I'm so sorry, guys. I really truly am. I was so confident that I wouldn't stop this fic, but sadly I was so very wrong. But to be honest, I don't see a future for this fanfiction and even if I did, it wouldn't be much of one. I'm also kinda mad at them for making us wait through 2 hiatuses, though I'm sure you're all equally pissed at me. I don't blame you.

Let me start from the beginning. I started this fanfiction for two reasons:

1. Because I was such a fangirl for a new cartoon show.

2. To test out and learn more about my own characters, which was a huge success. This fic was mostly intended to be sort of a test run for my own original series, which is why so many of my OCs (not FCs) were included. While I did have some overall plot established, I wanted to see what my characters would be like in action. Hence, the fic. As a result, I began to learn more about my characters, namely Skye.

Looking back, I've realized that some of the things I had her do, say and how she said them wouldn't be how she would actually go about it. So in a matter of speaking, this fanfiction was a huge success for me: I learned more about and realized some errors in my characters. I even ended up coming up with more characters for my series.

Also, because of that, I don't really see Robin and Skye together anymore...at all. And after watching the season finale, I like Robin better with Zatanna now. Besides, I already even made Skye a love interest for my own series so I don't see her with anyone else.

Review Replies:

Vertikalen: Thanks, it's really what I was going for. What better way to learn more about a character I made up than to throw her in a test run? And I gotta say, it really helped me fix up a few things. I would address everything else, but I'm too lazy to read your review again after so long and, although very very good points, they kinda don't really matter since the story's over now XS no offense.

peach: Skye and her family have a lot of enemies...or rather just a lot of people who want them dead.

amazoness: Sadly, that won't be happening :'(

Queeny: Glad you liked it. Thought it would be fun if some parts of the story focused on her like the show did for other characters.

Music: Sorry hon. I know you really enjoyed it. So sorry to do this.

Red: Kinda. Well it was more along the lines of "there's a sword sticking out of my stomach and I need you to pull it out."

angelrider: Nah, she ain't gonna die.

scarlett: Well I imagine I've just tortured you more with the discontinuation.

lilly: hehe, yeah. Sorry

anon: Thanks, but sadly, this story is over.

anime: I wanted to celebrate ^3^ Yeah, Skye's got some shit going on with her family.

sunny: Skye just got stabbed. Thought it was obvious XD Heh...guess it's much longer than short now, huh?

angel2u: Thanks

Fox: Oh she's fine. lol

SakuraT: Yeah, it was honestly the huge wait (two of them I might add) that really pushed my love for the show and subsequently, my motivation for this fic.

Live: Thanks, I'm glad.

Kikiyo: Thanks. I suspect this wasn't though.

Kerrolyn: Thanks.

nikki: Yeah, deep down, she doesn't want to give up on Ieyasu.

gord: .'

dream: Thanks. Hm, well I did have some preliminary thoughts for those episodes. Skye would probably not taken the mental exercise well and would have responded to Canary's therapy with anger and hostility.

Numbah: Haha thanks. Yeah...'

Riqis: hehe, well surprise was the intent.

steel: Thanks.

Night: Yes, yes I can.

Ayame: I really wanted to. I have like half the next chapter written up, but I'm afraid that's all that's going to get done. Replacing Artemis with her was an initial idea, but only if I didn't like Artemis.

fangis: Thanks, sorry.

Synk: Oh, god. I don't think I'm going to have a good sleep now.

Spark: Yeah, sorry.

justsomefan: I appreciate how much you're enjoying the fic. Stopping this fic was really a result of combined reasons (lack of motivation, YJ's long hiatuses, loss of interest and growing interest for other series, and that I don't see Robin and Skye together anymore). I know how it feels, believe me, but remember that at the end of the day, this is my fic, which I can choose to terminate whenever I wish.

Once again, I'm so sorry for those of you who enjoyed the fic and have stuck through it with me. I know exactly how it feels to totally love a fic, only to have the writer completely abandon it. Believe me, I know. But please remember that at the end of the day, this is my fic and I can choose to stop writing for it if I wish. But once again, I'm so sorry. I never thought this would happen. Shows what I know.

Since the fic is pretty much discontinued, I'll pretty much tell you what was gonna happen: Obviously, Skye doesn't die. Come on. But, she retakes her spot in the fight, but loses control of Beast Fusion and goes on a rampage in Happy Harbor. Archangel swoops in and badda bing badda boom, manages to subdue her. I guess some other shit with the episodes happens and the Team learns she only joined because Batman hired her to. She abandons the team in Africa when MBF issues take priority, which was something Batman and Skye agreed to should it ever happen, causing her to be suspected as the mole. Robin and Miss Martian track her down to help/prove she's not the mole. And I think that's all I had planned.

Also, if you're wondering how I've seen the season finale, all the next episodes are up on Youtube since Brazil, for some reason, got them all. But they're all in...whatever language is spoken in Brazil - Portuguese I think. Don't mean to be racist, I really just don't know and would rather not call it by the wrong language. Anyway, there are English subs and holy shit. I totally got mindfucked.

Once again, sorry.