She used to be pure. Well not really pure, but purer than she was now. Now she was tainted. She used to be white dresses and perfectly pink painted lips. She used to lay in bed at night her stomach fluttering over thoughts of the most popular boy at school, a boy who loved to drape his varsity jacket across her delicate shoulders. She used to close her eyes and imagine her wedding; the dress, the flowers, the music, and the entire town turning up to see the beautiful Caroline Forbes. She used to dream of the golden haired children she would have who would give her all the hugs and kisses her own mother never had. She had dreamed of a lot of things, but even in her worse nightmares she had never imagined that she would turn out like this. She never meant to become a pawn in an ancient vampire grudge, and that's all she really was. She was Katherine's sick attempt at breaking down the Salvatore brothers, at making them give in to her demands. They certainly didn't choose for her to be one of them, but it was as if they felt responsible for her damnation. And that's really what it was, at least for her. She tried so hard to put on the pretty white dresses, to fall into the arms of the Golden boy she had once fantasized spending forever with. But in all reality, she didn't know what forever really was until her heart stopped beating. She wanted to pretend to be the beautiful Caroline Forbes that all of Mystic Falls knew and loved, or at least pretended to love. But it was impossible to pretend when thoughts of golden children turned to fantasies of blood; when her body ached to fight, to destroy, to kill. She would never be that girl again, and that fact was absolutely undeniable.