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She would deny it until the last breath left her lips; even if it would probably be his name that graced them. She knew she wasn't going to grow old. She wasn't going to live to be ninety and see her children have children and their children have children. She was a realist. She'd signed her fate when she'd fallen in love. She just wasn't sure with which Salvatore brother was that fate solidified. Loving Stefan was easy, it was expected. It was right in every way. He loved her with every fiber of his being; that was obvious. And she should have loved him just as much. She laid down every night and thought of him and all of the wonderful things he stood for. But without fail, every morning, she woke up sweating and whispering his brother's name. It was wrong, on so many levels, it was wrong. And she wouldn't tell a soul, because Elena Gilbert wasn't Katherine. She had no intention of destroying the shaky relationship Stefan and Damon had finally built. She had no desire to see them crumble. Damon was everything she shouldn't love. He was broken in so many ways, and yet when he looked at her she almost believed that she could save him. That she was meant to save him. She loved Stefan, but with Damon there was fire. There was passion and desire and she wanted to not want him so bad it hurt. She loved Stefan, but she loved Damon too. It was undeniable.