Three months later:

News Flash! Writer Thom E. Gemcity announces new line of children's books! Just after publishing his latest LJ Tibbs novel, writer Thom E. Gemcity announced that he'll be starting a line of children's stories based around a little blue bear named Gibs and his best friend. "It's an idea that started awhile ago and I've just started writing it, thanks to some friends of mine." The stories follow Gibs and his human friend Timmy as they journey from one adventure to another.

In other news…

Jimmy Palmer watched surreptitiously as the MCRT worked the newest homicide case. He wasn't quite sure what it was that was different, only that there was a slight change in the team dynamic. Nothing bad, no it wasn't anything like that; he just couldn't put a finger on it.

Jimmy's eyes widened when he realized what the difference was. It was the subtle gestures and touching between the three men of Team Gibbs. The way they seemed to communicate these days without saying a word to each other. Smiles would appear on all three men's faces for no apparent reason. Gibbs in particular was relaxed and smiling more often these days.

Swallowing hard, Jimmy finished his work with Dr. Mallard and then waited for a few minutes before asking Ducky what happened.

"It's like they've reached a new plateau. All of them are so relaxed around each other. What brought about the difference, do you know Doctor?"

"Ah Mr. Palmer let me tell you about a lost little boy, a little blue bear and a big tough Marine…"