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Title: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Olivia dragged herself from her office at the federal building after gulping down the remainder of her coffee that was meant to keep her awake long enough to make it through another day. Broyles had just called her into his office and he didn't sound like he was in that great of a mood. Normally she wouldn't care because she could always hold her own against him but lately between the not-so-smooth case solving and having heard his alternate sacrifice himself for her she had grown a little soft around him and felt like she had a lot to make up for. She knocked on his office door before opening it and letting herself in.

"You wanted to see me sir?" Olivia asked, keeping her voice professional while trying to keep the dread from reflecting in her tired voice.

"Yes. I've got another case for you," Broyles said without preamble. "I'll need you and Bishop to pack some bags for the next month because you're going down to Oahu, Hawaii."

"A month?" Olivia nearly gasped in surprise. "Surely a case wouldn't take that long…"

"At the rate you two are going at lately, I'd say it might take two." Broyles said flatly.

It's true that her and Peter hadn't exactly found their rhythm quite yet, but she liked to think it was getting better, though maybe she was just being naïve. It was still difficult for them to be in the same room alone for longer than five minutes, but they were still able to solve cases. Still, she thought it best if she didn't argue with her boss given the fragile state of the Fringe division since her return.

"When do we leave?" She asked, defeat leaking into her voice despite her best efforts for it not to.

"Tomorrow at noon and I'll need you to inform Bishop," Broyles said and turned his attention to something else, already forgetting she was there.

Olivia turned and took her leave, her mind racing with a way to tell Peter about their new case with minimal contact. Deciding that a phone call would be best and if done immediately she could maybe salvage some of her day she pressed speed dial 5 and waited a few rings.

"Another case?" Came his rough voice over the phone and it sent a chill down her spine.

"Yeah, pack your bags for a month in Hawaii. We leave tomorrow at noon on the private jet," Olivia said, trying to keep her tone flat and professional.

"Hawaii?" Peter choked and gave a dry chuckle. "Not sure how long Walter will survive in the heat of Hawaii."

"He won't have to because it's just you and me, Bishop. See you tomorrow," and she hung up, minimizing the banter that had slowly started coming back to them. It was just too painful still.

When Olivia eventually made it back home it was to the smells of macaroni and cheese with hot dogs floating in the air followed by the giggle of a seven year old. A warmth began to well in her chest at the feeling of home and she silently thanked Rachel's foresight to come and visit her despite her objections. This was something her alternate hadn't taken from her and she let herself drown in it as a smile crept over her face. Surrounded by her family the pain of everything she had gone through and come back to was a dull ache in her chest instead of the all consuming depression she had without them.

Over dinner she had explained about needing to go out of town for a case and how they were welcome to stay or go – whichever worked best for them. Though the kitten Rachel and Ella had gotten for her would need to stay with them whichever they chose. Somehow it was determined in the first day or two of them visiting that Olivia needed a companion for when they couldn't be there with her. Enter stage front; Sebastian. The pint size furball from hell. Well, maybe that was a bit harsh. But she'd never met a more mischievous creature in her life. He was a gray tabby who always found a way to get into trouble, whether it be into the pot of flour she didn't even know she had or scaling her favorite work shirt that was hung up in her closet until it was left in shreds. Rachel claimed that she needed the companion and a cat was perfect because it was an independent animal who could still give affection and didn't require lots of walks and attention to be happy.

"Where is this new case then?" Rachel asked between bites.

"Hawaii," Olivia said casually, taking another bite of pasta.

"Hawaii?" Rachel half squealed and almost dropped her fork. "And Peter is going with?"

Olivia bit back a sigh and nodded.

"How romantic…" Rachel sighed dreamily.

"Not romantic, Rach. We're not seeing each other that way and that ship is never going to set sail so you'd better get used to it," Olivia kept her voice emotionless, needing to believe her own words.

"Whatever you say, Liv." Rachel said, not believing a word she said, but how could she really expect her sister to understand what had happened between her and Peter.

That night she packed up a suitcase for the next day and unpacked Sebastian a dozen times in the process. The Satanistic furball was determined to make the trip with her it seemed. Once she was all packed up she showered and crawled into her new bed with the new all black sheets and comforter.

*Next Day*

Olivia pulled up to the Bishop residence and parked the car on the side of the street before getting out and resigning herself to knocking on the door for him. Not even a minute passed before the door swung open to reveal Peter who was calling back to Walter.

"Be good Walter and all the numbers you need are in your pocket or on the fridge," Peter turned to see her and his face was one of careful neutrality.

"Shall we?" Olivia asked with a raised eyebrow.

Peter nodded and with one last goodbye to Walter shut the door behind him. They drove to the small airport in silence while Peter stared out the side window and Olivia tried to look focus on the road. After finding a designated parking space Olivia shut the engine off and then gently touched Peter's shoulder to get his attention and then withdrew it when he turned.

"I know things have been tense between us since I've been back but we really need to get this case done and done quickly. They're beginning to have doubts back at headquarters that we're the right team to head Fringe department," Olivia said, trying to swallow past her pride.

"Tense?" Peter asked dryly. "That's the word you choose to describe this?" He motioned between them and then sighed.

"Peter, I'm trying okay?" Olivia sighed and leaned back in her seat to stare up at the ceiling of the car.

"Okay," Peter said quietly. "Let's just do this then."

They both climbed out of the SUV and grabbed their bags before heading over to the small jet plane that would be their home for the next 12 hours.