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Learn to Live Chapter 23 ~ Left Out

Harry kept to the shadows as he walked down to Severus' rooms. He'd resolved to waiting for his father there. He entered the rooms and pushed the door closed behind him. He replayed the conversation between who he now realized were Draco and Blaise.

"He's not my problem…"

"Don't you dare bring him into my room."

Draco's words echoed in Harry's head. Harry let out a growl of frustration and punched the nearest wall. His fist let out a nasty wet crack as it collided with the stone. Faintly, Harry heard the tinkling, shattering sound of breaking glass.

Harry cried out in pain, both emotional and physical, and pulled back just let go and hit the wall a second time.

Harry sank to the floor, staring at his bleeding knuckles. He idly thought that his knuckle bones were whiter than he thought they would be. He tried to move his fingers. They didn't respond, but hung there limply as blood flowed down them to drip into the forming pond of blood.

He looked to his left and saw a broken frame. Had he knocked that down when he pulled back?

Cradling his broken hand, Harry lay on the floor and curled up on his side. Numb and confused, Harry slept.

Severus and Lilia stopped outside Lilia's door. They'd been out until six thirty in the morning and the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon outside.

Lilia smiled up at Severus, "I had a lot of fun tonight, Severus. Thank you." Lilia shifted to her tip toes and kissed Severus abruptly.

The kiss made Severus see stars. Inside him, it was as if a switch had been flipped; a switch that Severus had turned off many years ago. His emotions had been flipped from OFF to ON, and Severus didn't know what to do other than to kiss Lilia.

Severus' arms wove around Lilia's waist, pulling her closed. One hand fisted in her hair as the other hand pressed against the small of her back as Severus pressed her against the wall.

Lilia's hand went up and her fingers twisted into Severus' hair as she cradled his cheek with her other hand.

Severus felt the moan she let out, rather than heard it. It triggered a deep moan of desire from him, and he deepened the kiss. Lilia pressed up against Severus, and Severus felt as though he'd found a little slice of heaven here with Lilia in his arms. But, he reasoned, if he were in heaven, he wouldn't be having such sinful thoughts.

They broke away, finally requiring air. Lilia opened the door to her rooms. An invitation.

"I… should go." Severus said.

"If you must… couldn't you just come in for an hour?" Lilia asked, her voice pleading. Her eyes promised Severus a grand reward if he stepped inside the rooms.

Severus cleared his throat and shook his head. "You have had alcohol tonight. It wouldn't be right."

Lilia whined, "I haven't had enough to make a difference."

At this, Severus laughed, "Any amount of alcohol is enough to make a difference."

Lilia pouted as Severus gently pushed her toward her open door. "Now, go inside and sleep. It's late. Or, rather, it's early." Severus said.

"All right." Lilia said, pouting as she walked inside and closed the door stubbornly.

Severus smiled to himself as he apparated to his rooms. He was greeted with a bloody Harry resting in shards of glass which pressed into Harry creating more lacerations and blood to add to the pool.

"Bloody hell!" exclaimed Severus, dropping to his knees next to his son. "Harry? Can you hear me?"

"I'm sleeping, not dead." Harry muttered crossly, sitting up slowly.

"How was I to know that? What happened to you?" Severus asked as he brushed glass off of Harry.

"I might have punched the wall. Twice." Harry said, not looking at his father.


"Because. It hurt." Harry said. Then he told Severus everything from Draco rejecting him to Blaise's advice.

Severus listened to the story in silence as he studied Harry's hand.

"Well. It is true that Draco pushes people away. He was a single child who never had playmates. His childhood was Growing Up Lonely. I was the closest thing he had to a friend. I still am, but we do not see each other as much as we used to. Making friends and forming relationships scares Draco. He never learned how. He will resist attempts from people to become friends and, as you saw, more." Severus began healing Harry's hand.

"Unless he feels some reason to initiate the friendship, as with you, he will shy away."

"Why would you not tell me this ahead of time?" Harry asked flatly.

"Stop moving. I thought you could be the one to get through to him. Apparently not." Severus said snidely, trying to provoke his son. "Apparently you don't have enough feelings for him to break through his shell."

"Yes I do! I love him!" Harry growled.

Severus smiled smugly, happy he'd been able to put the fight back into his son. He finished healing Harry and stood, pulling Harry up.

He stepped closer so that he and Harry were chest to chest. "Then prove it! Make him see it! Make him yours!" Severus challenged.

"I will!" Harry yelled.

"Good!" Severus yelled back.

Harry turned away and started to walk out. As he reached the door, he stopped and turned around with a smile. "I see what you did there."

Severus laughed as he started to clean up the glass. "I don't know what you're talking about."

As Harry walked out satisfied, Severus sighed and resolved to think his important news could wait. It wasn't as important as what Harry was going through. Right?

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