Chapter One: Thoughts That Shouldn't Be

Hatori's beautiful mouth flattened into a frown as he glared at the rain. What a fine day to decide not to drive, he thought as he hurried through the rain under the cover of an umbrella. Coming to the corner he saw a young girl, probably no more than seventeen, with her high heel stuck in the drainage grate. She was nearly soaked to the bone, her clothes pasted to her body. Sighing, he stopped to help her. She smiled gratefully up at him from beneath wet matted hair.

He bent down and gently grabbed her ankle, twisting a few times until the shoe wiggled loose while she held onto his shoulder to steady herself as she stood on one foot. Hatori righted himself when she let go, backing away slightly. The girl was beaming at him now. He looked her over. Why the hell was she out in weather like this without a coat? She wore a short low cut dress and she was soaked.

"Thanks, Mr.!" she gushed. "How can repay your kindness?"

Hatori removed his trench coat. It was much too large for the girl but without one she'd probably catch pneumonia by the time she got to wherever she was going. He held it out to her and she took it, wrapping her slim body in its warmth. She inched closer and asked, "Do you live far from here? I could accompany you home, and we could both warm up…"

Hatori's good eye cut to her and narrowed. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his cigarettes and lit one. "Do your parents know you are out here prostituting?"

She pouted. "I don't have parents. Look dude, you want a role in hay or not? It's been paid for, I been standing here all day waiting for you!"

Hatori coughed, swallowing the smoke he inhaled at what she just said. "Excuse me, you said it was paid for?"

"Yeah, so we going or not?"

"Paid for by whom, may I ask?" His voice was laced with quiet anger, suggesting to the girl that not replying was a bad idea.

"Um, well, I didn't ever catch the name. He was a real charming guy, with black hair and chocolate eyes! Said he was a hopeless romantic and he had this friend who was shy and really needed to get laid. He gave me your picture and told me to wait here for you."

She reached in between her cleavage and pulled out a small wallet sized picture of Hatori. Hatori snatched it, his anger rising. "Consider that money your payment for standing out here in this wretched weather. Now get out of here and go somewhere warm, I am not in need of your services," he commanded angrily. She started shrugging out of his coat, but Hatori spun around on his heel, throwing a "Keep it" over his shoulder as he hurried to his apartment.

He went inside long enough to grab the garage door opener and dashed out in the rain into the garage. He had left the umbrella upstairs, which added another log to the smoldering fire of anger burning in his chest. Soaked from the downpour he climbed in the car, started it and sped off. I'm going to kill Shigure, he thought furiously as he drove.

Shigure sighed discontentedly at the silence of his house. Tohru was spending the weekend at her grandfather's and Kazuma had called to say that Yuki and Kyo would be staying the night at the dojo, as Kyo was in no condition to move because of the sudden downpour. It was rare that he ever was in the house alone. He wondered if he should call Ayame or Hatori because although the silence was nice, he knew he was going to get bored really soon. He put his half finished manuscript away in the desk drawer. Maybe he'd watch some t.v. There was no way he could focus on his story now.

He sat on the couch and flipped through the channels aimlessly, not finding anything of interest. Suddenly, it occurred to him since he was home alone he could watch that new porn he had hidden under his mattress. He hummed happily as went to go get it. Just as he was opening the door to his room, there was a loud pounding at the door. Who the hell could that be?, he thought as he hurried to the door. He pulled open the door to find an extremely wet Hatori.

"Ha-san! What brings you here so unexpectedly? I must say that I am very pleasantly surprised! I-"

Hatori cut him off, stepping through the door and slamming it shut, then whirling on Shigure and grabbed him by the neck of his yukata. Shigure found himself pinned between the wall and an enraged dragon.

"Want to venture a guess as to why I'm here before I make you a permanent fixture on this wall?" Hatori growled through clenched teeth.

"I don't know, Ha-san! Why don't you tell me?" replied Shigure, grinning impishly.

Hatori pressed into Shigure uncomfortably with his soaking wet body. He tightened his hold and yanked Shigure's face just inches from his. "Well, it has nothing to do with the poor high school aged prostitute that you sent after me, you idiot!"

Shigure's grin broadened. "So, did she do a good job?"

"You wasted your money. I sent her on her way. The poor girl was soaked to the marrow from standing out there in the rain waiting for me to happen along. You are a real ass."

"Aww, now that's just mean, Ha-san. I was trying to help a friend out!" Shigure pretended to be hurt, but his eyes were still laughing.

"Well do me a favor and don't do me favors, Shigure! Why the hell are you bothering me with this crap anyway? Where's your partner in crime?"

Now Shigure pouted. "Ayame's been busy designing and making costumes for some cosplay fest that's coming up next month. He's completely abandoned us and buried himself in work, and he couldn't be happier!"

Hatori snorted. "At least he's being productive with his time, unlike some people I know."

"Come on, Ha-san. Don't be mad at me, ok? If anyone should be mad, it should be me! It's been three years since Kana and you haven't really been around at all outside of work. I haven't seen you on a social level in who knows when. I just miss you. I know Aya does too."

Hatori let Shigure go, placing his hands on either side of Shigure's head. He closed his eyes in pain at the mention of Kana, but noted that the pain was now a dull throb as opposed to the stabbing and slashing it used to be. He knew Shigure was right, he had avoided his friend's attempts to cheer him up and be there for him after his personal tragedy. He was pulled out of his revere by a tugging at his shirt.

Shigure pulled his shirt loose from his pants where it had been tucked in, and began unbuttoning it. "I'm assuming I'm forgiven, so now we have to get you out of these wet clothes. How would it look if the family doctor got sick? You need to take better care of yourself, Ha-san," Shigure chided, deftly working all the buttons loose. He met Hatori's eyes, his breath catching in his chest. There was no way he should be thinking the thoughts he was thinking about one of his best friends, but he was.

Shigure supposed it couldn't be helped, not with Hatori looking so damn sexy. Here he is, pinning me to a wall with his body, that sensual mouth just inches from mine begging to be assaulted. Not to mention he's drenched with rain water. He paused in his thoughts to watch a bead of water trickle slowly down Hatori's muscular chest, sliding down the smooth planes of his flat abdomen and pooling somewhere beneath the waistband of his pants.

Hatori watched Shigure stare at him and decided he wasn't ready to analyze and dissect what he saw in his friend's eyes when he finally stopped leering. Hatori pushed away from the wall, releasing Shigure from his hold.

"You're right. If you can find me something to wear, I wouldn't turn down a hot shower while you throw these clothes in the dryer."

Shigure nodded and smiled warmly, fetching a robe and towel for Hatori. Watching Hatori retreat upstairs, he collapsed back onto the couch. Hearing the water start, he ran his hand through his hair and wondered just what the hell he'd gotten himself in to.

Kyo laid on the bed of his old room at Kazuma's in a catatonic state. He glowered angrily at the rain falling outside the window, cursing its ability to zap him of all his strength. He didn't even blink when he heard the door slide open and closed. He caught the aroma of salmon and his mouth watered. He hadn't eaten since lunch and it was well past dinner time. Kyo reached inside himself and found the willpower to roll over and saw Yuki placing a tray on the nightstand.

"I ate some soup with Kazuma, but we thought you might be hungry as well. I know it's been a while since you've eaten."

Kyo looked sorrowfully at the food. It looked and smelled so good and he was starving, but he didn't have the energy to feed himself. "I'm not hungry."

Before Yuki could reply, Kyo's stomach growled loudly. Kyo's cheeks were tinted pink at his body's betrayal. He was annoyed greatly by the fact that Yuki was seeing him in his weakened state. He tried to stay away from everyone and hide it when this happened. He cursed the monsoon season under his breath.

Before Kyo knew what was happening, Yuki grabbed him beneath his arms and propped him up into a sitting position. Carefully avoiding his eyes, Yuki handed Kyo a glass of milk, which he gratefully took and drank it all in one shot. He must be starving, Yuki thought as Kyo wiped away his milk mustache. Kyo stifled his burp and stared down at the glass. Well, that's going to have to do for now, he thought. I don't even have the energy to hand him back this glass.

Yuki watched him stare at the glass for a moment. What the hell is he doing? "Aren't you going to eat?"

Kyo looked balefully up at him. "The milk was good enough. You can go now."

Yuki raised his brow. Not an ounce of strength to speak of and the cat still had enough balls to try to provoke him. Yuki began cutting up the fish. "You can't expect to get any strength back just by drinking a glass of milk, you idiot. Besides, protein is good for you."

"I can't fucking feed myself right now, ok!" Kyo snapped angrily, his grip tightening around the glass. Yuki looked at him, surprised. This rain really was depleting him of everything. He reached over and took the glass away, Kyo's hands falling limply into his lap.

"Fine then, I guess I'll have to feed you."


"You heard me," Yuki said quietly, sitting next to Kyo, bringing the plate with him.

"Why would you do that?" Kyo asked, eyeing Yuki suspiciously.

"You want me to just let you starve? Is that how much pride you have?"

"You know, you can be as annoying as your brother."

"Well, if you are going to insult me, I'll forget about being nice."

"All right! Fine! Let's just get this over with!"

Yuki stuffed a morsel of fish in Kyo's mouth and it seemed like he didn't even chew it before swallowing and opening his mouth for more. He kept his eyes down and had his arms crossed lifelessly across his chest. Yuki grinned at the red that flushed his cousin's cheeks. It almost matches his eyes…

He caught the thought before it drifted out of his mind, his eyes widening and his hand freezing in mid air. Did he really just think that?

"OW! God damned rat! What are you doing!" Kyo wasn't paying attention and rammed his mouth into the empty chopsticks that where frozen Yuki's hand. Yuki blinked once, taking in Kyo's bewildered stare and shook it off. He'd think about it later.

Kyo collapsed back down on the bed, facing the window again. The rain fell harder the later it got it seemed and although he was full, eating hadn't really done as much for him as Yuki and himself had hoped it would. He summoned up enough energy to drag himself to the bathroom and back. Ugh, this sucks, he thought morosely. He heard Yuki enter and shut the door behind him again. He heard him shake out a blanket and toss some pillows on the floor.

After staring at Kyo's back for a while, Yuki finally asked, "Do you need help getting under the covers? Surely you aren't going to sleep without a blanket."

"Can't move, guess I'll freeze."

"Really, do you have to be such a stubborn blockhead? Sometimes I wonder if you were born with the wrong sign."

"Maybe I was." There was a pause. "Hey, why you sleeping on the floor? This bed is big enough, if you want to…"

Kyo was glad he had his back turned toward Yuki so he couldn't see how insanely red his face must have been. After a brief hesitation, he felt Yuki get on the bed next to him, covering them both with the quilt he was going to sleep on the floor with. Yuki lay there quiet and still, trying to fall asleep and ignore the way Kyo's warmth was making him feel. This was insane. Every time Kyo would fidget, Yuki could catch his scent. His hair smelled like cinnamon.

Yuki concentrated on relaxing his body, starting with his toes, slackening his legs, and dispelling the weight of the day from his shoulders and spine. It wasn't long before he fell into a dreamless sleep. The exhaustion caused by the weather helped slumber crash over Kyo like a wave, and soon both boys were dead to the world, back to back. However, when Kazuma checked on them before turning in himself he saw Kyo sleeping contentedly with Yuki's head on his chest. Kazuma smiled to himself. A new chapter was in the making for the juunishi.