The little girl where was bit by a little squirrel

There once was a little girl of seven lived in a small little house on the corner. Everyday after her schoolwork she would go outside in her little backyard and feed a little family of squirrels Ritz crackers.

Well one day the little girl went outside with her crackers and found a little baby squirrel, which looked so cute to her. When the little squirrel came up to her, she held out the cracker and instead of taking the little cracker it took a good bite from her finger, and held on with its might as she shook him up and down.

Finally, her mother came outside to find her child crying, and her hand bleeding, her mother checked the finger, said that they need to go to the hospital, and check for rabies, and maybe stitches.

When they got to the hospital, and the doctor checked her, she was positive for rabies and she badly needed stitches. So they took her into a small little white room with no windows and gave her a few shots, and finally gave her stitches, the little girl had never cried in her life before as much as she did then.

Finally, the little girl is now a big girl of 43 years old. She hates squirrels but lives in a widely populated area, and when she read that woman back then if they where warriors would cut off one breast, so did she, and walks around her house naked with one breast, and tries to kill squirrels with a bb gun, or now with tomahawks, and you will know when she tries to hunts squirrels when you hear her battle cry, wakka wakka wakka wakka!