Prologue – Katniss's POV

I'm such a liar.

I didn't mean to be, but then again, I never did.

I was just so tired, so tired of dealing with the whole thing. All I wanted was a quiet, boring life. So that's what I envisioned for myself. Peeta thought that I'd made the whole thing sound too dreary, but Haymitch thought it sounded impossibly sappy. So I figured maybe I had predicted the truth, somewhere there in the middle.

I was wrong.

I didn't see that life wasn't done playing with me yet. That Panem wasn't done with me. Like Buttercup tormenting a mouse.

But I also didn't see that I could come back alive - feel real joy, and real fear, again.

At least I learned that little white lies hardly ever stay little - or white.

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