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Title: Black Flames

Rating: M (language)

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(Final Chapter!)Chapter 22: Protecting What Is Important

"Your...reincarnation?" glared Kokuto. "What is this nonsense!?"

Inuyasha's eyes were wide at the sight of Kikyou being in the front with her bow and arrows. She had just passed on a few hours ago and here she was...in hell!? Removing the last boulder off from him, he gripped the hilt of his sword tighter: "Kikyou!? What are you doing here!?"

Kikyou lowered her bow, watching both men staring at her with confusion. Her eyes landed on the girl that Kokuto gripped in his hands: "Let her go."

"Not until I get her soul," glared the sinner.

"You won't be getting it anytime soon," she answered back as she prepared another arrow on her bow. Taking a step back, she stretched the string of the bow back and aimed: "Now let her go!"

With one last tightening of his glare, he released Kagome's shoulders and let her body fall with a big thump, hearing that even in a body, it sounded empty when one was dead. Kokuto commanded his sword to come and soon it arrived at his grip: "Fine. I will deal with you, miko. I don't know who you are but one thing is for sure," he walked closer, stalking on the prey: "You are a miko and for that...you shouldn't exist!" In a flash step, he appeared in front of her and was ready to slash her sword at her.

Kikyou's eyes widened slightly at the close proximity he had given them. There was no time to shoot her arrow. Cursing under her breath, she noticed Inuyasha jumping above and behind the Togabito.

"You bastard!" shouted the hanyou as he swung his sword down and stabbed nothing but air and ground, realizing that Kokuto had disappeared: "Damn it!"

Both Inuyasha and Kikyou watched as Kokuto appeared near Kagome's body, glaring at both of them with no end to his hatred. Inuyasha prepared his stance: "Why are you here, Kikyou?" he whispered to her.

"I passed on, Inuyasha," she replied without taking her sight away from the sinner.

"But why are you in hell!?" he glared.

"This is where I am supposed to be," she answered, preparing her aim. "I have done many sins while alive and being revived back as the dead."

Inuyasha remained silent: "So you are bound to hell?"

"That is correct," she nodded.

Their conversation cut short as they noticed Ichigo already fully transformed. His horns and mask already shown and his long orange hair raging with anger. The ground shook as more Hell's Wills began to show up and walk closer to their spot. Kokuto smirked and grabbed Kagome once again by her neck and flash stepped up to stand on the skull's head.

"So what is it going to be, Ichigo?" smirked Kokuto. He enjoyed watching all three of them not knowing what to do. Their friend had already died but in the back of his head...he was angry that Kagome's soul wasn't coming out for him to take freely. He cursed under his breath, remembering that the other unknown miko had mentioned that Kagome was a reincarnation, but that had nothing to do with Kagome's soul not coming out! He watched Ichigo fight his inner monster from fully taking over his body: "Ichigo! You better transform to that monster of yours!"

"Who would...," growled Ichigo under his mask, "want to be a monster." Ichigo formed a fist while holding his sword in the other free hand: "Who would want to be a monster!?" The fist had grabbed onto his horn and soon broke it off with pain: "Because you can't get what you want...you wanted revenge?"

All eyes noticed small shards of his had hollow skin floating away, revealing back his human skin tone. His eyes were finally revealed back to their gold orbs and pitch black surrounding: "You're just making other people as miserable as you. Someone already sacrificed their life for us when in the beginning she had nothing to do with this!" He tried his best to stand straight, his still long orange hair flowing down his shoulders.

"What is he?" whispered Kikyou as she lowered her stance.

"Don't know," replied Inuyasha.

Ichigo looked up at the enemy holding a dead Kagome in his hand: "Revenge is just the path you took to escape your sufferings!" He heard the Hell's Will already arriving near him around the cliff: "I wanted to save my friends and my sister, but instead, Kagome did it and sacrificed her life for it! I won't let innocent people sacrifice themselves! I will save Kagome and defeat you!"

A Hell's Will soon showed itself behind the Shinigami, surprising both Inuyasha and Kikyo. Inuyasha growled under his breath: "Oi! Run!"

Ichigo's eyes tightened as he gripped his Zanpakuto tighter: "I swore on my life that...I will fight and save Kagome!"

In that moment, all of the shelling from the hollow's skin was removed. All eyes traveled up to see it looking down below on the Shinigami. Kokuto smirked: 'Perfect.' He noticed the Hell's Will hand ready to smash him down.

"No...," whispered Kikyou.

"Oi! Idiot! Run!" shouted Inuyasha.

Kagome's eyes slightly opened and she soon realized she was surrounded but nothing but darkness. Looking around, she walked forward: "Um...hello?" she stopped. Everything around her look the same. A small sigh passed her lips: "Oh, that's right," her hand slowly came up, touching the spot where the chain once rested: "I died..."

She closed her eyes, hearing the call of her name by Inuyasha and her eyes last seeing Ichigo's pained eyes. Her eyes slowly opened: 'I failed everyone at the end. Instead of protecting them...I hurt them even more.' She dropped down to her knees: "Ugh! Why did he have to come back!? I saved him so he could live happily! Stupid Ichigo!" sh screamed out as she looked up at once again, nothing but pitch darkness. Another sigh escaped her lips as her shoulder slumped down: "What do I do now?" Blinking, Kagome quickly looked down at her hands: "Wait a minute...this is my soul, right? Why...am I not in Kokuto's hands?" Kagome curled her fingers in: 'Not that I want to be...but still.'

She touched her chest: 'Am I not completely dead? But...if that is so, why?' She looked around the area once again, hoping to see something from these dark shadows. Her eyes landed on a small spec of light: "Huh?" Getting up on her two feet, she ran to it and stopped as she noticed it was actually two lights...two familiar looking colored lights. Her eyes narrowed down, hoping to get a good glimpse of what they were.

Reaching out to touch one, she retreated her hand back the moment the lights shined brightly. The teal light soon revealed the darker colored miko, Ten. Kagome blinked, wondering what they were doing here? Didn't they say they weren't going to be able to communicate with her again? Her eyes quickly landed on the other ebony haired miko. She watched as Midoriko was revealed from the bright light.

"M-Midoriko-sama? Ten-sama?" whispered Kagome. "What are you two...doing here?"

Ten gave her small smile: "I am sure you are wondering why your soul wasn't pulled out from your body, is that correct?"

Kagome blinked for the second time in confusion: "Uh, yeah...not that I want it to be in the hands of the enemy but I would like some answers."

Ten nodded: "Look around you."


"What do you see, Kagome?" asked Ten.

Unsure where she was getting at, Kagome looked at her surroundings once again. Nothing but darkness. Nothing new. She looked at the miko: "There isn't any light in here. No shape. No dimension. Just pure-"

"Darkness," finished Ten. "This darkness represents the uncompleted soul you possess."

"Un...completed?" whispered Kagome. "What do you mean by that? How is my soul not complete-!?" She stopped in her question, already retreating her memories to think back when part of her soul had been pulled out and used on: "Kikyo," she whispered.

Midoriko stepped closer to the young miko: "That is correct. Kikyo has part of your soul and whether you want to believe it or not, she has passed on to the next life."

"P-Passed on?" stuttered Kagome.

"Naraku has been defeated," continued Midoriko. "That is why Inuyasha is there, to give you the Shikon no Tama and let you decide what to do next. Kikyo acknowledge you as the true protector of the Shikon no Tama."

"So my soul is in incomplete," whispered Kagome. "But I am still dead?"

Both Midoriko and Ten looked at each other before giving Kagome a small smile. Midoriko walked closer: "No, you still have a chance of living again. I will give my small ounce of soul into you which will only allow you no more than five minutes of life. In those minutes, you must find a way to get that part of your soul back in you, understood?"

Kagome looked at Midoriko: "What will happen if I can't find Kikyo and get my soul back?"

"You will be lost here in darkness for eternity," she answered.

Ten look at Kagome: "Are you willing to risk that, Kagome?"

Kagome was lost in thought, thinking over the risk of agreeing to this. She only had five minutes. No more no less. In five minutes she would have to find that lost soul of hers or at least...part of it. Did that guarantee life in her again? Kagome looked up at Ten: "Does that mean...I will be alive once again? After finding that part of my soul?"

Ten sighed and looked over at Midoriko. Midoriko took at as a sigh to take over the answering: "We also can't answer that. Maybe you will live again or maybe have sight and life for only those five minutes."

Kagome nodded slowly, understanding that the risk went higher on only her ending up dead. She took a deep breath in and looked at the two mikos standing in front of her: "I'll take it. Maybe I won't be revived but..I should at least know that my soul will rest in peace knowing that Kokuto has been defeated."

Ten and Midoriko gave her nod before Midoriko smiled at her: "Then you know what you must do."


Blue eyes opened as she caught a blur glimpse of a Hell's Will's hand rising up and ready to plum it down on a human with long orange hair. Her eyes widened slight: 'O-Orange hair!? No!'

"Ichigo!" she screamed, surprising the man grabbing her by her throat and the hanyou and miko standing below.

Inuyasha stared at the other miko trapped in the sinner's hand: "K-Kagome...she is alive?"

Kikyou's eyes tightened with worry: 'No...a miko can't be revived this easily.'

"Ichigo!" she shouted once more but her eyes widened more as Kokuto tightened his grip around her and saw the Hell's Will's hand slam down onto Ichigo's body. 'N-No...No! Ichigo!' She shook her head, afraid that she might have arrived to late: "No..."

"I see you survived," growled Kokuto. He tightened his hold on her, choking her from the rise of his strength. "No matter. I will kill you over and over again until that soul of yours is mine! I don't know what that wench over there was spouting but I will not let you go free!"

"W-Wench...?" choked Kagome. With the strength she had left from the choking, her eyes slowly glided over to see the hanyou and someone who looked awfully familiar. Her eyes widened, realizing the woman that stood behind Inuyasha: 'K-Kikyou...!? What is she doing he-!?' Her memories recalled back as she remembered Midoriko telling her that Kikyou had passed away after Naraku was defeated. 'But...she is in hell...'

Everyone's attention quickly was caught by a bright yellow light glowing out from the Hell's Will's hand. Kagome's eyes squinted low from the glow: "W-What is going on...?"

Kokuto tightened his hold, unsure of what the hell was happening. Kokuto soon noticed the yellow lights gleaming over different parts on Ichigo's body, which he realized it wasn't crushed nor...dead. "W-What is this?" he questioned surprised.

He soon realized the Hell's Will was being absorbed into Ichigo's body, disappearing completely. All the other Hell's Will behind had frozen over and stopped their walking towards them. The glow soon exploded over, making Kokuto let go of Kagome's body as it flew away.

"Kagome!" screamed Inuyasha, noticing that Kokuto had instead protected his sight instead of Kagome.

He was ready to jump to her and catch her only to notice a quick light passing through and catching a screaming Kagome. His eyes landed over to see Ichigo landing with Kagome in his arms. Realizing she had never touched ground, she looked up and noticed Ichigo...differently. Half of his body had been covered in hard hollow armor that shined a bit like gold yet held that bone color. He had a skull mask on his left shoulder and on the top left part of his head. Kagome blinked: "I-Ichigo...?"

Kokuto growled under his breath: "What is going on!?"

Kagome's head turned to the side as she saw Kokuto jumping down from the skull head while holding his sword in hand and glare: "What did you do!?"

"Kokuto," spoke Ichigo, "did your mother and unborn sister want you to avenge them?"

Kokuto couldn't help but tighten his eyes: "What are you getting at?"

"Do you think they wish to see you in your endless killing spree?" he spoke. "There would be no end to revenge. You would just make your mother and unborn sister miserable forever." He gently set Kagome down on her two feet as he stood in front of her while pointing his blade towards the Togabito. "My friends do not want me to avenge them. Kagome doesn't want me to avenge her. I don't know why she came alive again but I am sure she is not here to see me take revenge. She is here to see me stop you!" With his free hand, he formed a fist and gripped it tighter: "You see this...Hell agrees with me. Hell would rather help an outside like me, than to let you escape!"

Kokuto's eyes widened as Ichigo's whole body began to glow: "Hell helping a human...no, how's that even possible!" He pointed his blade towards the two teens: "My predicament was just like yours! Kagome was supposed to die and you were supposed to break my chains! Why are you two still alive! Why!?" He rushed forward in fast speed, making Kagome's eyes tightened.

"He's coming...," she whispered.

"Stay close," Ichigo nodded as he whispered back to her. He rose his blade high up and soon slashed it down, releasing a bright yellow flash towards Kokuto and hitting him directly on his chest – breaking the red chains that hung on him. Kokuto's body was pushed back by the attack and soon landed near the cliff.

Kagome moved away from Ichigo's back and stood next to him, both watching as Kokuto managed to get on his two feet while blood dripped heavily down to the ground. His chest had received a huge slash across, nothing but blood covered it. He coughed from tiredness and weakness. The last chain around Kokuto's wrist had finally fallen, catching the sinner's attention quickly.

"Huh?" Kokuto grabbed his wrist with his free hand: "The chains...," his hands quickly went to his chest, feeling nothing but bare skin: "I'm free. I'm finally free." He began to laugh out loud but his bitter sweet laugh ended as he felt the floor begin to shake: "Huh?" In a blink of an eye, thousands of red chains erupted up and flied towards Kokuto's body, each and everyone of them wrapping themselves around his body: "Stop this! I...!" His whole body was covered in red chains, making Kagome wince at the pain and screaming that Kokuto was giving out.

Ichigo glared at the Togabito: "This is your retribution for deceiving Hell. Kokuto, atone for your sins in Hell!"

Black and red flames engulfed the enemy around the chains and soon dragged him down into the depths of Hell. Kagome looked away, unable to see the torture. The cliff soon began to crumble down, making Ichigo carrying Kagome up into the skull's head along with Inuyasha carrying Kikyou in his arms. Both guys arrived, starring at the ground until Kokuto was no longer heard.

Ichigo gently laid Kagome on her knees: "I did it...I did it...I saved you."

Kagome couldn't help but still hold onto that sadness. She couldn't tell him that her life was limited to only now...a minute. She took in a long deep breath: "I'm sorry...Inuyasha, Ichigo."

"Huh?" both guys turned around to see Kagome's body slowly falling to the ground, her eyes already closed. Ichigo quickly caught her in his arms: "Kagome!? Kagome! What's wrong!?"

Kikyou was set down on her two feet and walked forward in front of the Shinigami: "I am guessing Midoriko-sama gave her only five minutes of life for her to find that a part of her soul that had been ripped away from her long ago."

"Part of her soul...was ripped off?" Ichigo stared at the miko with wide eyes.

"Yes," she answered. "That is why that sinner could not get his hands on her soul. It was incomplete."

"If we find it...could it save her!?" he exclaimed.

Kikyou stayed silent and sighed: "Maybe. I have never heard of miko being revived."

"We have to try!" he exclaimed again, gripping on the girl's body more: "Where is it!? I'll go look for it!"

Kikyou placed a hand on his shoulder: "I possess it."

"W-What...?" Ichigo blinked.

"I will give it to her," she continued, "but, I don't know if this will save her. The part of her soul is small. It may not be enough to get her to come back. Unless..."

"Unless?" repeated Ichigo. "Unless what!?"

Kikyou looked behind her shoulder at the standing hanyou: "Do you have the jewel with you?"

Inuyasha blinked: "Uh...yeah." Placing his hand inside one of the sleeves of his haori, he took out a small pink jewel.

"That color...," whispered Ichigo. His eyes widened as he reached inside his own clothing and took out the three shards that had saved Rukia's, Renji's, and Uryuu's lives.

Kikyou grabbed the jewel and noticed the three shards in the Shinigami's hands: "So...you have them."

"Can...this save Kagome's life?" he questioned in worry.

"Perhaps," she spoke, "but...the well will be sealed forever."


Kikyou looked over her should once again: "Is that okay with you, Inuyasha? The Shikon no Tama will be used to save her life and I will be giving my miko-ki and soul into her. The moment the Shikon no Tama is back inside Kagome's body, you will be taken back to the feudal era."

Inuyasha's eyes tightened, scared to hear that he would never see the two women he loved. He looked at Kagome's cold and pale body. He sheathed his sword and gripped the sheath hard: "If it means to save her life...do it. I can't bare to see Kagome dead neither."

Kikyou nodded: "Very well then."

Grabbing the three shards, she merged them with the jewel. She kept the small orb inside her two palms and closed her eyes as she laid her fists above Kagome's heart. In a matter of minutes, Kagome's whole body began to glow pink, surprising Ichigo and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha looked at his hand, slowly seeing it that he could see through it: 'So this is it...' he looked back at Kikyo and noticed a white orb of light slowly rising and landing on Kagome's chest: 'Her soul...' Inuyasha nodded and sighed: "Oi! Orange head!"

Hearing the name, Ichigo's eyes glided up to see Inuyasha's back towards them.

Inuyasha knew he was listening: "You better protect her. She tends to get in a lot of problems. I am leaving you with her. I won't be able to see her anymore but I will know if something bad happened to her and I promise you, I will do everything I can to come back and kill you if that does happen, you hear!?"

Ichigo smirked: "You have my word."

"Also," Inuyasha turned his head slightly to his shoulder: "Tell her I said...that I love her."

In a blink of an eye, he was gone like wind. Ichigo nodded and watched as the miko in front of him was slowly disappearing too. Kikyou sighed: "Inuyasha loved Kagome very much...and he still does. He knows that he is leaving in her in the right hands," she connected eyes with him: "You proved to him that you could protect her with everything you have. You were willing to sacrifice your own life."

"No," Ichigo looked back down at the miko in his arms: "Kagome proved that to me. She sacrificed her life for more than just one person and for strangers."

Kikyou nodded: "Mikos are known to help those in need no matter who they are but Kagome holds a heart more pure than any miko. It took me awhile to see the light in her but I finally made peace with myself and I am glad I will be saving her life. It will finally help me move on from all the sins I have caused during my life."

Ichigo nodded: "Thank you."

"No," she smiled. "Thank you. By the way, she might become a little upset when she finds out she can no longer see Inuyasha and her friends but...she will come to understand. As long as you are by her to help her and support her, she will be fine."

Ichigo's eyes soon caught Kikyou's body disappearing making him look back at Kagome's skin coming back to its original color and the black flames suddenly rising up and disappearing in a flash. Kikyou smiled for one last time: "She is back."

Ichigo nodded, watching as Kikyou's body had disappeared the same as Inuyasha's. He caught a glimpse of blue eyes blinking open as the dark ominous clouds above them began to shed light down on them. He smiled, seeing her open her eyes wider: "Welcome back."

Kagome sat up quickly, realizing that she was seeing Ichigo right in front of her: "I-Ichigo...?" Her hand came up to touch his face: "I'm not dreaming...?"

He shook his head and began to help her up on her feet. Her head quickly turned around to see nothing but Hell and Hell's Will standing around: "W-Where is Inuyasha and...Kikyo?"

"They...sacrificed themselves for you," he answered lowly, but he knew she heard.

Kagome's eyes widened, slowly looking back at Ichigo: "What...?"

"That other miko, Kikyo, gave that part of your soul back but she said it wasn't enough to save your life," he paused but continued right after. "So she used that pink jewel on you to save you. The three shards you used to save Rukia and the others to escape Hell were merged with the jewel."

"The...Shikon no Tama?" she questioned.

"I think that is what she called it," he answered, "but the moment that little piece of your soul and the jewel went back inside your body, Inuyasha disappeared."

"W-What...? Why?" she asked as she felt tears slowly coming out of her eyes.

"Something about the well closing in and returning him back to this feudal place," he answered, pained by the expression Kagome was giving him. "He told me to tell you that...he loves you."

Kagome's eyes widened, her small hands slowly coming up to hold back the gasp. Although it wasn't Inuyasha that told her directly, she could still hear the value and love in those words. She let her tears slowly stream down her cheeks. Although it pained her soul and heart that she wouldn't be able to see them again...she knew Inuyasha did it for her. He sacrificed this in order for her to live. She smiled while taking her hands down: "T-Thank you...thank you."

Ichigo blinked but couldn't help but smile at the girl.

Kagome smiled back even more seeing that his smile was a rare one. She knew it would be hard knowing that she couldn't see her friends anymore but she had made new friends. She had to keep on living. That was why the Gods gave her a second chance. That is why Inuyasha and Kikyou sacrificed themselves.

Kagome tilted her head to the side, realizing that Ichigo still had the weird armor on: "By the way, what is that?"

"Huh?" blinked Ichigo. He looked at his armored arm: "Oh, this? I'm not sure," he answered. He looked over at the huge Hell's Will standing around: "I think it's some power they lend me. Strange right?"

"You're telling me," she answered. "You are practically taking control of Hell right now."

"Fine," sighed Ichigo. "I'll deactivate it right away."

"Huh?" Kagome blinked. "Wait! Um...," she watched as Ichigo's skull armor had flashed away: "Don't you think once you deactivate it, they will start attacking us again...?" her eyes caught Ichigo's normal body.


Both were soon covered by a shadow, making them look up. Kagome's eyes widened as she saw on the Hell's Will's hand above them, ready to crush them: "Ichigo! I told you not to deactivate it now!"

"Damn it!" he cursed under his breath as he grabbed Kagome into his arms and flash stepped away from the crash. He began to run away from each attack the Hell's Will gave them while having Kagome scold him: "See! I told you!"

"Oh shuush!" he shouted back.

Hitsugaya and Rangiku watched as the Hell Gate began to fix itself back to its normal state. Leaving a small hole in the middle, Yamamoto and Ukitake were surprised to see Ichigo coming out with Kagome in his arms. Rukia and the others smiled as they landed safely on the ground. Rukia walked closer to the duo: "You two made it back."

Setting her down gently, Ichigo nodded: "Yeah. I was able to keep my promise to her."

Kagome looked around and noticed more Shinigami walking to her direction. She gulped and took a step back but bumped into Ichigo's chest. Looking up, she looked at him nervously: "Um...who are they?"

"Don't worry," he whispered to her. "I'm here."

Looking back down, she noticed the older Shinigami that looked like a grandpa walking in front of everyone else. She gulped one last time before he spoke: "You must be this Higurashi Kagome. The miko with a pure soul, is that correct?"

"That is what I've been hearing this whole time," she answered as she sighed loudly while letting gravity take her shoulders down in defeat.

"You really put the world in grave danger because of your foolish thinking," he continued.

"Excuse me?" she raised an eyebrow. "We just saved the world from our foolish thinking."

"You placed every human on this earth in danger and even us," he spoke.

"Wait a minu-!" she was cut off and surprised at his next words.

"But you two saved us all. Although there should be punishment for going against my orders, I will let it slide just this one time. Kurosaki Ichigo, I am sure you have learned your lesson. But seeing that the miko is still here with a pure soul, I have placed another role for you besides being a Substitute Shinigami."

"Another role?" he questioned.

Stepping away from the talk, Kagome smiled: "Well, I am done here so I will just take off," she soon bumped into two hard chests which made her rub her nose. Looking up, she noticed a long white haired Shinigami with a smile on his face along with another Shinigami with shoulder-length ebony hair with weird white looking objects resting on his head: "Um, hi?"

"Since it will be more than just the Togabito after Higurashi Kagome..."

"What!? There is more!?" she exclaimed.

"You are ordered to protect Higurashi Kagome at all times, is that clear?" continued Yamamoto.

"Wait! He doesn't need to do that!" Kagome walked right back in between the Shinigami.

Ichigo sighed, remembering the hanyou's words that he had left: "Fine."

Everyone was taken back at Ichigo agreeing to this order. Usually he would be against anything the head captain would ever tell him to do but this time, he agreed without an argument. Kagome blinked, looking at Ichigo from over her shoulder: "W-Wait...wait just a minute!" she exclaimed. "You can't just decided this on your own!"

"I made a promise to protect you," he looked down at her.

"But just because he is ordering you doesn't mean you have to agree to it! I can protect myself just fine!" she argued back.

"I am not doing it because he is telling me to do it," he answered. "Even if Inuyasha hadn't told me to do it, I would have still done it."

"W-What...?" Kagome took a step back. She was soon hugged by a sudden female, whose boobs were near her face.

"You are so cute!" she heard the female scream with happiness.

"Um...," blushed Kagome.

"Matsumoto!" shouted Hitsugaya. "Let her go!"

"Aw!" she pouted, still having Kagome's head awfully stuck between her breast: "But why?"

Ichigo sighed, seeing that the Shinigami had already gotten comfortable around the miko. He hid a small smile. Kagome had this aura around her to calm everyone around...and that is how he felt. When angry, she made him realize he should stay calm and breath. When upset, he thought on the happy moments. He sighed one last time, seeing Rangiku hesitating on letting Kagome go as Orihime, Renji, and Uryuu noticed that Kagome was ready to suffocate.

Rukia walked closer to Ichigo: "Are you really going to protect her?"

Ichigo remained silent.

Rukia's smile appeared as she crossed her arms and looked at the scene in front of them: "Just make sure you make her happy, okay? She has been through enough."

"I know," he answered. "I won't let her down."

Placing his hands inside his pockets, he leaned against the huge tree trunk. Looking above the tree's shadowy branches, a small sigh escaped his lips. It had been a week since the whole chaos and it had taken a week for Soul Society to ask Kagome questions and make sure she was back to health. Instead of him heading home like he would regularly do, he had taken Kagome back home...to say her goodbyes. He looked at his surroundings. Nothing but old shrines and the house that Kagome lived in. He smiled, remembering how Kagome had given up on the argument that he would protect her.

He had given her the option of her staying at his house for him to keep a close eye on her and not that he would admit it to anyone but himself...it made him feel much more calmer with her around. Sure, he had only met her a few days ago but, he couldn't let go. She hesitated to take his offer on staying in his house, but she agreed at last saying that there was no way she could make into a high school around Tokyo. He released another sigh as he closed his eyes, feeling the breeze and cool shadow he was getting.

After speaking to her family, which were hesitant at first, they had agreed to let her stay with the guy they continued to believe was her boyfriend. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she remembered her grandfather saying that he would make a good husband.

She shook her head over and over again at them, telling them she was only going because she was going to enroll at Karakura High and that he had offered his home to her. Although that was true...another part to the story was that she had felt safe around the orange head. She chuckled to herself, remembering his flustered face when her family once again surrounded him and called him her boyfriend.

Her small hand touched the worn out wood that made up the well that she held dear to her. Something that held so many memories for her. She smiled: "I miss you all. I wish I could have at least said good bye but I am sure Inuyasha did that for me. I will be happy, I promise. I found someone to protect me, ha-ha." She retreated her hand back: "I love you all."

She walked back up the small stairs and opened the door slowly. To her surprise, he was waiting for her outside while relaxing under the shadows of the tree that also held memories. She smiled and closed the door behind her. Walking to him, she stood in front of him and watched his closed eyes: 'He looks so...in peace.'

Her hand came up to touch his hair only for her hand to be caught in his much larger hand: "What do you think you're doing?"

"He-he," she chuckled nervously, "I was just curious about your hair. It looked silky."

A sigh passed his lips as he stared at those bright big blue eyes: "Fine."

Happy with his answer, her fingers lightly touched a strand and she quickly retreated her hand back. Confused as to why she stopped so suddenly, he was taken back as he felt her lips on his cheek and soon leaving. He opened his eyes and noticed a small smile and blush on her face.

"I never really thanked you for saving me," she answered.

Ichigo quickly avoided her eyes and brought his hand up to hide the blush that was spreading across his cheeks: "No...problem."

"Huh?" blinked Kagome. "Are you okay, Ichigo?"

"I'm fine," he answered and soon came off from his leaning spot and walked away: "Let's go."

"Uh, yeah," she smiled, knowing that he had suddenly blushed and was trying to act manly in front of her. "It's cute when you blush."

"Shut up," he replied as he began to descend down the stairs. His words received a light laugh from behind, knowing the owner of it. He stopped in his steps and raised his arm an inch off his side and let Kagome watch his offering hand.

She couldn't help but smile more at the action that took a lot of guts for him to do. Slowly, her hand touched his, feeling his fingers wrap around gently. They continued their walk down the stairs, leaving Ichigo look up at the sky: 'I guess I have to thank those black flames for something...'

Inuyasha stared at the well while resting his hands inside his haori with crossed arms. His ears picked up the sound of steps behind.

"Are you feeling well, Inuyasha?" he heard his friend ask.

Looking behind his shoulder, Inuyasha noticed the demon slayer and monk standing next to each other. They had finally agreed to marry each other now that the monk was free from his curse and Sango had been given her brother back. Inuyasha said nothing, ignoring Miroku's question.

"I am sure she is sad that she couldn't say goodbye," spoke Sango, feeling Shippou come up her shoulder, "but I am sure that she would want you to move forward with your life, Inuyasha."

"I know," he answered.

"We all miss Kagome," spoke the fox demon.

"I love you all."

All eyes slightly widened as the heard the wind carry a familiar voice. Shippou crawled down Sango's arm and jumped on top of the well's wood: "That sounds like...okaa-san's voice."

Inuyasha looked back down at the well and smiled, hiding the very gesture from everyone: "She is in safe hands."

"Huh?" both the monk and demon slayer questioned, confused on his sudden words.

"That was her right now," he continued. "I know she misses us and I am worried she might be in danger at any moment, but I can trust the orange head."

Sango and Miroku took a small glance at each other and smile. Their friend was gone but not from their hearts. They could still feel Kagome's warmth and as much it pained them to see Inuyasha so down, he was happy he was able to rescue her. They left in silence, having Shippo jump off and trailing behind.

Inuyasha touched the edge of the well: 'Goodbye, Kagome. Keh! If he can't protect her...I will make sure he goes to Hell too!' Turning around, he stopped half way: "But I am certain he won't let anything bad happen to you."

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