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Title: The Verdict

Sam Weiss stood at a far wall, leaning against it with a happy smile on his face while Olivia and Peter sat in plush chairs across from their boss Phillip Broyles. Broyles jotted some things down in a notebook before closing it and looking up at his agent and his liaison with hard, yet happy eyes.

"Mr. Weiss has informed me that the two of you were successful in every project that he gave you to do. He also said that the two of you are working together properly again and that you have talked about what happened during the two months that we had an enemy in our midst and one of our own, in theirs." Broyles said, clasping his hands together in front of him. "Now after evaluating his notes, I find that it would be best to partner the two of you again and put you back in the field as soon as possible. Do either of you have any objections to that?"

"No sir." Olivia and Peter said in unison making Sam smirk.

"Mr. Weiss, do you have any objection to my putting them in the field again?" Broyles asked turning to face Sam who shook his head 'no.'

"No, they had trouble at first but they quickly started to work together again and I feel that they are on the same footing as each other. Putting them back in the field together shouldn't be an issue. If anything I think they are closer to each other now." Sam said giving them a knowing look.

"Very well, I will reinstate that two of you." Broyles said with a nod. "You can start again on Monday."

"Thank you sir." Olivia said.

"Thank you." Peter agreed.

"I suggest you go home and unpack. I'll see you in a few days." Broyles said dismissing them. Peter and Olivia nodded and left his office, shortly followed by Sam.

"Hey buttercup, Bishop, wait up!" Sam called catching up with them quickly.

"What can we do for you Sam?" Peter asked.

"You two keep working together like you're supposed to. Trust me you don't want to get me in trouble for saying that you're ready to go out there together again only for you to prove otherwise." Sam said sharply.

"We won't." Olivia promised.

"Good." Sam said and slipped something into Peter's pocket. "I think you'll have better use for those than me." Sam claimed and with a wink, walked away.

Olivia looked at Peter curiously and then blushed crimson when he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the silver handcuffs. Peter shoved them back in his pocket and walked out of the building with Olivia at his side. They had taken her car to the federal building and she had opted on driving him home so that he could surprise Walter. It didn't take long before they were at the house and Peter leaned over giving her a sweet kiss and getting out of the car, collecting his things and going into the house, giving her a wave goodbye. Olivia then made her way to her apartment and walked in to be bombarded by her sister and niece.

"Liv, you're home!" Rachel exclaimed hugging Olivia tightly. "How was it?"

"It was fine." Olivia said picking Ella up and hugging her.

"And what about you and Peter?" Rachel asked. "I know that the two of you were at odds when you left."

"We're fine now." Olivia nodded and put Ella down in favor of unloading her luggage.

"Oh do tell." Rachel said with a suggestive smile and eyebrow wiggle.

"Well what part would you like to know, the sharing of a one person tent or the handcuffs?" Olivia teased and saw her sister's shocked face.

"Wow, wait, what?" Rachel asked and heard her sister laugh, something that Olivia hadn't done in a while.

"We were given a few assignments while away. One led to us sharing a tent and the other led to us being handcuffed together." Olivia shrugged.

"And everything is good with the two of you again?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah Rach, everything is fine between Peter and I." Olivia nodded and started to unpack. "We talked, got back on the same footing and were just approved to go back to work on Monday."

"Well that's great." Rachel said with a bright smile that dropped slightly when she looked through the pile of shirts that she let Olivia borrow. "Hey, Liv, where is my green shirt?"

"Oh ah… I don't know." Olivia lied but saw Rachel give her a look.


"What it's hard to get your shirt off when you're handcuffed to someone." Olivia stated and walked away leaving her sister open mouthed and looking like a fish out of water.

It was around dinner time when someone knocked on the door prompting Olivia to get up and look through the peep hole, a smile gracing her face when she saw Peter standing on the other side. Pulling the door open she stepped aside and let him in.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" She asked seeing him wave at Rachel who gave him a knowing look.

"Walter is throwing a welcome home party; he wants you, Rachel and Ella to come if you can." Peter explained, running the fingers of his left hand down her arm gently.

"Okay." Olivia said giving him a loving look and turning to her sister. "Do you and Ella want to come?"

"We'll come on one condition." Rachel said making Olivia roll her eyes at Peter who chuckled lightly.

"What would that be?" Peter asked turning to face her.

"Kiss aunt Liv." Ella said stepping into the conversation and knowing what her mother was going to say.

Peter looked at Olivia who sighed, giving her sister a small glare before looking up and Peter and welcoming his lips on hers in a sweet and short kiss that left them both wanting more. Pulling apart, they turned to face Rachel and Ella who both looked like they had melted.

"Can we go now?" Olivia asked and saw them nod mutely.

"You're all here!" Walter exclaimed when they walked into the Bishop house a half hour later. The place was decorated in streamers and balloons of various colors, shapes and designs, all for various occasions; a few of them even had sayings such as 'happy valentine's day' and 'it's a boy!'

"I told you that I would go and get them." Peter said a bit annoyed at his father, the man hadn't left him alone all day. All Peter had wanted to do was drop his things in his room and sleep for a little while since jet lag really didn't like him. He had forgotten just how much up until the moment they had stepped foot in Logan airport. He had gotten used to jet lag when he had traveled between countries but it had been well over two years since Olivia had pulled him back to Boston and into Walter's life of craziness. And of course Walter wouldn't allow him time to sleep since he instantly had to start putting together the party with the help of Astrid that must have seen just how tired Peter was since she would give him small jobs to do.

"You look really tired." Olivia remarked just now seeing the dark circles under his eyes.

"And you're not?" He remarked.

"Rachel let me sleep a little earlier, but yeah I'm tired." Olivia nodded.

"Lucky, Walter hasn't even let me sit down." Peter stated and felt her tug on his hand bringing him over to the couch and pushing him down on it so that he was sitting. She then sat down beside him and pulled his arm around her shoulders, surprising him with her boldness. Normally she would shrug away from public displays of affection, but not this time, she just leaned into him and got comfortable.

"Smile." They heard Walter's voice minutes later, both startled by the flash of a camera.

"Walter, go away." Peter protested, rubbing his eyes.

"Are the two of you finally together?" Walter asked happily.

"Walter, go…" Peter said but was pulled into a kiss by Olivia.

"YOU ARE!" Walter yelled. "Aspirin, Peter and Olivia are together!"

"What was that?" Peter asked and saw her shrug tiredly.

"He would never leave us alone." She stated.

"Come on, my room has a door and a welcoming bed." Peter said standing up and taking her hands before they snuck out of the living room and up to Peter's room climbing into the bed and curling up together.

"Apricot, have you seen Peter and Olivia?" Walter asked an hour later.

"Aunt Liv and Peter went to bed." Ella said walking into the kitchen. "They were tired."

"Oh." Walter said and went up stairs to Peter's room opening the door quietly to find them asleep in each other's arms. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the Polaroid picture that he had taken of them earlier on the couch, and placed it on Peter's bedside table, right next to a pair of handcuffs, before walking out and going back down stairs.