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Summary: Joey is alone, family, school, and personal problems have him in a dark place. His only escape is an online friend. After conversation with the guy for a year he feels like someone might actually care about him...but how will he react when mystery guy wants to meet in person.

Prologue: As A Blonde

Joey's P.O.V.
I force my eyes to open as the light from the blinding sun penetrates the many holes in my curtain. I'm not a morning person mainly due to my pain. The thing about injuries is that they hurt like a bastard when their first applied and they hurt like a bitch when you wake up the next day, so there's no getting along with them.

My clock reads 6:30am; reluctantly I kick off my sheet if you could call it that and find one of the navy things schools call uniforms bundled up in the corner of my room. After tripping over numerous things to get my uniform I try my best to creep into the bathroom not making any noise to wake my father. As I look into the mirror I see a pathetic mutt with blood soaked hair and a black eye. With a quick shower and some cover up I take care of the hair and eye so now I'm just a blonde hair brown eyed mutt but at least I'm clean. Leaving the bathroom quietly works well until I'm met with dad. Without warning I'm pushed to the floor into the blood and filth as he walks over me not to get his feet dirty. The word bitch leaves my mouth before I can stop it and I get a kick in the ribs, I feel myself getting yanked off the floor and everything goes black.

Coming to thanks to the fowl smells of this place I see the blood stain on the wall and I piece the previous events together. Crawling back into the bathroom I compose myself. Once the face is adequate look down to the reason I'm crawling my ankle is a dark red color but still mobile so I limp in to my room grab my bag and deck thanking a higher force that my father is passed out and I leave for the second hell without breakfast...again.

Getting to school before the first bell seems like an easy task, but when you're healing from old injuries and just waiting with mass amounts of excitement for your new ones to show you what the true colors of pain are like then try calling it easy. I manage to make it to class only 10 minutes late which is a personal best and what's my reward the seat in the back in front of the ice prince and his royal family.

They are the popular people of our school the Cullen's of my Forks(1) minus the sweet hot loner guy...well there's no sweet. There was Yami apparently he's from Egypt and from what I hear he's related to the royals from back in the day so he's loaded, then there's Yugi or Mini-Yami they look creepy alike but there apparently not closely related but that's their business he's very kind but still sits on a pedestal, then there was Yami's cousin Bakura people avoided him mostly because he's either attached somehow to his boyfriend or talking his out his sexual frustration on some poor soul so most people spend their time making sure said boyfriend is alwayswith him, Ryou is the British sweet heart and is Bakura's boyfriend he's insanely nice everyone loves him but still keep their distance…some girl named Tea hugged him once and the next day she disappeared…so he doesn't get touched…at all. The crazy thing is…well another crazy thing about them is they all live together well almost all of them…I reluctantly go take my seat.

So why does it suck to sit around them? Well let's just say there fans of PDA and they have no problem showing the straight couples how it's done. This sucks for normal couples and sucks 2fold for me because I get reminded that I'm alone and that it's impossible to find a partner to be with…the only thing that makes it better is that the last of the perfects is alone because he's a jerk…a really fine jerk. His name is Seto, Yami's other fucked up cousin (I mean what kind of genes run in that family).The dude is a complete ass to everyone so everyone mostly ignores him, except chicks who think he's hot as hell...which is true...and he has an ass like a god with eyes so blue that if you look into them it's like you instantly feel safe, like no matter what as long as he's there everything will be okay…"MR. WHEELER!" The teacher drags me back down to hell and makes me feel so welcome "Please continue where I left off!" I say nothing and I receive the same response as always "how do you expect to make a living when you can't even pay attention during class?" I begin to feel uncomfortable turning slowly around I'm met with his gaze, I watch his perfect lips begin to move and my mind wonders what he can do with them and his lengthy tongue of course hell has other plans and he says "Move your big head mutt" and I sadly sink down farther hoping to avoid his gaze.

Hell was pretty much the same for the rest of the day minus the getting noticed part. I was walking towards my job when I saw him leave, I stood frozen by his eyes until he got into the limo and drove away.

Due to daddy dearest needing to be drunk, high, or having sex all day to stay alive I was usually left without money, so I had to get a job. My job was at an Internet café, a 30 minute run from hell. As I walk in I'm greeted with the only friendly face I know...Neon(2). Neon sounds like a weird name I know, it's his real name just not the one he was born with. Neon's mother was a heavy drinker and his name came to her in a drunken haze. He never told me what it was only that it was really bad, anyway when he got a scholarship to art school the first thing he did to celebrate was change his name. I asked him once why he choose Neon he told me that when he was young his only escape was drawing, it was the only thing his father showed him to do before he died and neon green was his favorite color…he never mentioned it again. Neon was my best friend and bank he held on to my money for me so my father wouldn't get to it. He was currently taking the order of a chick that can only be described as a male fantasy come true, while she was kindly telling him what she wanted today he was eyeing her boobs. Neon is insanely hot; he had dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, a six pack, and a great ass. Knowing my best friend quite well I knew that he was hard as a rock right now and because I know him I got away from the door. Since I go man scoping often I'm a champ at checking people out without being notice however Neon was not, who'd of guess the chick took self-defense classes?

After telling Neon about my day in hell over something to eat and tending to his beaten face and pride I began my shift with him. After a wonderful 7 hour shift of dealing with asshole customers I said goodnight to Neon and started to close up. Once that was all done I went into the break room and got my laptop out of my locker. I logged onto MSN and he was on which caused my personal hell to freeze over for the time being. My personal Damon Salvatore(3) as Neon calls him is my online best friend and secrete crush. We met a year ago after I was on a few dueling websites trying to find out some tournament news when I got a message saying 'Ice-Dragon186 wants to chat' since then we've talked about almost everything except my fucked up life and my muttness, he thinks I live an average life and I'm descent looking . My wonderful Dragon thinks I'm your classic peppy blond, who has a future and friends. According to our past conversations I know he has a little brother who is quite smart for his age and that it's been the two of them and their distant family for a while. All though I've never met the guy I can't help but feel attracted to him but…I gave up on love a long ago. His IM brings me back to earth and causes me to smile.

"Hey Puppy" The nickname he gave my when he said that LoneWolf102 didn't suit me.
"Hey Dragon how was your day?"
"Good actually school was interesting...U?"
"Mine was crappie"
"Why? Lose your bone :p"
"Maybe:p...but I don't really want to talk about it kay?"
"Sure Puppy, so how's your part-time job going?"
"Good, my friend keeps things interesting"
"I could make things more interesting"
"And how would you do that dragon? Burn down school with breaths of fire?"
"Let's meet in person"


Author's Note:
1) I had to throw that line in there, this story isn't a Yu-Gi-Oh Twilight unless you guys want it to be.

2) I replaced Grey with Neon, the real Grey and me are no longer friends so I replaced her with someone based on my real best friend. I hope you guy like Neon
3) The Vampire Diaries is amazing had to do a shout out

For the first chapter I just wanted you guys to get a feel for Joey and his life. Now if you want me to continue I need to know if I should write my next chapter in joeys P.O.V. and continue like this, or write parts of this day and the next chapter in Seto's P.O.V. so you can get a feel for him and his life, he's more OOC then Joey is but he's so awesome and include Joey's answer and Seto's reasons be hide the school thing and the lets meet in person, Or scrap this and start something else, let me know.