Because I couldn't find any Matt/Emily stories.

He was running through a graveyard, something he never thought he'd do. He was desperate. If she was hurt, he'd never forgive himself.

The black box should be just ahead of you. Matt would've preferred Jess to be directing him, but better Lester than no one. He kept running along the stone path, his feet crunching in the gravel.

"I see it. She's gotta be down here." Matt ran down the stone steps leading to the old coffin rooms. The Victorians used them mostly and that's where he'd find Emily. He jumped the last few and began to run down the path, past the many doors. He didn't know which one he was looking for, but he'd know it when he found it. He passed so many names before skidding to a stop. "Charlotte!" he exclaimed. Skidding past a door with a gold '4' on it and the letters Cameron

Charlotte? Lester exclaimed, he thought they were looking for Emily. Whose Charlotte?

"Cameron. The dead woman at the theatre. Emily's friend, her name was Charlotte Cameron." Matt ran back to the door, holding the door frame and pulling on the handle. It was stuck. He was close to her, he knew it. He just had to get the stupid black door to budge.

The door finally creaked open."Emily!" he called over the grinding. He ran down the small passage, pushing open a metal gate and running into a room with a stone coffin in the middle. He pushed against the smooth lid, biting his lip as it slowly moved away. He pushed it just far enough to see inside. A metal cylinder and a gold cross, but otherwise, it was empty. Where's Emily! He cried internally. Had he been wrong? He leant against the stone, panting. Then he heard it. It had been blocked out by the adrenalin, but it was there. Muffled screaming. Her muffled screaming.

He ran from the room, into another, identical as the first. "Emily!" He pushed against the lid, and this time, it was easier to move. He could hear Emily's muffled sobs from inside.

He pushed the lid off just enough to get his hands under her arms and lift her out. "Hey, hey, hey!" She griped the back of his jacked as he gently lowered her to the floor, as she gasped, tears streaming down her face. This wasn't the strong woman he was used to seeing. "You're okay, you're okay." he breathed, pulling the gag from her mouth.

"Ah!" he face was red and her lashed were sticking together, but she was still beautiful.

"You're okay!" he cupped her face, searching it for any signs that Ethan had damaged it. He pulled the ropes from her wrists, trying not to hurt her.

"You came looking for me!" he voice was weak, but it was still her own.

"Yeah." he nodded and she smiled. He'd do anything for her. He pulled her close, holding her tightly and she steadied her breathing. He was going to murder Ethan when he got his hands on him.

Okay, I can either:

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