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Petite hands grabbed on the top of the damp wood that made up the well. Weight being lifted up along with carring a yellow worn out backpack. Blue eyes scanned the dark place around as fingers pulled strands of ebony hair out of the girl's white face.

A sigh passed her red lips: "Stupid Inuyasha!"

Legs went over the damp wood as she stood in front of the five steps at front that led outside what looked like a shrine. Walking up the steps, she only grumbled under her breath: "Stupid! Stupid! I always tell him I need time for myself to visit my family and all he cares about is killing Naraku!" Sliding the door open her big eyes blinked at seeing Sota playing around with a soccer ball. The ball continued to balance on his foot without noticing or hearing his own sister closed the door to the well shrine.

"Sota?" asked a voice coming closer to the little boy.

Sota looked to his side letting the ball drop to touch ground. A smile appeared on his face: "Kagome-neechan!" His feet started taking him to where she stood, his arms extending out. Kagome smiled as she kneelt down to meet his height.

"What are you doing Sota?" she asked, giving him a hug.

He returned it lovenly: "I just got out of school."

Kagome's eyes brow rose: "Have you done your homework?"

"Heh, no," Sota blushed looking down at the ground. Kagome smiled as she stood up, her legs straightening. "Well go do it mister! Then you can come and play." Sota nodded. He ran into his house leaving his bigger sister outside. Kagome sighed again as she closed her eyes: "Although Inuyasha didn't want to let me come here...he didn't care either way." A soft chuckle was heard from her throat as she opened her eyes half way: "Ever since Kikyo joined the group in looking for Naraku, he really hasn't put any attention into me nor the others. He didn't even believe me that I had healed her up from Naraku's previous attack on her..."

Kagome walked towards her house entrance feeling the breeze hit her hair. "It's like they don't need me anymore..."

Her hand started opening the door to her house seeing her mom cooking as always and her grandfather starring at the TV for any daily news in Japan or the world. She smiled, missing the aura of a family. The sound of peace. The knowing that no demon was about to attack you at night when you are sleeping.

"Oh? Kagome? I thought you weren't coming after two more days?" Kagome looked up to see her own mother walking towards her with her smile. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes, mom. Everything is fine," Kagome forced a smile on her face: "I just thought coming was the best. I need some rest and since spring break is here, it gives me time to catch on the studying for now. You know? To be at everyone's level."

Kagome's mother nodded: "Oh okay. Well dinner will be served in just a bit so go get comfortable and I will call you when it is ready."

Kagome took a step up to the second floor: "Thanks."

Slender pale fingers ran through damp purple hair. Bangs covering one black eye that held no emotion. A chin resting on the free hand from the arm rest of the 'throne'. He watched as one of his 'slaves' walked towards him slowly has he carried his own heavy weight. Blond hair over his head as what looked like four tear drops in the shape of a flower on each cheek along with chains hanging from his nipples.

The one sitting sighed as his eyes closed: "For over one-thousand years we have been trying to locate an exit to escape these flames." His covered long sleeve arm stretched out to the sides to where black flames and red mixed together. His hand grabbed onto the flames bringing them closer to his face: "Taikon?"

Taikon looked up, straighting up from the bow he had given: "Yes, Shuren-sama?"

"I have become even more bored...I need to leave this burning place soon!" A smirk appeared across Shuren's face.

"Shuren-sama, with all do respect, why do you want to leave this place so bad?"

"Why not?" The flames stayed in his hand as he slowly stood up. "This place has brought me such boredom. Only here to see the weak fall and cry and yell. I want to see this 'World of the Living'. This 'Soul Society'. I want to live."

Taikon nodded as he heard his leader continue: "While you and your two other brothers; Gonjo and Garogai searched for possible exits, I have come to a conclusion. An answer to my boredom."

"And what might that be?"

"We need a pure light," smirked Shuren once again. "I want to be able to see people suffer as they live. I want to rule all worlds! But my sins have caused me to stay in here for the rest of my death! Only you and your brothers are able to cross to the other side...but with a time limit of course."

Taikon bowed down: "What do you need then?"

"A pure light. Pure soul. Pure heart..." Shuren's smirk grew wider. Extending the arm that held the flames, his chains around his burnt cape flew gracefully as a black lantern appeared hanging on his fingers. "But I also need power. Power that brings sadness, anger, rage!"

Inside the black lantern, flames grew as an image of a two horned creature with his skin white and red marking on his muscles. A roar heard from afar. "Two things are what I need to grant me life, power, eternity, control on all worlds! Heaven! Earth! Soul Society! Hueco Mundo..." his eyes narrowed down. "And Hell!"

After dinner, Kagome was the first one to go upstairs saying she was going to bed. Respecting her wishes, her mother let her. Kagome closed the door behind her and locked it. Walking slowly towards her window she noticed the sakura petals floating away...winter was on its way. Closing her blue eyes she was sure he was there.

Silver hair flew gracefully to the side as Kagome knew exactly that he was standing beside her window: "You can come in, Inuyasha."

Golden eyes were seen in the dark as Kagome only turned around to let him in. Inuyasha crawled in seeing the quiet room: "Sorry for making such a big deal for you coming here."

Kagome turned to face him: "What's with the apologizing? You've never done that before..."

"I can't?" glared Inuyasha.

"I didn't say that."

Inuyasha hid his eyes behind his bangs as he sighed: "Well actually I came here to apologize and to tell you something."

"And what is that?"

"Kikyo..." he whispered, making Kagome's eye row rise. She let him continue. "She said that it is best that we move forward to Mt. Hakuren."

"What are you trying to say Inuyasha?" glared Kagome.

"She said that knowing you are here and we are waiting for you on the other side...that it is a waste of time," Inuyasha looked away. "That Naraku may be even more ahead and all were are doing is sitting...that we should move forward without you and when we come back I will get you."

Kagome's eyes widened knowing exactly what Kikyo was trying to say. She was trying to get rid of her! Of her! Kagome cut Inuyasha off knowing he was about to continue: "So what you are trying to say is that you want me gone?"

"That isn't what I said!" shouted Inuyasha.

"I know," replied Kagome. "It is what Kikyo said."

Inuyasha returned the glare: "I knew it! You always try to make it seem like she is after you! She is only trying to help Kagome! Help is what we need!"

"No help comes from Koga and even Sesshomaru but you don't want help from strong people! You want help from someone who smells like graveyard soil!" She saw Inuyasha jumping out the window before his last words: "Fine! Whatever! Keh! I'll go with Kikyo to find Naraku! I'll come and get you when we come back." Kagome ran to the window yelling out the hanyou's name: "Inuyasha! Hold on!" It was already late...he had disappeared into hte darkness of the well's shrine.

Kagome's eyes widened seeing the glowing lights coming from the cracks and windows of the shine. A sigh passed her lips as her head went down. A tear falling down. 'Inuyasha you baka! Inuyasha! D-Don't leave me...!'

Sun rose from the mountains. Its rays hitting Japan at a bright light. Brown hazel eyes scanned the outside of their house as he waited for two sisters. His rough, long fingers ran through his orange hair as he heard his name being called.


Looking behind his shoulder, he noticed his twin sisters walking to him. One with short brown hair and smiling as she waved. The other with black hair not looking amused of going to buy groceries. Her hands in her shorts' pockets.

"What took you so long, Yuzu?"

"Sorry nii-chan! Karin was grabbing her hat," smiled Yuzu.

Ichigo sighed as he continued to turn: "Well okay. Let's go. We got to get dinner stuff ready," Ichigo continued to walk forward, his two little sisters running in front of him to take lead. A smile appeared on his face seeing how much his two sisters had grown ever since...his mother passed away.

Ichigo blinked at noticing a petite girl with short spiked hair at the ends and a guy with maroon colored hair tied up into a ponytail walking his way in their human forms. "Huh?"

Karin's eyes opened at hearing a familiar voice. Looking ahead she noticed the same two people. A sigh passed her lips looking behind her shoulder to her older brother: "Aren't those your friends?"

Ichigo's eyes turned into a glare: "Yeah. But what could they be doing here? We're on spring break...what business do they have with me?" He walked ahead of his two sisters after telling them to go ahead to the store and he would catch up. Shrugging, Karing took Yuzu's hand and walked the other direction, ignoring the fact that they would be alone. Ichigo gazed at his two sisters fading away into the streets of Karakura Town feeling the closeness of his 'friends'.

"Ichigo." said a feminine voice.

"What do both of you want now?" glared Ichigo. "I thought we had it clear that for three weeks I am to be left alone for a break off the Shinigami work..."

"We did agree to that."

"Then what is it, Rukia?"

"We have an emergency," Ichigo's eyes shifted to look at the man that was at least three inches taller than him. "More like a crisis."

"And what crisis is that, Renji?"

"Soul Society has currently located the gates..." Rukia paused for a minute. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to tell this to Ichigo knowing the worries she would add to him since they were still after Aizen.

"What gates?" Ichigo's patience was really fading little by little. He had to admit...this day wasn't his day. His father kicked him out of bed and practically out of his room. And the only response he got from his father was he was bored. Ichigo sighed remembering the kick that was directed to his face. A rough hand came to rub his cheek gently from still feeling the impact.

"The gates of hell...are opening."

Hands stretched up, feeling the aching pain or soreness in Kagome's bones. Eyes looked up to the window beside her bed side...the window where Inuyasha was last seen. 'Everything happened so fast yesterday...I still feel like it was a dream.'

A knock was heard from the door; catching her attention. "C-Come in..."

It revealed her mother on the other side, smiling: "Honey? Could I ask for a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?" Kagome started get out of bed, walking to her mother.

"Your grandfather needs some special medicine for his heart but they are out around the area. Do you mind getting some at Karakura Town?" the smile was still glued on her mother's face. Kagome shook her head. "No at all. What is the shop called?"

"It's more like a grocery shop. It's new where they include everything in there; clothes, electronics, food, etc."

Kagome nodded: "Yeah, I think I've heard of it. Let me just get ready and I'll be on my way."

"Thanks sweetie," Kagome's mother planted a light kiss on Kagome's forehead before leaving.

"I guess fresh air is what I need..." whispered Kagome.

A velvet eye looked up at the throne where Shuren sat. The same color of his eyes was his scarf which covered most of his silver short hair and his other right eye. Wearing only a one-longed sleeve desert like attire with two chains hanging from his shoulders, unable to see really where they were coming from with the ripped off material covering over it. His two gloved hands held onto his sides, unmoving as only the breeze of the flames hit the chain on his left wrist.

"Shuren-sama, you requested my presence?"

Shuren's eyes narrowed down with his smirk growing upwards at seeing his most loyal servant kneeling down at his stairs to him. "Yes," standing up from his seat, he started walking down. "Although my other three servants are able to go into the World of the Living with a time limit...you are able to go whenever you like and without a limit but there is a consequence, am I correct, Kokuto?"

The man known and identified as Kokuto looked up with a glare of his own: "Where you getting at?"

"The consequences of hell consuming you and give you triple the amount of sins you already have...probably even more sins at the end than me," Shuren began to laugh only making Kokuto stand: "And your point?"

"How many times have you been up there?"

Kokuto stood silent before answering: "Once."

"And what have you seen?"

"Nothing but what life is," he replied.

Shuren nodded at his response: "Let me ask you. Have you ever thought about ruling the heavens...the living...the dead?"

Kokuto's eyes closed, letting Shuren continue: "Ever wishes for power and to live once again...for eternity?" At that moment, Shuren smirked at seeing that Kokuto's eyes snapped open, obviously catching his attention. "I have figured out away to get out of this hell..."

"How?" questioned Kokuto looking ahead of him noticing Shuren circling him over and over again at a slow pace.

"We need two types of souls...a demonic one and a pure one," Shuren grabbed onto Kokuto's chains that hung from his shoulder: "I order you to go up there and do a little 'research'. Find two souls that might help us rule the whole universe..."

Kagome checked her surroundings on the small town where the bus had left her. 'Karakura Town, huh? I have only been here when daddy took me for ice cream. Things have changed around here...' Her gaze tightened. 'But something is making my skin shiver about this town...it almost feels, spiritual.' She looked around once again only to blink at seeing a mere ghost of girl looking down at the flower in a bottle-smiling. 'A ghost? Should she of passed on to the next world?'

Kagome didn't know why her two feet suddenly moved towards the little girl. Something told her she wanted to talk to her and help her like the other times she had done in the feudal era. The little girl had two ponytails to her sides, with normal clothing on as any girl would around her 8 years of age. She was startled at the sight of the teen coming towards her.

Hiding behind the pole she noticed the smile- a trustworthy smile.

"Hi there," greeted Kagome kneeling down to the ground. "May I ask what you are doing here?"

The shy girl revealed herself even more with a smile of her own: "Y-You can see me?"

"You are a spirit, right?" asked Kagome.

A nod was her response.

"Might I ask why you haven't passed on to heaven? Is something bothering you?" questioned Kagome. "I could help."

The girl looked up: "My birthday is coming and well I justed wanted to see my last flower here on this vase for the last time before leaving. I was thinking of leaving soon but I wanted to see this world on the day of my birthday and the rest in peace."

Kagome nodded herself, understanding the girl's decision: "I see." Kagome's index finger sticked up. "Then how about this, I can bring you flowers right after I come back from the store, does that sound like a deal?"

The little girl smiled sweetly to the unknown stranger: "Y-You really would do that?"

Kagome nodded as she stood up: "I will be back in a jiffy!"

Kokuto eyes turned into a glare as another of Shuren's slaves stood behind him in hiding. They were looking at three teens talking outside a grocery store. The same slave that Shuren had been talking to, Taikon, was looking at the same thing, eyeing them carefully. Taikon came closer to Kokuto's ear: "I don't get it. Shuren-sama showed us, what looked like a hollow and then told us that he is the demonic soul we need to rule all world but he finishes off and orders us to look for a guy named Kurosaki Ichigo, a guy with orange hair and brown eyes...what the heck! Where do you go from demonic soul to just a mere human?"

"He isn't just a mere human," whispered Kokuto.

He noticed the one known as Ichigo with widened as the smaller teen girl was probably explaning something to him. They were obviously waiting for someone inside the store.

"So what is the plan?" questioned Taikon.

"We need to get Ichigo lured into Hell," he replied.

Kagome continued to walk forward. In her head she made a list of getting her grandfather's medicine and the girl's flowers to help her go into peace. A smile crept into her lips. 'Even if Inuyasha feels like I can't be of any help over there, at least I know I can help and see spirits move on. My training was useful!'

Her eyes locked on the sky above. 'Maybe after a week I go back to school I will try to go back to the feudal era and see how things are doing or maybe...Inuyasha will come back. But what are the chances for that?'

Her thoughts came into a complete stop after feeling she had bumped into something. Her nose was the thing that mostly got bumped and pushed in. Rubbing it she looked up to see one velvet eye looking down at her, the other covered with what looked like a scarf.

Kagome jumped realizing how rude she was being. Bowing down she finally found her voice to speak: "Sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you! I wasn't looking! Please excuse me..." Moving away from his path she was surprised on how tall the guy was but the weirdest thing was his oufit. 'Looks as if he just came out from an Anime Expo...'

She still felt his gaze on her as she walked towards the store. Looking back from her shoulder she noticed him standing and leaning against a wall. Her eyes went wide as she noticied an overweight creature appear, looking down at the man.

'W-What the heck is that?'

Taikon's eye brow rose: "D-Did she just see you, Kokuto?"

Kokuto's glare continued on: "She even spoke to me..."

Taikon's eyes rolled at Kokuto's comment: "Anyways, since Shuren found his 'demonic' soul, he said that he hasn't found his pure one. Where are we going to find one?"

Kokuto noticed the girl that had bumped into him looking at the flowers outside the shop- smelling them with a smile. Behind her, the one identified as Kurosaki Ichigo still talking without noticing the girl behind.

"They are both in front of us..."

"Huh?" whispered Taikon. "What did you say?"

"I said," Kokuto took a deep breath and let it out. "The two souls we need are in front of us." His hand came to his arm, the spot where the girl had bumped into. He brought his hand to his eyes and smelling the pureness. 'So pure...'

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