Sakura came inside from being in the private garden. She was carrying with her a bundle of roses to give to her parents. She spent hours trying to pick the perfect, most beautiful roses she could find. Hoping, that maybe her parents would forgive her of her actions from the other day. Sakura stood in front of her parents study and knocked on the door.

"Mother?" she called, "Father?" She slowly began opening the door, and crept inside. Sakura smelt blood, a lot of it. Soon enough, she saw blood splattered all over the carpet, and her parents lying dead with their hearts ripped out as though a lion ripped into their chests. They were lying there their eyes wide open, and mouths covered with their own blood. There was no remorse to this what so ever. Sakura's only reaction was to stand there, her eyes wide open with confusion and terror. She dropped the delicate roses and soon, fell to her knees.

Why? She thought, Why? We didn't do anything wrong...

Tears began to slowly trickle down her face.

"Mother..." she said, "Father..." She crawled in between them, getting blood on her dress and hands in the process.

"I had flowers for you." she whispered. " I thought that maybe you would forgive me for leaving the house. I'm never... going to hear your voices again... am I?" It wasn't until then that she realized that there was something in the room, watching her. She slowly got up on her feet, and began moving towards the unknown figure. Then, in a matter of seconds, a hand went towards her neck and she was pushed against the wall. She could hear the shattering of frame glass, dropping to the ground.

"Princess Sakura..." The voice said. Sakura eyes adjusted, and she could see a man, about the same age as her parents, looking at her. She was caught off guard. She could see that one eye was faded blue and the other, a mixture of red and purple.

"I finally have you." he said. She looked at him with terror, and did the only thing she could possibly think of... She screamed, as loud as she could, hoping that someone would hear her. If not, she surely would die. He tightened his grip on her neck. He gave her an evil smile, that made her shudder in fear. She could barely breathe now, her breaths getting shorter and shorter.

"Your blood will make me stronger." he said, "And will give me powers beyond your comprehension. You know what that means don't you?"

Oh no... she thought. Please don't kill me. I don't wanna die yet. Not the way mother and father did. Please...

The man loosened his grip on her, and had his face against her neck. He began to lick it, taunting Sakura on what's to come. He was so close to biting her...

"That's enough..." another voice said, "Rido." Sakura turned her attention to where the voice came from. She could see that it wasn't a man, but a boy. A young one at that... She gave the young boy a pleading look, as if telling him to save her. He wasn't focused on her though, he was paying more attention to Rido.

"Kaname..." he sneered. "What a surprise..." He let go of Sakura's neck, and she landed on the carpet with a thud. She groaned with pain, and got up on her feet. Then she was grabbed by the collar of her dress. Sakura looked like a deer caught by headlights. Kaname looked at him, then at her. There was no emotion to his eyes.

"You ruined my fun." he complained. Rido looked at her, and let go of her collar. She hustled into a corner, and looked at Kaname and Rido with the most terrified look she could muster. Rido went towards Kaname and whispered in his ear.

"Your Yuki's next..." And he disappeared in the blink of an eye. Sakura began to whimper. She couldn't move, she was too scared. Kaname went towards Sakura and she began to cringe. He stopped for a moment, then continued forward. He was feet away from her. She looked at him, again with such fear.

"Don't be afraid." he said, "You're safe now." She couldn't believe him. How is she to know if he's lying or not?

"You're safe now." he said again. At that moment, she sensed sincerity, and compassion. She slowly came out of the corner. Kaname held his hand out towards her. She felt safer, but was still unsure if she should trust him or not.

"I won't bite." Sakura slowly but surely gave him her hand. He took it and was leading her out of the study. She looked back at her parents corpses.

Bye mother. She thought. Bye father. I'll miss you.