"What've you got there, pet?" Spike asked Dru as she knelt in the dirt.

"It's a beautiful, deadly triffid," she whispered, her eyes wide with awe.

Spike shrugged. "What's it do?" he asked, knowing she had all kinds of attributes assigned to plants: rosemary for remembrance; thyme to bury someone alive; jasmine to steal breathe away.

"It eats people."

That was a new one. Spike looked down at the seedling with interest. "Like that plant in Little Shop of Horrors?"

"No, silly. It shoots venom. People fall, boom, down to the ground and my little darling waits for them to decompose."

"That's it? Wouldn't people just chop them down when they see these triffids towering over decaying corpses?"

"They bide their time, waiting until nobody can see, but it's too late. The time of the comet has already come and gone."

"Yeah, right," Spike said, shaking down his pockets for a cigarette. Faux deadly plants weren't enough to hold his attention. "I'm going out to get some dinner. Join me?"

Dru sat crooning over her plant. As Spike headed off into the night, she said, "Don't you worry my little moppet. Mummy will make sure you grow up big and strong." She sang nursery rhymes to it all night long.