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Chapter Ten: Naturally

15 Years Later…

Joey's P.O.V.
The constant buzzing of my alarm clock woke me. Forcing one of my eyes open, I see that it is a little after 9am, so I force the other eye to do the same. I turn, and I am looking in to the ocean blue orbs that belong to none other than my husband, Seto Kaiba.

He wastes no time in pulling me in for a kiss, and just like every morning he mumbles into the kiss. "I want more…."

Reluctantly, I have to pull away and he gives me the sad eyes. I just point to the calendar on the wall, July 12 is circled in purple, he quickly remembers and heads to the bathroom for a quick shower. I throw on a shirt and head down stairs, I need to start someone's special birthday breakfast.

As I begin the making the pancakes, I spot blue hair come down the stairs. When Jesse enters the kitchen, like any worried dad, I wonder why my thirteen-year-old is out of bed this early. "Morning Jesse why are you up so early bud?"

He gives me a smile. "Well Daddy, since I have you to thank for convincing Papa to let me die my hair blue. I figured the least I could do was help you with Jack's birthday breakfast." I ran and gave him a hug, I really did love how sweet he was sometimes.

"Awe that is so sweet buddy, but it is okay. I have been doing this for thirteen years, so I am fine. If you are tired, go back to sleep, you know you going to need your energy for when uncle Mokie and Noah bring Luna and Leo over." He gives me a small smile, but does not move.

"…and I am sure you going to want to look your best, you know for, when Jaden comes over with Uncle Yugi and Yami." I glanced over at him and I could not help but notice how that shade of red matched very well with his hair.

"What do you m-mean Daddy, Jaden's my cousin." I looked knowingly at my son.

"Not by blood." I said in my sing-song voice and he run out quickly.

"I am going to go get ready!" I managed not to laugh until he was out of earshot, I was quite proud of that.

Seto's P.O.V.
I love my kid's birthdays, I really do, but I hate how it ruins my morning sex. I mean sure coffee is great, but sex is a way better pick-me-up. I was about go see if Joey needed some help making breakfast, when Jesse ran past me mumbling something about straitening his hair, and then I saw the birthday boy coming out of his room.

He looked groggy, so I ran over and picked him up and began a tickle fight. "Papa stop! I give, I give!" Once he stopped laughing, I gave him a hug.

"How is my big boy? Double digits today son, how does it feel?" he straightened up and did his best Kaiba smirk.

"I am ten now Papa; I am not boy anymore." I rolled my eyes at him, and began to tickle him again.

"Save all that manliness for Yusei, Yami and Yugi will be here soon." That earned me a kick in the leg.

"Shut-it Papa, can I have my presents now?" Hhen he gave me the puppy eyes he learned from Joey, and I almost gave in.

"After everyone gets here, now go get ready for breakfast?"

"…fine." I gave him the true Kaiba smirk, and when down stairs to see Joey.

Joey's P.O.V.
I just finished putting the food on the table when Seto walked in. He had that, I want to have sex right now look, but that is normal. "Hey Drag-"

I did not get to finish because he pulled me into a deep kiss and it was good. He has just started pulling at my shirt when a very loud "PARENTS!" was shouted behind us. As Jesse walked in holding my little girl.

Akiza quickly held out her hands to me, and I gave her a good morning hug. "Morning my little angel, do you know what today is?"

She thought for a second. 'Jack's birthday!" She said loudly clapping her hands.

Jack choose this time to walk through the door, so I ran and gave him a hug. "Happy tenth birthday son!"

Akiza grabbed his hair. "Ouch, please let go sis it hurts, I love you too." After a few seconds, she let go and we moved to the table, after I put Akiza in her highchair.

I got many complements about the pancakes, even though I make them for every special occasion. Once we got talking about the party, everyone got really excited. "I cannot wait, I know it is only in our back yard, but I love it when everyone comes over. I am so excited to meet Bakura and Ryou's daughter Blair."

Jack said smiling, Seto nodded, his mouth full of pancake. At the mention of Bakura's name, Akiza got really hyper. "Oh! Kura wanted me to ask Daddy and Papa something, I just remembered."

Jesse and Jack looked curious, Seto continued eating, he could never resist my cooking. "Where do babies come from?" Seto started coughing, Jesse and Jack were hysterical, I just stared wide eyed.

"I am…GOING TO-" I shut Seto up with a quick kiss.

"Ewww gross.' Said the kids in unison.

As I pulled away, Seto grabbed the back of my head. "I Love You." He said as he kissed me again. This time all three of the kids just smiled.

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