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~Will's POV~

The quarter-moon shined sheepishly through the leaves on the trees. Around here the leaves don't fall that much. And not many turn at all. Still, it was an unusually cold night, even for the start of winter.

However, I didn't feel it as the adrenaline and joy of being alive and flying stampeded through my veins.

I dodged around the trees, chasing Warren, our laughter ringing out through the chilled air.

Orange light blazed below. Fire moved along his body, launching him effortlessly through the air. Letting out a triumphant "Aha!" I banked hard left and downwards to catch him in our playful game of hide and seek.

The pyro was obviously aware of my approach because the fire went out almost instantly, causing me to lose track of him in the dark. I heard him thump to the ground, and some twigs snapped as he cut through the ferns and the brush.

Slowing my descent, I came to a rest a few feet from the forest floor. Squinting, I looked around me.

"Ollie ollie oxen free!"

My voice echoed through the quiet.

Hearing the sound of flames cutting through the air, I whipped around just as he wrapped his arms around me, bringing us both down to the hard, cold ground.

I grunted and then let out a groan as he chuckled. The firebird's mouth was so hot against my throat as he kissed my sensitive skin. His teeth nipped their way along the side of my neck. An unabated moan left me. My nerves were zinging with excitement. Oh man, we were alive. So alive. And fucking horny…

He growled, claiming my lips brutally. His hands were everywhere, pulling and tugging at my clothes without shame. They were still careful with the bandaged wounds on his palms from the electric burns and cuts. My own fingers however had no gentleness as they did the same, probably frantically scraping and bruising his skin. I felt his warm finger tips undoing the button and zipper on my jeans.

"Let me, let me," I breathlessly moaned, trying to shove a hand down between us to make a grab for the button on the jeans he'd changed into.

Chuckling deviously, he scooted down, trailing his tongue along my exposed abs. His long, wonderful hair tickled my skin as he moved further down.

"Warren, ohh,"

I lifted my head, and watched him mouth at my hard cock through the tighter fabric of my boxer briefs. A shudder moved through me, my muscles tightening in pleasure. I watched his tongue move along the blue fabric, following the rigid flesh to the damp spot.

Delicately, his fingertips slipped under my waist band. Swallowing, I raised my hips, trying to encourage him. Chuckling, Warren made sure to drag my waist band down agonizingly slow. His breath was very hot and deliciously moist on my skin. Biting down on my lip, I was just about mewling.

Then I was completely exposed to the night air. The night air still wasn't really affecting me. Especially not with my lover so close. He licked a line up the vein on the underside of my erection. Clenching my fists in the dirt and scarce dead leaves on the forest floor was all I could do to keep from grabbing him by the hair to shove myself effectively into his mouth.

"Please, stop teasing m-me," I begged.

He chuckled again, "I'm surprised you haven't come already."

"You had to s-say that!" I yelled out as he took me into his mouth, sucking me down. My legs stiffened, feet planted firmly on the ground, lifting my hips. My heart was racing and I was damn close. Warren didn't seem to mind, swirling his hot tongue around my shaft, and sucking hard on the head.

Crying out on each breath, my body trembled. And then I was screaming, shooting down his throat as waves of my orgasm rampaged through me.

I heard him laugh after I'd sunk heavily down to the ground.

A large hand slipped under my neck and lifted my head. With a little struggle, I opened my eyes. His dark chocolate eyes were so warm and loving as he smirked down at me. There was a dab of ejaculate on the corner of his mouth.

Leaning up, I licked it off, tangling my fingers through his hair.

"We're about a hundred feet from the campsite." He murmured, slipping his tongue into my mouth.

"That close?"

"Yeah. And whoever gets there first gets to fuck the other."

My eyes widened, "Uh,"

He chuckled, and shoved himself up to his feet. Fire moved along his limbs and he took off at a sprint right up into the air.

"That's not fair! My pants are around my knees!" I yelled.

Chirping birds stirred me from my deep slumber. I opened my eyes and saw the sunlit walls of Warren's tipi. The painted zig zags and the firebird were silhouetted, and I for a moment, I just stared at the art my love had made.

My breath was coming a little harder than normal. And I realized that it was because I had a dead weight of warm, leanly muscled pyro resting right on top of me.

He was snoring lightly, his arms were under mine, and loosely wrapped around my upper chest. Our legs were also tangled together. I thought to myself that his hands were probably horribly asleep and numb.

Trying not to jostle my lover yet, I carefully reached up to rub at my eyes. I paused, taking in our current state and blushed feverishly.

Clenching my muscles confirmed it.

Warren was…still inside me…

A quiet grunt sounded from the sleeping pyro as I flexed. I felt his heated cock twitch in interest. I swallowed hard, pressing my face into the pillows. I supposed that right after climaxing, the two of us fell right asleep. After the night we'd had, we'd been bone-tired, and slightly injured. Damn, we'd slept so heavily.

I'd felt a little groggy and stiff waking up. The static cuts I'd had the night before had mostly faded from what I could feel. Now, I was wide-awake and feeling confined as I never had before. It wasn't exactly a bad experience feeling my firebird harden slightly inside me after sleeping flaccidly and contentedly. We'd probably slept through what had been left of the night and surely most of the morning.

"Warren," I groaned, fingers weaving in between his. Nothing. I moved my shoulder a little, jostling him.


"Uh," was the reply.

So I clenched my muscles again.

The pyro grunted again, a little louder this time. His hips involuntarily gave an almost-thrust. Pressing my lips together, I muffled a cry.

He groaned.

Well, this was nice.

So, I jerked my hips back a little.

The firebird let out another small groan, still half-asleep. Then there was a thrust that was more of an actual thrust than an almost-thrust.

The friction and heat burned. There was no lube or spit to slick the way whatsoever. Still…I kinda liked it.

I swallowed as he rutted himself into me a few more times, "Warren,"

"Mm," he cleared his throat, and I felt his languid muscles stiffen a bit as he awoke and realized what he was doing. "Shit…sorry, Baby," he groaned, pushing himself up slightly.

"No," I whimpered when he carefully pulled himself from me. The friction was almost unbearable, and I felt so empty afterward.

~Warren's POV~

His little noise of protest was far sexier than it had any right being. Especially since it sounded like he said "No." With a shudder, I pulled myself from him and ran a comforting hand through his hair. "I'm sorry, Baby."

The brawn swallowed loudly, and shifted, trying to roll over. Obliging him room to move, I lifted myself up a tad. My muscles protested, still sore and aching from the hell they'd been put through with the icy, near-death experience. Getting my ass kicked and almost dying hurt like a bitch. That and punching Impersonator boy in the face after he admitted to Stronghold that he'd followed him down into his parents' Secret Sanctum while impersonating me just to score a date with Grayson…

Those beautiful blue eyes looked up at me, embarrassed. Gently, he wrapped his hand around one of my wrists and guided it down between us to curl my fingers around his erection, wary of the bandages around my palm.

Eyebrows going up, I snorted. "Oh. Damn, you'd think you were paying for it or something. You're hard work, Stronghold." Still, I moved my fingers tantalizingly up and down his cock. The flier lifted his hips slightly, trying for more friction. I watched him wet his lips and press them together, whimpering.

My muscles shook with the strain. I ground my teeth, frustrated at the weakness of my body. The brawn seemed to notice and carefully began to sit up. With cautious hands, he pressed me down to rest beside him, pushing me onto my back. I sighed in relief, grateful for his concern, and kept on idly stroking him.

Stronghold traced a finger along the bruises and welts in the middle of my chest that the wicked little contraption had left behind, compliments of Royal Pain in the Ass.

"Are you still sore?" He asked, leaning down to very softly kiss my marred skin.

"A little," I admitted, combing my fingers into his hair. "Getting my ass kicked by the bitch…again…well, it hurt."

"How's your ego?" He asked, looking up at me, smiling tenderly.

"Interested," I grunted back. He took a deep breath in as I twisted my wrist. The flier glanced down and bit at his lip.

There he was getting stuck in his head again. He was probably thinking that I should rest more, that I shouldn't exert myself and blah blah blah.

"You don't have to move at all," He finally said quietly, moving my hand off of his arousal. I cocked an eyebrow, staring questioningly into his wonderful blue eyes. The brawn slid down my body, trailing warm kisses along my skin until he wrapped his mouth around my cock.

Oh, I loved that mouth. He'd certainly gotten better at this. The only thing is that before his inexperience made it pleasure torture. Now he did it on purpose. I could feel myself touch the back of his throat when he swallowed. And oh fuck, did he suck very well…

A pleased groan made its way out of me. What point was there in holding back? I laid bare in so many ways before the flier. I didn't have to protect myself from him, nor him from myself. I could face the truth without flinching away now. I did love him. I accepted it. I accepted his love in return. And, oh, fuck, I'm gonna…

Then the moist heat of his mouth was pulling back. He left me rutting against empty air, growling in frustration, but too exhausted to do much more than a verbal protest.

"Stronghold," I warned.

"Hang on," He breathed, a little raspy, pre-cum on his lips.

Will moved back up my body to straddle me. I felt my cock nudge against the cleft of his ass and wet my lips in anticipation.

"Is this okay?" The flier asked.

Nodding enthusiastically, I replied, "Yeah, I'm definitely liking where this is heading."

He smirked, leaning down to kiss me.

Lazily, my tongue moved with his. Tasting myself on him wasn't so bad I suppose. I wasn't there to taste myself. I was there to get him to react. Therefore, I sucked his lip into my mouth and harshly dragged my teeth along it.

Gasping, he asked, "Where's the lube?"

That earned him a scoff from me. I dropped my head into the pillows and shook my head up at his hungry, bewildered expression. "Good luck finding-huh…no, wait,"

Arching my back a little, I dug under myself. Then I nodded and produced the bottle, "Yeah, I thought it was a rock or something at first."

After excitedly taking the bottle and squirting some of the liquid onto his fingers, he leaned down to kiss me again. I wasn't going to let him pull away again. I slid my hand into his hair to keep him pressed firmly against my mouth.

Fuck, that little moan was hot…

He seemed pleased enough to grasp our cocks together far too lightly with his slick grip.

"I love you," he sighed.

"Then a little harder, please," I groaned against his lips.

The brawn laughed in response, and picked up the lube bottle again. I watched him bite his lip as he drizzled the last of it over my hard length. "We're gonna have to get more." He breathed. Goosebumps rose all along his flesh. The brawn shivered with anticipation, coating me thoroughly with a fist. Quickly, my lover was losing control. And I fucking loved watching it.

"Say you love me," he murmured, pressing his forehead down against mine as he lined me up under him.

"I fucking love you," I breathed back laughingly, tightening my hand in his hair. "The blow-jobs, the hand-jobs and the fuckfests are just an added bonus."

His chuckle broke with a gasp as he began to slowly sink down onto me. The tightness of his ever-renewed muscles and endurance made it feel like the first time each and every time we did this. The head of my erection moved past the constricting threshold, pressing deeper into the delightful warmth that was his body.

"Is that w-what you," He started, fairly strained.

"Breathe, Baby," I instructed, doing my best to follow my own advice.

"I am, I am," he said, "Is that what you call, ngh, this?" He took in a deep breath, sinking down a few more inches. "A…a fuckfest?"

"Is there any other word to describe this?" I growled, nipping at his lip.

"Bliss?" He replied, leaning back to seat himself full in my lap. He gasped and moaned, body flinching as I brushed over that sweet spot. It had to be the same for him. Always like the first time, over and over. The heat in my cock could rival the heat in my heart, and that had to be a wonderful feeling inside him, not to brag.

"Yeah," I grunted, "Something like that," and I gave a weak thrust upwards.

I watched his mouth drop open and heard a cry escape. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of his neck and I slid my hands down to grasp at his thighs. The muscles there were tensed hard under my hands and I tried to massage them into languidness.

He sighed, dropping his head. His body moved up a little and sunk back down. I trailed a teasing bit of fire up, up, up from his thighs, along his flanks and back down his chest. This drove a series of inane mutterings and long whines of ecstasy from the brawn. His palms pressed down against my chest as I moved a burning fingertip down between his abs.

"Your turn to keep still, War. Last thing I need is you, uh! Oh gods…Last thing I need is you pulling something…" He licked his lips and closed his bleary blues. "Then I'll have to carry you back down this fucking mountain."

"You wouldn't know a mountain if you saw one, suburb boy." I grunted, trying to thrust up again.

"Would so,"

"Yeah whatever, sure. Just fucking move."

~One Week Later~

~Will's POV~

"Happy Birthday," I smirked, leaning up to kiss him. The pyro groaned, begrudgingly letting me press my lips chastely to his. But then he pulled away, placing a large palm directly over my face to push me away. "There's not some stupid surprise party waiting inside for me is there?" Warren grumbled. His expression was tinged with aggravation and a clear warning.

"No." I grumbled back teasingly, moving his hand off of my face. "Why would I dare share you with other people when it's clear that you're in such a wonderful mood?"

Warren rolled his eyes, "Whatever, Pissant."

"Bitch." I jabbed back playfully, fingers idly tracing the tattooed flames on his forearms.

His eyes seemed to soften slightly, so I leaned up to kiss him again. This time around, it got a little more heated. My heart pounded in my chest, and I could feel how his body temperature rose under my groping hands. The making out, and the sex had picked up enthusiastically from where we'd left off as if it had never stopped. And that was especially because my parents had conveniently won that office trip to Hawaii…empty houses were often great places to relieve teenaged, raging, sex-crazy hormones.

His warm tongue pressed into my mouth, and at that I forced myself to find some composure.

I pulled back, breathing a little harder. The pyro didn't seem at all affected like I was. He just affectionately moved his hand back through my hair. With those dark chocolate eyes, he stared softly down at me.

Swallowing, I smiled, and took his hand. "C'mon inside. My parents aren't around. They're still in Hawaii."

I opened the door and pulled him inside. He let me do so without resistance. But once he looked up, everyone jumped out.


Layla and Zack blew on party-blowers; the kind that unroll with a ridiculous noise. Silvanus and Ethan waved little clacking noisemakers. Magenta threw bits of confetti into the air above the pyro so it landed in his long, dark hair. They all wore red party hats and there was a huge banner that read: "Happy Birthday, Warren!" in fantastic, behemoth red and black letters. Red and black streamers curled through every doorway. Hell, I even had red and black balloons tied to every piece of furniture.

Yeah, I'd gone out of my way to make this as cheesy as possible…

The disbelief on his face wasn't of surprise at all. It was more like more than mildly irritated disbelief. His face was mostly smooth, mouth open only slightly. But his eyes were hard when they turned to glare down at me. I grinned stupidly back up at him, trying with difficultly not to laugh. "I lied." I managed to get out with only a few minor titters, making a show of shrugging.

"Happy Birthday!" Layla cried, laughingly blowing on the party-blower.

At that, the firebird turned purposefully, and took a step out of the door.

"Oh, nope! No, ya don't!" I laughed, taking a firm hold of his wrist. I pulled him back inside and shut the door. As I did, I looked smilingly up at him. He was staring at the doorknob, as if willing himself out of the house. Then the pyro sighed hard, like you do when your parents ask you to do something you really, really don't feel like doing. Oh, he's irritated alright.

"You haven't even seen the cake yet!" I chuckled.

He reached up and rubbed at his eyes with one hand. I turned to catch the couple of party hats that Zack tossed to me. I put one on and reached toward Warren, only for show.

"If you try to put one of those stupid things on me, Stronghold, I swear I will fucking barbecue you." He said, his tone a little louder, very firm and very much a legitimate threat.

Laughing, I set the extra hat down on the table by the door. "C'mon. Cake. Birthday cake."

He grumbled, but let me lead him into the dining room where he cringed at all the decorations. I set him down in a chair at the end of the table and hurried into the kitchen. I heard the others sitting down around him, chattering excitedly. Layla came in laughing, and started gathering forks as I took the flame-shaped cake out of the fridge.

"He's absolutely hating this you know." The nature-lover informed me.

Nodding, I replied, "Oh, yeah, I know. But the fact that he didn't just set the decorations on fire and storm out means he's tolerating it. Because we're his friends." I chuckled, but paused before I speared the icing with the candles.

"D'ya think these are too much?"

Layla came to my side, looked over the cake and nodded her head, "Yup. But you've gone this far, might as well go all the way!"

I scoffed at the redhead and she snorted, "So to speak."

So, just to put the candle on the cake (ha, pun) I set seventeen of them into the heart of the fire, and lit them with the igniter.

Oh, we went all the way alright, singing Happy Birthday for the new seventeen year old. And oh, he hated it! Once the song was done, he sat there looking dully at the cake, letting the candles burn.

I put my hand on his shoulder and he glared up at me.

"You gotta make a wish."

Then there was a spark of fire in his eyes. I knew instantly that he was about to snap, and we were in for it. The pyro reached out and gathered all of the candle flames into his palms, balled them up and launched them…right at the second obnoxious banner I had hanging above the doorway to the kitchen.

The paper went up in a spark of bright orange fire. A flame jumped to the streamers around the room and out into the other rooms. I heard all of the decorations going up in smoke.

I watched as everything fell to the floor in mere ashes and the balloons all began to swell with heat and then pop. At each small explosion of air, shrieks were driven out of my friends. The others looked considerably shocked and subdued when everything fell silent and still. I just looked at Warren, eyebrow cocked.

"Oh, look. My wish came true." He said, sitting back in the chair and crossing his arms. I couldn't help just laughing. I couldn't help it with the stubbornness in his expression, the utter ire he had for the situation. But he was still here. He may have burned down all of the decorations I'd spent two laughter-filled hours putting up, but he was still here.

Months ago he would've just taken off on his motorcycle.

So, I stood up and moved beside him. I put the knife into his warm hand and guided it to slice into the cake.

"Oh for fuck's sake, Stronghold,"

Taking his chin in my free hand, I tilted his head up and kissed him gently. The firebird stiffened, but accepted a kiss for the first time in front of other people.

"Well, that's hot." I heard Magenta say.

"…Are you being punny again?" Ethan asked.

"Yes. Yes, I am."

My lips moved softly against his before I trailed them over to whisper very quietly into his ear, "Later, when everyone's gone, I'm gonna blow you…and then I'm gonna fuck you…slowly."

And I swear, as I pulled away, I saw him smirk before he averted his gaze. I also recognized the light tinge of fiery blood in his cheeks as he did.

"Well, well…you got Warren Peace to smile at his birthday party," Silvanus commented, sipping from a glass of water.

"Magenta, I-I thought," Zack stammered, "Aren't I-"

The Goth rolled her eyes with a sigh, "Zack, chill out. You're practically radioactive."

There was a brief moment of silence before Ethan made the accusation, "You're still being punny!"

Warren groaned at their squabbling, "Absolutely hating this, you know."

I put my hand through his hair tenderly, "Yeah, I know, but you still love me." Then I pulled a small dark chocolate bar out of my pocket. I hoped he recalled mentioning to me that he didn't mind the occasional piece of chocolate…and smile that I remembered.

He did smile. He even chuckled, taking it and turning it in his hands. "Fuck if I knew why."



The End