Hey so to celebrate my love/addiction to the new show Young Justice, I've written my own little fanfiction for it. Now I don't really like Artemis that much (of course I can't say much since she hasn't appeared yet) so I plan on replacing her with my character, at least until I think Artemis is awesome.

So please do not flame. Basically self insertion for episode 1 and 2. I do not own Young Justice, only my OCs.

Normal POV

A beautiful young girl with long blue hair sat at a small table outside a café. She was busy typing away on a laptop while a black and grey husky sat obediently by her chair.

"Hm…says here that Ryushi was doing a lot of research into something called Project Cadmus. And there's even an address...it's close by, how convenient. Whatever ni-san was looking into, it's definitely worth taking a look myself, who knows, maybe it'll give me the names of his killers."

The dog barked in agreement. She girl smiled at her loyal companion and gave him the donut she had decided against eating. The husky happily accepted her treat and gobbled it down.

The girl looked at the sky. "It's getting late, perfect time for stealthy investigation." The girl put away her laptop and packed her things. "Let's go, by the time we get there it should nearly be dark."

Skye's POV

I hadn't gotten a good clue for a while so I immediately jumped to check out this "Project Cadmus". Ni-san kept his files encrypted with a code, so it always took me a while before I could break them. I wasn't as good with computers as he was.

The files from his computer were the only thing that could lead me to his killers. I know ni-san wouldn't want me to spend the rest of my life bent on revenge, so I traveled around the world and when I got a lead, I checked it out.

Koji and I finally arrived at the site of Project Cadmus and I noticed the building was on fire.

"Looks like a small fire. Good, it'll give us some cover while we sneak in. We'll help out if things get out of hand." I said to Koji.

My attention was quickly drawn to two men standing by the window, waving their hands. An explosion from the fire propelled the two men out the window. I was ready to jump in and save them, but some blur beat me to it. It carried the two men safely to the roof but it couldn't get up all the way. After it stopped moving, I saw it was a boy. He fell back down a bit and grabbed onto the ledge.

"Smooth." I said. "Doesn't look like an important building, but I bet it's got something to hide just like everything else."

I dropped my bag and hid it in a small alleyway as I put my eye scanner on. It was ni-san's design and it really helped out with fighting. I turned on the scanning function, which illuminated the building extending far beneath the surface.

"This building is just a front. Figures…Sub levels are below the building. I'm picking up a large power source deep underground. Whatever they've got there is big." I said, finishing up my scan.

Koji and I snuck to the back of the building to enter through a back exit. As we were making our way there, I noticed the quick boy was soon joined by two others as they also entered the building.

"We need a way down…"

I heard Koji bark and saw he was pointing his body to an elevator.

"Good boy." I reached down and pressed a button on his collar, releasing him from his façade. Husky was just Koji's cover. He was really a Cerberus Hydra, best fricking guard dog in the world. Three heads like the Cerberus guarding the gates of Hell. At least one head would always be awake so nothing could get past him.

My family are professional breeders of Cerberus Hydra, and Koji here was bred especially for me. Faster and stronger than all the others in his litter, his fire, lightning and ice breath really came in handy when I needed it. It was rare for a Cerberus Hydra to have some sort of power breath, but not too rare. At least 2 in every litter of 8 would have some form of breath ability...well...one that wouldn't smell bad.

The elevator finally opened as Koji and I entered. Koji suddenly turned his head and growled.

"Someone's coming." I looked up at the elevator hatch. I jumped up and opened it. "Here boy." Koji jumped on me and I hefted him up the hatch before jumping up myself. Koji was heavy, but I was strong.

A weird looking creature in a white lab coat walked in as the elevator descended. Koji growled and I shushed him. The alien looked in our direction.

"Time to get off."

I dug my fingers into the elevator door and pried it open. It was a tough door to open and I was strong, but just stronger than an average person. Koji jumped in just as I did and let the elevator door shut behind me. According to the number written across the door, we were on the 26th sub-floor.

I looked ahead and saw thousands of glowing capsules concealing wasp-like creatures inside. There were several levels containing these capsules on either side of the room.

"I think we found that power source." We jumped up to one of the levels and slowly walked by, examining each one.

"Looks like they're all genetically the same. Must have been bred for this." I said to Koji as I scanned a few of the creatures.

All of a sudden, his heads shot up and he began growling. I quickly shushed him so we wouldn't get caught.

"What is it? Somebody here?"

I followed Koji's line of sight to see the three boys I saw outside earlier. "Now what are they doing down here?"

Robin's POV

After we got out of the elevator shaft, I hacked the door leading to a closed off area. A locked door either had something to hide or keep out.

When I got the door open, I saw hundreds of blue capsules emitting electricity.

"Okay, I'm officially whelmed." I said.

We started walking along the hallway.

"This is how they hide it from the world. The real Cadmus isn't even on the grid. They have their own source of power, with these things! It must be what they're bred for," said Kid Flash.

"Of course, even the name is a clue: the Cadmus of myth created a new race by sewing dragon's teeth into the earth," said Aqualad.

"And this Cadmus creates new life too. Let's find out why." I walked over to a nearby terminal and pulled out a USB cable from my gloves and began hacking.

I thought I heard something nearby move and quickly looked up.

"Robin, what is it?" asked Aqualad.

"I thought I…nevermind, it was probably just the wind." I continued on hacking the terminal. "Says here that they're called Genomorphs. Whoa, check out these stats: super speed, super strength, telepathy, razor claws. These are living, breathing weapons."

"They're engineering an entire army!" said Kid Flash. "But for who?"

"Wait, there's something else. Project Kr…the file's triple encrypted, I can't-"

"Don't move!"

Aqualad, Kid Flash and I quickly looked over to a man in yellow and blue with a small group of some Genomorphs. Looks like we've been found out.

Skye's POV

Whoever these guys were, they were quite skilled. Judging by the way they were dressed, I'd say they were members of that superhero group I kept hearing about. I had my fare share of encounters with these superheroes. Most of them had super powers but those without them seemed to do a good job regardless.

The one with the cape, I still didn't know his name, he was quite impressive. I had seen how he easily jumped onto the fire truck and swung on a cable to save his friend. And now he's proven to be an expert hacker…and not that bad looking either, not that I could see much with that mask he wore.

"Don't move!"

I flinched and looked at the direction of the voice and realized it wasn't me the person was talking to.

"What? Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash?" asked the man.

"At least they got your name right," said the caped boy.

"I know you. You're Guardian, a hero," said the taller boy.

"I do my best," said Guardian.

"Then why are you here?" asked the fast kid.

"I think that's my question boys. I'm chief of security and you're trespassing. But we can call the Justice League and figure this out," he replied.

'Justice League?' I thought.

I heard a beep and saw the caped boy look back at the computer terminal.

"You think the League's gonna approve of you breeding weapons?" cried the fast kid.

"Weapons? What are you-" Guardian stopped talking just as the little creature on his shoulder looked at him and his horns began glowing. Guardian gripped his head for a second. "Take them down hard! No mercy!"

I was ready to jump down and help the boys when I heard a growl from behind me, and it wasn't Koji's growl.

Normal POV

Just as Guardian declared his order, the Genomorphs charged at Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash.

All of a sudden a girl fell down from one of the upper levels of the capsules with a Genomorph on top of her.

"Get off me!" she kicked the Genomorph off her just as the others charged to attack. However, she easily fought them off.

"Whoa…" said Robin.

"Look out!" cried Kid Flash.

The girl quickly turned around to see a Genomorph jump to attack her. Before she could react her, a three-headed lizard-dog tackled the Genomorph in mid air.

"Perfect timing Koji." The girl turned to Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash, who were still staring at her. "You boys gonna catch flies with those mouths? Come on, they'll have back up any minute now!"

Robin quickly threw down a smoke grenade so as to lose their pursuers. He easily made his way ahead to another elevator and began hacking.

She looked back the way they came and saw more Genomorphs. "Looks like we got company. Koji, ice wall."

Koji walked up as his middle head let out an icy breath, creating a thick wall of ice, keeping the Genomorphs at bay.

Robin managed to hack the terminal and they all jumped into the elevator just as the Genomorphs nearly broke through.

"Ok who are you?" cried Kid Flash.

"You of all people know how important secret identities are. You can call me Spear Hanzo and this is Koji."

"Well Spear and Koji, I suppose we should thank you," said Aqualad. "I'm Aqualad this is Kid Flash," he said pointing to the quick kid, "and this is Robin," he said pointing to the caped boy.

"So why are you guys here?" she asked.

"Investigating, you?" asked Robin.

"Same here, maybe we can help each other out. At least until we're finished with this freak show."

"Sounds good to me," said Robin smiling.

"Wait, why are we going down? Out is up!" cried Kid Flash.

"Excuse me? Project Kr is down, on sub level 52," replied Robin.

"This is out of control," said Aqualad. "Perhaps we should contact the League."

"What's the league? I keep hearing about it all over the place." asked Skye.

"The Justice League, it's a team of superheroes," said Kid Flash.

"So you're part of this League?"

"Well, kinda," said Robin.

"Kinda?" she asked, cocking her eyebrow.

The elevator door opened and the area started looking less like a lab and more like the inside of a stomach.

Robin swiftly jumped out. "Well, we are already here," said Kid Flash.

Everyone else followed Robin out of the elevator.

"So which way are we supposed to go?" asked Skye.

"Yeah bizarre looking hallway #1 or bizarre looking hallway #2?" replied Robin.


Everyone looked over and saw a blue skinned creature with horns dressed in a white lab outfit. His horns began glowing and with a flick of his wrist, he sent two explosive cans flying at the teenagers.

Everyone easily ducked as they exploded behind them. Robin threw a projectile at the guy but it stopped it in mid-air before it reached him. He lifted up another pair of explosive cans.

"Come on, let's go!" Robin grabbed Skye's hand and pulled her down one of the hallways.

Kid Flash ran ahead and tripped a woman as he crashed near a closing door. He quickly read the sign on the door, saying "Project Kr", and stuck a container between the closing doors to keep them open.

"Hurry!" he cried. Everyone jumped in through the door as Aqualad kicked the container loose so the doors shut.

Robin quickly accessed the control panel near the door and began hacking again. "I disabled the door, we're safe."

"We're trapped is what we are," said Aqualad.

"Hey at least they aren't trapped in here with us," said Skye.

"Uh, guys, you should look at this," said Kid Flash.

He pressed a button at a terminal and a pod in the middle of the room lit up. Inside the pod was a young man wearing a white skin suit with a red S on his chest.

"Big K, little R…the atomic symbol for Krypton," said Kid Flash.

"I'm gonna pretend that you guys are familiar with this kind of stuff," said Skye.

"Robin, hack," said Aqualad.

Robin was still staring at Skye. "Huh? Oh, right." He plugged in his USB cable and began hacking. "Let's see. Weapon designation 'Superboy' grown in 16 WEEKS?" he cried at the end. "From DNA acquired from Superman."

"More like stolen," said Aqualad.

"No way the big guy knows about this," said Kid Flash.

"It says here that his solar suit allows him to absorb yellow light radiation 24/7."

"And these…creatures?" asked Aqualad.

"Genomorph gnomes…telepathic, force feeding him in education." Replied Robin.

"They're brainwashing him," said Skye.

"They're making a slave out of, well, Superman's son," he said Kid Flash in realization.

"Now's the time to contact the League."

Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad tried to use their communicators but to no avail.

"No signal," said Aqualad.

"We're in too deep…literally," said Kid Flash. He looked over to Superboy. "This is wrong."

"We can't leave him like this," said Robin.

"Set him free," said Aqualad.

"It would be the right thing to do," said Skye.

Robin pressed a few buttons and the pod opened. Superboy suddenly jumped and tackled Aqualad to the ground and started punching him.

Robin, Kid Flash and Skye quickly ran over and grabbed onto Superboy trying to hold him back.

"Hey, relax! We're on your side," cried Kid Flash.

Superboy punched Kid Flash into a large glass test tube, shattering it on impact. He moved back and punched Skye in the gut and sent her flying into the wall.

"Spear!" cried Robin.

Koji ran over to his master as she struggled to sit up, clenching her gut. "Koji, this guys too much for them to handle, even too much for me. Hide and strike when the time is right," she quickly whispered. Koji didn't argue as he ducked behind some equipment, waiting for the right moment, just as his master lost consciousness.

"I didn't want to do this," said Robin. He blasted a smoke grenade in Superboy's face.

Superboy stepped back and waved his hands to clear the air. Aqualad kicked Superboy into the terminal that Robin had hacked to open Superboy's pod.

Robin quickly pulled out his shock gun and fired it at Superboy. Just as the wires made contact with his chest, he grabbed the wires and pulled Robin towards him. Superboy grabbed Robin and threw him to the ground. Before Robin could recover, Superboy put his foot on Robin's chest and began stepping down, hard. Robin tried to push Superboy off him, but he was far too strong.

Aqualad formed a hammer with his weapons and smashed Superboy off Robin. Aqualad tried to help Robin up, but Superboy had pressed his foot on Robin's chest too hard and he passed out.

Superboy began walking over to Aqualad.

"We are trying to help you!"

Superboy charged at Aqualad, who managed to dodge in time and tackled Superboy into the wall. Aqualad tried to punch him but Superboy grabbed Aqualad's fist and pushed him off. Aqualad grabbed Superboy from behind, but Superboy just jumped up to the ceiling to get Aqualad off. It only took two jumps for Aqualad to lose consciousness.

Superboy walked over to the door Robin had locked and pried it open with his super strength.

A man with orange hair dressed in a white lab coat walked in and smiled when he saw the four unconscious teenagers.

'Time is short. You must awaken. You must awaken…NOW!'

Kid Flash, Aqualad, Robin and Skye suddenly opened their eyes and found themselves stuck inside pods with the hands restrained above their heads.

"Well this is just lovely," said Skye.

Superboy stood in front of the pods just staring at them.

"What? What do you want?" cried Kid Flash.

Superboy scanned each of them and started staring at Skye.

"Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer!" she spat.

"Stop staring at her like that!" cried Robin.

"Yeah, you're giving us the creeps!" said Kid Flash.

"Hey, KF, why don't we try not to tick off the guy who can fry us with a look?" retorted Robin.

"We only sought to help you," said Aqualad.

"Yeah, we free you and you turn on us! How's that for gratitude?" Said Kid Flash.

"Kid, be quiet now. I believe our new friend was not in complete control of his actions," said Aqualad.

"Wha-what is I was?" asked Superboy.

"He can talk?" cried Kid Flash.

Superboy clenched his fist. "Yes, he can."

"Nice going motor mouth," said Skye

Robin and Aqualad gave Kid Flash a look. "What? It's not like I said 'it'."

"The Genomorphs taught you, telepathically," said Aqualad.

"They taught me much. I can read, write, and I know the names of things."

"But have you ever actually seen them? Have you ever seen the sun or the sky?" asked Robin

"Images are implanted in my mind…but no."

"Do you know what you are? Who you are?" asked Aqualad.

"I am the Superboy, a Genomorph made from the clone of the Superman, created to replace him should he perish…to destroy him should he turn from the light."

"Ok, I've only been on this adventure with you guys for like 5 minutes and I'm already knee deep in some seriously messed up shit," said Skye.

"Stick around longer, it'll get more fun," said Robin.

"To be like Superman is a great aspiration. But like Superman you deserve a life of your own, beyond that solar suit, beyond that pod…beyond Cadmus," said Aqualad.

"I LIVE BECAUSE OF CADMUS!" shouted Superboy. "IT IS MY HOME!"

"Your home is a test tube," said Robin. "We can show you the sun."

"Actually, I'm pretty sure it's after midnight, so it would be the moon," said Kid Flash.

"That's not the point," said Skye.

"We can show you, introduce you, to Superman," said Aqualad.

Superboy's expression changed from serious to deep thought.

"No, they can't."

The orange haired man, the woman Kid Flash ran into and Guardian entered the room, each with a Genomorph gnome on their shoulder.

"They'll be otherwise occupied. Begin the cloning sequence."

"Pass, Batcave's crowded enough," said Robin.

"You're gonna clone us? I hate to break it to you, but you can try all you want to clone someone like me, but you'll never copy my powers," said Skye.

"Oh please, we managed to clone Superman with powers in tact. How hard could yours be? And get the weapon back in it's pod!" he ordered Guardian.

"Yes, Mr. Desmond," replied Guardian.

"Hey, how come he gets to call Supey an 'it'?" asked Kid Flash.

"Not the main issue right now," said Skye.

"Help us," said Aqualad.

Guardian put his hand on Superboy's shoulder to lead him out, but he shook Guardian off.

"Don't start thinking now," said Desmond. A Genomorph gnome jumped onto Superboy's shoulder and it's horns began glowing. "You see, you're not a real boy, you're a weapon and you belong to me! Well, to Cadmus, same difference! Now get back into your pod!"

Superboy turned and left the room without a word.

Desmond looked over to the woman, who nodded. "The cloning sequence is ready, sir."

"Good. Since you have quite a mouth on you, I think we'll start with you, young lady."

Two robotic arms with four needles appeared and pierced Skye's chest. The contact caused a powerful electric shock to coarse through her body. She cried out in pain as the needles drew blood from her veins.

"Stop it! You're hurting her!" shouted Robin. He looked as though he was about to rip free from his restraints.

"Don't worry, you'll soon be joining her."

The same arms appeared in Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad's capsule and began drawing blood from them, causing them the same pain Skye was experiencing.

'Superboy, you live, that gives you the right to follow your own path: a weapon or a person. But ask yourself, what would Superman do?'

Koji jumped out from his hiding spot and tackled Desmond.

All of a sudden, the door was torn off and tossed aside by Superboy.

"What are you doing? I thought I told you to go back to your pod!"

Desmond, Guardian and Dubbilex ran to grab Superboy, but he easily pushed them aside.

"Don't give me orders."

The needles withdrew, stopping the electric shock.

"So are you here to help us or fry us?" asked Kid Flash.

Superboy narrowed his eyes. "Huh…I don't seem to have heat vision, so I guess helping you is my only option."

Robin's restraints suddenly unlocked. "Ugh finally! Good thing Batman's not here, he'd have my head for taking so long to pick that lock."

"Seriously, that's what you're worried about?" asked Kid Flash. "THE WHOLE LEAGUE WILL HAVE OUR HEADS WHEN WE GET BACK!"

Robin pressed a button and the remaining capsules opened.

"You free Aqualad and Kid mouth, I'll get Spear," said Robin.

"Don't you start giving me orders too!" Said Superboy. Superboy jumped over to Aqualad and Kid Flash and ripped off their restraints.

Robin easily picked the locks of Skye's restraints. "Thanks." Once she was free, she jumped out of the capsule and they raced out of the room.

"You'll never get out of here! I'll have you all back in pods within minutes!" shouted Desmond at the fleeing teens

"That guy is not whelmed, not whelmed at all." Robin turned and threw four of his projectiles at the containers holding their blood, which exploded on impact.

"What is your deal with this 'whelmed' thing?" asked Kid Flash as they left.

"We're still 42 levels underground. If we can get to an elevator, we can-" before Aqualad could continue talking, a herd of giant Genomorphs stood between them and the only elevator.

"Big if man, big if," said Skye.

Behind them the smaller Genomorphs began coming out of egg-like shells attached to the walls. One of the large Genomorphs slammed their fists into the ground. Everyone managed to jump back and avoid it and ran ahead while easily dodging the oncoming attacks. However, Superboy, seemed intent on fighting.

"Superboy! The goal is escape! Not to bury ourselves!" shouted Aqualad.

Superboy picked up one of the giant Genomorphs he had knocked down and slammed its body into two others, knocking them back.

Aqualad pried open the elevator doors.

"Hang on tight!" Robin wrapped his arm around Skye's waist as he fired his cable to ascend the elevator shaft.

'Whoa, this guy is doesn't hesitate.'

Superboy grabbed Aqualad and began flying up the elevator shaft, but started falling.


Robin threw a projectile at the wall, which Aqualad grabbed a hold of.

"Superman can fly…why can't I fly?"

"Don't know, but looks like you can still leap over buildings with a single jump. Still pretty cool," said Kid Flash.

All of a sudden, an elevator from above began descending.

"Guys! This'll have to be our exit!" shouted Robin.

Aqualad and Superboy opened the elevator doors and they got out of the shaft just before the elevator came crashing down on them.

They began running down the hall as a group of Genomorphs appeared and chased them.

'Turn left…' Superboy heard a voice in his head.

"Left!" he cried out. Then turned left at the corner.

'Turn right…'

"Right!" They turned right and wound up at a dead end with a vent.

"Great directions Supey, are you trying to get us repodded?" cried Kid Flash.

"No…I don't understand," said Superboy.

"Don't apologize, this is perfect!" cried Robin. Robin ripped off the cover of the vent and they all crawled in.

"At this rate, we'll never get out," said Kid Flash.

"Ok, who just let one rip!" cried Skye.

"Sorry…" said Kid Flash.

Skye crawled ahead so she was in front. "This is the last time I crawl into a vent behind boys."

"Shh! Listen," said Superboy.

"I don't hear anything," said Robin.

"No, its Genomorphs, they're in the vents too. Koji can smell them. We should hurry," said Skye.

They reached an opening into an empty hallway and Robin began hacking again.

"What are you doing now?" asked Skye.

"Just a second….there. I hacked the motion sensors." Robin smirked.

"I'm starting to like you more every minute!" replied Skye.

"But there's still plenty of them between us and out," said Robin.

"Who cares? At least I've got room to run now." Kid Flash put on his goggles and zoomed up the staircase, pushing aside any Genomorphs as the other followed behind.

Suddenly, red lights turned on and alarms sounded. Just as Kid Flash got out of the stairway, a large door shut in the hallway.

"Oh crud." He said, crashing into the wall.

"We're cut off from the street," said Aqualad.

"Thanks, my head hadn't noticed," said Kid Flash.

Superboy and Aqualad tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge.

"Dammit, I can't hack this fast enough!" cried Robin. He turned around and saw a herd of giant Genomorphs. "This way!" Robin led them through a door but it only led everyone to a bigger heard of Genomorphs led by Guardian.

The Genomorph gnomes' horns started glowing, causing the teenagers to lose consciousness. Superboy, however was still awake.

"You…" he said.

'Yes, I set the fire that lured your new friends down into Cadmus, I awoke them when they were in danger…'

'…and guided me. Why?' thought Superboy.

'Because you are our last hope, the Genomorph hero. You will glaze a trail for all our brothers, showing us the way to freedom.'

The Genomorph on Guardian's shoulder jumped off. "What? What's going on?" Guardian groaned while he rubbed his head.

The others began regaining consciousness.

'What will you choose?'

"I choose…freedom!" declared Superboy.

"Guardian?" asked Aqualad.

"Go, I'll deal with Desmond," said Guardian, clearly thinking.

"I think not. You kids have caused me a lot of trouble today. Project Blockbuster will allow me to restore that order," said Desmond. He held up a test tube containing a blue liquid and drank it. His body began changing into a large rock like substance as all his clothes, except his pants, were ripped off as his body expanded.

Guardian moved to attack but Blockbuster pushed him aside. Superboy tried next and landed a couple punches before Blockbuster grabbed him and jumped through the ceiling onto the next floor.

"The fight's moved upstairs. We should too," Skye boosted Koji up into the hole in the ceiling.

"Well that's one way to burst through a ceiling," said Robin firing his cable.

"You think lab coat planned that?" asked Kid Flash as he and Skye grabbed onto Robin.

"I doubt he's planning anything anymore," said Aqualad.

Once they all made it to the upper level, Blockbuster threw Superboy into Aqualad, sending them both flying back. Robin, Kid Flash and Skye ran back to make sure they were ok.

Kid Flash ran up to Blockbuster and slid beneath him. Distracted, Blockbuster quickly turned back just as Superboy and Aqualad punched him. Kid Flash knelt down so Blockbuster tripped over him.

"Learned that one in kindergarten." He said.

Robin jumped over Kid Flash and threw two projectiles at Blockbuster who blocked them with his arm.

"What are we going to do? This guy isn't going down without a fight!" cried Skye.

"Yeah, tell me about it. We need a plan," said Robin.

Blockbuster punched one of the pillars just as Kid Flash dodged, causing the above structure to crumble slightly.

"That's it!" Robin's digital computer brought up a diagram of the building they were currently in. "KF, get over here!"

Kid Flash managed to get up and made his way over to Robin and Skye.

"If we can break all the pillars, we can collapse the building on him. You distract him and I'll get Superboy and Aqualad caught up." Explained Robin.

"Got it." Kid Flash ran over and punched Blockbuster, drawing his attention away from Superboy and Aqualad.

Superboy, Aqualad and Skye smashed the remaining pillars as Robin drew an X in the middle of the room with some chalk.

"KF! Get him on the X!" cried Robin.

Kid Flash ran over to Blockbuster and punched him in the head, making Blockbuster chase him. Aqualad sprayed the floor with water as Kid Flash used it to slide to a stop just in front of the X. Superboy jumped up from behind Kid Flash and punched Blockbuster to the ground. Aqualad sent a powerful electric shock into the water, which carried the electricity to Blockbuster.

"We've got to move!" cried Robin. Everyone began running for the door just as several of Robin's projectiles on the broken pillars detonated causing the entire building to collapse.

Superboy and Aqualad quickly covered Kid Flash, Robin, Skye and Koji.

Once the building had fallen, Superboy lifted a large piece of debris off them. Everyone was fine and had only a few minor scratches and rips on their clothes.

"We…did it," said Aqualad.

"Was there…ever any doubt?" asked Robin. He and Kid Flash high-fived each other before grabbing their chests in pain.

"That was awesome! You guys totally have to look me up when you go on another adventure!" cried Skye.

Superboy walked over to the crushed Blockbuster.

"See?" Superboy turned over to Kid Flash. "The moon."

Superboy looked up at the moon and squinted. A figure in red and blue flew towards the teenagers and landed before them. Many other superhero-like figures landed behind Superman

"Wow, and Superman! Do we keep our promises or what?" asked Kid Flash.

"Oh, you guys are soo busted," said Skye.

Superboy walked up to Superman and showed him the red S on his chest causing Superman's eyes to widen. Superboy smiled slightly but it quickly faded when Superman's face turned serious.

"Is that what I think it is?" asked Batman.

"He doesn't like being called an it," whispered Kid Flash.

"I'm Superman's clone." Declared Superboy, causing the other supers to look at each other in shock.

Batman glared at the teenagers. "Start taking."

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat but Koji and I have some work to do. And since I don't know you people, I can't get in trouble. So…bye!" Skye threw down a smoke grenade and when it cleared, she and Koji were gone.

After the teenagers explained what happened, most of the supers hauled Blockbuster away while Superboy looked over and saw Superman speaking with Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.

Superman walked over to Superboy. "We'll, uh, figure something out for you. The League will, I mean. For now, I, uh, better make sure they get that Blockbuster creature locked up straight away." With that, Superman departed.

Batman, Flash, and Aquaman walked up to the teenagers. "Cadmus will be investigated, all 52 levels, but let's get one thing straight," said Batman.

"You should have called," said Flash. "And who was the girl?"

"She said her name was Spear Hanzo. She was investigating just like we were and she really helped us out." Replied Robin.

"End results aside, we are not happy. You hacked League computers, disobeyed direct orders and endangered lives. You will not be doing it again," said Batman.

"We did good work here tonight: the kind of work you trained us to do. Together, on our own, we forged something powerful and important," said Aqualad.

"If this is about your treatment at the hall, the three of you…" said Flash.

"The four of us," said Kid Flash. "And it's not."

"Batman, we're ready to use what you taught us, or why teach us at all?" Said Robin.

"Why let them tell us what to do?" asked Superboy. It was clear he didn't like being given orders. "It's simple, either get on board, or get out of the way."

"This cave was the original headquarters for the Justice League. We're calling it into service again. And since you five are determined to stay together and fight the good fight, you'll do it on League terms," said Batman.

"Red Tornado has volunteered to live here and be your supervisor. Black Canary will handle training. I will deploy you on missions." Finished Batman.

"Real missions?" asked Robin.

"Yes, but covert." Replied Batman.

"The League will still handle the obvious stuff. There's a reason we have these big targets on our chest," said Flash, pointing to the lightning bolt on his chest.

"But Cadmus proves that the bad guys are getting smarter and Batman needs a team that can operate on the sly," said Aquaman.

"The six of you will be that team," said Batman.

"Cool…wait, six?" asked Robin.

Everyone turned around and saw Martian Manhunter with a girl similar to his appearance.

"This is the Martian Manhunter's niece, Miss Martian."

"Hi," she waved.

"I'm liking this gig already," said Kid Flash. "I'm Kid Flash, this is Robin, Aqualad. It's ok if you forget their names."

"I'm honored to be included," she said.

Everyone walked over to introduce themselves, except Superboy.

"Hey Superboy, come over here and meet Miss M," said Robin.

Just as he walked over, Miss Martian's shirt turned from white and red to black and red to match Superboy's.

"I like your T-shirt," she said, giving him a coy smile while she blushed.

Superboy smiled, just before Robin elbowed him in the rib and smiled at him.

"Today is the day," said Aqualad.

'I kinda wish Spear were here, she would've been great on the team.' Thought Robin.

"Wait, you said six of us. With Miss Martian, that's only five," said Kid Flash.

"Miss me boys?" Everyone looked over and saw Skye and Koji.

"Spear! What are you doing here?" asked Robin.

"Tall, dark and slightly scary, here tracked me down and offered me a spot on this team. I've got my reasons and being part of this team serves to assist those reasons. So since we're going to be a team, I suppose we have to know each other's name."

"Well…we have secret identities to protect ourselves and our loved ones," said Kid Flash.

"Yes, but I assume we'll all be living together, besides, all my loved ones are perfectly capable of protecting themselves."

"How so?" asked Robin.

"They're Hattoris."

"Hattoris?" asked Aqualad.

"The Hattori family is a noble and prestigious family located in the Mie Prefecture in Japan. They're known for being professional breeders of expert guard dogs as well as master of combat and stealth." Explained Batman. "You're a Hattori…aren't you?"

"Hattori Shizuka, but most call me Skye," she said bowing. "And this is Koji," she said motioning to her loyal companion, "one of those guard dogs you're very familiar with."

"What exactly is he?" asked Kid Flash.

"Cerberus Hydra, a breed of dragon. At least one head is always awake, which makes it the best guard dog in the world. We sell them to those who need protection under the guise of regular canines," she replied.

"I think he's adorable," said Miss Martian, bending down to pet Koji.

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