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Sarah awoke to the loud noise of thunder, a loud and threatening storm above the place of which she lives.

She shakes in fear, as her bright blue eyes dart around the darkened room in terror searching for someone or something, although shes unaware what she is looking for.

The twelve year old child ran from her bedroom and towards her mother's room, shutting the wooden door behind her so that (in her mind), the storm couldn't follow her into Ziva's bedroom.

Ziva felt the blanket being pulled back and a bundle of nerves cling to her side, "Are you okay sweetie?" she asked in a calming whisper.

The shaking child shook her head, "I scared mommy", she admitted gently to her caring mother

The elder Israeli held her child close to her heart so that the little girl would be soothed by the sound of her heart beat, "It will be okay, the thunder cannot harm you"

The curly haired little girl looked up at her dark eyed mother and said in a fearful and frightened voice, "Well you kick its touche?" she asked genuinely worried and rather serious in the question of which she posed towards her mother.

The young mother smiled at her little princess and played with her curls softly as she replied,
"I promise" she said softly, making her daughter smile as she pulled the little one closer to her , "Get some sleep, okay my little princess?" she said gently.

Sarah nodded, "Okay mommy" she said tiredly, snuggling into her mother, as she fell back to sleep.

Ziva smiled holding the sleeping child in her arms as she kissed the top of her head softly, "Sweet dreams baby girl" she whispered gently as she gave into sleep herself, and continued throughout the night to protect her precious first-born and only child.