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It all began with a jewel, a broken jewel shattered by a careless mistake. And in the end it eventually led to a phone call that Kagome had never thought she'd have such difficulty in making. That phone call was going to lead to an important discussion that would probably change her life and give her the courage to continue. It was odd how such small actions could implicate everything in her life.

Kagome stood in the laundry room, her mother was busy in the kitchen humming a pleasant song. Kagome could see right through her mother's cordial attitude, she was trying to keep her hands busy so she wouldn't fret and cluck over Kagome. "Hello Haruhi," Kagome sang into the phone to her dearest cousin. Kagome was delighted that her cousin had a cell phone now to pick up. It had taken a moment though to get that number from her Uncle Ryouji, who'd went on and on about wanting Kagome to come visit and asking about her mother and brother and his stuck up father. Ryouji always did have a problem with his dad since his father felt ashamed with Ryouji's lifestyle being a cross dresser at a bar. Kagome tried to conceal her anxiousness, her nerves… and above all else Kagome's terror. She forced herself to sound as happy as a lark as she spoke with Haruhi. However, Haruhi knew Kagome better than anything and knew something was up.

"Kagome?" It was more of a question than anything. Kagome sighed knowing that she had to let a few cats out of the bag before anything happened, and Kagome feared that things might happen so she had called the one who'd been closest to her all of her life.

Haruhi and Kagome were related through Kagome's mother. Mrs. Kei Higurashi was once known as Kei Fujioka, being the sister of the eccentric acting tranny Ryouji "Ranka" Fujioka. The two cousins had bonded at a very young age despite the one age gap between them with Kagome as the elder. That bond had strengthened tremendously when Kagome's father had died, only to be proceeded a few months later by Haruhi's mother dying. Kagome could still remember when her father died first. Kagome hadn't left her room since her father's funeral and had pulled on his over-sized scrub over her little body. It had been a small Haruhi that had crept into Kagome's room, sliding under the covers to pull Kagome into her small arms. They'd cried together and had been found by their parents clutched onto one another in the morning. Haruhi had persuaded Kagome to come out of her room that next day and helped Kagome slowly escape her grief as best as any friend and relation could. And when the time came for Haruhi to deal with her mother's death, at the age of five, Kagome had been there to return the favor. Haruhi had stayed silent since her mother's death. Kagome was the one who'd found her little cousin Haruhi balled up in a blanket in the closet. With a flashlight glowing as the only light in the closet Kagome had sat there clutching onto Haruhi with her little fists. Kagome hadn't said a word waiting for Haruhi to speak again as she held onto her, and finally Haruhi began babbling like a brook through her wet tears to her six-year-old cousin. The two cousins had been through far too many things together for Kagome to keep Haruhi in the dark.

"How are your classes going?" It was small talk and Haruhi knew Kagome was being purposefully evasive, but she knew her cousin enough to know that eventually whatever it was Kagome would get around to spitting it out. Kagome was, if anything, straightforward.

"I'm fine Kagome. I'm involved in a Host Cub now because I broke some fancy vase," complained Haruhi. "Jeez, you'd think that one of those friggin' rich bastards-"

"Mommy," came a cry in the background. "My daughter just cursed! Where's the soap so I can wash out her mouth-"

"Tamaki shut up! I'm trying to talk to my cousin," called out an angry Haruhi on the other line. Kagome had to fight biting the small smile on her lips. It appeared her loner of a cousin had friends within this Host Club now and was finally opening up. Normally her cousin was a book worm who only let her temper out to those she knew. It was nice to hear that Haruhi was making friends, even if Haruhi had yet to realize it.

"That's your cousin! Oh, let me talk daughter dearest!" And before Kagome could say anything she heard the shuffling of the phone as it was obviously wrestled with back and forth betwixt two people, the hysteric cries of anger from her cousin, and then a suave voice came over the phone.

"Good evening my beautiful princess, it is I, Tamaki, the great king who woos all fair maidens," he practically purred into the phone with that deliciously beautiful voice of his. What an ego, thought Kagome as she rolled her eyes wishing that her cousin would retrieve the phone soon. "How are you this fine evening my enchantress?"

"Taken," both Kagome and Haruhi said at the exact same time. "She's engaged! Now hand back the phone! No don't hand it to-"

"Hi Kagome! I'm Honey and I like cake! Do you like cake?"

"I love cake," Kagome answered the child-like voice that had come over the phone. Kagome felt as if she were talking to another version of Shippo at that moment, her little fox son who loved sweets and anything chocolate. "I especially like cakes with strawberries," chirped Kagome. Her comment received a squeal from the other side of the phone. Honey cried out in excitement at having something in common with Kagome, "Me too!"

"Honey! Give me the phone!" Kagome couldn't help but smile as she heard Haruhi's yelps. Being surrounded by a bunch of rich students definitely did nothing for the short tempered fire that ran in their bloodlines. So far all of those related to Kei and Ranka had attitudes that didn't like to deal with crap.

"Mori needs to talk to her first," protested the light voice as the phone was fumbled over and handed to another person.

"Mori," said Kagome, testing the name on her lips. She didn't even know someone was on the other line, it was so quiet, until she heard his light breathing. "…Hnn…" He was as talkative as Sesshomaru if not less. Kagome had never thought that someone could be as reserved as the proud and silent overlord of the west, but it seemed she was proven wrong.

"No Mori! Don't hand it to him!"Haruhi's voice was like that of a damsel in distress finding absolute fear in the person who was now being handed the phone. Kagome heard the quick typing of a laptop going on just before his voice came over the phone.

"I see you've been missing a lot of school Kagome from illnesses." There was no doubt in Kagome's head that this icy voice could rival that of Sesshomaru's cold glare, though it was quite a voice he had, a voice that bespoke of the very best of nightmares and fantasies. "Maybe you should make an appointment with my family-"

"Kyoya stop doing a background check on my cousin," Haruhi cried out in indignation! And Kagome ahd thought she'd had it hard with a half demon, a perverted monk, and Sango hurting that lecher every chance he touched her. "Believe me, half of the stuff I know about her can't be found online."

"We'll see about that," stated Kyoya with a promise in his voice now to find everything humanly possible on Kagome just to prove Haruhi wrong. "My Kagome, you're rather lovely-"

"You sick pervert! How did you find pictures of my cousin?" And Haruhi's voice was cut off as two mischievous voices stole the phone from Kyoya and answered together as one.

"Hello Kagome… you really do look delicious." Kagome felt a shiver run up her spine at the voices and their implied meaning. She pulled the phone away and stared at it for a moment. Siblings… brothers… and knowing her cousin's luck undoubtedly twins. Was that supposed to be a seducing voice? Seriously, Inuyasha's done better, thought Kagome faintly, though she wouldn't admit she had blushed. "We can make your dreams come true, both of us taking good care of you." They rhymed in a smooth voice that no doubt brought many females swooning upon the floor. Too bad Kagome wasn't one of them. Kagome shook her head as one voice said, "I'm Kaoru-"

"And I'm Hikaru."

"No you're not," Kagome deadpanned, two fingers rubbing the bridge of her nose in aggravation. She was slowly becoming irritated. She didn't know how much time she had left to speak to Haruhi and all of these goofballs, though interesting, weren't making things any easier. It had taken Kagome a lot of courage to pick up that home phone and dial Haruhi's number. Now Kagome feared if she'd ever get to speak to Haruhi again with the lot of guys that were passing the phone around teasingly from her cousin. "Kaoru is Hikaru and Hikaru is Kaoru." There were two audible intakes of air over the phone. "How do you-" Their voices were cut off as the phone was taken once more away. Kagome prayed ot the heavens that it was her cousin, but was soon bitterly disappointed.

"It's me again! Tamaki! Oh, my lovely princess now where were we? Ah yes, are you planning on visiting our lovely abo-"

"Please," interrupted Kagome on her side of the phone, hand grabbing the sink as her chin dropped looking down at the floor, bangs falling over her forehead. She couldn't take it anymore, she had to let Haruhi know. Tamaki instantly stopped talking on the other line frozen by her plea. "I'm begging you to hand the phone back to my cousin." Her voice broke off mid-sentence and she could feel the sob she'd been trying to hold in wrack through her words. All of her false cheer had shot instantly out of the window when she'd remembered the reason she'd made this phone call. She could feel her heart breaking. "I called her because I may never see her again, much less speak to her. Please, hand her the phone, because I'm about to be separated from her by an awfully large distance… I'm doing it for my family and I love my cousin so much." Kagome had no idea that her words were striking a chord in Tamaki's own heart. There was silence on the other side of the phone, Kagome briefly feared that he'd hung up on her, but then his sweet voice echoed back two quiet words that held such emotion, "I understand." The phone was miraculously handed back to Haruhi after what seemed like forever and Kagome felt that Tamaki had truly understood her, even if he was an egotistical doofus.

"Kagome, are you there?" It was obvious that she was still in the company of the Host Club and that whatever that Tamaki had done or said the rest of the club had managed complete silence for the two to speak. Kagome didn't know that Tamaki had given them such a look that had spoken volumes, silently requesting for them to be quiet but a moment for Kagome and Haruhi. Kagome had all but forgotten how long clubs lasted after school, not that Kagome had been one to join clubs or have any semblance of a normal life with the shard hunting. "You'd think they'd pay the debt for me with their harassment. I'm sure 8 million yen is pocket cash to them." Kagome gave a small short laugh on the other side of the phone, but her heart wasn't in it at all, and Haruhi was tired of waiting for her cousin to get the nerve to speak up. "You didn't call to talk about classes. What's wrong?" Haruhi had turned her back on the overbearing Host Club, they'd all kept quiet for her sake but their eyes were boring into her back waiting to be let in on what was happening to cause such worry coming from Haruhi's lips... or even for that matter make their king become serious all of a sudden. Haruhi had Kagome had always been more like sisters, they could read each other so well like open books.

"You're right," admitted Kagome deciding it was now or never. "We have him cornered… Naraku. We'll probably be fighting him sometime this week." There was silence on the other end now as Kagome nervously curled the cord of the phone around her finger. Haruhi knew; she knew everything about Kagome. Then again, it had been hard not to believe Kagome when Haruhi had known from firsthand experience what Kagome was capable of. Her very first memory of Kagome's powers were when they were little and had been lost in a forest. Haruhi had heard something stalking them and Kagome's skin had seemed to glow in the night frightening whatever it was away. They were so close to each other that it was hard to keep secrets. Kagome had thanked her stars when she'd found that her cousin had believed her without any proof. However, to sate her own sanity she'd jumped down the well to further certify to Haruhi that her story was plausible in all entirety and she wasn't a lunatic. Kagome had wanted no shadow of a doubt in Haruhi's mind. Nothing was better than undeniable proof even if someone already believed in you. "We're going to draw him out with me." And here it was, what Kagome was waiting for, the volcano of Mt. Vesuvius was about to erupt over the phone and that was the fuel for the eruption.

"Kagome don't be so stupid! DO YOU WANT TO GET YOURSELF KILLED! That's it! I'm coming over there! Just give me a moment-"

"Haruhi no," pleaded Kagome, something in her voice stopping Haruhi from ranting and asking Kyoya to call in his helicopter. Silence filled the other side of the phone once more and she could hear the worried whispers of the other members trying to find out what was upsetting Haruhi so badly. She heard their footsteps as they tried to crowd in, obviously worried over their new member. She heard Haruhi walk a bit away from them to give her cousin's words some privacy.

"Give me a reason not to come over there," stated Haruhi, her voice said that it had better be a damned good reason to risk her life over.

"Haruhi, look at your new friends. You say they're annoying, but look at them. Each of them, please." More silence ensued and Kagome knew that her cousin was doing as instructed. "They're innocent bystanders and I know if you give them a chance you're going to grow attached and make them your friends."

"Not likely," grumbled Haruhi, but otherwise she wasn't exploding over the phone.

"Now look outside the window." Silent footfalls were heard over the phone as Haruhi made her way to the nearest window in the club room. "Tell me what's out there. Really tell me Haruhi."

"A fountain near the courtyard with water, fresh water. There are trees around it, cherry blossoms as pink as your mom's favorite apron. They've yet to bloom, but you can smell them all the way from up here. The sky is the color of your eyes and I can see a bunch of students leaving the school. Its more peaceful right now than it normally is," described Haruhi finding that her heart was actually calm for once in this normally chaotic club room. Haruhi's hand rested flat against the glass of the window. Kagome stood by her own backdoor looking at the tree where she'd first met Inuyasha five hundred years ago in a different time completely. Kagome spied the well house to find Inuyasha shuffling out of it, he'd promised to give her today to privately say good bye to her family before he came to get her and ferry her back to the other side. They had a mission to complete and she would finally get it over with and done with no matter how scared out of her skin she was. She smiled weakly at his figure before looking away; her eyes were glazed in unshed tears.

"If Naraku isn't defeated than none of that will come to pass," said Kagome thinking carefully over her words. The whole fate of the world rested on their mission. It was hard to believe that she was the one that could help save the world. So much weight was on her back that she worried about caving under the pressure, wondering how Atlas could do it. Their mission was to finish the jewel and defeat Naraku. If she didn't make it home then at least she'd had this moment to bid farewell. "Those people you just joined up with, you won't get the chance to know them and the world will more than likely change for the worse. Should he win it will probably be filled with bloodshed, evil, and demons with no restraint or care for coexisting with humans. I leave this week to fight for you and everyone else, to keep the world we live in, and I hope that this world we've been living in is the cause of my success because I honestly don't want to think about failing." Kagome felt his aura near her before Inuyasha wrapped his strong arms around her waist pulling her back to his chest. He nestled his chin on her shoulder trying to comfort her. In the face of things possibly ending for everyone… Inuyasha had finally admitted his feelings to Kagome this past month as they'd been forced very quickly to grow up.

"Kagome, what if…" Haruhi's voice trailed off, Kagome could hear the tremble in Haruhi's voice of tears that wanted to fall over and were probably already falling. "What if something happens to you?"

"Then, I'll be happy I was able to talk to you before I left," answered Kagome, her hands clutched onto the phone like a lifeline as Inuyasha nuzzled her neck as comfortingly as any dog would comfort its future mate. His arms wrapped around her waist brought her even closer to him as if he were trying to rid all of her bad thoughts and send her worries away.

"Kagome, I don't want you to go. Is it so bad if it were to all end?" Kagome faintly laughed at her cousin's words. They really were like sisters, not wanting the other one to go to danger. They'd let the world end if it just meant they'd get to see each other again.

"It would all end because two selfish girls didn't want to say goodbye," said Kagome, lifting her head back and lying it against Inuyasha's shoulder. At least he was here to help her, without him by her side right now she might have an even harder time getting it all out. He was helping her hold int he sob that wanted to break through right now.

"Far be it from me if I want to be selfish and let you live." Kagome could hear the bitter laugh through Haruhi's distraught voice.

Kagome took a deep breath, "Haruhi goodbye-"

"No, don't say goodbye," pleaded Haruhi on the phone. Kagome didn't have to see Haruhi to know that she was probably sunk on the floor clutching the phone, that was the way Haruhi was when she was saddened or scared. Kagome could remember the frightening thunder storms that had scared Haruhi into a ball under the table. "If you say those words it sounds final. Just… good luck Kagome. And I love you and hope to see you again."

"I love you too Haruhi." And Kagome switched off the phone before she broke down crying over it and making her cousin doubt all the bravado she'd summoned up for that one call. Kagome placed the phone down and turned around into Inuyasha's awaiting arms letting him hold her close. He picked her up, cradling her like a small child, and he carried her over to their tree. He leaned against the tree and let Kagome cry into his arms, she dangled against him like a rag doll with her feet not touching the ground as she was held up by his firm arms. To Inuyasha she was as fragile as a rose, which is why he held her so gently. Soft tears rolled down her face as she burrowed her head into his warm chest. Inuyasha let a rumble in his chest that was meant to soothe the one he loved. "We've got to win this Inuyasha," Kagome said fiercely. She felt his fingers running through her hair comfortingly, stroking her head tenderly, and heard him say in that pompous manner of his she'd grown to love, "Feh. Don't doubt my abilities woman. We'll win." Kagome looked up into his bright golden eyes and actually full out laughed making her loving half demon blush pink. She let her feet touch the ground and stood up on the tips of her toes to place a gentle kiss on his lips making his face redden deeper than the robe of the fire rat he wore, however he did thoroughly enjoy that kiss. Inuyasha clutched onto her and kissed her deeply than he had ever before. When she finally pulled away Kagome's heart was a bit lighter.

"Let's go inside. Mama's making your favorite ramen and me oden for tonight since we're leaving," said Kagome as she tugged on Inuyasha's hand and leading him back into the house. Normally Inuyasha would've been sent charging into the house at the mention of the 'r' word, but this time it was he that stayed behind dragging his step to pull Kagome by his side so she wouldn't leave him. Kagome's eyes lifted up to her silver haired fiancée. He took her hands in his own clawed ones and looked down at them before flashing those bold eyes back at her.

"I've got no regrets Kagome. You?" Kagome stared back at him and lifted her hand up to cup his cheek. If it hadn't been for the well than she would've never found him and if it hadn't been for this upcoming battle he might never had the courage to return his declarations of love to her. They'd just begun their slow start of courtship that would hopefully lead to their mating, but it was sweet to say the least to have someone to hold onto when Kagome was worried. Inuyasha leaned into her touch, kissing the palm of her hand gently. They'd aged so much this past month as they'd realized they needed all the help they could get and had summoned forth all the enemies of Naraku. There was no doubt that the demon had enemies with how much trouble he'd caused, even Sesshomaru was joining their cause and had called upon all the people residing in his lands to fight alongside him against Naraku. Kagome had been taught to handle a blade as well as she could handle a bow and arrow. Things had become suddenly so very real when Kagome had held a gleaming sword in her hand, the sword Sesshomaru had forged for her out of his fang as an act of friendship as well as goodwill towards his future sister-in-law.

"None Inuyasha," Kagome answered making his heart pick up speed at her answer just before they walked hand in hand slowly back towards the house. In less than a week Kagome knew her whole world would change, she just didn't know how it would change. If Kagome had any inclination towards the future she would've taken more time walking with the man she adored, however she knew nothing of the future and was just another pawn in this grand chess scale called the world. Kagome was oblivious, but that is perhaps better that she didn't have the gift of foresight for at that moment she was able to relish what time she had most with the small hope they would win.

Haruhi slid her cell phone into her pants pocket and sighed. She'd excused herself to the bathroom, not answering any of the looks sent her way by the other members. She'd had a nice cry in the bathroom, falling into an arm chair in that ritzy bathroom, and had prayed. If her cousin was a priestess, a being of the gods, and if she had this great jewel to protect than it would be bullshit if the gods didn't protect Kagome. Haruhi prayed for her cousin to be brought back safely, prayed to see her again, and that her cousin would live. Haruhi didn't mind her cursing in her prayers; she was as honest to the gods as she was to herself, not knowing that the gods were listening attentively to Haruhi's whispers. They would protect what was there's and answer Haruhi's prayers in a way that she hadn't expected. Kagome wasn't going to die.

When Haruhi had finally wiped away her tears she'd come out and accepted the offer to let her leave earlier than normal, not forcing her to stay and clean up the club room like normal. Kyoya had offered to call upon a limo of his to pick her up and drop her off at home, but Haruhi had refused it saying she needed the walk to clear her mind. How was the Host Club to know that very shortly they would be meeting this renowned cousin of Haruhi's? A timeless flower next to their natural flower.