*PLEASE READ* Okay so in this story, a couple things: For the Bones side of things- There is no Hannah anymore, she and Booth broke up and it has been... let's say two months. Also, Angela is going to be about six months pregnant in this fic. Now for the NCIS side, everything is pretty much the same except that Ziva's Miami mystery man (whom I would really like to see sometime soon) does not exist. Also, for those of you that are really into the details, Agent Cassie Yates does not exist either, as she is portrayed by Tamara Taylor, a.k.a Dr. Camille Saroyan on Bones. And that's about it. If anything else different pops up as this story moves along I will be sure to let you guys know. I'd like to thank you guys for reading this ahead of time and also mention that (disclaimer) I do not Bones or NCIS, they belong to Fox and CBS, respectively. Please remember this because I really don't feel like putting up a disclaimer every time I post a chapter. Anyway, thanks again and enjoy the story!

P.S. For those of you reading my other in-progress fics and even those who aren't, I'm not very good at updating once I start stories but I promise that by the end of this summer (when I've had time to write) they will all be complete (or the multi-chapter ones that should actually have an ending will, anyway). Sorry and thank you for reading.

WARNINGS: (Don't like, don't read. Do like, please enjoy!) There will be some common pairings and some obvious ones in this fic: Tiva, BB, Hodgela (duh, since they're married), maybe a teensy bit of Sweets/Daisy if I feel like it or if the majority of my readers would like to see it, and some McAbby if you squint (probably only as much as you see in the show). Rated T for swearing, violence, and the usual relationship stuff (kissing, etc.). And that about wraps up this awfully long author's note. If you stuck with me through all of this, then kudos to you. Now, finally, enjoy the first chapter! ;)


Chapter 1: The Tree on the Trail

"Remind me again why I agreed to come hiking with you." Kyle pushed a branch out of his face as he followed his best friend up the path.

"Because you knew it would be awesome," Dylan replied.

"Awesome my ass. Is this even a real trail?"

"Of course it is, man, don't be such a city slicker. See, look, there's the stream I was telling you about." Dylan pointed towards a break in the trees to their left where a small stream, almost a river, could be seen rushing through the woods.

"C'mon, Kyle, you have to admit, it's pretty cool up here; away from all the honking cars and pollution and big buildings."

"Yeah, okay. It is kinda peaceful I suppose." Kyle grimaced as the wind blew around them, rustling the leaves. "But I don't know about that 'no pollution' thing, ugh, do you smell that?"

Dylan sniffed the air. "I almost feel like I'm back in Eagle Scouts again," he commented with a slight grin. It quickly disappeared when the wind blew again and he noticed the smell as well. "Gross, yeah, I smell it now. C'mon, let's go check it out." He began trudging through the brush in the direction the smell had come from.

"Hey, it's probably just a dead animal or something. Y'know, we should head back anyway, it's getting kind of late." Despite his complaints, Kyle followed after him. The things I do for friends, he thought to himself.

As he stepped out of the brush, Kyle ran smack into Dylan. "Hey, man, what-" Looking up, he noticed what had stopped his friend cold and had also caused that awful smell, stronger now that they were closer to its source.

Hanging by ropes from the branches of a large oak tree were five bodies, twisting in the breeze.