm just messing with you." Issac's playful smile raised onto his face, pushing Avery's shoulder.

"You're such an idiot." Avery walked away from the playful thief. "Now can you leave me alone. I have to avoid getting caught so that I can win this challenge, something you clearly won't."

"Who said?" Issac asked. "I've got Shirley and she said that you're such a stuck up you-know-what."


"You don't really want me to repeat that do you?"

"Issac, that is a freaking stain!" Avery yelled at her team member. "How the hell is it talking?"

"I don't know, but you're pissing her off." Issac's eyes grew wide. "Now Shirley, I can't let you talk to her like that."

Avery had enough from "Shirley", so she grabbed Issac's shirt and ripped it off of him (showing off slight six pack and muscular biceps).

"You want to know what I think about Shirley?" Avery asked as she looked at the stain. "I just think it's a creepy, figment of your imagination!"

"Well, you're just an annoying little brat!" a shrieking female voice yelled. Avery looked around confused until she looked down at the stain. It seemed to have formed a lips and sounded like Fran Drescher. "Now get away from my Issac, he's all mine! Mine I tell you!"

Avery's olive skin turned white as paper and her hands were shaking. "Ahhhh!" she screamed as she threw the jacket over the cliff that they were walking by.

"Issac!" The stain shrieked before the jacket hit the water. Issac and Avery just looked over the edge to see the jacket sink into the water.

"It talked." Avery turned to the shirtless boy next to her. "It actually talked. You weren't lying."

"You thought I was lying?" Issac lip curled up in a smirk. "Usually you'd be right, but I was actually being honest this time."

"I'm sorry to interrupt this cute moment, but you two maggots are mine." Chef yelled as

Avery slapped Issac on the back of the head.

"What's that for?"

Avery sneered as she walked forward to Chef, as Issac checked out her backside.

Confession Cam

Issac: Issac threw his hands in the air. "Finally Shirley is gone. You all thought I was lying or going crazy, but Shirley was real." Issac had a big grin. "You wouldn't believe the creepy stuff she said, like that she wanted to throw whipped cream all over me and take pictures." Issac shrugged. "Well I can't blame her. Do you see how cute I am." Issac said with his boyish grin.

End of Confessional

The murky green water splashed as Donna's peep toes walked in the tunnels underneath Camp Wawanakwa. They had been walking in tunnel for ten minutes but it felt like it was forever. She was starting to think that maybe this wasn't the best idea.

"So where should we go next?" Hunter asked her, looking at the two paths ahead of them.

"Darn six sense, which one should I pick." She whispered to herself, scratching her brown hair.

"What was that?"

"I pick the right one." Donna pointed as she lead in front of Hunter. "I just wonder what's down here? Maybe some treasure!"

"I really hope that you're right about that." Hunter flashed a grin at her. "Maybe then we'll take the money and we won't have to compete in any challenges."

"That would just be awesome." Donna said, turning her head towards Hunter. She suddenly lost her balance and started falling backwards. She thought that she was going to land in the disgusting green water but she landed in a pair of strong arms. Donna opened her right eye to see Hunter smiling down at.

"You alright?" He asked. "You almost landed in that water and god knows if this is the bathroom sewer."

"I really hope that it isn't." She giggled, still in his arms. "Well you can put me up know."

"Oh, I forgot I was even holding you up." Hunter said as she got up to her feet.

"Well isn't that a nice compliment." Donna, playfully slapping his arm. "Well thank you Hunter."

Hunter scratched the back of his head, something he only did when he was nervous. "No problem."

Donna stared back at the cute skater boy before turning back to the path. A bright twinkle of gold caught her eye. "Hunter, you remember what you said about finding gold down here?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Because I actually think I might have found something." Donna pointed out before running down the tunnel. Hunter followed quickly behind her and the two of them ended up in front a tall golden tunnel duct. They both stared at each other, confused.

"What do you think is behind this?" Hunter asked, as Donna tried to look. "What if it's Chris's top secret hair gel hiding place?"

"I really wish it is." Donna grinned. "Maybe we'll pour it all out and let him look hideous, maybe then that ego will go down a notch."

"I doubt anything will do that." Hunter smiled. "But if you'd move to the side, I will bust down that hatch."

"You sure?" Donna looked impressed. "Because-"

"Of course." Hunter said, dismissing her concern. "I'm like an expert at kicking stuff down. One at time at this dude's party, let me just tell you; his parents must not have been happy the next morning."

Donna couldn't help but laugh along with him. He walked back towards the end of the tunnel.

"You ready?" His voice echoed down the tunnel.

"Yeah." Donna yelled down and he closed his eyes, running down the tunnel as fast as he could. But instead of slamming into something, he felt himself fall into something… plushy.

Hunter opened his eyes to see a huge room; covered in glitter, feather boas, sequined fabric, and peep-toed shoes. Some of the walls were painted a light pink, while others has zebra prints. Hunter just scratched his head as he looked back to see Donna step down into the room and close the duct behind her.

"Woo this room looks like if Jeffrey Dahmer met RuPaul." Hunter whispered. "How did you open that?"

Donna pointed at the handle on the side and Hunter shrugged. "Do you see all the shoes, wigs, fabric here? I wonder who this belongs too?"

Hunter got up and looked at the vanity mirror, he shook his hair while Donna wasn't looking to get that perfect messy-I'm-not-trying look that girls loved (or at least he'd read that from one of his cousins girl magazines.). He looked down at the counter and in a big glittery photo frame, was Chef Hatchet in a complete drag accepting what seems to be a crown and sash.

"Donna, I think I found out who's room this is?"

Donna was running her hand of a roll of chiffon fabric, a beautiful one-shoulder dress coming to mind. "Yeah?"

"Can we get out of here?"

"Why?" Donna asked, walking over to him. "I just found a bunch of good fabric. I'm like in love with this room."

"Because this is Chef Hatchet's personal dressing room." Hunter yelled, holding out the picture in front of him.

"So why are you still following me?" Svetlana asked, looking back at Harper. "Isn't there a soccer ball, you should go kick or something?"

Harper smirked, rubbing his jaw. "What? It's not like you'd want to be here by yourself."

"Who said I don't?" Svetlana teased. "It'll give me time to think of all the ways that I could possibly get you eliminated."

"But wouldn't it be funny if the heroes won this challenge?"

"Okay so would you want to make that a bet?"

Harper eyebrows raised. "What exactly are we waging here?"

"Well if the villains win, I want you to run naked across camp."

Harper laughed out loud as Svetlana glared at him. "You can't be bloody serious! There's no way I would do that."

"You seems so confident, just a minute ago." Svetlana asked, with a sly smirk on her face. "What happened? Afraid we might see something we might not like?"

Harper walked up to her and flashed that dashing grin. "Not really, I'm just don't want to give everything away so quickly. I want to make you work."

Svetlana's eyes opened wide. "Who says I want to see you naked? You're so full of yourself."

Harper ran up to a tree branch and started dangling off of it. His shirt raising, showing her a peek of well worked midsection and a light trail of hair near his belly button. "

So let's say I agree to your part, what will I make you do?" He asked himself aloud; pulling himself up while thinking. "I should make you burn all your clothes or maybe I'll make you sleep outside with the bear?"

"You wouldn't do that." Svetlana rolled her eyes. At least she really wished he didn't. "That'd be a pretty villainous thing of you to do."

"I know exactly what I want." Harper dropped from the tree branch. "A kiss. That's all I want. You lose and you have to kiss me."

Svetlana's face wasn't a sarcastic one like he'd expected, instead it was one of horror.

"Oh c'mon, kissing me won't be that bad." He said with a grin. "Actually I haven't heard any complaints so far."

Svetlana bright yellow nailed finger pointed to something behind him. Harper turned around to see a famous marshmallow-eating bear. It's eyes darted directly at the cocky jock and the queen bee.


"Do you think we should run?" Harper whispered through his teeth, his hands up. The bear stepped closer to him, his nose smelling Harper. He really hoped that he didn't smell delicious. "Svetlana? Are you there?"

"Get away from him, you dirty animal." Svetlana yelled, throwing the hideous sneakers that Chef had made them wear.

It hit the bear in between the eyes, and Svetlana grabbed Harpers hand as they ran off.

The bear running behind them.

Van looked around the eerily quiet Mess Hall. Everything about it gave him the chills. The way that the creepy mounted moose head seemed to be looking him straight in the eyes. The dripping of a weird grey stain on one of the wooden tables. He was starting to reconsider his decision for joining Roxanne on her suicide mission.

"Are you sure that this is the best thing to do?" Van asked as he crouched behind Roxanne. "I really don't think this is safe."

"Okay sequin queen." Roxanne turned around and grabbed Van by the shoulder. "We're just going to find whatever deep down secret it is that Chef has and then we'll be gone."

Van bit his lip. "I guess so. I just can't help but be a bit creeped out in here."

"I can see why." Roxanne said as she pulled the wooden flap doors to the kitchen. "This is where Chef creates the horrors he calls food."

"No, it's not that. It's the creepy Amish-antique road show décor in there." Van said with a shudder. Roxanne smiled back at him and Van shrugged his shoulder.

"Now if I was a scary muscular drag queen Chef, where would I hide a deep down secret?" Roxanne asked as she looked at the rather dirty kitchen.

The plates were piled up in the sink, the water was a murky brown water that smelled disgusting. The cabinets had nail mark engraved in them as if something was fighting it's way out. Roxanne opened the cabinets to see dust explode out, making her face gray.

Van couldn't help but laugh.

"Well that just shows how great production value is on this show." Roxanne closed the cabinet. "There's a rat by your foot."

"Sure. I'm suppose to believe you." Van rolled his eyes, looking down at his foot. A huge sewer rat was nibbling on one apples by his feet. Van let out a scream; kicking everything, but Roxanne covered his mouth. The rat scurrying out of the kitchen.

"Be quiet." Roxanne hissed. "Remember, we're not exactly in safe territory. Now I wonder what he keeps in fridge?"

While Roxanne looked inside of the fridge, shocked by the how everything was a completely different color than it was suppose to be; Van looked back at his shelf of books. While the shelf had a bunch of cooking books from like Paula Dean and Bobby Flay, it also had a book from Chelsea Handler; but what made him raise his eyebrow was Sex by Madonna.

He reached up to grab the book, but the wall gave in and he fell into a different room.

"Oh my god! The cheese is blue." Roxanne said amused. "And I don't mean Blue Cheese, I literally mean the cheese is blue."

She turned around but she didn't see her teammate. Roxanne looked around the brunette, but it looked like he disappeared into thin air.

The rebel was ready to say a pun of Van being a literal fairy, but she was interrupted by the right wall turning around and a confused Van looking around.

"How did you?"

Van shrugged. "I just touched a book and the wall shifted."

"What the hell? What is this? Scooby-Doo." Roxanne smirked. "But thanks for finding his hiding place."

"You're welcome." Van clapped for himself as he pulled the book again, bringing Roxanne back to the dark staircase. "I wonder what he hides down there?"

"Well judge by the burning stakes of woods, I'm guessing this is where he sacrifices people." Roxanne joked as the two villains stepped down the creaky steps. "Are you ready to see what it is?"

"Not really."

Roxanne opened the door to see Hunter and Donna; Hunter dropped behind Donna, and she dropped the roll of fabric that was in her hand.

"What you guys doing here?" Roxanne asked, looking at Hunter.

"We found it." Donna smiled, Hunter getting up from the hot pink plush carpet. "We were walking through the woods and I fell into the sewer system. Long story short, we found Chef's changing room."

"Smooth move." Roxanne teased Hunter as she sat back on one of Chef's hand couches.

"This is Chef's changing room?" Van asked as he walked over to his closet. It was a double door and it was jam packed with clothes, makeup, shoes, anything you can think of. "He has a pair of the Dillain Flower Christian Louboutin."

"I know. He has some many shoes, I wonder how he got them?" Donna asked as she went to the closet with Van. They were screaming over all the shoes in his closet.

"Well this was a let down."

Hunter looked at Roxanne confused. "Why?"

"Because I thought Chef was hiding like area 51, or something in his kitchen." Roxanne said. "Not his own Barbie dream house."

"I'm guessing you aren't a girly girl."

Roxanne snorted. "I thought you would have noticed by the way I wasn't running for his closet. Lady face over there is more girly than me."

Hunter looked back to see Van holding a pair of nude shoes to his heart, his eyes seemed to twinkle.

"Well if you two are done making me gag, can we get out of here?" Roxanne asked. "I rather hunt down some heroes than sit here." Hunter coughed and Roxanne shrugged.

"I don't think Chef will miss these." Van said grabbing the nude heels. "And you should totally take the sequined fabric."

"I can make sequined tights, sequined shorts, sequined boxers." Donna laughed as she tired picking up the heavy roll. Hunter grabbed it from her and she smiled.

The four teens walked up the stairs and Van pulled the book, making the wall shirt.

"Ahhhh!" three of them screamed (Roxanne just stood bored) as Chef stood in front of them. A butcher knife in hand.

"You maggots are brave for coming in here." Chef said with a grimace. "I guess you saw what I have down there."

The four of them nodded their heads. Chef just glared at each of them.

"You have really good taste in shoes." Donna smiled, but the burly man just snarled at her.

"Drop my roll of fabric, skater boy." He growled at Hunter, the teen dropping it right away. "And don't think I don't know you have my heels."

Van gave him a grin, dropping the heels next to the big roll of fabric. "I should have probably done that earlier."

"You think?" Chef rolled his eyes. He turned his head to Roxanne (who was clicking her tongue on the top of her roof.) "And you, I know that you were behind this."

"Yeah, whatever." Roxanne rolled her eyes. "Can you just take us to the cells already."

"I don't like you." Chef hissed as he pushed all the teens out of his kitchen.

Confession Cam

Donna: "I did not expect that at all. Chef is like the scariest man ever, but he has amazing style." Donna nodded. "Also I saw all his pictures, can you believe he's good friends with RuPaul, oh and he's California Drag Queen of the year."

Roxanne: Roxanne held a fist up to the camera. "You think I'm scared of you Chef, I've seen kittens scarier than you." Roxanne sneered. "Also I don't like you either."

Van: Van looked heartbroken. "I really wanted those nude heels. It's not like he didn't have a bunch of others. He's lucky I didn't have his flowered Jimmy Choos."

End of Confessional

"Oh my nose." Janelle cried, rather over the top. "I don't think I'll ever be pretty again. My poor nose."

Micah trudged behind Janelle and Robby. He was still carrying the dramatic socialite in his arms as she cried and complimented his physical form. At this point, Micah would rather get caught by Chef than keep listening to her.

"Janelle, are you okay to walk?" Robby asked her. "I'm getting a cramp in my leg from carrying you."

"Are you calling me fat?" Janelle's eyes started to water. "I'm only a hundred pounds. I knew I should have kept on with that diet."

Robby held his hands in front of him. "No, you're not fat. It's just I've been carrying for a long time, so I'm feeling tired."

Janelle's frown turned into a sympathetic sigh. She ran over to the handsome mocha-colored teenager. Her hands running up and down his arms. "I'm really good at massages."

Robby looked down at her, freaked out. "I'm fine, thanks for the offer."

"Your loss." Janelle winked as she checked out her nails. "Ugh, my nail beds suck. I hope there's like a nail place or a beauty tent on this island. Maybe I should call my daddy. He'll get me one ASAP."

She looked back at Micah and grabbed a lock of her golden hair. "You look like you need a toner, your hair is so sun damaged."

"Thanks for the advice Janelle." Micah smiled as she grabbed her hair back from the socialite.

"You know anything for a fellow hero." Janelle winked. "It's not like you guys are going to back stab me. You wouldn't believe how many people have done that to me. That's why I'm not cool with Audriana, Kristen, Lauren, and Heidi." (1)

"Follow me." Micah mouthed to Robby, his eyebrows raising.

Janelle was telling a story about Kristen had backstabbed her when she's taken Brody away from her. Apparently Brody was an amazing kiss and Kristen was a slutbag-whore.

Robby walked carefully over to Micah, where the blonde grabbed him by the hand and she ran into the woods. Janelle was still babbling away, not noticing that she was talking to herself.

"Well then Heidi got married to this douche and now she looks like the bride of Frankenstein. But Lauren decided to go away because she didn't want to see them together, so then Kristen became the new queen bee. I really hated that biatch, she was so slutty. Like she almost got in a fight with Audriana." Janelle said while looking at her red ends. "Well I don't care since Brody was an idiot and you aren't one Robbie."

Janelle grinned to herself, turning around hoping to see Robby's bright smile shining her way.

But no one was behind her. Not Robbie. Not Micah. No one.

"Hello?" Janelle asked walking around. "Robby? Micah? Where did you guys go? I bet this is all Kristen's vault."

"Do you think it was okay to leave her alone out there?" Robby asked. He wanted to feel bad but a part of him was happy to be away from Janelle.

"I'm sure she'll be alright." Micah smiled. "I know it was pretty mean but I seriously wanted to quit if I had to deal with her anymore."

Robby grinned. "I know what you mean. She means well but she has an annoying way of showing it."

"Now we've got to win this for the heroes." Micah said, with a charming grin.

"I think not." growled a voice behind them. The two heroes turned around to see Chef. His water gun aimed at them. It's icy cold water dousing them.

"There's only a couple of you prisoners out there now." Chris's voice rang throughout the island. "With Micah and Robby getting doused and Roxanne, Donna, Van, and Hunter found inside of Chef's kitchen; it's down to the wire and Chef is out for your blood."

Kylie looked up at Ryder. His messy dark blonde hair falling down .His hands were on her sides, a smirk on his handsome face. She could see the flecks of yellow in his dark green eyes.

"You can get off of me now," Kylie reminded him, smiling "And what was that for?"

"Did you want Chef finding us?" Ryder asked, as he got to his feet. "Because I don't want to lose this challenge."

Kylie sat up and leaned on her hands. She watched him, look out the window.

"You can get out now. The coast is clear." Ryder said, opening the front door for her.

"What? You're kicking me out?"

Ryder nodded. "I like to be alone and if you being here, means I have to worry about you."

Kylie got up to her feet. She couldn't believe what a dick he was being. Take care of her?

"Are you serious? I can take care of myself perfectly well." Kylie crossed her arms. "I'm not one of these damsels in distress. So don't think that you right away have to take care of me."

"Are you leaving?" Ryder asked, bored. His hand gesturing out to the woods.

"No, I'm not leaving." Kylie sat down on one of the buckets. Her eyes wondering around the boat house. It was filled with a fishing rods and fish parts floating in jars.

Ryder rubbed his chin, a grin on his face. "Suit yourself, make sure you don't make a lot of noise."

"I'll try my best." She said sarcastically. Guys never treated her like this, guys would usually be pining for her. Jaws to the ground and panting, but here was this hot bad boy; who just wanted her to be quite.

A pair of screams filled the woods. Ryder and Kylie looked at each other. "I wonder who that was?" Kylie asked.

"Oh my god! Help me!" screamed a familiar voice. "I'm too pretty to die!"

"Isn't that that prissy brunette on our team?" Ryder asked. "The one that cares too much about her clothes and is super rich."

"Yeah, what do you think she's running from?" Kylie looked at him, his eyes were still focused out on the woods. He wasn't even trying to catch a peek at her.

"Ahhh!" screamed a second voice. It had a British accent. "I don't want to be a bear dinner."

Svetlana looked over to the right, when she was running. She saw the boat house, and it's door was open. She grabbed Harper by the hand and they both ran down to the boat house.

"What is she doing?" Ryder asked confused.

"I think she's coming over here." Kylie said bored, still wondering why wasn't he acting like a typical teenage boy. Svetlana ran into the boat house and Harper closed the door behind them. She noticed that Ryder and Kylie were standing, looking at her. She looked at them confused.

"What the hell are you guys doing here?" Svetlana asked, blowing a lock of sweaty brown hair out of her face. Harper plopped down on the door from exhaustion.

"We're hiding from Chef."

"You see what you did." Ryder blamed Kylie. "I was here by myself and now I have to deal with three people."

"Mate, we had no where else to go." Harper said in between breaths. "That bear… it was horrible… and fast."

"My hair!" Svetlana cried as she sat down next to Kylie. "It's all sweaty and gross."

"Look you three can stay here and have a party." Ryder said, grabbing a fishing rod. "But I'm leaving to find a new hiding place." The muscular bad boy opened the door to see a snarling bear standing in the door frame.

Harper crawled over to where Svetlana and Kylie were huddled together (He winked at Kylie). The three of them let out a loud yell as Ryder slammed the door shut. He pushed one of the cabinets in front of the door.

"Oh my god!" Svetlana screamed. "We're going to die!"

The bear scratched at the door, it's nails ripping parts of the door. Ryder looked through the window to see the bear, throwing it's head at the boat.

"Maybe we can take this boat out of here before that thing eats us for dinner." Harper suggested, pointing at the dirty vintage boat.

"Well let's hurry because that door isn't going to hold." Ryder said as the four teens hopped onto the boat. Kylie pulled on the motor but it wouldn't start up.

"This ancient piece of shit won't start." Kylie kept pulling, but the string broke. Svetlana let out a cry when Kylie held the broken handle in her hand.

"Everyone just start paddling." Ryder yelled as they started pushing the water with their hands. He looked up to see the bear's head in the door opening. "Faster!"

The four teenagers pushed through the water harder, getting away from the boating house just before the bear pushed it's way into the house. It let out a loud roar, watching them float away.

Svetlana hugged Harper tightly, sobbing on his shoulder. Ryder laid out on the boat, letting out a breath of relief. He looked to his side to see Kylie laying next to him, the same look on her face. But something bumped into the boat.

The four teens turned to the source to see another ship next to their. A gap-toothed man in a police officer uniform, pointing a water gun at them.

"Got'cha." He laughed as he clocked his water gun back.

Confession Cam

Kylie: "What do I think about Ryder?" She thought to herself. "He's interesting, to say the least. I've never met a guy that doesn't fall on his feet for me. Not that I'm shallow or anything but it always happens. Always."

Ryder: "If I was alone, I would have won that challenge." Ryder ran his hand through his hair. "But I had to deal with a prissy queen bee, a hardhead, and a Brit that isn't even on my team. But man that Kylie is so stubborn. Dude, I don't know how to deal with people like that."

End of Confessional

Isla walked around the woods, lost. She didn't know where her other team mates had gone. Once the bees attacked, she's ran off into the woods. Isla was allergic to them, so there was no way in hell she was going to let herself get stung.

"Well this is just perfect." She muttered to herself. "Here I am, alone in the woods."

She walked through the woods, felling like she was just walking around in circles.

"You know this is actually pretty calming." Isla said as she sat down on the grass, Indian style. "Maybe I can just stay here and I'll win the challenge."

She breathed in slowly, letting herself calm down. It reminded her of when she use to do Beach Yoga with her mother. Their instructor was actually pretty hot.

"Shut up!" bellowed a loud voice, it made the ground shake. Isla opened her eyes and heard footsteps coming her way. She stood up and ran behind a tree. She saw Chef, walking. He had a list in his hand, a bunch of the names were crossed out. She could see the names: Freaky Beach Girl, Idiot, Gentle Giant, Girl that talks too much, and Creepy Quiet Girl were not crossed out. (2)

Chef continued to walk and Isla walked out from behind the tree, running towards where he came from. She found a huge Jail movie set, in the middle of the woods. She entered the large fence and looked around. The top of the fence was wrapped in barware. Isla continued to sneak her way into the main building.

"I deserve better treatment than this!" Avery complained from her jail cell. "Or at least a cell away from this idiot."

Issac glared at her. "I'm not an idiot. It's not my fault that you're just a dry hag."

"What did you say?" Avery screamed as she jumped on top of him, gripping his brown hair. "I. am. Not. Dry."

Isla looked at the two sides of the jail. On the right side was the big cell that was holding all of the villains and on the left was the heroes. While the heroes were sitting in their cell peacefully and actually getting along, the villains on the other hand were arguing and fighting.

"Oh my god! This is epic!" Chad laughed as he cheered on the fight. Avery pushed Van, who end up bumping into Greg's shoulder.

"Watch where you're going fairy." Greg growled. "I know I'm hot, but I'm into chicks not dicks."

Van laughed loudly. "Yeah, because I so want a guy like you Greg. I would rather die than ever like someone like you."

"What was that?" Greg said, cracking his knuckles.

"You heard him Greg." Roxanne said, standing up for her friend. "Do you have a problem with him, you idiot."

"Isla?" Micah asked as the heroes walked over to the bars. "How did you make it here?"

"I found it, this is where he's keeping you guys?" Isla asked as Samantha nodded her head. "Man, these cells are gross."

"You haven't even seen the toilet." Hunter squirmed. "You really don't want to see that."

"Look Isla, you need to get out of here before Chef finds you." James encouraged.

"Wait up!" Svetlana yelled, as all the villains stopped arguing. "They have a spy here."

"She's not a spy." Astrid defended her team mate. "You aren't a spy right?"

"I'm not a spy."

Geoffrey walked to the bars of the villains side. His hair was still dropping water. "So if she isn't a spy, what is she doing here?"

"She's trying to bust them out." Marvin yelled. "The cell release button is cross that bridge up there. It's the big red button, that's probably what she's doing."

Isla looked up at the rickety bridge above her, and the landing where a huge control panel was. "Wait up, you guys."

"Nice going dumbass." Roxanne cursed. "You just told her how to open the heroes cell!"

Marvin scratched his head. "That was my bad."

"Wow, and I thought I was the idiot of the group." Issac laughed as Avery pulled his hair.

Isla started ran to the far wall and started climbing the ladder up to the bridge.

"We can't let her do that." Van urged the villains. "Um.. I know. Let's scream. Chef will hear us and he'll find her."

"That's not a bad idea… Van." Greg agreed. "CHEF! RUN OVER HERE! Someone is messing with your fruity dresses!"

As the villains began yelling out Chef's name, the heroes were cheering on their team mate. They knew if Isla could release them, they'd have this challenge in the bag.

"You got this Isla!" Effy yelled. "Go Isla, for the heroes."

"Oh my god Chef!" Roxanne screamed. "I found a loose rhinestone."

Isla got to the top of the ladder and stepped onto the bridge. It sounded unstable and it was shaking from the screams and jumping that was coming from downstairs. Isla held onto both of the railings and walked really slowly.

"A loose rhinestone?" The doors to the prison opened and a giddy looking Chef walked in. "Where?"

"There's no rhinestone, you big idiot!" Roxanne yelled, pointing up at the bridge. "She's trying to release the heroes."

"WHAT?" he screamed as he started climbing up the jail walls. Isla tried to run towards the end of the bridge before he got to the control panel but Chef blocked her way. "Where do you think you're going Blondie."

Isla knew that she was going to have to beat Chef, to get to the control panel. So she held her hands out in front of her and yelled.

"Oh, Tiger style." Chef said surprised. "That's impressive but I'm a master at the art of the Crane."

"Bring it on." Isla said as they ran towards each other. They both took blows at each other, but they continued to black each others blows. Isla gave him a high kick and Chef threw a punch, both throwing each other to the ground. The bridge shook.

"You're really good." Chef complimented her.

"Thanks, you're not that bad yourself." Isla got back up to her feet. "You ready?"

"Always." Chef yelled as he ran towards her, the bridge shaking wildly. She ran forward, jumping on Chef's head , getting to the other side. She could see the red button glowing brightly. Chef knew that she would get to the button so he jumped far on the rickety bridge, making the both of them fall with it.

The whole room filled with dust as everyone coughed loudly. Isla felt herself falling and instead of landing on the ground, she landed in someone's arms. She rubbed her eyes and looked up. It was Chef.

He grinned and threw her into the heroes cell. "It was a good try girly, but no one can beat Chef."

"It was a good try." Robby patted her in the back.

"Wait, something we planned actually went our way?" Issac asked. There a moment of silence and then the villains started clapping and celebrating.

Adger walked into camp, looking of a way to hide away from Chef. The only thing there was the Mess Hall and he didn't dare go in there. He didn't want to be the next ingredient in Chef's mystery meat chili. So he thought where else could he hide on the campgrounds.

He didn't want to go into the communal bathroom and he didn't want to hide inside of the Confessional.

"I got it." He said, looking up at the roof of the Mess Hall. He'd hide on the roof of the Mess Hall. Chef would never check up there.

Adger started climbing up to the roof, and when he pulled himself up. There was already someone up there. She was the quite girl from the villains team.

"What are you doing up here?" Casey turned her head to him.

"I thought , the roof was empty." Adger mumbled, reverting to him shy self.

"Well you thought wrong." Casey deadpanned, turning the page to her copy of "Hamlet."

"So I can't stay here?"

"Nope." She said, not even turning her head to face him. "You can get down now."

"Um.. Yeah." Adger muttered as he climbed back down from the roof.

As soon as his feet touched the Mess Hall porch, a strong hand clamped on his shoulder. He turned around to see Chef looking at him pissed. He was covered in dust, which made him sneeze.

"You're coming with me." Chef growled as he pulled Adger with him.

"Just my luck." he mumbled as they walked into the woods.

Confession Cam

Casey: "It's not that I wanted to eliminate him, but that was my spot." She shrugged. " I didn't want to share."

End of Confessional

Janelle decided that the best hiding place would have to be the huge cliff on the island.

Why? Because she doubt that Chef would run all the way up there just to find her.

And the people back home called her dumb.

Maybe she'd end up winning the challenge for the heroes, then they'd be kissing her butt. She'll be known as the queen of the heroes. Maybe that'll make Robby fall in love with her. He looked like he was a good kisser, with those full pink lips.

She snapped out of her daydream and looked up the cliff. She had quite a bit to go yet.

If she won, she'd surely be immune and if she played her cards right, Micah would go home. It's not that she hated Micah, it's just that she was vying for Robby's attention.

It wasn't that hard to notice. She was all over the handsome teen, maybe that's why she hit her on the nose. Maybe because she was jealous that he was carrying her.

Janelle looked up and saw the red head from the villains. She was laying on her prisoner shirt, soaking up the sun.

"What are you doing?"

"Tanning, no duh." Alicia grinned. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to hide from Chef."

"Oh, I'm doing that too." Alicia cocked her head. "But this is my hiding spot."

"Can't we share?" Janelle asked, nicely.

"No. That wouldn't be mean of me." Alicia shrugged. "You're going to find a new hiding place."

Janelle glared at the red head. "Look, I've walked all the way up here. I'm going to hide here whether you like it or not. You can punch me in the face and-"

The socialite was interrupted by Alicia's fist punching her in the nose.

"Ahhh!" Janelle screamed. "Why'd you do that for?"

"Cause you said I can punch you in the face."

Janelle held her nose. "I didn't mean it literally, you idiot."

"I'm not an idiot." Alicia said, pushing Janelle's shoulder.

"Oh yes you are." Janelle pushed her back. "How doesn't know the difference between being literal and non-literal."

"Why are you using all these big words?" Alicia pushed Janelle harder and Janelle grabbed her, sending the two girls rolling down the cliff. They ripped and clawed at each other. The cliff giving them so much speed that they ran into Chef and Adger as they continued rolling, right to the front door of the jail.

"Oh yeah!" Chad yelled. "A catfight! Take each other's top off."

Chef Hatchett had had enough, so he grabbed each girl by the collar and pryed them off each other. Adger had appeared under them, his face covered in dirt and scratches.

"Stop! I want to make her pay for what she did." Janelle screamed. "Look at my damn nose. It'll never be the same again."

Janelle pointed at her bruised, bloodied nose. Chef and the other campers cringed.

"Girl, put that thing away." Chef yelled at Janelle. "You scaring everyone here."

Janelle's eyes started to water as Chef put her down.

"I'm guessing I got everyone." Chef said to himself, looking at all the dirty, sweaty kids. "And Chris said that I wouldn't be able to do it."

"And I was right." The egotistically host voice rang throw the island's sound system. "Everyone come over to the camp grounds, so you can see who won this challenge."

"What is he talking about?" Chef asked himself as he unlocked the two cells and walked over to the campgrounds. Everyone looked just as confused him.

Chris stood in front of the Mess Hall, a fruity drink complete with pineapple slice and umbrella in hand. "So how was the challenge?"

All of the campers started giving out their complains everything from bear attacks, bee stings, badly dug holes, and one of a freaky stain.

"Well If you haven't noticed," Chris took a sip out of his drink. "I don't care."

"What exactly are we waiting for?" Effy asked.

"First thing, maybe you haven't noticed but your cabins have arrived." Chris pointed over to where the new cabins were standing. They seemed to shine brightly. "One of the them is more equipped that the other one."

"And now for the winner of this challenge." Chris smirked. "Have any of you noticed that someone is missing."

A figure walked out of the Mess Hall and a big grin came on the faces of the villains. It was Casey, she was standing next to Chris bored. A book under her arm.

"The winners of this challenge are the villains." The villains started clapping, they walked forwards to Casey.

"Don't hug me." She told all of them. The villains quickly stepped back to where they were.

"Well good job, creepy girl." Greg gave her a thumbs up. Casey rolled her eyes as she joined the villains.

"So you know what that means heroes. You guys are up for elimination."

Confession Cam

Janelle: "I bet that Kristen is probably laughing it up right now." Janelle mumbled. There was a cast over her nose. "It's the first day and I've already had a bunch of damage done to my face. I doubt anyone wants to kiss me with this on my nose. I probably look like a monster." Janelle started crying.

Alicia: "It's not my fault she said to punch her in the face. I thought she wanted me to really punch her in the face." Alicia pouted her lips. "And look at my hair. I look like one of those troll dolls." Alicia brought her face to the camera and started giggling.

Casey: "I dislike group hugs." Casey deadpanned. "I also hate sweat and those guys stunk like sweat."

Greg: Greg smelled his armpit. "Man, I freaking stink," He smiled. "Oh, is this thing on. Crap!"

End of Confessional

Harper walked to the Communal bathroom, towel and a change of clothes in hand. He'd waited until everyone was done fight and arguing about showering, so that he could go.

All he wanted to do was wash away all the sweat and dirt from today, before he had a eliminate one of his team mates. He looked around the camp ground, trying to see if he could find Svetlana. He'd been avoiding her since the villains had gone the challenge.

He was not going to run around in the nude for her.

Harper walked into the communal bathroom and turned on the shower. The hot water was soothing to his aching body. He stepped in and forgot about his paranoia.

He was so relaxed that he didn't hear the clicks of someone's high heels on the tiled floor, or the yellow nailed-polished fingers that grabbed his clothes and towel.

Harper washed the soap off his body and turned off the shower. He shook his wet brown hair and looked up. His clothes were missing.

He stuck his head out of the shower and saw a smirking brunette looking him.

"Give me my bloody clothes Svetlana."

Svetlana dangled his clothes in front of her. "Harper, don't tell me you forgot about our little wager."

"Are you serious?" Harper asked, not stepping out of the shower. "Can't I do something, anything but this."

Svetlana shook her head. A smirk on her face.

Harper rolled his eyes , using his hands to cover his package. He stepped out of the shower and walked towards Svetlana. She couldn't help but admire the way the water dripped off of his well formed abs.

"You know you're horrible for this." He smiled, standing in front of her.

"I am a villain after all." Svetlana winked.

"Well the hell with it." Harper laughed as he ran out of the bathroom. Svetlana stepped to the doorframe to see everyone laughing and pointing. Roxanne and Kylie were whistling, while the heroes guys looked shocked.

Svetlana couldn't help but have a weird feeling in her stomach. It wasn't the kind of feeling of victory. It was almost a fluttering. She felt like she had butterflies.

Donna laid in her bed, looking up at the weird stain on Astrid's bed above her. She couldn't believe that someone was going to go home. One of her team mates, someone that she'd already grown to love.

"Can you believe what the redheaded idiot did to me." Janelle cried as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her nose had definitely not lost any swelling. "I bet this is going to cost a fortune to fix."

"Yeah. Uh Huh." Donna absentmindedly said. Truthfully, she wasn't really listening to Janelle's complaining. She was just thinking about who could be leaving? Could it be Effy, who had awesome taste and music, or Astrid, who was super sweet and made her fall, or Hunter. She really hoped it wouldn't be Hunter. He was like her best friend her.

A knock sounded on the cabins screen door and Donna got up to open the door. She looked through it to see a smiling Hunter. His black hair was all over the place.

Donna opened the door and saw all of the hero guys on the steps. "What happened?"

"Harper kicked us out." James shrugged. "Something about not wanting to show us his you-know-what."

"Ooooh" Donna nodded her head, although she didn't know what Harper's you-know-what was. "So what's up Hunter?"

"I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out." He asked. "Unless you're busy."

She looked back to see Janelle, still complaining as she looked through her luggage.

"Nope, I'm not busy at all." Donna said, closing the screen door behind her. "So what do you want to do?"

"You wanna play Go Fish on the dock?" Hunter asked, flashing a deck of cards. "I'm like the master of that game."

"Well you obviously haven't played with me." Donna punched him in the arm. "I'm like the queen at that game."

The two of them down the steps as James just sighed.

Confession Cam

James: "Those two are really cute together. It's like their both ditz, and I guess that just makes them super cute together." James smiled, like an approving father. "What? I like love okay, we don't all have to be mean and nasty on this island."

(From outside the confessional) Marvin: "But it makes better ratings."

(Still in the confessional) James: "Don't you have someone else's confessionals to go ruin?"

End of Confessional

"Heroes! How's it hanging?" Chris asked the thirteen teens in front of him.

The flames from the campfire, blazed high into night sky. The starts shining bright above them.

"Well other than the fact that someone's going home, I'm perfectly happy." Astrid grinned. "Like I'm one step closer to find the leprechaun!"


"Don't ask!" The twelve other heroes yelled as Astrid giggled.

"Anyways you know why you're here because you guys sucked." Chris laughed. "Although finding Chef's dressing room and showing it to the viewers was priceless."

"Is he still mad about that?" Donna asked, before a loud primal roar sounded throughout the island. "I'm guessing he's still angry."

"Well this is the first elimination ceremony for Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains." Chris announced, the fire roared up into the sky. "That means that one by one each of you will get a marshmallow and the person who doesn't will end up walking that Dock of Shame and taking the rickety Boat of Losers, where you'll be dropped off at Playa de Losers… and you'll never…ever… ever be allowed to come back. NEVER AGAIN!"

"I think we got it after the first never." Micah quipped.

"So none of you are going to say "Well people come back all the time."" Chris asked, mocking their voices.

"Why would we, when someone always come back." James said. "So it's pretty useless."

"Okay. Well the first person to receive a marshmallow is…" The dramatic music begins and everyone turns their eyes at Effy.

"I'm not doing it" Effy held her hands up in front of her.

"Isla." Chris announced, throwing the sugary puff to the blonde. She plopped it in her mouth and began chewing. "The rest of the marshmallows goes to Adger. Donna. Hunter." Donna shot Hunter a smile. "Harper. Micah. Robby. Effy. Gary. James. Sam."

"There is only one marshmallow left." Chris held it up. "Who does it go too? Astrid or Janelle?"

Both girls gave each a determined look.

"Well we've decided to change things up for this first elimination," Chris said with a devious smile. "So we'll be showing your confessionals to the entire viewing world."

The eleven safe heroes looked away or started scratching their heads, as Astrid and Janelle looked back at them.

Confession Cam

Harper: "Well this is going to be quiet a hard decision." Harper rubbed his chin. "I can either go with annoying or even more annoying and I'm going to have to say Janelle." The jock shrugged. "Sorry Mate."

Adger: The film buff had a bunch of bandages on his face, from all the scratches. "Today was not a good day. I was stung, scratched and now I have to eliminate someone." The tall teen thought. "Although Janelle scratched me, I have to say Astrid. I think she's lost it."

Donna: "You're nice and all but I'm sorry Janelle. I think you should leave. It's not that I don't like you. It's just that you talk a lot."

Gary: "I have to pick Astrid. She's truly convinced that she saw a leprechaun in the woods."

James: "Um… Two beautiful ladies to pick from and as much as this hurts me, it has to be Janelle." James shrugged. "I just think she's more fit for Hollywood than woods and physical challenges."

Sam: "Oh I really don't like doing this. But I'm going to pick Astrid. I see her imagination getting the best of her." Samantha looked upset. "I really hate speaking badly of others."

Effy: "So I can only think of two weak links. That has to be Janelle or Astrid." Effy showed her hands. "Janelle likes herself way too much, but at least she didn't get me stung by bees. So Astrid, you've got my vote."

Hunter: "My vote has to be for Janelle, she can be sort of mean." Hunter thought. "She's like a nicer version of Avery or Svetlana. I just see her sort of getting meaner if she stays her so that's why I think she should go."

Isla: "Now it sucks that we lost this challenge and the villains are probably off covering our cabin in paper towel but I have to say that Astrid should go. She's really nice and everything, but she's sort of not all there."

Robby: "I can think of only one person that should go home." Robby paused. "That has to be Janelle. She just talks too much and I think she has a crush on me. She's pretty hot but I don't think I can handle the constant talking."

Micah: "My vote is for Janelle." The blonde shrugged. "She's already freaking out because of her nose. She doesn't like the wilderness and she's pretty clueless. I think that she'll be way better off at Playa Des Losers, where she can get pampered like she's used too."

Astrid: "Ummm… who should I vote for?" Astrid hummed for a really long time. "Oh I know. I'm gonna vote for Janelle. She screams a lot and she has a lot of complaints."

Janelle: Janelle sat in the confessional with a smirk. "I'm like really sorry that I'm prettier than the girls on my team. Whenever I try to give them advice, they don't listen. Not that I really care because I guess I can keep all the guys." Janelle laughed. "Oh but for elimination. Isla should definitely go. I don't get her Buddha calmness. It's weird."

End of Confessional

"Astrid, here's your marshmallow." Chris threw the marshmallow, hitting the childish girl on the side of the head. She walked back to her team mates, although she sat on the furthest seat away from me. Her eyes glaring at all of them.

"I guess Janelle, it's your time to catch the Boat of Losers." Chris said as Janelle turned to the heroes, a wicked look on her face.

"That's what you guys think of me?" Janelle asked, veins pulsating out of her neck. "I can't believe you asshole. I was nothing but nice to all of you." "Actually… you were sort of a bitch." James countered.

"Well you know what. You call yourselves heroes, but you're just as mean as the villains." Janelle rolled her eyes. "Oh and you know what. I don't need this dumb show. I'm already famous and I have a bunch of money. I was only here for ratings, so Chris you lost your star." Laura just glared at the heroes and marched her way down to the boat.

An awkward silence filled the air as Janelle's boat started up. They could still hear her yelling about being a star.

"Well does anyone want to play Musical Chairs: Effy Edition?" Effy asked as the heroes nodded and followed her back to the cabin.

Final Confessional

Janelle: "I can't believe I'm the first person off the island." Janelle eyes were glossy. "I was like the best person there. I was fashionable, pretty, and I was nice. Those guys were just jerks." Janelle breathed. "I'm not going to cry though, because that takes too much work and I have really expensive mascara on. But whatever, who's going to be hanging at a resort while all you losers are getting dirty and sweaty." Janelle smiled. "I can't wait to see all of them pull up to the resort where I'll be waiting to get my last laugh. HA!"

(1) You can probably guess that Janelle was talking about The Hills girls. I kind of see her getting along perfectly with those bimbos. Although they always had awesome drama.

(2) Can anyone guess who those nicknames were for?

Well there you have it. The first elimination of Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains. Can I say this is going to be so tough eliminating people because I really admire all these characters. They are all epic but this is Total Drama, so they are all going to have to go eventually.

Also a new little thing I want to add to this story is: I'll allow you guys to vote for this episodes MVP. At the beginning of every episode, an MVP will be declared and if that's your character: You might get a spoiler, or you'll be able to decided the next challenge.

Since the Villains won this challenge, the MVP must be one of the VILLAINS!

Now if you have any complaints, praises, or anything in that nature just review and I can't wait to write the next chapter! Even though I have no idea what the challenge or anything will be, I'm just excited to start it!

Chapter Three: Chef's Jailhouse Rock