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The Host Club started as it always had, with the King greeting all the "princesses" as they entered into the marvelous winter in a park, minus the cold, that they had created in Music Room Three.

The King of the Host Club is none other than Tamaki Suoh, the half French and half Japanese, narcissistic, blonde-haired, violet eyed beauty.

The Vice-President is Kyouya Ohtori, the cool-type of the hosts. His slight detachment, good looks, and alluring smile, saved especially for their princesses, made him into a wonderful addition to the host family. He also was brains behind the Host Club operation.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are the troublesome twins with an implied taboo relationship.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka(Honey) and Takashi Morinozuka(Mori) were the close cousins. Honey is the cute one of the hosts, his kiddish looks and ways make him too cute to pass up and Mori's quiet and protective ways make him a sweet mystery to his clients.

Then there was Haruhi, the natural… That one stumble that caused that 8 million yen vase to break created a whirlwind in Haruhi's life.

After a couple of hours of being a host the day was done and all the members were standing around chatting with one another, but then something captured a hosts mind….

The flawless porcelain skin and the deep black locks that stood out from it was caught in the mind of the girl who was thought to be a boy stared at the 6 beautiful hosts that stood before her, all of which she knew were handsome, but was somehow able to see past that. The thing that she focused on especially in her mind were his glasses. They make him look sexy and smart…"

Since when has the infamous 'Shadow King' all that is on my mind? Was what Haruhi's mind then switched gears to.

Really? The money obsessed rich bastard who frightened everyone in the morning. Could it be because he's the only one, other than Mori-senpai , that was a complete mystery? Even Mori-senpai wasn't this mysterious…

When she came back to earth all she saw was the entire host club, minus Kyouya and Mori of course, were causing a ruckus at the fact that Haruhi was lost in such a daze.

Tamaki was in a frenzy saying, "My wonderful daughter, what could be wrong with her? Why is she staring off into space like that? Is she sick? Oh Haruhi, I'll take you to the best doctors money can afford!"

Kaoru leaned towards the flailing King and said, "Maybe Haruhi is in love" draping an arm over the Kings shoulder, sinister grin plastered on his face.

His brother, Hikaru , being as dastardly as his twin , draped an arm over his other shoulder and said, with the same grin, "Your precious daughter, thinking about the man she loves… How do you feel about that Tono?" Hope gleamed in Hikaru's eyes thinking that maybe, by some chance it could be him.

"Haru-chan, are you?" said the loveable Lolita, Honey.

"Haruhi, is it true? Are you in love? Please tell Papa! Mommy! Make Haruhi tell me this second who she loves!" Tamaki practically screaming at the top of his lungs, looking at an annoyed Kyouya, he hated that nickname. The Host Club's "Mother" , after pushing his glasses up to the top of his nose, was about to speak when another voice chimed in…

"Will you please shut up Tamaki," more of a command than a question. Annoyance was heard in her voice. "I am not in love, I just was thinking." With one swift motion she picked up her bag and made her way to the door. The twins moved their hands from their King's shoulder and made their way to follow the girl.

Once they caught up, after Haruhi was halfway down the corridor, Haruhi said all that she could think of "Do you really need to provoke him like that?" Still annoyed at Tamaki's questions. I am not in love with Kyouya, he is just a mystery… A mystery that I wish to solve. Yes, that's exactly it.

With a sigh the twins said in perfect unison "Where's the fun without provoking our idiot King?" Stopping Haruhi in her tracks and turning her chin up to face them as they said it. Meer centimeters away from both of their lips, Hikaru moving slightly closer than his twin… Haruhi pushes them both lightly to the side and keeps walking, ignoring Hikaru's obvious advance, yet Haruhi being Haruhi was oblivious to the fact.

"Haruhi, you need a ride home?" Both the twins said after they had already reached the front of the school, having been silent for the rest of the walk down.

Haruhi turned back with a smile "No, I'll be fine, I'd rather walk. Bye." She strode away in the direction of home, all the while thinking of the 'Low Blood Pressure Demon.'

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