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Chapter 1: Back to School

Ness plopped into his chair in Mr. Blery's class just as the bell rang.

"Where were you?" whispered Paula, who was next to him.

"A place," he muttered.

"That doesn't-" began Paula, but she was cut off as Mr. Blery began speaking.

"Class, open your notebooks and begin your drills."

They continued their conversation telepathically.

("Weird how they decided to send students from Onett and Twoson to the same school, eh?") said Ness casually.

("Not the point. Can you remember what E=MC squared means?")

("That's not on the drill,") thought Ness worriedly.

("Then why did I see it?") wondered Paula.

"Ness? Paula? Are you doing your drills?" asked Mr. Blery, striding over to them.

"Uhm...yes, Mr. Blery..." mumbled Ness, still puzzling over Paula's sudden reception of the question...


The lunch bell rang. Ness walked out of his class with Paula.

"So what was that all about?" he asked.

Paula opened her mouth to respond, but just then:

"Hey, stripey!"

Ness was wearing his usual blue-and-yellow again instead of black, without his cap (caps were not allowed at school).

"Oh. It's Derrick."

Derrick, a positively monstrous junior the size of a truck, played football and all of the girls seemed to think he was "cute" despite the mass of rather hairy pimples that covered his face, almost making it seem like a genetic deformity. He had hair all over and had a voice like a drunken gorilla. Somehow that was cute.

"Ohh, it's..." mimicked Derrick, replacing his own name with something I would rather not say.

"You just insulted yourself, moron," scoffed Ness. A crowd had formed around them, and they laughed. Derrick walked up to Ness, his hulking form heaving with breath.

"You just earned yourself a punch in the throat," he snarled.

"Not if I can help it," teased Ness, and he leapt nimbly out of the way of Derrick's punch. Paula was the only one who knew that if Ness punched Derrick as hard as possible, Derrick would probably be knocked cold. Nobody had any idea that just last week Ness had saved the world once more. They knew he had done it once, but the student body seemed to have forgotten how Ness and company had fought Giygas and Paula had willed him into nothingness. Ness just referred to it as "killing Giygas," which was technically incorrect.

Derrick attempted to kick him with his best football kick, but an impromptu (and nonverbal) PSI Shield caused it to be deflected. The hulking beast just thought he had missed.

PK FLASH! thought Ness, and there was an incredibly bright flash that sent many students screaming away, and others cried. They didn't know what had happened.

Derrick, meanwhile, was beyond angry. He grabbed a pencil from a passing kid and tried to stab Ness. Enraged, Ness hit Derrick in the stomach. He doubled over.

"Don't ever do that again," spat Ness coldly.

"I hate it when you get like that..." muttered Paula.

"He deserves it."

Meanwhile, four or five girls swarmed Derrick.

"Are you okay? Can I get you something? HELP! He's gonna die!"

"He isn't gonna die," said Mr. Blery, exiting the classroom. "What happened?"

Derrick smirked at Ness, unseen by anyone else, and pointed at Ness.

"What happened here? I DEMAND to know!" fumed Mr. Blery.

"Derrick attempted to stab me with a pencil, so I punched him in the stomach. I don't think it would have hurt big, tough Derrick as much as he's acting like it did."

"Paula! Is this true?" demanded the irate teacher.

"Yes, Mr. Blery."

"You're not just saying that?"

Three students who had been crying from PK Flash recovered themselves enough to support Ness. He realized these three were his old friends whom he had not seen in quite a while, ever since he had begun the war against Giygas.

"Thanks, guys. Sorry about that flash," Ness told them as Derrick was taken away from the area, the gaggle of girls casting very angry looks at Ness.

"Not a problem," said Johnny, the tallest of them. They were quite aware of Ness' PSI.

Several minutes later the pair dashed into the cafeteria, hoping to find a good seat. The freshman performance of "Little Shop of Horrors" was today, in the cafeteria. They sat next to one another, in a seat that was not too close to the stage but yet still had a good view.

"Great that this school provides theater as we eat, huh? And we get to miss the next period watching this!" laughed Ness. Paula wholeheartedly agreed.

"I wish Jeff was here, though. He liked this kind of performance," sighed Paula.

"It would also be cool to have him here because we could borrow that sonar device of his," muttered Ness. "Scan the basement...I SWEAR there are corpses down there..."

Meanwhile, in Winters, Jeff was tinkering with an old pipe. Tony had no idea what he was trying to do with it, but accepted it nonetheless.

"I wish I hadn't used my last ionic transducer..." muttered Jeff. Again, Tony was clueless.

"Jeff!" called Maxwell's voice suddenly.

"Coming, Maxwell! See you later, Tony," added Jeff as he flew down the stairs.

"Any luck with that pipe?" asked Maxwell.

"Nothing. What's the deal?"

"We've found something...disturbing, to say the least," grimaced Maxwell.

Jeff followed him out of the school gates.

"This is more your area of expertise..."

Jeff gasped as he saw the body of his father facedown in the snow. There was no blood, and no evidence that he had been injured, but he had been quite sure his father had died when there was a massive explosion in his lab.

Sometime in the future, 100 years later, Boney was running around the village under the power of Rapa Etus, because he felt like it. The brown blur shooting around town was beginning to make some people uneasy. Suddenly Nathan appeared in front of him, stopping him completely.

"Lesson time," he grinned.

Lucas kicked the rock down the dirt road. He was waiting for his favorite book to be returned to the library so he could check it out again.

Another boy suddenly seemed to materialize from around the corner, and he kicked the rock back.

Lucas kicked the rock.

The boy kicked the rock.

This impromptu game of soccer ended when the rock went past Lucas. He picked it up, but his head was only turned for a moment (less than a second) when he realized that the boy was gone. No footprints, no floating dust to show that he had run, no evidence he had existed at all

"Weird," muttered Lucas. "I'd better find Kumatora, she might know something about this."

He sprinted off towards Osohe, and was almost there when he ran right into Nathan and Boney.

"Oh, hello, Lucas," greeted Nathan.

("Where are you going in such a hurry?") asked Boney.

"Osohe. I just saw something really weird and I need to find Kumatora."

He continued on his way, through the cemetery. It was spooky even at midday, even with Nippolyte's shack restored. He vaulted over the fence and swam across the moat. Balancing himself on the ledge of dirt, he sidled over to a place where Duster had scaled the wall a while ago. He climbed the ladder, and then climbed up into Osohe itself.

"KUMATORA!" he called. She jumped out from behind a sliding painting with moving eyes, and grinned at him.

"What's the deal?" she asked.

"Take me to the Osohe document room. I need to see if anyone lived in the village who died. About my age."

"Okay..." muttered Kumatora. "That's odd. What exactly happened?"

"I kicked a rock down the road. He came around the corner and we kicked the rock back and forth until I turned my head for a moment, to pick it up. It wasn't even a second, but he was gone when I looked up. I thought he might have been a ghost. There weren't any footprints, and no dust in the air signifying that he had run away."

"That IS weird," stated Kumatora. "Come on then. We're going down into the basement."


Ness and Paula left their final class for their lockers, about to head home.

Just then...

"I haven't forgotten that little stunt you pulled back there. I got detention for a week, you know that?"

"Go away, Derrick. You're not tough, and quite frankly, you're ugly," spat Paula.

"Why don't you go out with me instead of him there?" asked Derrick, ignoring her. Ness knew he was quite infatuated with Paula, and he felt a tic going in his eye as he packed his stuff into his bookbag.

"I'd rather die," said Paula scornfully, turning and walking away with Ness.

Derrick followed her, pestering her until Ness stopped and tripped him. He kept walking, acting like nothing had happened, and left the building. He walked Paula home through Twoson and then teleported to his own house.

He sat petting King for a while, wishing he could go on another adventure. That was what he truly loved doing, besides playing baseball. And eating steak.

"What happened!" exclaimed Lucas. "I don't see anything about HOW he died..."

"It had to be something tragic, or else he wouldn't be sticking around in an earthbound form..." mused Kumatora.

"You mean, like a murder?" asked Lucas?

The boy had certainly died, and his name was George Burns. He had died at Lucas' age, but it did not give much other information. It reminded him of Richard Pronch, a man killed by the Escaryuba and then impersonated. He had died a sickening death, and Ness had found him when he noticed part of a hand sticking out of a snowdrift they were lying in, attempting to block out the noise of Duster and Kumatora's argument.

"Exactly," responded Kumatora. She frowned and flipped through a book that was lying alone on a bottom shelf. "This book might help."

Lucas flipped through it. Nothing.

"It doesn't," he said. "Not a thing."

"Oh." Kumatora replaced the book upon its shelf.



A book and a bone went soaring through the air to the owners of the respective voices.

"Nice job, Boney!" complimented Nathan. "You have the makings of a true magician...dog...dog magician!"

Boney barked with pleasure.

"How's the lesson going?" asked Flint cheerily, exiting the house. Despite the deaths of his wife and son, he had recovered and was the same as ever.

"Boney's brilliant. He really enjoys the lessons, you know," grinned Nathan.

("Yep!") yipped Boney in agreement, thought Flint didn't understand him.

"You know what's weird?" asked Ness, sitting in a tree. He was watching the sun set over the horizon, and King was sitting at the foot of the tree.

("Eh?") mumbled the white sheepdog.

"Derrick's been acting awfully odd lately. More vicious than usual, ya know?"


"Meh, I'll think about it later. It's six o' clock, time for dinner."

("DINNER! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!") woofed King, springing to his paws. ("COME ON!") He charged into the house, barking.

Ness followed him, laughing.

The day was weird for all of them, but they were sure it would be alright.

Or would it?

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