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Summary: Bellatrix had a child that no one besides Rabastan and Rodolphus knew about, but because of some desperate move to get away from aurors they had to leave their child in the care of muggles. Now eleven years later we follow the life of Lacerta Black and her journey at discovering friends, enemies and most of all the love of her parents.

The Child of Which No One Knew


I grew up in the house of my foster parents, the Granger's as they were called. I went to a normal school in England for the first few years of my life and then I went to an all girl's school for two years in France.

I never thought I'd ever get the privilege of knowing my real parents, not after having them leave me on an orphanage's front door step when I was an infant. When I turned five, I did something strange inside the Granger's house. You want to know what that was well I'll tell you in a few moments, first let me introduce myself. I am Lacerta Cassiopeia Elladora Black Lestrange, but I prefer to be known as Lacerta Black and this is my story.

Chapter 1 – The Orphanage

Two cloaked figures walked in the dead of night with a small bundle on their way to a small orphanage in the easterly parts of London, England.

"I really hate doing this." The one cloaked figure whispered.

"I know, but we have to do it, it is for the best that she doesn't grow up with your family members while we're most likely to be in a small dark cell in Azkaban, somewhere in the middle of the ocean." The second figure whispered back with a stern expression.

"Yes, but she'll grow up as a blasted muggle and then go to school thinking she's a bloody mudblood." The first figure spat with enough venom that would put a cobra to shame.

"It's better than been under Albus Dumbledore's thumb." That was the last few words spoken between the two before the smaller figure ran up a few stairs and deposited the small bundle on the doorstep of the muggle orphanage.

"Good bye for now, my dear Lacerta." The bundle started to move around at the sound of her mother's voice but she instantly became quiet once a tender kiss was placed upon her tiny forehead. The two cloaked figures left a letter for tiny Lacerta that evening and with two barely audible pops they were gone.

The following morning while most wizards and witches were still asleep, the Daily Prophet was sending out their papers all around the wizarding community in Great Britain. The headlines were screaming with the following.

Wanted Death Eaters, Rodolphus, Rabastan and Bellatrix Lestrange captured, Wednesday November 14th 1980.

Aurors were swarming Lestrange Manor in the early hours of Wednesday the 14th. Head Auror James Potter reports that he and a small group of Aurors had just arrived to see the Lestrange's trying to make a run for it.

Sirius Black had this to say,

"James and I have been hunting these three criminals for a few months now and with a small bit of information given to us by an unnamed source, we managed to ambush the three Lestrange's tonight."

Well there you have it. I am Adam Smits, reporter for the Daily Prophet.

For more information on Bellatrix Lestrange née Black, go to page 4, for Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, go to page 5.

It had been three years since the capture of Rodolphus, his brother and his wife and it had been three years since the two cloaked figures left the tiny bundle on the door step of the orphanage. It had also been two years since the Potter's had been murdered and their son and daughter were sent to live with their muggle relatives.

The Granger's had been blessed with the tiny bundle we have come to know as Lacerta, for three long and happy years.

"Look at her John, she's so beautiful." Anne Granger said while they watched their adopted daughter sleeping.

"That she is Anne, that she is." He said whilst holding Anne around her shoulders. They continued to watch Lacerta for a few more minutes before going to bed.

"Mummy, daddy, wake up, wake up." An energetic little five year old girl said while jumping up and down on her parent's bed.

"Not now Hermione, we're trying to sleep." John said after yawning. He soon stood up when he smelt smoke. He ran out the room, down the hall and into Hermione's room to see that her curtains were ablaze and what baffled him the most was how it started.

"Hermione dear, what did you do?" she sheepishly looked down.

"It was an accident, I got upset cause I couldn't find Mr. Fluffs and then my curtains were on fire." What neither of them knew was that Hermione had done accidental magic.

Time Skip – Five years Later

Hermione Granger knew that she was adopted from a young age. She didn't even look like her foster parents, where they had light brown and mousy brown hair, she had jet black hair. Where they had brown and hazel colored eyes she had pitch black eyes that went a very vivid blue when she was sad and a very vivid purple when she was angry. Where they had calm and mellow demeanors she had a violent temper. Hermione knew that she was different to, she had been able to do very extraordinary things from a young age that no one else that she knew could do.

This is when she decided to speak with her foster parents, to find out about her real parents.

"Mum, Dad. I want to know more about my real parents, please." She said. They looked to each and John sighed.

"Well, we don't know about them but a letter was left along with you. Would you like to read it?" John asked. Hermione nodded her head and he got up from where he was seated to collect the letter from the kitchen. He handed it to Hermione and she thanked before excusing herself and she went to her room to read the letter in privacy.

Once she had secluded herself in her room she tore the letter open and began to read.

Dearest Lacerta,

I am dreadfully sorry that you aren't living with us but you see there was a perfectly good reason for why your father and I left you at the orphanage.

My darling we were in danger and we had to keep you out of public knowledge and I suspect by now you have realized that you are a little different from other people. You are probably aware that you can do things that no one else can. Well that my dear is because you are a witch, you are from a very long line of wizards and witches known as the Blacks and Lestrange's. You must be wondering what your real birth name is, well you are Lacerta Cassiopeia Elladora Black Lestrange. You may go by your birth name or the one you were given by your foster parents it's up to you. If you so choose to keep your birth name that would be so wonderful.

I am truly sorry for not been there for you while you grew up but maybe one day soon we will come and get you. For now though we shall have to wait. I want you to please find your aunt Narcissa and your uncle Lucius and when you do tell them about yourself, where you've been for the past few years and then I want you to give them this letter so that they may see that you are telling them the truth about yourself. One last thing before I finish this letter, please don't ever let Albus Dumbledore get to you, never let him get to you, do you understand? He will have you sent back to your foster parents and then he will most likely brain wash you into believing that we are not nice people, so please do as I say and stay away from him, alright.

Now on another note, I want to express my undying love and let you know that we love you very, very much and will hopefully see you sometime in the near future.

Be well my child,

With all our love, your loving parents,

Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange.

P.S, Your uncle Rabastan says to tell you that he loves you to and he can't wait to see his precious niece.

Hermione looked at the letter and re read it once more to make sure that she wasn't seeing things. She looked about ready to cry but she held herself well and did not shed a single tear until that night when she wept herself to sleep.

When Hermione woke the next morning she realized that it was her birthday and today she would turn eleven. She heard a tapping at her window and saw a beautiful little barn owl sitting at her window with looked like a letter attached to its leg.

She opened the window and the owl flew in, dropped the letter and flew back to the window where it sat and waited for her.