Kingdom Hearts Misadventures


Various pairings that change during the chapters. There will be little to no continituty at certain times that I wish to remember, but probably won't be able to.


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes…Songs you go to Youtube and play. )

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


Sora was beginning to wonder why the hell he was staying with these guys again. His awesome plan to woo Kairi either kept being interrupted by Riku, the deucebag, who seemed to make it his mission to cockblock Sora, Roxas who most definitely did not come back right or the various other bastards in the mansion.

He was mused from his thoughts as a thump hit his door. Sighing he stood up and opened the door and face palmed at the sight. ''Roxas...what are you doing?'' he asked the boy who was wearing a cereal box on his head.

''I was looking for the prize! I want my magnifying glass.'' the boy pouted from under the box?

''If I give you one of mine will you stop giving yourself brain damage!''

''Yay!'' Roxas cheered as he hopped up and attempted to run into Sora's room only to run into the side of the door frame. Yes, Roxas, the ultra adorable boy that Kairi seemed fit to hug whenever he did something cute. Sora repressed a growl of annoyance. He wanted Kairi's boobies to press him and not hid doppelganger. Helping the daze nobody into the room and closed his door. Of course not a moment later Namine kicked down his door.

''Namine what the hell? Why do you always kick down doors?'' Sora knew he wouldn't get an answer out of Namine of course. Namine did not knock doors of course because she fucking kicks them down! It was the Namine way.

''I'm bored and I'm hiding.''

''Hiding? From who?'' Roxas garbly asked from under the cereal box.

''Those damn Yaoi fangirls. They hold that stupid as belief that because I draw I like to draw Yaoi! Complete morons I tell you. Everyone knows if I'm not drawing Ecchi things about my favorite Manga characters then I'm drawing Yuri. Mhhm delicious Yuri.''

''Yeah you do that!'' Sora said as he placed his foot against Roxas chest and tried to pry off the cereal box.

'' guys want to have a threesome?''

''For the last time no Namine!'' Sora replied as then went on to grumble about, 'Damn Naruto and pointed out how Namine was technically his and Kairi's daughter.' Because of that the thought of ever hooking up with Namine was too squicky.

''Damnit! Hey Roxas want to...''

''No you are not corrupting my little brother.'' Sora said, not wanting to let Roxas be corrupted by the ultra perverted blonde.

''You guys never let me have any fun.'' the artist replied with an annoyed pout.

''Why can't you go find Naruto? I'm pretty sure if it's female, has a vagina, and curves he'll try to screw it.'' Sora was still pretty pissed at Naruto for screwing his mom...the bastard.

''He's trying to get Aqua to go to the dentist.'' Namine informed them.

''NO!'' Aqua's cry could be heard from outside.

''You're going to the dentist damnit!'' Naruto shouted as he chased after her.

''NO! You can't make me!'' she shouted as she cast a lightning spell at the blond who ducked under it.

''That's it! You're ass is mine when I catch you! YOU FUCKING KNOW I HATE LIGHTNING ATTACKS!''


''He's still trying to get her to go the dentist?'' Sora asked then decided he really didn't want to know the answer.''Fine then why not Axel? He's just as perverted as you are?''

''He's an ass.'' Namine said as she crossed her arms under her breasts. ''And he says my breasts are too small! The nerve of that bastard! Just because my breasts aren't in the almost E-range of Larxene and Aqua doesn't mean I'm not sexy damnit! '' she said as she angrily stomps her foot on the ground. ''I deserve to be heard!''

''Uh-huh!"' an uninterested Sora said as he finally pried the box from Roxas's head.

''I can see! Now to find my prize!'' he said as he stuck his face into the box. ''Hey! There's nothing in here but cereal! This blows.''

'Okay and if you guys don't mind I need to plot 'My plan to totally Woo Kairi and get some.'and I don't need you guys to distract me.''

''Ooh I can help!''

''Me too! Me too!''

Sora sighed and decided why the hell not. Maybe that damn Karma Houdini like haze that seems to surround the two would rub off of him.