Naruto's KH Misadventures


Various pairings that change during the chapters. There will be little to no continituty at certain times that I wish to remember, but probably won't be able to.




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Author's Note


In order to save time this is everyone's default clothing for the story unless mentioned otherwise for the chapter or chapters.

Sora, Kairi, Namine, Leon, Yuffie, Arieth, Tifa, Mickey and other such characters- KH 2 outfit.

Aqua, Ven, Terra- Birth by Sleep Outfit.

Organization 13 Members-Organization outfit

Naruto-Outfit he is wearing in 'A student's Desire' chapter 1.


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Story Start


''...and that's why I decided from that day forth that I would never again play a children's card game.'' Naruto finished as he and the rest of the key wielders, friends, and formation organization members were enjoying a day off.

''Wow...and here I thought it wasn't possible for Uzumaki to tell a story about his past that didn't involve the phrase Moral's charge.''

''Oh go fuck yourself Axel!'' The blond snapped as everyone was gathered in the living room. Naruto's electricity had gone out and they were waiting for it to be cut back on.

''It's more belivable then that Break Dancing Baby story,'' Riku added as Sora nodded.

In the background Aqua was enjoying a chocolate coated life krispie's treat.

''Yeah, who would leave a baby untended like that?''

''The damn baby exists! Why won't anyone believe me?'' he sighed then looked around the room. ''Okay any ideas on what we do now?''

''I'm Demyx!"'

''Shut up Demyx!"' Naruto snapped as the mullet boy frowned.

''Aaaw...I'm Demyx...'' he repeated again a little lower. ''How about a Yo Mama contest?'' Demyx suggested as everyone began murmuring.

''That's a pretty good idea...'' Larxene voiced in complete confusion.

''Yes...yes it is indeed.'' Zexion added with scratching his chin.

''Yeah but...but it came from Demyx of all people.''

''I know...''

''Then it is decided!'' Naruto said as he pointed his hands at two people. ''Axel and two go first. Larxene, Ven, and Marluxia shall be he judges. Vexen...go make us some ice cream!"' He added as an after thought making the alchemist scowl.

''Hey...why do you get to tell us all what to do?''

''Uum...because this is my house. If you don't like it then you all can get the hell out! Any complaints?'' Everyone shook their heads and murmured 'that's okay' and 'that's cool.' Naruto then clapped once. ''That's right Bitch! Go! Axel!''

''Yo mama so stupid she tried to put her m&ms in alphabetical order.''


''You suck!''

''Axel you have shamed us forever!"'

''Yeah well...Yo mama so ugly she looks out the window and got arrested for mooning.''

''Sora got jokes?'' Larxene voiced in surprise.


''I give it three out of five roses.''

''Yo mama so stupid she went to the orthodontist to get a blue tooth.''

''Yo mama so hairy you almost died of rugburn at birth!''

''Yeah well...yo mama so ugly that's the reason why she wasn't featured in the first Kingdom Hearts Game!"'

''SHE HAS A SKIN CONDITION!'' Sora roared as he tackled Axel.

''MY HAIR! GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE BASTARD! NOOOOOOO! MY PRECIOUS MODELING CAREER!'' The two boys tumbled about, knocking over Aqua's bowl of fudge. Set Keyblade Master let out a feral growl and summoned her Keyblade. Said guys stopped and upon seeing a charging and angry Aqua screamed, ''Run away!'' as they got all shot out of the room.

''You see...this is the reason why I can never have company!'' he then got up and sat down next to Namine. ''So what are you drawing now Nam-chan?'' he asked as he girl showed him the half completed picture.''Where the hell do you come up with such yet arousing pictures?''

Said girl pointed to the table where Naruto's recently published adult novel sat.

''Yeah...well...damn you burned me good.'' Naruto said as he heard the doorbell rung. ''I'll go get that you guys continue.''

This time Ventus and Kairi got into the game.

'' Yo mama so fat God told her he had no room in heaven and the devil said there was no room in hell.''

''Yo mama so fat her neck looks like a pair of hot dogs!''

''Yo mama so fat she got hit by a parked car!''

''Yo mama so stupid she called Dan Quayle for a spell check.''

Naruto opened the door when he was enveloped for a hug. ''NARUTO-SEMPAI! I FOUND YOU! TOBI MISSISED YOU!''

'Oh god...Tobi...''

And apparently Demyx had followed him.

''I'm Demyx!''

''Really! I'm Tobi!''

''I'M DEMYX!''

''I'M TOBI!'

''I'M DEMYX!''

''I'M TOBI!'

''I'M DEMYX!''

''I'M TOBI!'

And it kept on going on and on and on like a broken record. 'Oh god...Tobi...and Demyx! In the same place?''

Outside of the mansion Aqua was closing in on her pray when a loud resounding cry enveloped all 50 acres of Naruto's land.