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Chapter Eleven: Proving My Love

Kyo glared daggers at Haru, who didn't notice, he was too busy leaning on Yuki's shoulder and nuzzling Yuki's neck. Yuki ignored him and stared out the window, watching the scenery fly by as Hatori drove at break neck speeds to reach the Hot Springs; he couldn't have a cigarette with Yuki in the car. Shigure blathered away about his latest book and how hopefully this trip would "inspire" him, only earning him a death glare from Hatori which effectively shut him up. After about fifteen minutes of tense silence, the car rolled to a stop and even before Hatori put the car in park Kyo shot out the door, stomping toward the entrance silently seething in anger.

Yuki sighed and opened the door, getting out and letting the now snoozing Haru fall with a muted thump onto the seat. Still, after a month of being together, Kyo was still as jealous and possessive of Yuki as ever. He had little to no tolerance for Haru's antics with Yuki. And Yuki was getting very tired of having the argument he was sure was coming.

Hatori's lighter clicked and Yuki could hear him inhale gratefully, sucking in his much needed nicotine. Shigure despised his habit and was making Hatori quit. He obliged, cutting himself back slowly. Very slowly. Yuki made eye contact with him as he exhaled and disappeared behind a thin but huge plume of smoke. The trunk popped open and Yuki went to gather up his and Kyo's bags. Interestingly enough, since Hatori had been around Shigure's more, and everything that happened before with Kyo, Yuki and the dragon had developed a closer bond. Both being men of stoicism, they'd learned to communicate with each other silently. That's why Yuki grinned weakly back at him when he had the proper luggage, and Hatori nodded back, as if to say, 'good luck'.

Initially, it was just suppose to be the two couples going to the hot springs, but Aya had gotten wind of it and invited himself, and in turn Momiji found out and asked Hatori with his big, brown, innocent eyes if he could go too. Momiji told Haru, who immediately wanted to go because Yuki was. So Momiji and Aya ended up arriving earlier in the day, because Yuki refused the trip with his brother in the car, and neither Kyo nor Haru wanted to be without Yuki, and Shigure didn't drive and wanted to wait for Hatori to get done with work. Yuki hurried to his room stealthily as possible, trying to avoid Ritsu, Ritsu's mother, and his damnable brother Ayame at all costs.

Yuki slid into his and Kyo's room without having been spotted by anyone. He deposited their bags on the bed, looking around. He noticed Kyo's clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor, piecing together he was already relaxing in the water. He frowned to himself. It was more likely the heat of Kyo's anger was boiling the water, he thought as he striped and wrapped a towel around his waist. Well, he was about to find out. He padded out to the water and after dropping the towel, he eased in slowly, admiring the scenery.

Nothing was better than a wet cat, he decided. Kyo's blazing orange locks were soaked, matted down to his head, the color darkened slightly from being wet. His eyes were shut and his head was leaned back against the wall of rock, displaying his strong, angular jaw and allowing the water from his hair to slowly trickle down his perfectly tanned skin. His toned arms rested behind his head, opening the world to view the expanse of his chiseled chest muscles. Yuki was drooling, he knew, but no matter how many times he saw Kyo naked it never failed to amaze him. It just wasn't fair how gorgeous the ruby eyed boy was, but at least he was all Yuki's.

Finally, one of those mentioned ruby eyes snapped open, taking in Yuki haughtily before shutting again. Ah, the silent treatment, huh? Yuki smirked. Kyo was such a melodramatic baby. First things first, Kyo could never remain silent for long. Secondly, he couldn't ever hope to punish Yuki that way, because Yuki always won their fights. Thirdly, well, Yuki didn't take kindly to being ignored by his lover, so he was going to do some punishing of his own.

Yuki straddled Kyo's hips, quickly grabbing his wrists to keep them pinned above his head as Kyo's eyes shot open wide, zeroing in on Yuki's violet orbs and reading what was contained within them.

"What the hell are you doing? I'm pissed at you, go away!" Kyo spat, struggling against Yuki's grip on his wrists futilely.

Yuki smiled sweetly. "I'm going to prove my love to you tonight, so we can quit having these fights. So just be quiet and let me."

Before Kyo could say another word, Yuki's mouth was on his, his tongue sweeping against his bottom lip asking for permission Kyo knew he wouldn't deny. Once he let Yuki enter a heated battle ensued, both fighting for dominance although they both knew would win, as always. Kyo couldn't help it though; he couldn't get enough of Yuki's strawberry and velvet mouth. Kyo kissed back with fiery passion, excited by the fact that his arms remained pinned by his very sexy, naked lover and the devilish assault that was happening to his mouth.

Yuki's skillful tongue ravished Kyo's mouth until his lips were swollen and the fiery eyed teen was gasping for breath. Yuki moved from his lips to the tan curve of his neck, kissing, biting, and sucking a heated trail up it to his favorite spot- Kyo's ears. Kyo's ears were truly his weak spot, just like a real cat. Yuki found that once he attacked the ears, Kyo became putty in his capable hands.

Kyo knew what Yuki was doing, and began to struggle against the hands that bound him. On the inside, he loved what Yuki did to his ears, but he also knew that his ears were his Achilles heel and it meant instant defeat and submission the second Yuki's lips touched them. Kyo could hear Yuki's breathy chuckle in his ear and twisted his head defiantly.

Yuki grinned. Alright, if Kyo wanted to be that way, he'd give him a break. But he wouldn't forget about it. He released his hold on Kyo's wrists and trailed back down Kyo's neck, pausing to suck his Adam's apple while his pale fingers got busy tracing the muscular planes of Kyo's chest. His fingers glided over a nipple, stopping to rub it until the nub hardened beneath the soft pads of Yuki's fingertips. Kyo groaned and caught Yuki's chin, connecting their mouths together for another passionate kiss.

Kyo's hands stroked over the smooth expanse of Yuki's back while they kissed, feeling the strength that lie hidden within Yuki's slight frame. His rough fingers slid up the curve of Yuki's spine, sending shivers through Yuki's body. Kyo used his nails to trace patterns lovingly into Yuki's skin, at least until Yuki broke the kiss to roughly pinch Kyo's hardened nipple. With a sharp intake of breath, Kyo's pleasure drove his hands to have a mind of their own. His nails sunk deep into Yuki's creamy skin and tore downwards sharply. Yuki's own nails sunk into Kyo's biceps as he gripped his arms, crying out loudly as the pleasure burned through the pain.

Kyo took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Yuki and hold him tightly to his body, clamping down on Yuki's collar bone. Yuki writhed against him as he scraped his teeth repeatedly over the bone. Yuki thrust his hips against Kyo's, causing their erections to meet in the water. Both boys moaned loudly and Yuki repeated his actions, keeping his legs clamped tightly around Kyo's so he couldn't thrust upwards; pleased to be back in control of the situation.

He languidly rolled his hips, dragging his erection against Kyo's torturously slow. Kyo hissed in frustration, unable to move his hips that wanted to instinctively buck. Quick as a cobra striking, Yuki took a hold of Kyo's broad shoulders and latched onto Kyo's earlobe while he was not expecting it and distracted. A moan tore itself from the back of Kyo's throat as Yuki traced the outer shell with his tongue, his warm breath blowing into the captive ear. Yuki grated the flexible cartilage between his teeth, and Kyo felt his entire body turn into jello.

Yuki released his hold on Kyo's ear and gently took hold of Kyo's chin, tipping it so he could look into Kyo's half lidded, lust glazed eyes.

"Maybe we should go into the room to continue?" Yuki suggested, slipping off of Kyo's lap and reaching for his hand. He waded through the water with Kyo in tow, turning slightly to watch as Kyo climbed out of the water, his manhood standing out straight, little droplets of water clinging to it. He led his dripping boyfriend into the room, pushing the luggage to the floor after reaching into a side pocket and pulling out a familiar tube. Kyo recognized it as the lube Hatori had given them and gulped. Yuki really was serious.

Kyo sat down nervously and Yuki climbed into his lap, placing a delicate yet sensual kiss on his mouth. Gently, one hand eased Kyo's frame back into the pillows, the other tracing a burning trail to the pert flesh of Kyo's nipple. He pulled away when Kyo groaned into their kiss from Yuki rolling the nub between his finger tips. He rained kisses down Kyo's body, moving from Kyo's firm abdomen to his inner thighs, completely ignoring Kyo's throbbing erection.

Kyo heard the pop of the cap snapping open and did his best not to tense up. Yuki lubed up his fingers and looked to Kyo for permission. Kyo bit his lip and nodded his consent to Yuki. His eyes slid shut and he could feel his face and ears burning from embarrassment when he felt Yuki's finger rub over his hole. Yuki pushed it in as far as it could go, watching Kyo's face and feeling his muscles clench around his buried digit. He used his other hand to tease Kyo's heated cock as a distraction.

"Does it hurt?" Yuki asked as he slid the finger in and out, stroking Kyo's cock slowly, watching the pre cum pooling at the tip.

"No," panted Kyo, finally opening his eyes and watching his boyfriend with his burning red eyes. Yuki held his gaze, watching for any sign of pain as he added a second digit. This stung, but Kyo controlled his facial expressions as Yuki pushed his slim fingers in to the second knuckle. Yuki concentrated on scissoring his fingers to stretch Kyo for what was going to come. His hand worked Kyo's length a little more aggressively as he curled his fingers to a 45 degree angle.

Kyo's eyes widened and he groaned as his hips twitched. Yuki brushed against something inside him, and it was like white hot current through his body. His eyes snapped up to meet with Yuki's unsure lavender orbs.

"Do that again," Kyo panted.

Yuki grinned sadistically and obliged, pushing his fingers in as far as they could go. Over and over he pushed against Kyo's prostate, reducing Kyo into a moaning and writhing mess. Yuki managed to wriggle in a third finger and was pretty sure Kyo didn't even notice; he was in so much pleasure.

Kyo clawed at the bed covering, his eyes rolled back and his chest heaving. He couldn't stop the moans and whines of pleasure that were escaping from his mouth, but he did his best to control the volume. He felt like he was going to lose it soon.

"Y-Yuki, please. If you wanna, cuz I'm gonna…"

Yuki smirked. It inflated his ego that he had pleasured Kyo so much he couldn't form a proper sentence. Kyo's body language told him what his words desperately tried to convey, his muscles were tense, and he was close to orgasm. That wasn't going to happen though, not without Yuki being inside him first. Gently, he removed his fingers slowly, removing his hand from Kyo's tortured erection. Yuki didn't miss the disappointed whimper that came from Kyo at the loss as he squirted more lube into his hand and thoroughly coated himself with it.

Yuki positioned himself between Kyo's legs, leaning all his weight on one arm by Kyo's head, the other hand guiding his member to Kyo's hole. Yuki searched the fiery eyes he'd come to love for consent, and Kyo offered him a nervous smile. With one fluid motion, Yuki pushed himself into and past the tight ring of muscle into the tight heat that was Kyo. He groaned from the pleasure of it; it was beyond anything he could've imagined.

"Shit!" cried Kyo, his arms shooting up and wrapping around Yuki's neck. He threaded his fingers into the silky tresses as means of distraction as he pulled Yuki's lips down to his. Yuki kissed him tenderly, waiting to be told he could move. After what seemed like an eternity, Kyo surprised him by rocking his hips back and forth, very shallowly. Yuki broke the kiss to gasp at the feeling of being pushed and pulled in and out of the tightness, watching Kyo's determined face. Gently, Yuki pulled out a little and thrust forward, taking Kyo's hint to go slowly.

Kyo groaned into Yuki's neck. Slowly, Yuki built up a pace, giving Kyo ample time to adjust to the new sensations. Small whimpers and gasps began to fill the room. Yuki didn't think he'd ever felt so tested in all his life, something inside him was screaming at him to go harder, faster. He didn't want to hurt Kyo; this was supposed to be pleasurable for the both of them.

As if responding to Yuki's thoughts, Kyo shifted so that when Yuki thrust forward, he could meet Yuki's hips with his own. He tried it on the next stroke, and the action plunged Yuki into him deeper. Both boys cried out and Yuki felt his resolve shatter into a thousand pieces. He pushed himself upwards off of Kyo, gripping the other's tanned hips and angling them up. He thrust in more forcefully, moaning as he watched himself be swallowed by Kyo's hole.

Kyo arched his back and tightly wrapped his legs around Yuki's waist, screaming wordlessly at the shock of Yuki smashing into that bundle of nerves he was playing with earlier. He hit it again on the next thrust, and it tore a guttural moan from Kyo. Yuki groaned as he plunged in and out of Kyo's heat, making sure to hit his prostate with every thrust.

Yuki's nails dug into Kyo's flesh as he gripped them with bruising force. Kyo didn't care, or he didn't notice. Kyo met Yuki's eyes and they watched each other's pleasure contort their features. One of Kyo's hands left the bedspread he was clutching at and viciously attacked his own nipple, pinching and rolling the hard nub between his fingers with a groan. Yuki prayed to every god that would listen that he would not come right then and there and disgrace himself over Kyo's erotic display.

Yuki wasn't sure the gods were listening, so he griped Kyo's manhood with his hand and began to pump in time with his thrusts. He closed his eyes and let Kyo's cries of pleasure and the tight heat he was plunging in and out of completely take him over. His eyes snapped open as his hips lost rhythm, his thrusts getting erratic and desperate.

Kyo watched through lust clouded eyes as Yuki simultaneously jerked him and fucked him. They locked eyes and Kyo could feel the damn that had pooled somewhere inside him burst.

"Ngh…YUKI!" he cried, and every muscle in his body tensed as he spilled his essence onto his lover's hand and his own stomach. Yuki followed immediately, Kyo's name falling off his lips with every pump as he filled his lover with his seed. Yuki eased himself out of Kyo, who dropped his legs from Yuki's hips. They used the blanket to clean the mess and threw it to the floor, still trying to catch their breath. Yuki pulled back the sheet and slid under it, pulling Kyo into his chest and threaded their fingers together.

"I love you, Kyo," Yuki breathed into the fiery teen's ear.

"I love you , too," responded Kyo, squeezing Yuki's hand.

They drifted off to sleep, two cursed boys bound together by something deeper than either of them could fully appreciate.

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